February 20, 2017

Monday Overnight Open Thread (2/20/17) President's Day Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

The Father of our country.


The Rough Rider

theo roosevelt .jpg

The Great Communicator


The Jug Ear F*cker


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

When you get to be President, there are all those things, the honors, the twenty-one gun salutes, all those things. You have to remember it isn't for you. It's for the Presidency. Harry S Truman

Quote II

It's one of the few regrets of my presidency - that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. There's no doubt a president with the gifts of Lincoln or Roosevelt might have better bridged the divide, and I guarantee I'll keep trying to be better so long as I hold this office. Barack Obama

Cough, Bullshit, Cough, Bullshit. His entire presidency was nothing but to divide and conquer along political philosophies.

Quote III

No man will ever carry out of the Presidency the reputation which carried him into it. Thomas Jefferson

Quote IV

There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect. Ronald Reagan

President's Day: How we got stuck with this holiday.

Didn't get your POTUS fix here tonight? Listen to 10 famous Presidential speeches.


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The Legend of Donald Trump (MJ)

—Open Blogger

1. His apartment in Manhattan is decorated in solid platinum but he had it coated in gold to appear humble.

2. He patented the words 'tremendous', 'beautiful', and 'disaster' just so he could make a little pocket change while giving speeches.

3. Trump tower was originally developed as the tester for Trump Brand Condoms™ but then he discovered the market size was one.

4. He has exactly four items hanging in his closet: blue suit, red tie, white shirt, and Joe Biden's ridiculous fucking grin.

5. On November 9th he sent a cheap plastic button to Russia that said, 'Thanks Bitch.' In English.

6. When he started using the nickname Little Marco, Rubio shrunk an inch.

7. Chuck Norris is afraid of Trump's shadow.

8. He doesn't give a rat's ass which bathroom Lindsey Graham uses.

9. He whispered to Meghan McCain that he was going to grab her by the pussy, then shook her father's hand.

10. He organized a photo shoot with a bald eagle just so it could know what it was like to be so close to a symbol of pure freedom.

Add your silliness in the comments...

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MSM Steps On A Rake. Again.


Trump media clowns.jpg

Here is what Trump said:

"Here's the bottom line, we've got to keep our country safe," Trump said at his rally Saturday. "You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible."

So, what did the MSM do with this?

What they did was focus like a laser on the phrase "what's happening last night in Sweden" and ran with it. In their blind zeal to come up with a "gotcha" moment, they looked for one specific incident that happened the night before in Sweden, couldn't find anything, and then started crowing about how Trump doesn't know what he's talking about, is making stuff up, and is a idiot.

Normal people with normal language comprehension skills don't do this. Normal people would figure that if nothing specific happened in Sweden, then Trump probably meant something different, something a bit more general, and in any event, I shouldn't let my expectations dictate how Trump's words should be understood.

This is how normal people behave. But we're not talking about normal people, we're talking about the MSM, which consists of "27-year olds who know nothing" (according to Obama advisor Ben Rhodes).

As it turned out, Trump did have something specific in mind:

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Milo Officially "Uninvited" as Speaker at CPAC


CPAC is now in the strange position of having invited someone precisely because he was not permitted to speak on college campuses due to his controversial statements, and yet now having banned him from speaking there due to his controversial statements.

As you probably know, Establishment conservatives hoping to tank him began circulating a tape of an appearance on the Joe Rogan show early last year, in which he talked about having given oral sex to an older priest when he was 14, and making jokes (as he does) about that having improved his skills in that area. Then an appearance on another show was dug up, where he talked about younger "boys" (he says he meant "young men") have sex with older men a fair amount in gay circles.

It should be noted that as far as his "pro-pedophilia" remarks, he was actually the young person being preyed upon (though he denies he was preyed upon, calling himself, perhaps just sardonically, the "sexual predator" in the encounter), and not the person (the older man) who is actually charged with the moral and legal duty to not have sex with a 14 year old.

Nonetheless, some say that he's spouting "NAMBLA talking points" and people whose opinions I respect, like Niedermeyer's Dead Horse, takes a look at this in a fairly objective way and seems to try to give Milo every break she can, but seems to find there's just too many strikes here, and the batter is fairly called out.

I think that's a reasonable take -- though, in saying so, I don't think it's complete.

I would say an important additional dimension here is that if they can do it to him, they can do it to you too.

And they seem to be really doing it:

I saw an unconfirmed claim -- and I stress, unconfirmed -- that even Breitbart is considering severing times.

I doubt that, but who knows. The way this works is that the Outrage Mob gins up its hatred quickly, giving no one a chance to actually think slowly and carefully about these things -- and they should be thought slowly and carefully about, because what's being engineered here is possibly an irrevocable negative hit on someone -- and then people feel pressure to react instantly precisely the way the mob wants because God Forbid we stand up to the mob and say, "Stop your baying, and give adult men and women of rational mind and good spirit a chance to actually think," then maybe they'll turn on us next.

Proud anger travels twice around the world before cool reflection has even slipped on its first sock.

FWIW, Milo offers a written statement in defense of himself here, and, it seems, a more chastened, more frightened video response here, perhaps as he realized how serious the mob was about collecting this week's scalp from his head.

I'm not a fan of Milo's and have rarely cited him. I won't get into the "why" of that here, for similar reasons that I didn't get into why I wasn't a fan of Pam Gellar's after the shooting at her Draw Mohammad event, when the Social Justice Warriors of the left and the right saw fit to mob up on her hours after she'd been shot upon by a jihadi.

Yeah I've got a few problems with him -- but let's leave that for another day. I haven't seen it necessary to have one opinion or another about Milo so far, so I don't know if I have to suddenly burst forth with a lot of Strongly Held Opinions I Just Formed Six Minutes Ago today.

Another day when, you know, he's not in the eye of the Social Media Scalp-Hunting Hurricane.

I just think that when the whole world sets its sights on one lonely target, it's not really terribly useful or moral of me to join in the collective attack.

I don't think the world will end if a couple of voices here or there caution, "Maybe we shouldn't rush to extirpate him from the face of the earth with just these three seconds of contemplation."

I have no bias in favor of Milo, and that indeed my bias tends to run the other way. (To the extent I have any bias -- I'm not really a follower or fan. I can't render much of an opinion on Milo because, in all honesty, I am not familiar with his writing, except through the occasional quotation provided by his enemies.)

But I do think Milo has done some good work in exposing the increasing intolerance and hateful mob mentality of our twitterfied, outrage-addicted society.

Whether that outweighs the sins he is said to have committed, I don't know.

I suspect most people don't. I suspect his fans know a fair amount about him, and his detractors and scalp-hunters know a bit less, and I think pretty much everyone else is like "Is Milo that lemonheaded gay guy who's on YouTube a lot?"

But I just have the same sick feeling:

And here we go again.

For what it's worth, several people whose opinions I respect include those at, get this, this very blog, are taking Milo to task for his statements, and I can't disagree with them in any kind of authoritative way.

I could dispute them, that is, I could put up a "Well what about this?" sort of semi-defense, but I wouldn't have terribly much emotional or intellectual chips invested in the defense itself. It would not be a "I'm definitely right, you're definitely wrong" kind of thing.

And to be honest, I have myself mixed opinions about the precious few of Milo's statements I've heard. There's some stuff I've seen (out of context) about the Jews I had quite a negative reaction to, but then, I don't know the context.

All that said, I do have an interest, and that interest is less about Milo than this same sick game of Pick the Day's Hate Object and Destroy It.

Is it my scalp they'll be coming for next week?

Who knows -- maybe this very post you're reading right now will be cited as the reason Ace Must Now Be Purged to Maintain the Purity of the Body of the Church of Twitter.

As I think The Joker said, there's an element of fairness in pure random cruelty. If it's kind of random thing, the way we all take our place at the Wheel of Punishment and hope our name doesn't come up, maybe it is fair.

So long as we all understand and agree in advance that our names are up there too.

One can dispute his claims and criticize the callowness and the occasional meanness and casual offensiveness of his statements without taking the next step of deciding that we're going to mob up together to destroy his life just because we're kinda bored and not doin' much else on a slow news day.

Or can we?

I don't know that we can any longer.

This is where we are; this is what we are. Perhaps this is what we've always been -- perhaps we just needed a technological innovation of social media to enable us to focus and purify our hatred into a polarized speck of white-hot dissolving heat.

Maybe we just needed this one stupid little tool so that we could take this week's pleasure in inflicting cruelty on strangers, like a sadistic kid just needs a magnifying glass to focus the sun's rays on a random ant.


Note: As I said above, I am calling for time to consider this. I'm not a Milologist and I don't know the context of all his statements or the full Oppo Dump on the statements claimed to be racist, anti-semitic, or now, pro-pedophilia.

Maybe the people calling for his scalp know these things with much higher accuracy than I do, and do have enough of a case against him to make this call.

Maybe -- but all I've seen are these disjointed twitter links and thin, took-me-five-minutes-to-write-this news briefs which are themselves just compilations of the disjointed twitter links.

I do not see the sort of written out, thought out indictment in essay form, with all counter-arguments considered and answered and all evidence amassed, that would make me feel comfortable about saying "Let's smear this queer."

If someone writes that, and it makes the case, sure, I'll say the case is made and the punishment should be executed. (Maybe -- gotta tell you, I'm a Consistent Advocate of Free Expression and I'm not tribal on the point as many are. By which I mean: I'm not a fan of the rightwing Social Justice Mafia's scalp-hunting any more than I am the leftwing. In fact, I think I like the former less, as I find the former disappointing and illusions-shattering.)

But I haven't seen it yet. If someone wants to write it, I'd personally like to read it. I don't really read the guy and don't know much about him except he's controversial and has offered spurious (to my mind) defenses of the alt-right.

But even though I found those defenses spurious and calculatedly naive, I can't say I'm outraged by someone attempting to make the case that we should be more free to speak, not less.

My strongly-held opinion on that point is that we are too limited in what we are free to say without be scalped, boycotted, or fired, not too damn "free" and in need of further abridgments to make sure other people's Spaces are Safe.

Even if the defense of freedom of expression in question is frequently disingenuous, I still gotta say... I'm not terribly bothered by a disingenuous effort to push back against the Speech Police.

Other than that one article -- which I didn't finish; had enough of it after a few paragraphs -- I really do not know what all the fuss is about this guy, on either the pro- or con- side.

I'm ignorant. I guess that makes me a good candidate for a jury.

So what is the case? I need to actually hear the case before rendering any kind of verdict.

If I head must roll, fine, but let's kind of have all the facts out in the open and debated first, huh? I don't want to see yet another scalping based on little more than "We don't like this guy on Twitter so now he gets his."

Explain it to me like I'm a child, who knows nothing, and not someone who is on Twitter and the listservs all day who knows all the crimes this turbulent internet celebrity is guilty of.

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The Overton Window Is Shifting, Even In Europe.


Geert Wilders attacks 'Moroccan scum' as he launches election campaign

Of course the headline is inflammatory. The real criticism was of a subset of Moroccans who have immigrated to The Netherlands. But that is to be expected from the soon-to-be-obsolete mainstream press.

Before posing for selfies and accepting bouquets from a small band of hardcore supporters, Mr Wilders spoke out against the "Islamisation" of Holland and urged his countrymen to "regain your country". "Not all are scum, but there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who make the streets unsafe, mostly young people," he told camera crews from across the continent.

The sentiment is being expressed in public as part of the election process, and is no longer being whispered.

Mr Wilders's plans to close all mosques, shut down the asylum system and ban headscarves at public functions have proved popular with white working-class voters whom the party dubs "Henk and Ingrid". He has also appealed to voters who feel they have not shared in the benefits of the economic recovery by pledging more generous welfare payments and to stage a "Nexit" from the European Union.

Sound familiar?

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Trump Names New NSA, and It's Not Bolton. Sad!


I wanted to get this up fast. I will add what little I know about McMasters as I look it up on the Google machine.

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Two More Arrests Made of J20 Disruptors, Bringing Total to Three


They were caught on Project Veritas' sting videos conspiring to take illegal actions to disrupt the Inauguration, and now three of them have been arrested.

Two more anarchists exposed by Project Veritas in a series of sting videos have been arrested, James O'Keefe announced on Twitter Wednesday. That brings the total number of arrests thus far to three. Paul "Luke" Kuhn and Colin Dunn were recently arrested in addition to Scott Ryan Charney, who was arrested on January 19.


Luke Kuhn, of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, was heard on the video actually threatening the city government of Washington, D.C., and the police if they tried to stop them:

"The message has to be, we do not recognize the city government either," Kuhn says. "If you try to close us down we will look for your house, we will burn it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war and you will lose."

Sounds like someone had his Internet Muscles on, and then found out they weren't real muscles at all.

Presidents Day Off. I don't take any vacations (I hope to, eventually) so I gotta take my federal holidays off.

Yeah I know, some of you are working today. Sad! I am with you in spirit -- but only in spirit.

Those shelves aren't finishing themselves off, you know.

I'll post here and there but it'll be skimpy and thin. Mostly open threads.

If any cobs want to post, I'll definitely check the site before stompenating you!

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Two Administrations -- Two Very Different Views Of Islamic Terrorism


In A White House Initiative to Defeat Radical Islam Daniel Pipes writes that:

Donald Trump gave a robust speech in August 2016 on how he, as president, would "Make America Safe Again." In it, he pledged that "one of my first acts as president will be to establish a commission on radical Islam." Note: he said radical Islam, not some euphemism like violent extremism.

Contrast that with the Obama administration:

As an example of how not to answer this question, the Obama administration convened a Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group in 2010 and included participants who turned up such gems as: "Jihad as holy war is a European invention," the caliphate's return is "inevitable," Sharia (Islamic law) is "misunderstood," and "Islamic terrorism is a contradiction in terms ... because terrorism is not Islamic by definition." The result? The group produced propaganda helpful to the (unnamed) enemy.

Orwell understood very well that language has great power. Obama's language was carefully calculated to blame the world for Islamic terrorism, and exonerate Islam.

Political language...is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

President Trump is operating under no such constraints or illusions, and is quite correctly naming the source of Islamic terrorism as Islam.

It is not racist or anti-religion or whatever the SJW buzzword is to describe the reality of Islam. Hopefully the Trump administration will be able to purge the apologists for Islamic expansionism and push back against the tide.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Gilbert Stuart - George Washington.jpg

George Washington
Gilbert Stuart

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (2/19/17) Bare Bones Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

sunday night.jpg

Leave it to the NYT for a puff piece obituary. Poor mistreated Blind Sheikh Abdel Rahman passes on.

Mr. Abdel Rahman, who was known as the blind sheikh, spent years in the most severe solitary confinement, barred from communicating with his followers, praying with other Muslim prisoners or even listening to Arabic radio. Failing blood circulation due to diabetes had killed the sensation in his fingertips, making it impossible for him to read his Braille Islamic texts.

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Sunday Evening Thread


This isn't even an open thread. It's a thread. You're only allowed to talk about one thing, but I'm not going to tell you what it is.

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Food Thread: The Time I Got Spagheti Sauce On The Ceiling, And Other Bedtime Stories



I screw up about once a week. Maybe more. But I have been cooking long enough that I can usually repair the damage without much trouble. My worst was probably early in my cooking days; I had just bought a copy of Marcella Hazan's wonderful The Classic Italian Cook Book: The Art of Italian Cooking and the Italian Art of Eating, and I desperately wanted to make Osso Buco Milanese. It's a bit of a pain, but I figured I could do it with some luck, and a lot of time. The only complication was that I had to go to work, so the plan was to cook it most of the way, then turn off the oven, go to work, return and reheat, and all would be right in the world.

So I skipped over to The Berkeley Bowl, where I bought the ingredients, including some very pricey (at least for me) veal shanks. The preparation went well, and as I put the pot into the oven I thought that I was quite the chef! And I was, until I got back into my car after work and realized that I had not turned off the oven before I had left. I think there was about one ounce of salvageable meat on the eight shanks I had cooked.

Oh....before I started using an immersion blender to make salad dressing, I used to shake it in a jar. Easy and quick, although I strongly suggest that if you use the shaking method to make sure that the top is on securely. And on an unrelated note, it takes several coats of primer to mask oil stains on the ceiling.

So what was your worst?

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Shower Thought: Do We Celebrate Hillary Clinton Too Much? (MJ)

—Open Blogger


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Journalist Or Comedian: You Make The Call


And Bannion's response?

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 02-19-2017


Peabody Library, Baltimore.jpg

Main Reading Room, George Peabody Library, Baltimore

(h/t Mike Hammer for the Peabody pics)

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, where men are men, all the 'ettes are hotties, safe spaces are underneath your house and are used as protection against actual dangers, like natural disasters, or rioting in the streets, and special snowflakes do not get respect, but instead, a big load of guffaws. And unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, both of which should be taken out and shot.

And welcome back, Vic!

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

The Federalist asks the question, Did The New York Times Deliberately Snub ‘Gosnell’ Book From Its Bestseller List?

When Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer launched last week, it was No. 3 on Amazon’s bestseller list, and took the top slot on the retailer’s “Hot New Release” list. Currently, Gosnell is No. 15 on Amazon’s “Hot New Release” list, and No. 13 on NYT’s “Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction” list, yet NYT won’t include it on its bestseller nonfiction list.

Amazon sales are not the same thing as NY Times sales, which are measured differently. That's why the the best-seller lists are different. On the other hand, the NY Times explanation actually explains nothing:

The Times's best-seller lists are based on a detailed analysis of book sales from a wide range of retailers who provide us with specific and confidential context of their sales each week. These standards are applied consistently, across the board in order to provide Times readers our best assessment of what books are the most broadly popular at that time.

Sounds kind of weasely. And what is "specific and confidential context" supposed to mean?

But regardless, here is the book: Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer by Ann McElhinney and Philem McAleer

When the Grand Jury indicted abortion doctor Dr. Kermit Gosnell in 2011, it wrote: "This case is about a doctor who killed babies... What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy—and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors... Over the years, many people came to know that something was going on here. But no one put a stop to it."

So Gosnell couldn't have done it without help:

The complicit role activist media, social radicals, medical colleagues, and incompetent (politicized) government played in perpetuating his crimes is an indictment of the moral wasteland we’re becoming. This is not about equating Gosnell’s crime to the horrific actions of Mengele, except to illustrate contemporary society’s refusal to learn from the past. If we did care, these blood-curdling crimes against babies would have ended earlier. If we did care, a caring nation would collectively march in the streets demanding answers. Instead, there’s muted silence and politicized obfuscation.

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EMT 02/19/17


Thank God tomorrow is a company holiday open thread.

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Overnight Open Thread (18 Feb 2017)


Raise your hand if you think Democrats will actually do this. Poll: Americans want Democrats to work with Trump. 73% in fact. I guess that Hollyweird "Resist" movement isn't quite catching on with the serfs.

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Right In The Foot


So here's a video of Steve Bannon put together by Huffpo:

I think they were trying to make him look bad. I think they were trying to say, look at this Scary Guy the Republicans have on their team. Isn't he Scary?

Meanwhile, here are deep thoughts of deep thinker Sally Kohn:

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Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread 02-18-2017


Battle Chess by Cean Herzfield

(This week's chess pic is way too small. Click on it to see a much better version)

Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the temple of Caïssa, goddess of the chessboard. And, for those of you who aren't nerdly enough for chess, you can use this thread to talk about checkers, or other games, or politics, or whatever you wish, only please try to keep it civil. Nobody wants to get in the middle of a giant food fight. Unless you've just gone off your diet.

“In a gambit you give up a Pawn for the sake of getting a lost game”
(Samuel Standige Boden)

This is the story of my life in chess. At one time I thought I would like to be a gambit player, but every time I tried this or that gambit, I would somehow never be able to recover the pawn. Or I would fritter away whatever small positional advantage the theory said I supposedly had. So I would go into the endgame down a pawn, and then lose because, well, I was down a pawn. So enough of gambits. They do not suit my temperament.

Problem 1 - White To Play (112)

Hint: White mates in 3

20170218 - Problem 1.jpg
6Q1/8/5k2/6p1/1KB1pq1P/8/6p1/8 w - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

saturday pet thread.jpg

Welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Be a good Moron, sit and stay.


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Three Step Process to School Girl Giggles (MJ)

—Open Blogger

Step 1: Google 'Side of Beef'

Step 2: Click on Images

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Something for everyone, I hope. [KT]

—Open Blogger


Hello, Horde! We are still having some weather in the country, aren't we? Hope your garden is doing O.K. Anybody have something wonderful to report?

For members of The Horde starting to see a thaw:

Here's a pretty thorough rundown on common species and cultivars of crocus. There are other bulbs that bloom through the snow, but crocuses are my personal favorite. Are you partial to a different "snowmelt bulb"?

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Thread below the Gardening Thread: Swamp Thing [KT]

—Open Blogger

Serving your mid-day open thread needs


Into the Swamp

Here at AoSHQ, a few heartening signs of swamp-draining have been noted lately.

The "swamp" in question of course is Washington DC, but also includes much of the bureaucracy, judiciary, and cultural command posts of the country, such as the media and entertainment industries. The tributaries comprise America's educational system, long dominated by the radical left and protected by tenure and union power. It is this ideological effluent center that has done so much to poison the discourse of American politics, smearing every institution that contributed to the country's greatness, and radiating hatred of all things most citizens hold dear . . .

Most of us can't do much right now about the swamp in D.C. But maybe some of us can do something to help drain the real swamp: Academia.

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Saturday Morning Weird News Dump

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


Good morning Morons. I hope your week went well and that your weekend goes weller, gooder, better for you. Your humble Cob will attempt to amuse you with some weird stuff.

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EMT 02/18/17


This week. Oh this week.

I don't have a Vic update.... maybe he will update himself in the comments today?

Or maybe he'll do the smart thing and sleep until noon...

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Overnight Open Thread (17 Feb 2017)


It's about time. It's a bloodbath at the State Department. Many other government agencies need a culling too. Like maybe the EPA?

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Things The World Conspired to Keep Me Ignorant Of


Thanks to Soothsayer, the best TV intro ever, and yes, it beats Manimal, UFO, and even The Six Million Dollar Man.

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Thank God It's FriGAINZZZ


See correction and acknowledgement at post's end. By the way, the end is probably a good place to start -- this guy doing the What I've Learned videos puts this pretty succinctly.

Today's GAINZZZ thread is about re-GAINZZZing your insulin sensitivity.

I get a lot of people who seem to be sort of normal-weight pushing back against this whole low-carb/fasting thing.

Let me explain it more than I have previously.

Many of these people think that they're not prone to weight gain because they don't "eat too much" and "get some exercise."

In fact, it's the opposite. They don't eat too much and they get some exercise because they're not prone to weight gain.

It sounds strange, but fatness itself causes fatness. And giving advice to those prone to weight gain based upon what "works" for a person without that problem is like a non-diabetic instructing a diabetic that "a few donuts here and there won't kill you."

Well, for a diabetic, they just might. Different metabolisms respond differently to different stimuli.

Okay, so here's what insulin resistance is.

By the way -- that term might sound strange. Insulin resistance is the bad thing, and insulin sensitivity is actually the good thing -- though it would be easy to assume the "resistance" is the good thing and the sensitivity the bad one.

Let's look at how insulin is supposed to work -- and how it does work, in a normal, not-disturbed metabolism.

1. You eat protein or especially carbs.

2. These get broken down and enter the blood as glucose. (Protein would take longer to enter as glucose, but it can and does happen, to a lesser extent).

3. Your body cannot take too much glucose in the bloodstream at once -- I think it can only tolerate 10 grams of dissolved glucose in the blood at any one time, or something. But a big carb heavy meal might dump 70 or more grams of glucose into the blood in the hour or two after a meal. Having too much glucose in your blood is called hyperglycemia, a potentially very serious condition frequently experienced by diabetics.

4. Your body senses that there's too much glucose and your pancreas begins pumping out insulin.

5. The cells of your muscle and liver and your fat cell storage sites -- having a normal level of sensitivity to insulin, and let me repeat, assuming a normal level of sensitivity to insulin -- bond at the cells' receptor sites. The insulin molecules, bonded at the receptors, now tell the various cells to start taking in glucose, to get it out of the blood stream. A certain amount of glucose can be stored (in the form of glycogen) in the muscle, and some in the liver. Some can be used immediately by muscle if you're exercising at the time. The rest goes to fat cells, to be packaged away for long-term storage as fatty triglycerides.

6. Once your blood glucose levels are in an acceptable range, the body detects this too, and tells the pancreas to stop pumping out insulin. Again: assuming a normal sensitivity to insulin.

7. Over a period of minutes to hours, the insulin begins unbonding from cell receptors and gets recycled or excreted. This is important, because it means 1, no further glucose will be swept out of the blood (which can cause lethargy, or even low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)), and 2, it means you can begin burning fat again.

See, the thing I don't talk about much is that most normal weight or athletic people are routinely in the state of "ketosis" -- fat burning. Ketosis is not some weird body function that weird dieters trick their body into. It's the state that most healthy people are supposed to be in, at least periodically, between meals.

If you don't have any glucose coming into your body, and you need some, the body is supposed to send out hormone-sensitive lipase (and other fat-burning hormones) to your fat cells and tells them: We need energy, start breaking that fat down into smaller molecules which can be metabolized for energy.

Here's the thing:

The various fat burning hormones are opposed by, and blocked by, insulin. Hormones tend to work in pairs, one "on" and the other "off," and "insulin" is the "on" switch for gaining fat (sending glucose to fat cells) and the "off" switch for hormones which tell fat cells to release their stored energy to be made into ketones.

So when you have a lot of insulin in your body, you can't burn fat. (Or, at least, you can burn very little.)

So let me finish up this long step: In a person with normal sensitivity to insulin, their insulin levels aren't all that high, and insulin starts getting swept away to be disposed of when it's no longer needed, and now cell receptor sites are free to accept the fat burning hormones which tells fat cells "start burning fat."

Upshot: In a person with a non-dysfunctional metabolism, all this hormonal signalling works pretty well. If they have too much glucose in their blood, the pancreas sends out some insulin -- not a ton, just enough to do the job! -- and some glucose gets swept out. Then the insulin goes away, and fat-burning hormones are now free to tell fat-storage sites to burn fat when it's needed.

Result: You don't feel tired or lethargic after meals. You don't feel hungry soon after meals, because your blood has enough glucose in it to keep going. And you don't gain much fat, because your insulin-sensitive hormone is frequently able to tell your fat storage sites to give up fat as needed, and they're not cockblocked from doing so by insulin.

Okay. Now let's look at a person with a disturbed or dysfunctional or "dysregulated" metatolism:

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 05:29 PM Comments

Today's #FakeNews Freakout: OMG, Trump is Calling Out the National Guard to Round-Up Illegals!!!


Or not. Maybe just a provisional early draft memo -- not even from the White House -- included a provision that states could call upon the National Guards for specific duty on the border, you know, like Obama himself did a few years ago when the Unattended Child Illegal Immigrant thing was getting some (minor) attention from the media and he needed to pretend to be doing something about it.

Fucking embarrassing.

They have a new strategy, by the way. Sometimes, as with the NYT Flynn transcripts story, they write a scarifying headline, but then, in the body of the piece, they admit there's no there there.

But they rely on the headline to convey the opposite impression -- and they rely on the Blue Checkmark Mafia to retweet the shit out of headline only, with the implication our explicit claim that the article says what it simply does not say.

The other thing they do, obviously, as the AP did here, is straight-up lie. But that's not a new tactic for this crew.

Always read the article or the original documents. Getting freaked out? Is their viral hysteria infecting you?

Put aside the false claims and primal yelps they're making on social media and go to the original article -- or, when they deign to supply it, the original document they're blatantly misrepresenting.

You can insulate yourself from hysteria in that way -- don't buy into their second-hand telephone-game-of-hysterics method of reporting. Go the source, and walk way with an eased temper.

I said a briefer version of this on Twitter to these people:

Dear Media,

We all watched you in tears on election night, on our TVs.

We saw your crying. There's no denying it.

And there's no coming back from that.

Anyone who cries like a baby while on television over the election results cannot claim to be able to put aside his deep emotional reaction and behave professionally and detachedly in the months to follow.


We know what you are. We've always known what you were, but seeing the hysterical tears flow was proof to the rest of the world who suspected but did not know.

And we'll never believe a word you say again.

Go fuck yourselves dead,

The People Who Used to Watch You On TV

Bonus: There are no words left.

Posted by Ace at 04:17 PM Comments

Besides the Press, There's Another Gigantic Fraud That Needs Exposure

—J.J. Sefton


Yesterday's de-pantsing of the media by President Trump was a thing to behold. He calmly, yet mercilessly called them out for the lies, falsehoods and distortions perpetrated on him in the wake of the Mike Flynn departure and really since he announced his candidacy and all the way through the election. Public trust in the media has been eroding for quite some time and if anything, after yesterday has accelerated to a point where even the low-information set have sat up and taken notice.

One of the highlights took many people by surprise, not least of which the gobsmacked "reporter" asking the question:

. . . The final, eyebrow-raising exchange was his mocking of American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan. As soon as Trump called on her, he admitted to the chagrin of Ryan that "this is going to be a bad question, but that's okay." Ryan later pushed Trump to hold meetings with the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus, so Trump responded by informing the liberal reporter that she should "set up the meeting" since they’re probably "friends of yours."

TRUMP: Do you want to set up the meeting?
RYAN: No, no, no. I'm not . . .
TRUMP: Are they friends of yours?
RYAN: I'm just a reporter.
TRUMP: No, no, set up the meeting.
RYAN: I know some of them, but I'm sure they're watching right now.
TRUMP: Let’s go. Set up a meeting. I would love to meet with the Black Caucus.

Of course, this exchange prompted the NAACP to, shall we say, take exception to the President's treatment of Ms. Ryan. Surprisingly, Elijah Cummings is, get this, happy to meet with the President. He "is my president." Over to you, John Lewis.

This presents a golden opportunity for President Trump. And what he should do is not only NOT meet with the CBC or the NAACP, he should call them out as fake organizations that have perpetrated a massive fraud on blacks and indeed all Americans for the past 50 years. Call a news conference (if they come [and they will]) and have by your side Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Janice Rogers Brown, inner city AME clergy and a cross section of REAL Americans of African descent who can help lay out the charges against the aforementioned frauds as well as their overlords in the Democrat Party and the entire panoply of Leftist individuals and institutions that exploit blacks for political gain.

You have our attention, Mr. President. Now is the time for a second Emancipation Proclamation that, along with real policy changes that can finally break the chains of the welfare state, can effectively bury the Democrat Party and racial politics, hopefully forever. More importantly, it would go a long way in seeing that we finally realize the promise of Lincoln, Dr. King and the Founders.

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 03:17 PM Comments

Texas Governor to NFL: Worry About Your Own Spousal Abuse Scandals Before You Go Dictating to Us That We Need to Allow Penises in the Ladies' Rooms


The NFL warned a Texas that a bill proposed in its senate -- which would reserve bathroom use to the "biological sex" indicated on the door -- might jeopardize Texas from getting to host any future Super Bowls.

Governor Greg Abbot had some words for the NFL.

However, if Texas, or any other state, wishes to bar professional sports teams from ever attempting to blackmail them into what laws they can and cannot pass or enforce, I have a much more powerful corrective.

States should begin proposing this law:

No municipality shall have the authority to issue any bonds, or direct any public monies, towards the construction of any arena, stadium, or venue of any type intended partially for use by a private company, unless permission to do so is first granted by an act of the state legislature itself or a statewide referendum affirmatively permitting such a corporate-enrichment boondoggle.

Municipalities are delegated whatever powers of the state the state wishes to confer upon them. Municipalities, you may or may not know, act with the power of the state when they pass ordinances and tax bills and such -- but that power derives from the reservoir of powers the state possesses, and which the state has conferred upon them via charters of incorporation.

Those powers can be circumscribed, expanded, limited, or cancelled.

You don't have to include that last part, the part about the legislative or popular referendum override of the general forbiddance, but that could be thrown in there for RINOs who really do want to do favors for corporate bullies and who therefore won't vote for such a bill without an escape clause.

When the states get serious about simply cutting off cities' rights to issue bonds or directly subsidize, with taxpayer money, the new stadiums these free-riding vulture socialists are always demanding, then you'll see the NFL and NBA adopt a much less high-handed tone.

You want a #War?

Well we're your Huckleberry. You're a right Daisy for giving us the #War we've been itching to give you back.

You need your wagons fixed and your britches properly sized? Well you came to the right place.

Nothing's gonna change, folks, until we all collectively decide that:

1. These people need our goodwill far more than we need theirs, and

2. It is beyond time we started acting aggressively to defend ourselves in the war that these transnational socialist barbarians have brought to our shores, and

3. When we collectively decide to spend time in more ancient and eternal pursuits than sitting in front of their idiot boxes -- their church and their state; their sun, their moon; their alpha and omega; their propaganda mouth and their all-seeing high-def eye -- only then will they whither and pass from this earth.

The TV is their one power source, and the one (or two, or three, or five) beachhead(s) of transnational socialist progressivism we've not only permitted but have paid loads of money to sit in our homes, acting as parasites on our lives, spirits, and energy.

Kill their gods -- kill their television power. Slaughter their gods, raze their temples, scatter their cults to the four winds.

Posted by Ace at 02:21 PM Comments

Surprise: Jeff Sessions' Justice Department Will Not Be Enforcing Obama's "Guidance" on Genderless Bathroom Requirements


Amidst all the ego-driven "See we told you!" crap from the asinine and smug NeverTrump camp, it's important to note the ways in which they were wrong.

If they had gotten their way -- the election of Hillary Clinton -- Obama's push to make genderless bathrooms the state-imposed norm would be continuing apace.

Last May, the Justice and Education departments released what has been termed a "dear colleague" letter, providing "significant guidance" to school districts across the country about the best policies for respecting the rights of transgender individuals in schools. Under the auspices of Title IX, the letter advised that schools ought to permit students to use the bathrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities that align with their gender identity rather than their biological sex.

Then, in August, a judge placed a temporary hold on this guidance letter, leaving school bathroom policies in limbo. In a new one-page filing, the Justice Department has advised that it will not continue to push its appeal against the judge's decision, meaning, in part, that the oral arguments scheduled to take place this week will be put off for the foreseeable future.

In addition, 13 states sued the Obama administration over the "dear colleague" letter; the Justice Department’s latest move leaves uncertain the future of that lawsuit. This decision will leave schools across the country free to craft their own bathroom, shower, dorm-room, and locker-room policies in the absence of federal guidance. In practice, this means that every locality will control its own policies, allowing parents, teachers, and local school boards to determine the best path forward.

If the NeverTrump hold-outs want to avoid the complete loss of reputation and credibility with the only part of the country they've ever had any sway with -- as their close cousins in the liberal media have already lost -- it would behoove them to mix in a couple "and here's where our preferred outcome would have been worse" among their never-ending finger-pointing fake-news victory laps.

But, like their close leftist media cousins, they are unaccountably proud of their lack of accomplishments, and can never admit error.

The problem with the incompetent admitting errors is that once they've started, when would they ever end?

Posted by Ace at 01:32 PM Comments

False Flag: Malaysian Woman Who Assassinated Kim Jong-Un's Half-Brother Was Tricked Into Doing So By Agents Who Convinced Her That She Was Just Participating in a Reality TV Prank Show


Well, there was definitely some punking going on here, on both ends of the prank.

An Indonesian woman arrested for suspected involvement in the killing of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's half-brother in Malaysia was duped into thinking she was part of a comedy show prank, Indonesia's national police chief has said, citing information received from Malaysian authorities.

Tito Karnavian told reporters in Indonesia’s Aceh province that Siti Aisyah, 25, was paid to be involved in pranks.

He said she and another woman performed stunts which involved convincing men to close their eyes and then spraying them with water.

"Such an action was done three or four times and they were given a few dollars for it, and with the last target, Kim Jong-nam, allegedly there were dangerous materials in the sprayer," Karnavian said. "She was not aware that it was an assassination attempt by alleged foreign agents."


Authorities are investigating whether Siti and another female suspect killed the 46-year-old North Korean exile in a shopping concourse at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport on Monday.


The second female suspect, who was captured on CCTV at the airport in a top emblazoned with "LOL" and arrested on Wednesday in possession of a Vietnamese passport, stayed at a hotel near the airport in the days before the attack, booking the cheapest room and carrying a wad of cash, according to a receptionist who spoke to Reuters.

A pic of that "LOL" t-shirt wearing woman here.

Question: Was she also a victim of the duping, or is she a shill in on the game to help convince the woman that this is all a legitimate, innocent prank production?

If you read the rest of the article, you kinda get the impression that this was a North Korean operation, given that the half-brother was an expat and I guess a threat to Kim Jong-un (as he could, I guess, be swapped on to the throne in a coup). The North Koreans are making all sorts of demands that no autopsy be performed, that an autopsy is a human rights violation, and that they dispute whatever conclusions the autopsy points to.

I can't think of a more blatant way to say "We killed him."

Incidentally, the half-brother recently wrote to Kim Jong-un to beg him to "spare his life."

Request denied, I guess.

Headline correction: In the headline (and just the headline), I wrote "Kim Jong-un" instead of "Kim Jong-un's half brother."

I've fixed that now.

Posted by Ace at 12:17 PM Comments

The Sun Profiles "The British Obama"


Oh yeah.

Now, I think tabloids pay sad people to tell these absurd tales to just get clicks and revenue. But, that said, though I don't believe this for an instant, I can respect it as a Quality Lie, like a tawdry guilty pleasure TV show. Or like CNN.

WAKING up on a Saturday morning, Beatrice Gibbs takes one look at the naked stranger lying next to her before quickly putting on her clothes and leaving.

As the 22-year-old make-up artist walks home, she texts her boyfriend Adam Gillet to tell him she’s on her way back.

Beatrice feels no guilt as she walks through their front door – because Adam knows exactly where she has been and what she’s been doing.

The pair, who have been together for two years, have a one-sided open relationship.

Beatrice can sleep with who she wants, when she wants, despite Adam, 27, not having the same privileges.

They came to the controversial arrangement after Beatrice threatened to leave because she was unable to resist other men.

Beatrice, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, explains: "I love Adam, but I wasn't ready to settle down and commit to just one man.

"I said I had to break up with him so that I wasn't unfaithful. I didn’t want to hurt him by going behind his back with someone else.

"He was devastated and suggested we stay together but I could sleep with other people, as long as I told him who and when."

Rather than lose Beatrice, devastated Adam suggested she slept with other men
"It's the perfect situation. I have a boyfriend I love but I also get to have fun with other men when I want to."


"The morning I see him after a night out I do sometimes feel a bit bad, but after a cuddle and a chat it’s just us being ­normal in our usual relationship."


Adam claims he has got used to their arrangement.

The warehouse worker says: "I really like Beatrice and I didn’t want to lose her. I'm happy for her to enjoy herself.

“We decided this is the best way to take the relationship forward so I have become used to it. I'm not really interested in chasing other women and I know if I did then Beatrice wouldn’t be happy about it."

So I'm sure you're all thinking: Pictures.

The Sun has a bunch, but here's an amuse bouche:


Via Barstool Sports.

I've changed my twitter profile in honor of this paragon of the male spirit.

Separated at Birth? I can't tell this guy from this other guy here:

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 11:00 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Open Thread


dance lesson.jpg

The Dance Lesson
Edgar Degas

Where does one draw the line between modern art and the masters, who had great technique and skills far beyond what most artists of the last 125 years could ever dream of? That is not to say that the imagination and the vision of more modern artists couldn't be fantastic, but it's the combination of all of those things that made them masters!

What? No...I have no idea. That was a rhetorical question. But I'll bet it's somewhere around when this guy painted.

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report 2/17/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Yesterday's press conference was a tour de force and one that has been a long time coming. "Professional journalism" might very well have been so thoroughly de-pantsed that perhaps now even LIV Americans might start looking at them with a lot less trust. And that is a good thing, indeed. It also gives a boost to PDT in a week that started off kind of rough, mostly because of the propaganda being pumped out by the very same people taken to the woodshed yesterday. So all in all, week 4 ends on a high note, with one of his signature public rallies still in the offing in Melbourne, FL tomorrow. That said, there are a few down notes in the links and a few positive ones as well. Have a better one and remain blessed.

Bonus presser footage from yesterday:

Continue reading

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 06:30 AM Comments

Thursday Overnight Open Thread (2/16/17) 4th Monday Of The Week Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


You still have time to help a grouch out.

Quotes of The Day

Quote I

I won't say that the papers misquote me, but I sometimes wonder where Christianity would be today if some of those reporters had been Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. -Barry Goldwater

Fake news. It has been around a long time.

Quote II

To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race. - Calvin Coolidge

Wouldn't it be special the saboteurs of the Trump presidency paid attention to this quote?

Quote III

In any event, the proper question isn't what a journalist thinks is relevant but what his or her audience thinks is relevant. Denying people information they would find useful because you think they shouldn't find it useful is censorship, not journalism. -Michael Kinsley

Once upon a time NBC=National Broadcasting Company. Now? NBC=Nothing But Corrections.

Clinton News Network CNN Peddlers of Fake News.

“In our case, we contended that CNN essentially made up its own standard in order to conduct an ‘apples to oranges’ comparison to support its false assertion that St. Mary’s mortality rate was 3 times higher than the national average. Accordingly, the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News.'” said Carbone’s attorney L. Lin Wood, in a statement to LawNewz.com.


Continue reading

Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 10:00 PM Comments

Democrats Plan All-Nighter of Boring, Pointless Speechifying To Futilely Protest EPA Nominee Pruit


But I'm sure John Oliver will mention it.

Posted by Ace at 08:10 PM Comments

California University Suspends Student Who Recorded Prog Teacher's Political Rantings


Fascism is forever descending on the right, but landing square in the middle of progressive institutions.

The student who recorded his professor's public anti-Trump, anti-Republican rant has been suspended for one semester (plus one summer semester, though few students take classes in the summer).

The suspension isn't his only penalty. He'll also have to write a Soviet-style confession and denouncement of his anti-Soviet behavior. They demand...

...that he submit a written apology to the professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, and a three-page essay asking him to examine why he filmed Cox’s class, how he feels about his footage going viral online and his reaction to its causing "damage to Orange Coast College students, faculty and staff."

A lawyer from a pro bono outfit called Freedom X is now representing him and, I hope, suing this Soviet propaganda front out of existence.

Posted by Ace at 06:44 PM Comments

The AoSHQ Amazon Store

Top Headlines
fakenews sign.jpg
Forget it. This is exhausting. On any given day there's enough to fill the sidebar completely. Until further notice, the counter is stuck at '0'. Also: John Nolte is doing a weekly tally.
Headlines: 02/20/2017
I never post on Fakebook but I do lurk there every so often to see what non-political things are happening in peoples' lives. Unfortunately, one of my old classmates posted this: "Just did this - takes 25 seconds - join me? The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is inviting comment and COUNTING CALLS before it decides whether to approve Steve Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council. Call! 202-224-4751. (You don't have to talk to anyone.) Just say: "Hi my name is ______. I am from ____[give your state] and am an American citizen. I oppose Steve Bannon being confirmed to sit on our National Security Council." Please COPY and PASTE to spread the word. Maybe we should call and SUPPRORT STEVE BANNON for the NSC.
Another GAINZZZ Correction. I don't know on this one either way, but a physician pops in to say that, while he agrees with most of the GAINZZZ post, he disagrees with my assertion that the high insulin response of an obese person sweeps too much glucose out of the blood and leads to feeling both tired and hungry. He says the obese have simultaneously a high fasted insulin level and a high fasted blood glucose level.
I don't know if he's right. I thought the feeling of being tired -- the famous "spike your blood sugar, then crash with lower blood sugar" -- was related to insulin level, and I thought I read people connecting that to higher insulin levels in the blood. Or maybe I just speculated myself that the two things were directly connected.
Maybe both points are true: High quickly-bioavailable carbs do cause the spike-and-crash effect, but they cause this in all people, and it's not true that people with high insulin levels have it worse. Maybe they just have it like anyone else. He says he's a doctor, and I gotta admit my understanding here is based on a few pop-science books I only remember in broad outline, so let me provisionally retract this.
If the poster making this point, or any other doctor, would be so kind as to illuminate me on this point, I'd appreciate it.
Headlines: 02/19/2017
Good News.jpg

Omar Abdel-Rahman, "The Blind Sheikh" who was the mastermind behind the 1993 WTC bombing, has died in a federal prison. This Blog wishes him well in his meeting with 72 Virginians. [Weirddave]
Corrections made to the GAINZZ Post. I explain the error I made at the end, and the changes I made. Thanks to a biochemist for contacting me and saying, "What the hell is 'insulin-sensitive hormone'?" The right terminology is now, I hope, in the article.
Headlines: 02/17/2017
Scott Pruitt - who once said he wanted to see the EPA abolished - now confirmed as new head of the EPA. He'll have his work cut out for him as there are probably more Obama Leftist dead-enders here than perhaps anywhere else. [J.J. Sefton]
Headlines: 02/15/2017
"Flight of the Angel" Spectacle to Open Venician Carnevale Doesn't Look Fun, It Looks Creepy and Weird
Just look at the pictures... reminds me of Mary Poppins (which was scary) and the nanny killing herself in The Omen
The latest edition of the Drift Compatible podcast is now available. What are the rascally Brent Cochran and Mistress Alex up to this week?
Headlines: 02/13/2017
Boom Airlines Wants to Bring Back Mach 2 Speed Flight (10% Faster Than the Concorde) For Affordable Prices
Well, sort of affordable -- "for the price of a business class ticket." So NY to London and back would set you back $5000. Well, not quite "affordable" yet, but a step in the right direction.
The Top Ten Media #FakeNews Stories of the Last Thirteen Years
Thirteen years, because Deborah Heine had to make sure to include Rathergate!
Recent Comments
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Ladylibertarian: "371 Can someone do something about K-K-K-Ken in th ..."

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Your Decidedly Devious Uncle Palpatine. Glory to Kekistan! No Longer Accepting Harem Applicants: "394. Noice! ..."

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