May 24, 2019

Wow: Crossfit, Inc. Ends Use of FaceBook, Stating that FaceBook's Heavy-Handed Censorship Dictates That It Is No Longer Fit to Serve as a Marketplace of Ideas

—Ace of Spades

I've knocked Crossfit before (chiefly because guys like Elgintensity told me to) but man, am I loving them today.


CrossFit is a contrarian physiological and nutrition prescription for improving fitness and health. It is contrarian because prevailing views of fitness, health, and nutrition are wrong and have unleashed a tsunami of chronic disease upon our friends, family, and communities. The voluntary CrossFit community of 15,000 affiliates and millions of individual adherents stands steadfastly and often alone against an unholy alliance of academia, government, and multinational food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies.

CrossFit, Inc. defends relentlessly the right of its affiliates, trainers, and athletes to practice CrossFit, build voluntary CrossFit associations and businesses, and speak openly and freely about the ideas and principles that animate our views of exercise, nutrition, and health. This website--and, until recently, CrossFit's Facebook and Instagram accounts--has long catalogued CrossFit's tireless defense of its community against overreaching governments, malicious competitors, and corrupt academic organizations.

Recently, Facebook deleted without warning or explanation the Banting7DayMealPlan user group. The group has 1.65 million users who post testimonials and other information regarding the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. While the site has subsequently been reinstated (also without warning or explanation), Facebook's action should give any serious person reason to pause, especially those of us engaged in activities contrary to prevailing opinion.

Facebook and its properties host and oversee a significant share of the marketplace of public thought. To millions of individuals and communities across the world, Facebook and its properties remain the platforms where ideas and information are exchanged. Facebook thus serves as a de facto authority over the public square, arbitrating a worldwide exchange of information as well as overseeing the security of the individuals and communities who entrust their ideas, work, and private data to this platform. This mandates a certain responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process.

CrossFit, Inc., as a voluntary user of and contributor to this marketplace, can and must remove itself from this particular manifestation of the public square when it becomes clear that such responsibilities are betrayed or reneged upon to the detriment of our community. Common decency demands that we do so, as do our convictions regarding fitness, health, and nutrition, which sit at the heart of CrossFit's identity and prescription. To this end, all activity on CrossFit, Inc.'s Facebook and Instagram accounts was suspended as of May 22, 2019, as CrossFit investigates the circumstances pertaining to Faceboo'’s deletion of the Banting7DayMealPlan and other well-known public complaints about the social-media company that may adversely impact the security and privacy of our global CrossFit community.

These publicly sourced complaints include but are not limited to the following:

1. Facebook collects and aggregates user information and shares it with state and federal authorities, as well as security organizations from other countries.

2. Facebook collaborates with government security agencies on massive citizen surveillance programs such as PRISM.

3. Facebook censors and removes user accounts based on unknown criteria and at the request of third parties including government and foreign government agencies.

4. Facebook collects, aggregates, and sells user information as a matter of business. Its business model allows governments and businesses alike to use its algorithmically conjured advertising categories as sophisticated data-mining and surveillance tools.

5. Facebook's news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook's utopian socialists while remaining vulnerable to misinformation campaigns designed to stir up violence and prejudice.

6. Facebook, as a matter of business and principle, has weak intellectual property protections and is slow to close down IP theft accounts.

7. Facebook has poor security protocols and has been subject to the largest security breaches of user data in history.

And finally,

8. Facebook is acting in the service of food and beverage industry interests by deleting the accounts of communities that have identified the corrupted nutritional science responsible for unchecked global chronic disease. In this, it follows the practices of Wikipedia and other private platforms that host public content but retain the ability to remove or silence--without the opportunity for real debate or appeal--information and perspectives outside a narrow scope of belief or thought. In this case, the approved perspective has resulted in the deaths of millions through preventable diseases. Facebook is thus complicit in the global chronic disease crisis.

For these reasons, CrossFit, Inc. has placed Facebook and its associated properties under review and will no longer support or use Facebook's services until further notice.

What they're getting at at the end there is that the US government's official dietary advice is completely wrong, and has been for fifty fucking years, causing millions of people to die earlier and live unhealthier lives, but because this completely wrong information is "official" that means all dissent is, per FaceBook, either "misinformation" or conspiracy theory -- and that's probably why FaceBook banned this "Banting" diet group.

And a note on that: A man named Banting was one of the earlier people to publish a low-carb diet plan -- back in the 1800s. It worked then, it works now. The
"new" and "untested" low carb/LCHF/Keto/Atkins diet is actually far older than the supposed tried-and-true government diet plan.

So FaceBook is doing with the nutrition debate what it does in the political debate: It decides there is one (1) correct view of an issue, that view being pushed by the same clatch of left-leaning bureaucrats who decide everything, and then bans anyone who proposes any other view.

I've said this before, but if you read Gary Taubes on how the US government "science" on nutrition came to be, it's amazing: The fat-is-bad hypothesis became government-approved "fact" the same way that global warming did. Literally -- there was no actual scientific evidence backing the fat-is-bad hypothesis, so the ringleader pushing the theory, Ansel Keyes, created his own conference, sent out invitations to doctors he knew agreed with him, and then voted that the fat-is-bad hypothesis was true.

They created a "consensus," in other words, and then, having no actual evidence to back their theory, claimed that a "consensus" was just as good as evidence. Even better, maybe!

And now FaceBook has decided that the existence of a "consensus" is enough reason to squelch people's contrary opinions.

All in the name of "safety" and "truth," you understand.

So that's the end of all debate, all critique, all challenge: A corporate monopoly run by a weirdo will decide what the True Holy Book of Science and Right-Think says, and chase all the infidels into the shadows forever.

Fuck. This. Shit.

Finally, someone with some heft and cachet is standing up to FaceBook.

Today I can say to CrossFit, Inc.: Bro, today, you definitely lift.

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Theresa May to Resign June 7 Over Her Brexit Deception/Disaster, Cuckishly Whines "Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word" in Her Valedictory Speech

—Ace of Spades

Boris Johnson is favored to win the leadership contest that will soon take place and become the new PM.

Johnson has said that the UK is leaving the EU in October, deal or no deal.

Hours after she resigned, Boris Johnson said at an economic conference in Switzerland: "We will leave the EU on October 31, deal or no deal... The way to get a good deal is to prepare for a no deal. To get things done you need to be prepared to walk away."

Steve Hilton spoke on Fox about this, and said that Theresa May had always been a Remainder, and then, having become PM, worked to undermine Brexit and deliver, essentially, a Brexit Without An Exit.

She will not be missed.

None of these people will be missed.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"So for the past couple of months, hair-on-fire progressives have been running around with their hair on fire because of some abortion restrictions that were passed, but they're getting upset over nothing, really. The legislation was only passed by statute in Georgia. And Iowa. And Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, and some other states. Like South Carolina, and North Dakota. Look, we're not coming after your abortion. All we want is some common sense abortion control. Like a one-year waiting period. And an exhaustive background check with mental health evaluation. Also, the purchase of a $200 tax stamp should be required. That's only fair. And doctors who do abortions should be licensed by the federal government, also with exhaustive background and mental health checks, and in addition they should have to pay a whopping big annual license fee. And the names of all abortionists and their patients should go into a national registry. But that's nothing anybody has to worry about. Rest assured, we would not presume to deny anyone the constitutional right to abortion. If you want your abortions, you can keep your abortions."
(h/t Geo Garcia)

most interesting man 20190524.jpg

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Rusinol Plane Trees.jpg

Avenue of Plane Trees
Santiago Rusinol

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The Morning Report - 5/24/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. The weekend is here so here we go. The big news that broke late yesterday is the President's ordering of the declassification of documents surrounding how FISA warrants were obtained, then used/abused in the spying on his campaign in the run-up to 2016 and perhaps afterwards. In a sane world, the revelations will no doubt prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Obama-Clinton-Deep State Machine engineered the greatest crime in American political history by abusing the instrumentalities of government and what are supposed to be firewalls to protect us to overthrow a national election. At the same time it will completely shred any vestige of the myth that it was the President colluding with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

Two observations: First, the release is more than likely a reaction to the call for impeachment in the House and from the rabid Democrat base, Nancy Palsi's and other cooler heads such as they may be notwithstanding. In any case, public opinion from the majority of real Americans now indicates that they are sick and tired of this crap and believe at a minimum that the President is not guilty of what he's been accused of lo these past nearly 30 months. My personal feeling is that he perhaps should have held onto this "trump" card, if you will, until the moment any serious move to impeach got underway.

Second: Despite public opinion and the absolutely incontestable facts that will be laid out for all the world to see, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex and its base base (adjective + noun) is never going to accept this. Whether they knew all along this was garbage or over time swallowed their own Woodstock bad acid and became insane in the brain like their followers, Trump has got to go. Hence, now the campaign in the SDNY's office and the House to get his financial records as a way to engineer a crime that can be used as a pretext to impeach. It's also a way to persecute and punish anyone in his orbit and warn any future Trumps who dare pick up the torch once he has departed on 1/20/25 (please G-d).

This is truly tragic, both for what President Trump, his allies and the rest of us have to endure and for what I believe is the state of the republic (and as I think on it, that much more depressing as we head into Memorial Day weekend and remember those who gave their lives for something that is being defiled and destroyed on a daily basis). There can be no doubt at all that we are a house divided, and quite likely with no conceivable way at reconciliation, because in order for that to happen there must be some vestige of common ground upon which to restore that which holds us together as a civil society. Unfortunately, the Left views our history, culture and laws as not just illegitimate but an evil that must be eradicated. And as the living embodiment of the aforementioned, ultimately it is we who in their eyes must be eradicated. The situation is very much in doubt.

Other links include the President openly using the word "treason" to describe the actions of Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page. That word is highly charged since, in purely legal terms, if one is convicted of that crime they would theoretically have a date with the hangman. Also, Loretta Lynch still figures prominently in all of this, AG Barr joins VP Pence in blasting at judicial overreach, Susan Rice seems puzzled by AG Barr's actions in pursuing the real criminals of which she may very well be one of, and how the hell did full-on Commies ever get hold of the reins of power?

To the border where Senate hearings confirm Obama's disastrous and illegal edicts created the crisis, the House goes wild as a DREAMr amnesty bill is approved, Pat Toomey wakes up and introduces legislation to crack down on sanctuary cities (where the hell were you when the GOP held both houses of Congress?), typhus and measles now mumps, oh my, an essay on merit-based immigration (meh, we should have a moratorium on all immigration for 20 years), and a look at immigration in context to the trade battle with the Chi-Coms.

Democrat Scandal Sheet: The big item is Dianne Feinstein reportedly had dinner with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (I'm still unsure where), which comes on the heels of his contact information being seen on her cell phone. Considering the past 40 years of history between us and Iran, and considering the escalation of tensions between us in the past few weeks, the question is what the fuck is this woman playing at? Meh, that's a rhetorical question. Next to the Clintons, Feinstein is right up there as one of the biggest American traitors who sells us out to our enemies for cash. This comes on the heels of finding out her chauffeur of 20-plus years was an intelligence agent for the Chi-Coms. David Harsanyi asks, if this is not collusion which perhaps borders on treason, because no doubt there is definitely some quid pro quo going on should tensions boil over, then the word truly has no meaning. Teddy Kennedy did this back in the 80s to undermine President Reagan so it goes with the territory. The Democrat Party was, is and always will be a cancer. Elsewhere, Harsanyi goes off on Coonman Northam being thoroughly exonerated for blackface and baby-killing, and a lawsuit seeks the ouster of rabid Marxist Trump-hater Xavier Becerra as California AG on the premise that he does not meet the legal requirement to serve in that post.

Politics: Big news here is the reaction to Nancy Palsi's projection regarding the President needing "an intervention." She gets ripped by the White House staff and the President himself. Mark Levin rips into the Democrat House, Bro-Fo Omar causes Thomas Jefferson to spin in his grave, the top three candidates in the Dem field are all white senior citizens, whackadoo spiritual guru evidently will beat Jello-Brain Gillibrand to the debate stage, Obama really has mental problems, and the race to destroy America by destroying the electoral college.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: How the media loved its creepy porn shyster once upon a time, media seeks the scalp of Abby Johnson, the inspiration of Unplanned, former FEC chair hates free speech, and Conrad Black destroys the NeverTrumpers who tried to destroy him.

Guns: Conservative group creates project to combat law-fare against gun manufacturers.

Abortion: Planned Parenthood colluded with Colorado to help them create press releases, Alabama state rep seeks censure of kill-em-now-or-later sick bastard colleague, California puts travel ban on Alabama, and the DCCC aborts fundraiser for pro-life Democrat.

Foreign Desk: Another essay warning against US military intervention in Iran, Julian Assange hit with 17 indictments on espionage, US/EU future clash?, two essays on the EU elections and Brexit, Brit foreign secretary shockingly denounces BDS as anti-Semitic, India's PM Modi en route to landslide victory, a look at France and the Yellow Vests, and yes, Trump's MidEast peace plans, yuuuge and luxurious as they may be, will ultimately fail.

DEE-Fense: From the Water-Is-Wet Department.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Traitor Walker-Lindh is unrepentant and praises jihad (second look at Star Chambers?), and an interview of a survivor of "Palestinian" terrorism.

Domestic News: Josh Hawley goes after apparent anti-Catholic bigot judicial nominee, no wall funding in $19 billion disaster relief bill, and Gavin Newsom blames his state's homelessness catastrophe on everyone else.

Crime & Punishment: A few disturbing stories here including the 2017 Nashville church shooter is a real charmer; also black and foreigner targeting white people, so this story goes down the memory hole, woman in vegetative state who gave birth was evidently the victim of violent, repeated rape while in an Arizona facility, and three arrested for killing woman and ripping unborn baby from her womb.

Healthcare: California again, this time making sure illegal aliens get your healthcare.

Education: One that hits close to home for me, some fucking piece of shit walking cancer at NYU gave a graduation speech that ripped the President and spewed Joo-hatred not heard since the Nuremberg Rallies. New. York. University. White Dems hate charter schools despite Black Dems loving them, including evidently Cory Booker at one time when he was mayor of Newark. What will the UFT, AFT and NEA think about that?

Red Greens: Greenpeace founder calls mass extinction myth a myth.

Feminazism and Tranny Psychosis: Actor Geoffrey Rush fights back and wins against #MeToo, and two links about the disaster that was and is feminism.

Hither and Yon: Yes, the problem is Leftist supremacy, KISS' Gene Simmons' mystery visit to the White House, and finally, Rabbi Fischer with a thoughtful essay on leftist hypocrisy.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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Flat Pack ONT


I'd shop at IKEA more if I could get one of these:


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Trump Orders Intelligence Agencies to Cooperate With AG Barr's Investigation; First Round of Declassified Documents Being Prepped for Release

—Ace of Spades

Wait, are you telling me they weren't cooperating before?

That's not possible. I'm told they're straight-shooters and the very best of us.

And here's a tip of the first documents to be released:


BREAKING: First batch of POTUS declassification said to include FBI docs of recorded conversations exculpating Papapopoulos & Page--prior to FBI going for FISA warrant based on their alleged conspiracy.Papadopoulos says Halper & Downer both tried to record him w their cell phones


@JudicialWatch 1 minute ago

JW announced it received 33 pages of records from the DOJ showing that former senior DOJ Bruce Ohr in his Jan. 2018 preparation to testify to the Senate & House intel committees wrote to a lawyer about "possible ethics concerns."

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Dunkin Donuts: We're Not Looking to be Political, We're Not Looking to Start "Conversations." We Just Want to Give You Some Coffee and Ice Cream.

—Ace of Spades

I find this interesting, and hopeful.

For a long while, we've had nothing but #Woke marketing from corporations.

Now this is a major corporation expressly declaring themselves to be anti-#Woke -- or, at least, to not be #Woke in any interactions with their clientele.

Bias here: I love Dunkin Donuts, and always have. I also love their donuts. To me, they are donuts. I've always compared all other donuts to Dunkin Donuts.

I know people like Crispy Cream but to me, those have always been too sweet. Not saying I don't like them, just that Dunkin Donuts hits the sweet spot for me, literally.

I think Dunkin Donuts hits the sweet/salty/bready balance right. But then, I grew up with them (well, they were the "real donuts" I'd get when my parents weren't buying Kaboom-style donuts from the supermarket or a shabby hobo in an alley).

(BTW: Shout-out to 7-11 donuts, which are also a touch sweet, but which are very good. No one ever seems to give them credit for that.)

So be sure to check out Dunkin Donuts' dark roast iced coffee as the days get hotter, and appreciate the fact it's not coming with a free side of #Woke racial agitation.

And get it with extra heavy cream. They've got it, and they don't mind being generous with it.

Dunkin Donuts executive Drayton Martin reportedly critiqued Starbucks at the International Trademark Association's annual meeting in Boston, according to a tweet from law professor and Boston Globe writer Alexandra Roberts. Martin was named vice president of brand stewardship at Dunkin Donuts in May 2018. Her role focuses on implementing marketing and messaging strategies for the donuts and coffee company, according to The Drum.

"We are not starbucks, we aren't political-- we aren't gonna put stuff on our cups to start conversations," Martin said, according to Robert’s tweet. " We don't want to engage you in political conversation, we want to get you in & out of our store in seconds. it’s donuts & ice cream-- just be happy."

Guys, don't just say this in a trade association. Run on it, as they say in politics. Make it your brand.

People are sick of this shit and would like to register that.

Flashback: All of the best donuts are not donuts.

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Researchers Discover Coordinated Network of Bots and Agitators Spamming Instagram with Anti-Trump Messaging; The Ringleaders Can Expect to be Banned Feted with Wine and Roses

—Ace of Spades

Why do I get this feeling that bots are going to get a sudden Second Look from the media?

Researchers have identified what they are calling a coordinated campaign to undermine President Trump on Instagram, an effort that bears hallmarks of the disinformation campaigns that proliferated on the platform in 2016.

A recently published study by Italian analytics firm Ghost Data identified a network of 350 anti-Trump accounts coordinating efforts to promote messages deriding the president, sometimes with graphic or violent language. The researchers found 19 suspicious Instagram accounts that took the lead in promoting anti-Trump content.

In total, the posts from the accounts generated have more than 35.2 million interactions, with 3.9 million of those interactions occurring in the last two months. The study concluded that the anti-Trump Instagram campaign has ramped up over the past several months, with the network's activities swelling "dramatically" since April.


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said in a statement that it is "investigating the accounts in question and have already removed those that we’ve found to violate our policies."

Yeah, I'm sure you'll be right on that.

Say, why is it that an outside firm had to alert you to this situation, whereas your employees are working diligently on their own initiative to find a pretext to ban Candace Owens?

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Mike Pompeo: Why Yes, It Happens to Be True That John Kerry Is Violating the Logan Act

—Ace of Spades

Again, for those of you who say the Logan Act is unconstitutional and a dead-letter non-law, because no one has ever been convicted under it and no one has been charged under it since, I believe, 1809 -- that's all true, but don't forget, Sally Yates used the Logan Act as a pretext to open an investigation into Michael Flynn for talking to representatives of other countries when he was part of the Trump transition team.

So open an investigation into John Kerry. Per Obama precedent, THE LOGAN ACT IS REAL, YO.

Put him under oath and subpoena all his financial records going back 8 years. Justice requires no less.

This man cannot be allowed to prance around as if he is King, immune to all laws.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday he believes President Trump was correct when he suggested former secretary of state John Kerry violated the Logan Act.

"It's true. I was there in Munich ... I saw not only Kerry ... [others] met with the Iranian leadership," Pompeo said during an appearance on "Fox and Friends." "It's unusual, but more importantly, it's wrong."


Pompeo said what Kerry was allegedly engaged in with Iran was risky at best.

"These acts border … we all know the Logan Act," he said. "We all know the risk that is taken when people act as private citizens on behalf of the United States government."

Meanwhile Democrats are demanding the financial records of Donald Trump, Jr.'s four-year-old daughter.

"That is reality," Trump Jr. responded, claiming that recent subpoenas called for not only his financial records but those of other family members as well. "They will go after everything. In the recent subpoena, anyone, any relative -- Chloe, my 4-year-old daughter, they want to subpoena her records. I mean, that's part of the scope. Barron Trump, obviously he's been doing a lot of stuff they want to subpoena. There’s no reasonableness to this."

And John Kerry is undermining US foreign policy at the point where economic sanctions are having a powerful effect.

When Trump came into office, Iran was on the march across the Middle East -- in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen -- thanks to the Obama administration’s failure to confront Iranian aggression and the massive infusions of cash it received from sanctions relief under President Barack Obama’s Iran deal. Trump withdrew from the deal, but he did not simply restore sanctions imposed before it; he ramped them up to unprecedented levels. The sanctions have already "wiped $10 billion from Iranian revenue since November," The Post reported, citing administration officials.

This month, the administration tightened the screws even further, eliminating waivers for eight countries that had previously been allowed to continue importing Iranian oil. The goal, according to American officials, is to reduce Iranian oil exports to "zero." It's working. Bloomberg News reports that "Iran's oil shipments tumbled this month after the U.S. ended sanctions waivers. . . . So far, not a single ship has been seen leaving Iran’s oil terminals for foreign ports."

The new sanctions are forcing Tehran to cut funds to its terrorist proxies....

The goal of these tough sanctions is to cripple Iran economically so that it chooses between keeping its nukes or completely collapsing.

And John Kerry is trying to help Iran.

What is it he likes most about Iran -- its aggression towards its neighbors, its support for terrorism against allies and America itself, or its pursuit of nuclear weapons that can bring about its clerics' dream of a cleansing apocalypse which will herald the arrival of the 12th Imam?

Is John Kerry immune from investigation?

He's colluding with Iran. Nay, more than that -- I suspect he might actually be an Iranian Agent.

I have a dossier and everything!!!

You have to trust something called a "dossier" right?! I mean, it's so European and official and espionage sounding!

And seriously: The branding on this. Rather than calling this "The Steele Oppo Report," they consciously chose to call it the "Steele dossier."

You know where i know the term "dossier" from, first? From Robert Ludlum novels, from other espionage novels.

They chose a word to transform Sydney Blumenthal's rumors and fictions into some international spy thriller MacGuffing containing a Terrible Truth that would change the world.

This was not unintentional.

Did #FakeJake with his pretensions of being an novelist and his "nose for news" help in this branding effort, I wonder? Or was it just his illegal-leaker sources Clapper, Brennan, and Comey?

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Hospitalized Hero Cop Gets Visit From K9 Friend;
Plus: Childhood Memories and Nostalgia Open Thread

—Ace of Spades

By the way, this is the sort of post I put up at the close of business, but because nurse ratchet keeps asking for a fun thread, I'll put this up earlier than usual.

Don't worry, I'll put up more real posts after this.*

Dogs are best people.

One of the Auburn police officers wounded in a Sunday-night shooting that claimed the life of a fellow officer was visited in the hospital Wednesday by his K9 partner Leon.

Officer Webb Sistrunk remains hospitalized at Piedmont Columbus Regional Medical Center, three days after he took a bullet to the right shoulder. Police officials said Sistrunk’s health is improving and he had been upgraded from the Intensive Care Unit to critical care.

Video of the visit below, plus a couple of my own childhood memories.

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Rand Paul: Fake Libertarian Justin Amash is a Fake Libertarian

—Ace of Spades

"The antithesis of libertarianism," Rand Paul says. Indeed, many of our Sensitive Sallies who spring to declaim any untoward police activity are suddenly huge fans of jackbooted authoritarianism.

So long as it's directed at Trump, of course. (Or any Deplorable.)

"I actually think the libertarian position on the investigation is -- you know, libertarians, we've been very, very critical of the intelligence community having too much power, including Congressman Amash has said, you know, really you should have to get a warrant before you get an American's records," Paul said during a short interview with HuffPost.

The Kentucky senator called Mueller's investigation "an abuse of intelligence power consistent with what libertarians have been complaining about for a long time." He also expressed his support for an amendment that Amash supports which would require a "warrant before you target Americans because foreign intelligence warrants have a lower standard."

Don't worry, though. I'm sure that Amash has been told he'd be "well looked after" by the Establishment and corporate class should his smug ass be booted to curb.

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Republicans Win Pennsylvania Special Election; Voters Credit Trump with Good Economy; Suburban Women Start to Swing Back to GOP

—Ace of Spades

This district was very Republican, but it's still... something.


Fred Keller, a Republican state representative, beat Democrat Marc Friedenberg in the race to represent Pennsylvania's 12th District on Tuesday.

Keller's victory means that the north-central Pennsylvania district will remain in Republican hands after former Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) stepped down in January, less than one month into his fifth term in office.


Keller also got a last-minute boost on Monday when Trump held a rally in Montoursville, inside the 12th district, to campaign with the GOP hopeful.

Voters are finally admitting that maybe Trump and Republican policies have something to do with the the historically great economy.

Most Americans remain confident about the U.S. economy and in their own financial situation, and more now give President Trump's policies credit for a strong economy than did so last year.

Seven in 10 Americans say the economy is in good shape, including a quarter who say it is very good. Nearly all Republicans and most Democrats and independents share this view.

Americans increasingly give the president credit for the economy. Forty-one percent of those who say the economy is good say Mr. Trump's policies are mostly responsible, up from 32% at the beginning of 2018. Republicans give the president relatively more credit for the economy than Democrats do.


There is partisan division about where the economy goes from here. Thirty-seven percent of Americans think the economy is getting better, including 71% of Republicans, but just 11% of Democrats agree.

Meanwhile suburban Republican women, many of whom defected to the Democrats in 2018, are returning to the fold.

When the 2018 elections practically wiped out GOP members from suburban districts, the party went into a panic. But since, the suburban vote, especially among women, has come back to the Republicans as the economy has surged.

"President Trump remains popular among suburban and rural voters, especially suburban women. Trump polls very close with suburban women among" 2020 Democratic challengers, said pollster Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics.

"The suburban data is interesting and is a good reminder that midterm elections tell us almost nothing about what’s going to happen in the presidential election," added pollster Chris Wilson of WPA Intelligence.

One more poll finding: 64% of voters believe the FBI knew the Hillary Clinton ("Steele") dossier was false when they used it to get a warrant on Trump.

Sixty-four percent (64%) of voters believe the FBI knew a controversial dossier was unreliable when they used it to obtain a search warrant against President Trump’s 2016 campaign. A national survey found that skepticism is shared by 86% of Republicans, 64% of Independents, and 47% of Democrats (see crosstab results).

Forty-nine percent (49%) favor having the Department of Justice investigate whether the FBI illegally spied on the Trump campaign. Twenty-nine percent (29%) are opposed and 22% are not sure. Support for an investigation comes from 64% of Republicans, 52% of Independents, and 34% of Democrats.

Just 34% of voters know that the compilation of the dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Nice job, media. You sure did your best to hide that information, while simultaneously repeating the false claim that "Republicans paid for it."

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Judge Rules that Jussie Smollett Case, Sealed by Corrupt Prosecutor, Must Be Unsealed

—Ace of Spades


The records were sealed in March shortly after charges against Smollett were abruptly dropped by prosecutors.

I don't have anything to add. But I figure people have comments.

Thanks to Tami.

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White Supremacy Extremism Watch

—Ace of Spades

Another White Devil.

There are a lot of Jonathan Xie's on social media, and I don't want to misidentify which one this is. However, all of the Jonathan Xie's appear to be Chinese, as you would expect from the name.

But he's been indoctrinated into White Supremacy, you know. He's as much a victim of White Supremacy as all of the innocent Jewish people he intended to make, you know, actual victims.

A New Jersey man who threatened to shoot everyone at a pro-Israel rally and who said he wanted to "bomb Trump Tower" was arrested Wednesday on charges of trying to provide support to Hamas.

Jonathan Xie, 20, of Basking Ridge, NJ was arrested without incident Wednesday morning and is due to make an initial appearance in federal court in Newark.

According to court records, Xie thought about joining the Army, quoting him as saying he wanted "to learn how to kill... So I can use that knowledge."

He allegedly appeared in an Instagram Live video last month in which he stated he was against Zionism and the neo-liberal establishment. In the same video he displayed a Hamas flag, retrieved a handgun and stated "I'm gonna go to the (expletive) pro-Israel march and I'm going to shoot everybody."

In another Instagram post court records quoted Xie as saying "I want to shoot the pro-Israel can get a gun and shoot your way through or use a vehicle and ram people... all you need is a gun or a vehicle to go on a rampage..."

After being spotted near Trump Tower, he announced on social media "I want to bomb Trump Tower," posting two pictures he took of it.


Xie subsequently posted on Instagram, "Okay, so I went to NYC today and passed by Trump Tower and then I started laughing hysterically . . . I forgot to visit the Israeli embassy in NYC . . .i want to bomb this place along with Trump Tower."

The media has informed me that virtually every violent action taken, or planned, against the media or Democrats (but I repeat myself) is due to the "rhetoric" of conservatives.

Tell me, #FakeJake Tapper: Whose rhetoric is responsible for this? I notice you never bring up that topic when leftwingers do all the things you daily provoke them to do.

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Elderly Federal Staffer Harassed by Leftwing Superiors for Having Photos of Trump on Her Desk -- Despite an Obama-Era Ruling That Having Such Photos On Your Desk Was Acceptable

—Ace of Spades

I guess she'd be allowed to have pictures of Obama on her desk. I guess that was the actual ruling.

A 69-year-old disabled woman working at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) repeatedly reported harassment from her coworkers to her superiors, linked to her support for President Donald Trump. Instead of investigating her concerns, someone at the agency reported her for a violation of the Hatch Act.

Wanda Wooten, who has worked in the federal government for more than a decade, is currently a statistical assistant at the National Minerals Information Center. In late February 2019, she hung a picture of the president and two of first lady Melania Trump. The next morning, she found a note signed by Mike Magyar, listed on the USGS website as acting director of the NMIC.

"Wanda, The Hatch Act specifically prohibits any political campaigning, etc on Federal sites," the note reads. "As President Trump has an active re-election campaign ongoing, these images violate the Hatch Act so I removed them. Mike Magyar."

Wooten confronted Magyar about the note, and pointed him to a determination by the Obama administration that pictures of presidents taken in an official capacity did not violate the Hatch Act. According to Wooten, Magyar told her she was creating a "hostile work environment."

The Deep Staters have now ruled that she did in fact violate the Hatch Act, ignoring the Obama-era ruling. They have not fired her, but they are officially warning her that if she exercises her freedom of speech as guaranteed by an Obama ruling, she may be terminated.

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Tories Drop to 7% and Brexit Party Soars to 37% in Final Polling Before European Parliamentary Elections

—Ace of Spades

Maybe that's because you're pulling the trick that American conservatives are well familiar by now, of pretending to support a position while doing everything within your power to sabotage it.

We can now spell it Failure Theatre, the British way.

Senior Ministers have asked to see the Prime Minister, which is normally a sign of impending defenestration. In response, Mrs. May shut the doors to her Downing Street bunker. Now Andrea Leadsom, probably the leading Leaver left in the Cabinet, has resigned.

Leadsom resigned in protest. Theresa May might finally be done for.

THERESA May was desperately clinging on to power tonight after Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom dramatically quit in protest at her Brexit plan.

In one of the darkest days for the isolated PM, she faced a mass revolt from her own Cabinet and Tory backbenchers - but she insisted she will not give into their demands for her to quit now.

Her Cabinet deserted her and left her alone on the front benches during PMQs earlier as rumours swirled she might finally take the advice of dozens of her MPs and resign as Prime Minister.

May wants to hold a referendum to pass her No-Exit plan, which pretends to be a Brexit while actually making the UK a permanent vassal of the EU.

Leadsom's resignation letter was direct:

I no longer believe that our approach will deliver on the referendum result.

It is therefore with great regret and with a heavy heart that I resign from the government.


1. I do not believe that we will be a truly sovereign United Kingdom through the deal that is now proposed.

2. I have always maintained that a second referendum would be dangerously divisive, and I do not support the Government willingly facilitating such a concession.

It would also risk undermining our Union which is something I passionately want to see strengthened.

3. There has been such a breakdown of government processes that recent Brexit-related legislative proposals have not been properly scrutinised or approved by Cabinet members.

4. The tolerance to those in Cabinet who have advocated policies contrary to the Government's position has led to a complete breakdown of collective responsibility.

The Sun further notes:

Commons boss Leadsom has been uncomfortable about the idea of staying tied to the EU with a customs union.

Failure The-a-tre.

People have had enough. Enough lies, enough betrayal, enough pretending.

Meanwhile, Devon Nunes wants Trump to ask Theresa May about her government's role in spreading the fake Hillary Clinton dossier.

Nunes asserted in his letter, which was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, that the report [about British intelligence chiefs being briefed on the dossier before Trump was] raises "important questions" about the British government’s role in "spreading the dossier’s false allegations and what actions they may have taken in response to the allegations."


"To better understand these matters, I respectfully request that you ask Prime Minster May about the British government's knowledge of the Steele dossier and whether the British government took any unilateral actions based on information provided by Steele or at the request of any U.S. departments or agencies," Nunes wrote in the letter.

Nunes listed seven areas he hopes Trump will discuss with May.

He wants to find out if any British officials tasked Steele with gathering additional information on Trump, as well as whether British intelligence discussed Steele with their American counterparts.

One question listed by Nunes could cause some stress on the U.S.-U.K. relationship.

"Is the British government aware of, did it give permission for, or did it participate in, activities by any government to surveil or otherwise target active or former associates of the Trump campaign, if any such surveillance or activities took place?" one question reads.

Uh, yeah. That almost certainly happened, and it's a big deal.

But it wouldn't be half as bad for Britain as it would be for Obama and his cronies, who asked another government to engage in extraconstitutional spying on a political rival.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



America is not an anti-Semitic country. Oh, there have been times and places in which it was common, but much of it was driven by social mores rather than the structural anti-Semitism of many European countries. But if there is an institution in which one can count on to find anti-Semitism, it is Academia. From the Jewish quotas at Harvard to the current vicious Jew-hate on many college campuses, It has been a fixture for a century, and is getting worse and worse.

Is it a harbinger of things to come in America? No, I don't think so, but as J.J. Sefton has ably pointed out, the Left has taken over the academy, and is filling our children's heads with mush in their formative years, and filling them with hate as they reach adulthood.

Part of that mush is a careful, well orchestrated decoupling of Zionism from anti-Semitism, as if the hopes and aspirations of Jews across the world, and across history for the reestablishment of the Jewish state in its historic location can be separated from Jews and Judaism. It has been part of the bedrock of Judaism since the Romans drove the Jews from Israel in the first century. In fact, there were other exiles mentioned in the bible, including the Babylonian Captivity, and they played a pivotal role in Judaism and its historical drive to return to the land of Israel.

So anybody who tells me that they are anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic is going to hear about how I have upped my ammunition purchases, and that the people on my side of the barricades are much better shots.

My only question for Ellen Schanzer (the young lady who withdrew from NYU) is; "How has your family voted and donated since the Democrat party joined hands with the Jew-Hating Left?"

Because until the assimilated Jews of America decide that Jew-hate is not acceptable, they will continue to donate to leftist causes and vote for every Democrat on the ballot, and nothing will change in Academia.

I do not believe that it is in America's DNA to embrace the Left's hatred of Jews and Judaism, but they can create havoc, even with their small numbers. So, while I am optimistic, I'm also rational. And I am going to need more storage space very soon.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [Kris]


Wright Indian Widow.jpg

Indian Widow
Joseph Wright of Derby

Joseph Wright is most known for his paintings of scientific experiments during the Late Enlightenment era. His work has many traits associated with both Neoclassicism and Baroque, but he was neither. This specific work, however, is heavy Romantic. It is totally allegory that combines symbols from different cultures to mourn the decline of the Native civilizations of the Americas.
Another title for this work is The Widow of an Indian Chief Watching the Arms of Her Deceased Husband. The woman in the dead center of the work is rendered in a highly classical way. Her clothing is more like the robes and clothing you’d see on a Greco-Roman goddess. She is topless and barefoot, another subtle sign of her classical origins and a clue that she is an allegory. In a lot of European art of the Colonial Era, the four continents were personified as idealized women with appropriate costumes, accessories and/or animals. The woman here is America, who was almost always a nude or nearly nude female with an elaborate feathered headdress. In many Amerindian cultures feathered headdresses are symbols of pride, identity and achievement, but here it is pathetic. It is stripped and droopy. America is diminished.

In addition, some scholars have concluded that Wright is using the Mohawk Nation as the model for this woman based on the designs on the surrounding items. To the British, the Mohawks represented American Indians in general. As the most Eastern of the Iroquois, they would have been the first group from that Empire that the British encountered. The Iroquois were very respected by the British and the Mohawk became their aesthetic representative and the stand-in for Indians generally. You’ll find this imagery in a lot of British art of the era.

The tree stump next to her is draped with her husband’s tomahawk, bow and quiver, pipe and cloak, all symbols of his warrior status, rank and authority. The tree stump is a European symbol of death—a life cut short. Her pose is a traditional pose of sad acceptance of fate, thoughtfulness and melancholy. Indian power and prestige has died and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. She sits on a cliff overlooking the sea while a volcano erupts in the background creating a black swirling cloud and lightening that just so happens to frame the woman and draw our eyes to her and her grief. If she is a Mohawk, then this is New York. Last I checked there are no volcanoes in New York not in Eastern America, which is what the British would have known, so the volcano has to be pure symbolism. It may be modeled after Vesuvius. Pompeii and Herculaneum had just been discovered some decades before and were still influencing culture by this time. Pompeii and Vesuvius therefore became symbols of lost civilizations, tragedy, and apocalyptic events.

Joseph Wright of Derby is depicting the fall of the American civilizations, maybe the Iroquois in particular. It is a depiction of the tragedy of the Noble Savage, a very Romantic concept.

[Kris has graciously agreed (after much begging from me, to write an occasional art thread. Look for her name on the headline so you won't be surprised to find actual informed art criticism on these august pages]

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The Morning Report - 5/23/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Lots to cover this Thursday so let's commence. Up front we have two Obama-appointed hacks-in-black (Amit P. Mehta, above) who have ruled that the President and others must turn over their personal financial records to the House Dems so they could go on a fishing expedition to manufacture evidence for impeachment. From Robert Barnes at Human Events:

...The judges' mutual refusal to stay their judgment pending appeal further reflects the partisan motivation behind their conduct. Anyone think they would have approved Congressional subpoenas into Obama's still-sealed educational records? Anyone think they would have approved Senatorial subpoenas into Biden's family finances that concern the large sums of money foreign countries and their agents paid his family during his Vice Presidency under Obama? Anyone think they would have approved wide-scale subpoenas into the activities of the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State?

This judgment presents a risk far beyond the politics and personality of Trump, though it is the premise for the courts' conduct; these court orders open Pandora's box for any snooping, stalking, surveilling politician to pry open the most intimate private aspects of any person's life at any time for any reason as they long as they write a memo to themselves that says: we need this for legislation someday, maybe, kinda...

And this cuts straight to the heart of the issue; that is, we are now a nation of two political parties where one respects the founding principles, rules, rule of law and elections in furthering its policy aims (in theory [more on this in a moment]) and another does not. Not only does it not respect the aforementioned, it rejects the very nature of the nation as founded and is hell bent on overthrowing it and installing its leaders and their fellow travelers as rulers in perpetuity going forward. Donald Trump and those who elected him present what amounts to an existential threat to that enterprise. Traditionally, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex knowing full well that many of its policy items could never fly in Congress used the deep state bureaucracy in DC to issue regulations as a super-legislature with an "insurance policy" (there's that phrase again) of as many leftists on the judiciary at every level, especially SCOTUS, to carve them in stone once the inevitable lawsuits flew.

But this action by these two frauds goes beyond mere legislating from the bench. Insidious as that is, at least there is a pretext in most cases of "interpreting" the Constitution to arrive at a decision, gossamer-thin of a fig leaf as that might be. What this is is yet another example of the Judiciary brazenly ignoring the Constitution and acting in an illegal manner to not just usurp the authority of the Executive branch but to be a willing confederate in the destruction of the lives of real people. Just like the illegal usurpations from Judges Buch M. Danno and Tyne E. Bubbles in Hawaii, this must not be allowed to stand. But, it raises another Catch-22 of a problem related to my earlier spiel. How can Trump rely upon a branch of government to redress these issues when that branch itself is the source of the corruption that he is seeking relief from in the first place? As you ponder that M.C. Escher-esque pretzel, I will say that one of this President's greatest achievements is the realignment of the Judiciary from the bottom up. In fact, by the time November 2020 rolls around, we may very well have a 9th Circuit that is no longer majority Maoist. One hopes and prays that all of this will have a stabilizing effect going forward past the Trump years, but my opening observations about the Democrat-Left will not have changed. In fact, you think it's nuts now, wait until 2024 (please G-d), 'cause you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Look at it this way, if the Democrats really respected the rule of the law and the will of the people, would they have engineered this coup to take out Trump before and after his election in the first place? Would they be hell bent to pack the courts, abolish the electoral college, allow foreigners and dead people (including aborted fetuses, presumably) the right to vote (for their candidates only)? As an aside, it's kind of funny, as in completely chutz-pocritical, how they shriek about "stare decisis" when it comes to Roe v. Wade and yet Citizens United, Heller and Janus are evil cancers that must be wiped off the face of the earth.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. As marvelous as these years since that incredible Election Night of November 2016 have been and will be, despite rogue judges and bureaucrats, GOP-e backstabbers, milkshakes, blood-libels, bike locks, sucker punches, beatdowns, and Dick Durbin/James Hodgkinson mass assassination attempts, the specter of 2024 and beyond looms large. Because if the Democrats are willing to do that when they are out of power (the House notwithstanding), what do you think they are going to do the next time they get the Oval Office, legitimately or via the trunk of Al Franken's Buick or the illegal assignment of electoral votes to the national popular vote winner (assuming it's a Democrat, of course). Bad as things are, we're in the eye of the storm right now. Is it merely Katrina or is it the one on Jupiter that's 10 times the size of the Earth with 600mph winds that last forever? Further and further we sail into uncharted territory. G-d help us and G-d bless this President.

Now that I got that out of my system, let's move on to the border, where Prince George's County, Maryland defends its release of illegal alien MS-13 animals who later went on to commit murder, suburban Seattle teen kidnapping suspect is - surprise! - a twice-deported illegal alien animal, a former DREAMr and illegal alien even defends this President and his policies, the administration pushes back on the lie about how much/little wall has been built, Sheila Jackass Lee is as clueless as she is arrogant, and Betsy McCaughey with the facts about illegal aliens and the public housing shortage.

Dem Scandals and Official Joo-Hate (a section that gets bigger with each passing day) - Whoa, the wife of Elijah Cummings is in trouble with the IRS over benefitting from hubby's committee assignments, Hunter Biden's money train from offshore is exposed (can we get to see his tax returns???), Democrats are acting as accomplices in pimping Iran's propaganda (aka treason), "Coonman" Northam is cleared of any wrongdoing (pfft), and Bro-Fo Omar has moved on from attacking the filthy Hebes to bashing Christians.

Civil War 2.0: Pro-infanticide maven sez pro-life protestors "deserve to be shot." Our speech is violence, see? Also see the Islam section for the arrest of an Hamas enthusiast keen on bombing Trump Tower and synagogues.

Politics: Trump rightly blasts Nancy Palsi for her smears about a cover up and promptly dismisses her from this infrastructure negotiation, he also says no deal unless the USMCA deal is passed, Palsi under siege from her own party over impeachment, Nevada votes to disregard the Constitution and disenfranchise its voters, Jeffrey Lord on Peter "Puffer" Buttplug and the Dred Scot Dems, flailing, failing Blotto O'Rourke spews all kinds of lies, Ben Carson eviscerates Bro-Fo Omar after she attacks him on Twitter, and Daniel Greenfield takes apart Mittelschmerz Romney.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: CNN in the toilet, polls show Dems not really fans of boycotting Fox (I am), Rahm Emanuel shifts from puppet to puppet master, the Voice of America caves to Chi-Com pressure (Deep State organ) and The Forward exemplifies the notion of the self-gassing Jew.

Abortion: California slag lies about Alabama and abortion laws, and a frightening essay on what rape victims say about abortion.

Foreign Desk: Farage weathers milkshake barrage which might be a harbinger for the EU elections, a US cardinal hammers home the insanity of open borders, and the latest secret Israeli weapon is an eye-opener, unless you're ultra-Orthodox. Meanwhile, US jets intercept Russky bombers in Alaska security zone (hello, Tina Feh), Mittelschmerz is a scumbag, and the Deep State sabotages the much-needed Space Force.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: 86-year-old Turkish Christian martyred for his faith.

Domestic Policy: California sues Trump to get its $1 billion in graft back, NYC becomes rat-infested shit-hole again while declaring war on commuters.

The Economy: Netflix meets its match? Plus with Trump's killing of the deduction for state taxes, blue states scramble to hide higher taxes from their voters.

Crime & Punishment: No, it's not from the Onion.

Education: Several good stories on the politicization of schools as well as good ideas about funding real education, plus a look at the brainwashing of our kids.

Red Greens: Underscoring that last link about brainwashing, Dems overwhelmingly believe we have 12 years until doom plus two other essays on the alarmism madness, and Washington State approves of body dumping and scavenging.

Feminazi and Transgender Psychosis: You will be made to conform or silenced, support for "gay marriage" skyrocketed since 1996, and the chilling effect of #MeToo.

Hither and Yon: It took long enough but CAIR sez "I keeel you!" to Aladdin, Hunt's apologizes for naming Manwich after a man, and dismantling the poison of reparations and diversity.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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Tuesday Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (5/21//22/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

This was suppose to be Tuesday's ONT. However, the regularly scheduled Tuesday ONT was interrupted. You know what happened.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith: I Was Addicted to Porn

—Ace of Spades

Join the club, sister.

"I wasn't in a relationship when I had a porn addiction, believe it or not, thank goodness," Pinkett-Smith told Willow Smith and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

"I actually feel like I was using 'addiction' a little lightly. And maybe I'll say now that I had an unhealthy relationship to porn at one point in my life where I was trying to practice abstinence," she continued.

Me too, that's my problem. I'm trying to practice abstinence. And, not to brag on myself, but I'm getting really good at it.

But seriously:

Pinkett-Smith credited her porn addiction as her attempt to deal with the "emptiness" she felt at the time. The "Girl's Trip" star also revealed that porn damaged her real relationships because it gave her "false expectations."

Yeah, that's true. In addition, I've mentioned before that it's also a way to waste time. And it can waste a lot of time that can be better spent.

#NoFap, man. I gotta give that another try.

And speaking of fading celebrities, Arnold Schwarzenegger got attacked at a bodybuilding event in South Africa.

Yeah I know, this is old, you already know about this. That's why I'm just tagging it to the others story.

That big buzzcut behind him is probably getting chewed out about not seeing this coming.

Schwarzenegger says he's unharmed and didn't even realized he'd been deliberately attacked until afterwards.

I haven't seen any stories explaining the motive for the attack.

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Hundreds of Migrants Mob French Airport Terminal, Demanding a Meeting with the PM

—Ace of Spades

"France does not belong to the French!" one protester screamed.

No, not for much longer.

Nor does America belong to Americans.

Video showed hundreds of illegal immigrants storming a French airport and occupying an entire terminal Sunday, demanding to meet with the country's prime minister.

Footage posted on Twitter shows roughly 500 migrants chanting in Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport as about a dozen police officers in tactical gear look on.

"France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!" one person can be heard yelling into a loudspeaker.


In an official statement, the group asked to meet with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe over the country's asylum policy as well as the leaders of Air France. They demanded that the airline "stop any financial, material, logistical or political participation in deportations."

Meanwhile, Kirsten Gillibrand says that illegal aliens should be caught and released, the way we used to do it under Obama and Chamber of Commerce rule.

In related news, the 90s dram-com Party of Five is being rebooted -- wait?! A reboot of a mediocre property?! I'm confuzulated! -- but this time with a twist: The parents aren't dead, but are illegal aliens who have been deported.

Stunning -- and brave.

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Former CNN and MSNBC Permanent Guest Michael Avenatti Faces New Indictment For Impersonating Client and Stealing $300,000 in Advances For Her Book

—Ace of Spades

The indictment doesn't name the victim.

But people are speculating her name rhymes with Stormy Daniels.

I don't know whether to laugh or laugh.

Some cops have a bit of slang: "the two-way hero." A two-way hero is a criminal who murders another criminal, making him a hero once-over. But then the criminal is so sloppy in his murder he gives the police a slam-dunk case to put him away for decades, thus taking another criminal off the streets.

Making him a hero a second time.

Micheal Avenatti is a two-way hero. We'll see if he eventually turns into a three or four way hero.

More: The Media Knew He Was a Raging Head-Case, But Booked Him Anyway: The Five just mentioned this, but Instapundit had a post on it earlier.

As Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner tweets, "Turns out a lot of our media knew what kind of guy Avenatti was before they told the rest of us. They put up with it, because they liked what he was selling."

Can't wait to see the list of stupid liberal DC women who slept with him.

Rumor has it the guy put up solid numbers. Solid.

Always worth remembering:

A thousand cucks bleating that we must be "civil" to ferocious monsters doesn't make it so.

Oddly, the cucks' desire to be kind to Democrats and socialists does not translate into treating conservative rivals with civility.

I wonder why.

Oh right, because they are cosmpolitan liberals who despise conservatives and disagree with them on all but 2-3 points, points which are arguably not even "conservative," simply pro-corporate and pro-war.

Early threadwinner:

38 *Sweats profusely, trying to think of of a way to tie Avenatti, Christian shaming and Game of Thrones into one column*

Posted by: David French

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CBS News Readers Laugh At Milkshakes Being Thrown at Conservatives: "I'm Sure It Feels Great"

—Ace of Spades

You know what else might feel great?

Throwing milkshakes at CBS personnel, both when they're doing live-shots and when they're just walking down the street on their own private time.

The rules you make for me, you also make for yourself.

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Tuesday laughed at a new trend by militant leftists: Dumping milkshakes on politicians they don’t like. Co-host Tony Dokoupil began with a whimsical recounting: "In the latest of a series of attacks on right-wing politicians, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage was doused with a milkshake yesterday. That was actually salted caramel if anyone is wondering."

This prompted laughter from Dokoupil's co-hosts. Continuing the jovial discussion of political violence, he added, "I'm sure it feels great. I'm sure people love the feeling. Pictures fly around the world."

After all but endorsing the attacks, they expressed the most picayune criticism of the topic possible: They were only able to rouse themselves to say that it's better to work for liberal political parties to vote conservatives out than to milkshake them.

The media in the UK is also actively encouraging this: and therefore also endorsing the extremist left's increasingly bold and violent attacks, as this twitter thread shows.

It starts with pelting people with offensive liquids, proceeds to tires-lashings, and ends with conservative politicians' homes being firebombed.

Yes, that happened. See the thread.

For people who bitch and complain when they're jeered at the opposite political party's campaign rallies, they sure take a more blithe attitude about conservatives being physically assaulted.

Well, like I said: We'll see how great it feels when the media starts getting pelted with some harmless, fun, happytime street justice.

More on this, including a beer company advocating hitting conservatives with bricks.

John Sexton at Hot Air notices the leftwing media defending and encouraging milkshaking.

The Guardian published an opinion piece titled "This Milkshake Spring isn't political violence -- it's political theatre."

It's time for Guardian reporters to face an impromptu drafting into their own political theater, then.

[quotations from the Guardian omitted]

In short: It works and they deserve it. The New Republic wrote a piece titled "Why Milkshaking Works" which serves as a kind of plea for understanding. Yes, it may be rude and it may even be assault but, on the bright side, it's humiliating!


Do you think tossing a milkshake on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Pete Buttigieg while they were out campaigning would be welcome or appreciated? I don't think so.

I guess we'll see. "Political theater" -- hey, all the world's a stage, right?

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Texas House Passes "Save Chick-Fil-A" Bill, Forbidding Any Government "Adverse Action" Against a Business Based on Religious Belief

—Ace of Spades

At Instapundit.

This is a rebuke of San Antonio for presuming to ban Chick-Fil-A from their airport.

Governor Abbot is being cagey and elusive about whether he'll sign the bill into law.

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Powerful Michigan Political Family Ends Longtime Support of Fake Libertarian Liberal Justin Amash

—Ace of Spades

I imagine that he's been reassured by certain factions that he will get corporate support if he runs for president, and that he'll get corporate gigs after he loses. So I don't think he really cares about elective politics anymore anyway.

The Ruling Class protects its pawns. (To some extent, at least.)

The powerful DeVos family of West Michigan is ending its longtime support of U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, the libertarian Republican who has repeatedly clashed with President Donald Trump.

The family has not made any political contributions to Amash this cycle and "they have no plans to do so," said family spokesman Nick Wasmiller.


"Family members have expressed increasing concerns about a lack of representation for their district, the Third Congressional, and I would say an inability to advance efforts connected to important policy matters," he said.

They also cited his Ruling-Class-pleasing support for impeachment.

The Freedom Caucus is sick of his Kristol Meth addiction too.

The House Freedom Caucus on Monday night formally condemned one of its founding members for declaring that President Trump committed impeachable offenses, but stopped short of kicking Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) out of the hard-line conservative group.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee and a former chairman of the Freedom Caucus, said that every single member in attendance during a weekly caucus meeting was unified in their opposition toward Amash's comments. The group, which took a show of hands, needs the support of 80 percent of its members to take a formal position on an issue.

"It was every single person who totally disagrees with what he says," Jordan said after the meeting.

Amash did not attend the meeting, but Jordan said he spoke to Amash Saturday night to ask, "What are you doing?"

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Illegal Alien Charged With 11 Murders of Elderly Women; CNN Refuses to Report This Local Crime Story

—Ace of Spades

I didn't hear about this either until now -- because the media as a whole sure is giving this the Flood the Zone treatment, eh?

Twitchy's coverage is worth the read.

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Coming to a Tech-Monopoly Ruled Country By You: China Experiments With an System That Issues a Sonic Alarm to Indicate People Who Are Low In Their "Social Credit" System

—Ace of Spades

Via Le Figaro, translation mine.

I'm sure Google and FaceBook are noodling with this sort of idea. Wouldn't it be useful to have your phone give off a signal of alarm whenever there's a Deplorable within 15 feet?

Quick, let's give them all the power to rule us before they can refuse it!

In the framework of its very controversial system of "social credit," the Middle Kingdom is experimenting in certain provinces with some measures intended to embarrass the citizens who declare themselves to the authorities to be bankrupt....

These "laolai" ["deadbeat debtors" in Chinese] are "bad payers" who drag around their credits on their back and suffer in consequence restrictions and daily humiliations due to the will of the communist leaders.

Since 2014, the communist government has been refining a system of "social credit," which measures daily Chinese citizens in order to punish the "bad" subjects of the Middle Kingdom and reward the most virtuous. A powerful instrument of social coercion, which is relies upon big data for collecting the information, the Chinese system of [ranking] punishes its "discredited" citizens, writes them into the blacklist of the communist party, for contracts and for bankloans, for getting an apartment, for taking a flight or even for using the trains of the country.

According to the report of the national center of credit information, China has blocked annually 17.5 million plane tickets and 5.5 million train tickets for such "discredited" citizens.

In the country's east, in the province of Guanyun, some telecom businesses, in collaboration with the local authorities, assign a special alarm for indebted inhabitants, which warns people looking to call them that they are about to contact a flagged citizen. To hell with the customary "wait" signal. This time, the traditional "beep" is replaced by recorded vocal message very embarrassing for the indebted citizen. According to the public press agency Xinhua, the wait-signal message goes like this: "The person that you are calling has been placed on the blacklist by the authorities of the province of Gunyun. If you would, please exhort this person to fulfill his legal obligations. The employees of the local government appreciate your support. Thank you!"

Besides Guanyan, the city of Huangshi, situated in the province of Hubai at the center of the country, and the city od Degfend, situated in the province of Henan, have likewise introduced similar measures. Started a year ago, the measure has only the goal of embarrassing the citizens who declared themselves to the authorities to be insolvent....

The supreme court of China established a base of information searchable on line, which [records] the indebted citizens of the country. Full names, identification numbers, age, city of origin and details of the debt, the private information of 13 million people with bad credit histories, according to the South China Morning Post, have been thrown into the public pasture for grazing. In the same vein, a province situated in the north of China has developed a mobile app which locates in a perimeter of 500 meters the indebted citizens around you. The bureaucrats, faithfuls of the communist party, affirm that this system is in operation, and thus 3.5 citizens or businesses have paid their taxes or debts thanks to this application.

Can't wait.

PS: Chase bank, here in the "free" USA, now refuses to provide bank accounts to those on its own private social credit blacklist.

Does everyone see where this is going? And I mean literally where this is going: It's going to America next. China is just the preview shows in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Working the kinks out of the production.

Don't be evil, Google said, and then implemented a system of data-collection and constant surveillance which was then used communist dictatorships to harass and humiliate its citizens.

Not that Google would ever be a party to anything like that:

Google has secret log of every online purchase you’ve ever made. "The log is compiled from receipts sent to your Gmail account, and goes back years."

Posted by Ace of Spades at 12:49 PM Comments

Al Jazeera Publishes Video Questioning Reality of the Holocaust; When Critics Begin Reposting the Video, Al Jazeera Asks Twitter to Censor Its Critics -- And Twitter Complies

—Ace of Spades


The Arabic network Al Jazeera posted a video that questioned the Holocaust, saying "People are divided between those who deny the annihilation, others who think that the outcome was exaggerated, and others yet who accuse the Zionist movement of blowing it out of proportion."

Al Jazeera apologized for the video.

But Twitter blocked people from sharing a version of the video with English subtitles, invoking Al Jazeera’s copyright. Other translated videos did not receive that treatment.

The Qatar-funded Al Jazeera news network published a video questioning the Holocaust and implying that Jews have benefited from it.

Then, when Western media caught them and published translations, Twitter agreed to censor the westerners' translated versions, invoking Al Jazeera's copyright.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera has not been suspended or banned by any of the social media monopolies.

Only its critics are being censored.

America's Sweetheart, Ilhan Omar, naturally retweeted the Al Jazeera account that tweeted out this antisemitic propaganda, about a different post mentioning her. She didn't seem that bothered that she was retweeting an account trafficking in Holocaust denial.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 11:56 AM Comments

The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"Well, just when you think the GOP has finally gotten everything under control, they go and step on their own d*cks. Again. Here is their latest f*ck-up: Mitch McConnell has just introduced a bill which would increase the minimum age to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21 years. When I first heard about this, I smacked myself in the forehead so hard, the slope disappeared. I mean, is federal intervention is such matters really necessary? That's quite a silly display of nanny-statism. Apparently, the several states aren't competent enough to handle these things for themselves but require the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-benevolent FedGov to make these decisions for them. Sounding like quite the alarminst, Cocaine Mitch said, quote, the health of our children is literally at stake, unquote. The panic implied in this statement rivals AOC's claim that "the world is going to end in 12 years" if we don't immediately mandate buttplugs for cows and outlaw economic prosperity. Never mind the fact that 18-year-olds are scarcely children. Never mind the fact that these same 18-year-olds are eligible for military service, so even though they can be shipped off to foreign soil and die in combat, they can't buy their own cigarettes. Soon, liquor stores all across America will be festooned with crowds of 18-21 year old "children" asking adults to buy cigarettes for them. But bigger than any of that, though, does anybody really want this? Does anyone recall hearing any calls for legislation about this from normal Americans? I thought the purpose of the federal government was to maintain post roads and collect tariffs from surly foreigners, not to post inspectors in every lavoratory to make sure you wiped your butt good enough. C'mon, Mitch, it's time to focus on what's really important: confirming more of Presidents Trump judicial picks so that perhaps there will be a chance that this country can be restored to some semblance of sanity, and also doing whatever it takes to insure that our borders are not overrun by surly foreigners who don't want to pay tariffs. Let the states make their own laws about tobacco usage, and the federal government can just butt the hell out. After all, the 10th Amendment shouldn't be that hard to understand."

Speaking of Alarmism:

alarmism 20190517.jpg

Continue reading

Posted by OregonMuse at 11:18 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Open Thread


Vermeer milkmaid.jpg

The Milkmaid
Johannes Vermeer

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 5/22/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Midweek and the beat goes on with the revelations about the failed phase 1 coup effort pre- and post-2016 by the Obama-Clinton-intel community to take down President Trump, phase 2 to take him down in Congress, abortion and the tensions with Iran seemingly near a breaking point.

First up, Margot Cleveland with two excellent reports over at the Federalist about more damning evidence of wanton FISA abuse by the Obama regime and Carter Page saying the spying on the Trump administration might have continued well past the election. Also, in the waning days of the Obama era, the video feed in the bunker was suddenly cut off as the discussion turned to the Russia investigation. Total fluke, no doubt, right? Meanwhile, world's largest pastrami sandwich Jerrold Nadler has subpoenaed former Trump staffers Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson to abuse them and make them confess, Michael Cohen's testimony actually kills a popular Trump conspiracy theory, Justin Amash's backstabbing media whoring gets him a unanimous condemnation from the House Freedom Caucus and a primary challenger, looks like James Comey was a commie just like John Brennan, and while all of this is going on, real collusion committed by Obama and company in the run-up to 2016 vis a vis "Crossfire Hurricane" and lastly, Michael Ledeen with a friendly reminder that the Russians have always been meddling in our affairs and a great idea to declassify all the former KGB files we obtained after the fall of the Soviet Union that would expose some very prominent people and institutions as Communist stooges or willing agents.

To infanticide we go where the Democrats are looking to pass some sort of national edict that cements the right to kill babies at any stage of development up to and including peeking out from erstwhile momma's hoo-hoo. Unfortunately for them, there's this document called the Constitution and the principle known as federalism that prevents that. Okay, you can stop laughing at me. Meanwhile, a baby-killer with a medical school degree takes to the pages of Slim's Slimes to intone Orwellian slogans that sort of fly in the face of reason, and finally a look at a "third party standing" case in Louisiana that could have major ramifications vis a vis a challenge to Roe at SCOTUS.

On to the flare-up with the Farsis where that country is now ramping up uranium enrichment, seemingly as a test of our reaction to it and for practical reasons to get an A-bomb that much faster (Stuxnet 2, Mossad Boogaloo notwithstanding), Daniel Greenfield telling us now that Trump is C-in-C the neocons are distinctly anti-war/showdown with the Iranians, John Kerry bff Javad Zarif threatens Trump, or something, but the UK foreign secretary says not to test OrangeManBad and naturally, the Democrats take a pro-Iran stance in all of this and are seeking out the advice of the man who helped create the nihilistic, armageddon-seeking mad theocracy in the first place: James Earl Carter. Look, the regime in Iran has got to go, both for the peace of the world and more importantly our own national security interests (meh once you have the latter, the former falls into place more or less). That said, considering the past 30 years of the madness of nation-building, I am loathe to go down that road. But Iran has got to be neutralized. Of that I am equally certain. I will leave it to Trump and his team to figure out how to do it. Considering he has done things in complete opposition to conventional wisdom - and the globalist elite - in other areas and has succeeded, I have faith that he can solve this situation.

Moving to amnesty and immigration, Trump taps Ken Cuccinelli to oversee immigration policy, Ben Carson makes Dem heads explode with his wanting to boot illegal aliens from public housing, two illegal alien teens charged with murder were previously released by the sanctuary state of Maryland. May their spark of humanity ignite Nancy Pelosi's botox.

On to the Democrat Scandal Sheet and Joo-Hate Roundup where, after shooting her mouth off about holding businesses accountable for equal pay for women, Kamala-Toe Harris once again lets her hypocrisy show by paying women staffers less than their male counterparts. Then, hundreds of protesters gathered in Times Square to rail against Democrat rising star Bro-Fo Omar, who went on to crow that the nation's two loudest Muslim women are in Congress. True that, tragically.

Elsewhere, and equally hypocritical, the 2020 Dems are railing against corporate money as they rake it in from Wall Street on the down low, Nancy Palsi is doing her best to tamp down the impeachment talk which is falling on deaf ears to the likes of Steve "chicken-fucker" Cohen who accuses Trump of "raping the country," or something, Salena Zito takes a look at the other end of the Potomac from DC and yes, Kamala-Toe's contradictions indeed.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Open letter posted by a Google engineer creates quite a reaction, new report links HuffPo and the Guardian to anti-American front group SPLC and Antifa terrorists, the real journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood take a hit in court, and Rachel Madoff's ratings lower than Bernie's scrotum on an August night in Burma.

Foreign Desk: Beyond Iran, former Czech prexy Vaclav Klaus makes a surprise visit to a Brexit rally, US warnings about Assad prepping new chemical weapons attacks, US Navy sends another warship into Chi-Com claimed waters, the Chi-Coms debut an anti-American trade war tune, and the so-called "Palestinians" reject US calls to participate in an economic conference in Bahrain.

Domestic News: How to pay for $2 trillion in infrastructure with this one neat trick, new lyric idea for Randy Nemwan's I Love LA, Federal efforts at terrorism prevention found woefully lacking and an example fo the feral Deep State in, of all places, NASA.

The Economy: Millennials are the first generation to be economically behind the 8 ball, the insanity that is universal basic income, Dunkin Donuts saw what Starbuck's did and said no thank you, and one small but important example about how Trump's tariffs and "trade war" are working, unlike what the globalists tell you.

Education: Michelle Malkin on Harvard's diversity madness and the equally insane NYC Board of Ed anti-white brainwashing efforts.

Hither and Yon: First the abortion law and now Alabama Public TV is refusing to air the homosexual wedding of that Arthur kid show makes Leftist heads explode, this Game of Thrones controversy of which I am interested not one whit, Christian Toto on Leftist retribution against Meghan McCain for humiliating Seth Meyers, report shows religious couples have happier marriages, David Harsanyi on the myth of poor, poor Millennials, exploding yet again the myth of socialism, despite the alarming news that young people are hot and horny to have it, and the absolute lack of intellectual heft on the Left.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 07:22 AM Comments

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (5/21/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 7.26.08 AM.png


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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 09:56 PM Comments

Booming -- and Tightening -- Job Market Has Predictable Effect: Workers Are Getting Their First Legitimate Raises in Decades

—Ace of Spades

Suppy/demand -- how does it work?

The right has a split between people who think that worker's wages should be driven down as low as possible, forever, using off-shoring for plants that can be moved, and imported cheaper laborers for those that can't be moved, and people who think that maybe conservatism does include the idea of workers increasing in prosperity as well.

And some of us think that driving down workers' wages forever is politically dangerous and may lead to socialism. You can't frustrate people forever without them taking action, even if it is counterproductive.

But whatever, invade the world, invite the world, the only thing that conservatism should care about is the welfare of corporations, even as more and more corporations are now Citizens of the World not even owing a nominal allegiance to the United States.

US employers are stepping on the accelerator -- and that's lifting average salaries and fueling record raises across many sectors. For the typical American worker, pay increases could soon surge past 4 percent or 5 percent for the year, according to labor experts.

By any stretch, the number crunchers say, it's a big jump to catch up on the anemic salary growth over the past 10 years, thanks to the law of supply and demand and a booming economy. Job openings recently surpassed the number of unemployed by 1.3 million. And it's starting to trigger bottlenecks.


Average hourly earnings in the private sector have risen by 3.2 percent in the past year. By Frick's account, while global forces such as outsourcing could still hold back wage increases, by as early as next year the US could potentially see wages rise an average of 4.5 percent -- similar to the peak of the 2000s' expansion -- or even as much as 5.5 percent, as happened at the peak of the 1990 to 2001 expansion.

Robert Johnson, chairman and CEO at Economic Index Associates, is convinced the US economy will see strong wage growth, possibly north of 4 percent over the coming months and next few years. Johnson attributes this to productivity gains and labor shortages.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 07:56 PM Comments

Austrian Government Falls as Right-Wing Partner Caught Offering to Fix Contracts In Undercover Sting

—Ace of Spades

There'a RUSSIAN COLLUSION angle here -- or at least a pretended one.

The right-wing party was not the majority party, but its votes were necessary to prop up its larger partner and give it a large enough coalition to govern.

Austria raced on Saturday toward a snap election as Chancellor Sebastian Kurz pulled the plug on his coalition with the far right after its leader was caught on video offering to fix state contracts with a woman posing as a Russian oligarch's niece.

The far-right Freedom Party's Heinz-Christian Strache resigned as vice chancellor and party leader after the video was released by two German news organizations. He acknowledged that the video was "catastrophic" but denied breaking the law.

So, it's not that hard to catch someone making deals with (presumed) Russians if the targets are actually inclined to do so.

And yet Muller and Kristol and Glenn Simpson and all the coupists and conspirators have bubkis on Trump.

Seems to me to be circumstantial evidence that there was no Russian collusion, and there never was.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 06:50 PM Comments

Judicial Watch Wins Legal Fees From Antifa Middle-School Teacher Yvette Falarca for Her Frivolous Lawsuit

—Ace of Spades

lol get fvcked.

Judicial Watch announced that a U.S. District Judge in California awarded Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees in a case filed by an Antifa organizer in an effort to block Judicial Watch from obtaining information about her activities.

Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and two co-plaintiffs were ordered to pay Judicial Watch $22,000 in attorney’s fees and $4,000 in litigation costs. Felarca had sued the BUSD in federal court to keep the school district from fulfilling its legal obligation to provide Judicial Watch with records of their communications mentioning: Felarca, Antifa, and/or BAMN. Judicial Watch also asked for Felarca’s personnel file.

Felarca is a prominent figure in By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a group founded by the Marxist Revolutionary Workers League that protests conservative speaking engagements. In 2016, Felarca and two of her allies were arrested and charged with several crimes, including felony assault, for inciting a riot in Sacramento. Earlier this year, Felarca was ordered to stand trial for assault.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria, Northern District of California, who had previously ruled that Felarca's lawsuit was "entirely frivolous," wrote in his ruling awarding legal fees to Judicial Watch that Felarca and her co-plaintiffs' First Amendment claims were "premised on the obviously baseless assumption" that the First Amendment condemns the speech of some while condoning the ideological missions of others.

What could have given her that idea? The mere fact that the media, the tech monopolies, and the Ruling Class acts as if that is what the First Amendment says, and is rapidly transforming it into that before our very eyes?

Posted by Ace of Spades at 05:51 PM Comments

Mueller: I Don't Want to Testify Before Jerry Nadler and His Enormous Man-gunt

—Ace of Spades

The conspiracy theorists who've been suggesting that AG Barr was blocking Mueller from testifying are wrong, yet again.

Manu Raju works at CNN -- or, let's agree, draws a paycheck from CNN -- to type up the Democrats' and Mueller team's (but I repeat myself) leaks:

Manu Raju


NEWS: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has expressed reticence to him testifying publicly in front of the House Judiciary Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter. His team has expressed that he does not want to appear political....

One option is to have him testify behind closed doors, but sources caution numerous options are being considered in the negotiations between the committee and the special counsel’s team. Nadler has called for public testimony

A twitter user commenting on this made a halfway decent speculation: Mueller may be essentially asking to be subpoenaed, so he can claim he resisted being "political" to the utmost. Then, having been subpoenaed, he can go in there and be suuuuuper political -- but hey, he was forced to, right?

If Nadler doesn't subpoena him, that's going to look pretty strange, given his threats and bluster -- and subpeona! -- to Don McGahn.


The Justice Department warned House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff if the panel moves forward with a contempt vote or other punishment against Attorney General William Barr, it will no longer work together on a deal that would allow members to view a less-redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

In a letter sent Tuesday to Schiff, D-Calif., from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, the Justice Department proposed a meeting this week with the House Intelligence panel’s senior staff to continue to search for a compromise in response to 12 requests made by the committee.

But that meeting won’t happen if the panel decides to punish Barr for failing to turn over the unredacted report, Boyd warned.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 04:42 PM Comments

Breitbart: FaceBook Has a List of Conservative Speakers They Deem to be "Hate Agents" Who Are Pre-scheduled for Banning

—Ace of Spades

But #MuhPrivateMonopolies.

Hey, monopolies are always more efficient, right?

They certainly are very efficient at limiting political speech before a major election.

Let's devote another fifty years to servicing them, both legislatively and sexually.

Facebook maintains a list of "hate agents" for monitoring and potential termination, according to a source inside the company. Among the names reportedly on the "hate agent" list? Star pundit and black conservative activist Candace Owens.

According to the source, a Facebook employee who spoke exclusively to Breitbart News, the spreadsheet of "hate agents" that includes Owens was posted to an internal employee discussion group initially founded by Brian Amerige, the former Facebook engineer who quit the company over concerns about political intolerance.

The source claimed that the spreadsheet includes the names of prominent right-wing and alternative media figures who were recently banned from the platform.

Candace Owens is also included in the spreadsheet, in a separate category marked "extra credit."

A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed to Breitbart News that the list exists, and did not deny that Owens' name appears on it, but believes that there has not yet been an investigation into her.

The list is "related to" the purge that took Paul Joseph Watson and others on May 2nd.

So how long for Candace Owens and the others on the list?

Well, apparently for Candace Owens, the time came last week.

Breitbart just revealed another name on the "hate agents" list -- Brigitte Gabriel -- and more details about their process of "investigating" conservatives until they can amass enough pretext to ban them.

The signals are divided into Level One (signals that occurred in the past year), Level Two (two years) and Level Three (three years). Signals include hate speech, support for a "designated hate entity" or "designated hateful ideology," calls for violence, the promotion of ethnostates, acts of violence from supporters, and possession of "hate paraphernalia."

The spreadsheet also includes a "recommendations" field next to each individual name. In this field, Facebook employees can advise whether the individual should be categorized as a "Hate Agent” or not, and if they should be removed from the platform.


Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the Islamic extremism watchdog ACT! For America, was added to the spreadsheet in the main category.

Meanwhile, FaceBook doubles down on its decision to block a Trump 2020 advisory board member.

Her post made a simple and true point: That the left simultaneously pushes a theory of gender essentialism -- that women are inherently superior, that only women who can become pregnant should have input into the abortion laws, etc. -- as well as the completely contradictory theory that gender is all a social construct invented by (and here's another weird contradiction) The Patriarchy.

So which is it? Is a uterus a real thing which imbues its carrier with the wisdom of all saints or is a uterus just a fiction made up to keep you down by The Man?

FaceBook decided this was hateful speech and blocked her account.

And she didn't even post that, really. She just quoted Matt Walsh's tweet making that point.

On Wednesday, Facebook blocked Trump 2020 advisory board member Jenna Ellis Rives over a pro-life post. She appealed the decision. On Sunday, Facebook finally got back to her, and doubled down, claiming the post violated its "community standards" on "hate speech."

Rives posted a photo of a tweet from blogger Matt Walsh, pointing out how transgender activism undermines key pro-choice arguments. "Gender is a social construct but I am woman hear me roar but anyone can be a woman but no uterus no opinion but transwomen are women but I demand women's rights but men are women but men are scum but drag queens are beautiful but appropriation is evil," Walsh tweeted.


After the original block, the Trump advisory board member told PJ Media that "Facebook's 'community standards' simply mean they are... censoring conservative thought."

"Facebook continues to suppress conservatives critiquing the progressive left and calling out their hypocrisy," Rives said. "We never see this kind of suppression when it's actual hatred from the left, for instance, attacks against Mike Pence for his Christian beliefs."

But #MuhHolyMonopolies.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 03:07 PM Comments

Ah-Doyyy: ESPN President Realizes That a Sports Network Probably Shouldn't Be Interjecting Politics Into Every Other Segment

—Ace of Spades

Woke-Broke: The Legendary Journeys.

Jim Geraghty quotes from an LA Times piece on ESPN's president:

"Without question our data tells us our fans do not want us to cover politics," Pitaro said. "My job is to provide clarity. I really believe that some of our 'talent' [ironic quotes added by me] was confused on what was expected of them. If you fast-forward to today, I don't believe they are confused."

I believe these jocksniffers still are confused, but maybe more about their barely-suppressed homoerotic achings for athletes' puds than about their need to provide leftwing color commentary after every fly ball.

Geraghty notes that "some of the most politically-active sports commentators have moved on to other things."

Lesser things. Heard from Keith Olbermann lately?

29 How will the world survive without guys in loud suits sitting at space desks yelling at each other?

Posted by: brak

18 Nice how the upper management that pushed this is now suddenly blaming it on rouge employees.

Sorry asshole--that is who you are
Posted by: RoyalOil, Vicroy Canadian Territories

27 18 Nice how the upper management that pushed this is now suddenly blaming it on rouge employees.

It was a few bad apples in the Cincinnati office!
Posted by: pep

Note: Keith Olbermann is back at ESPN. Of course.

100 Remember, this back in March?

Keith Olbermann received a talking to from ESPN, his employer, after demanding Mississippi Clarion-Ledger journalist Brian Broom be fired and encouraging an Internet mob to harass a 22-year-old hunter Broom wrote about for the outlet.

posted by: Christopher R. Taylor

Posted by Ace of Spades at 02:06 PM Comments

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Top Headlines
Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance. Things will really start getting interesting now. [Mis. Hum.]
Weekend Forecast: Sumo followed by a chance of whisky Our Commander-in-Chief is headed for Tokyo and may attend the final day (senshuraku) of the May Sumo Tournament with Prime Minister Abe. Live (blog) coverage of that final day will start this Saturday (5/25) night at the link above. See if Pres. Trump does, in fact, take a seat at ringside and make unfavorable comparisons between the large athletic men dueling in the ring and Rep. Nadler! Should be fun. Any of the real AoS bloggers can feel free to appropriate this for their various weekend posts. [Fritzworth]
lolbeans: Conservative group stages dramatic/romantic reading of Strzok/Page transcripts, in a stage show called "FBI Lovebirds," read by Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson
I'm appalled that these casting choices were so cis-biased -- unless they've made the Stunning and Brave decision to have Cain read Page's lines and Swanson read Strzok's. I'm #Woke. Twitter, unsuspend me.
Holy Man of the Tall Trees James Comey, who was once a communist by the way, finds himself in three potentially prosecutable disputes in sworn testimony with Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, and Andrew McCabe
As a commenter here cynically (but correctly) speculated, "I bet James Comey will be the only person who has a memo-to-self which purports to be a contemporaneous and accurate record of events, though." He might also have done some proactive leaking, too!
Mississippi state lawmaker arrested for punching his wife in the face because she undressed too slowly for sex
Alas, yes, he's a Republican. I'm sure that'll make the headlines of the media reports. And yet the word "Democrat" eludes them when leftwing politicians do terrible things.
I knew baseball had been getting high-tech but I had no idea...
For example, pitchers are hiring companies to custom design pitches for them.

"In 2017, Bauer saw just 2.8 inches of horizontal movement on his slider ... this season, he’s up to 11.1 inches"

Cannes poster features decapitated Trump
Maybe it's time to start flooding the zone with similarly violent imagery about all the left's favorite politicians, and see how they react. Dangerous, escalating provocation can be a two-way street -- if you want it to be!
Babylon Bee: Demanding to know why He allowed President Trump to get elected, Democrats subpoena God
This joke actually gets at the psychological reality of the situation. "Howl! Howl! Howl!"
Don Trump Junior Rips Biden as a CHINESE SPY
Well not really; that's the sort of thing Hillary, Jimmy the Communist, John the Communist, and James Clapper would say. But he does question Biden's son Hunter taking loads of Chinese money.
Update: Judge who issued warp-speed ruling that Trump must release his private tax information wasn't just an Obama appointee -- he was an Obama-Biden donor, too
Odd how this pertinent fact goes entirely unmentioned by the media. For weeks we've been barraged by media articles suggesting that AG Barr is "too loyal" to Trump -- yet when a judge who actually paid cash-money to get Obama elected rules against Obama's enemy, the media has nothing to say about "loyalty" any longer.
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