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March 01, 2015

Overnight Open Thread (3-1-2015)


Due to a sudden business trip all I can offer is this runt of an ONT.




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Posted by Maetenloch at 09:42 PM Comments

The Brzezinski Doctrine [Weirddave]

—Open Blogger

Keeping in mind that this is coming from a single newspaper in Kuwait, citing the ever popular "well placed sources" in Israel, if this is true, it could be the most disturbing thing Obama's done yet, actively preventing an ally from dealing with our enemy*.

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Planes If Israel Struck Iran

This looking glass that we're going through Alice, when do we get to the other side?

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Food Thread: Burger, Burger, or Burger [CBD]

—Open Blogger


I divide serious burgers into two groups. The first is the gourmet burger; made with great beef cuts on an excellent bun (brioche usually), with good cheese...and nothing else. The second is sort of a fast-food burger, but a step up from McDonald's (although I love those burgers too). This burger is made with a wider and thinner patty, and has all the bells and whistles. Lettuce and tomato and pickles and onions and bacon (duh) and anything and everything else one can imagine. There is however one absolute; there must be sufficient sauce or dressing or juice to make it messy. Really, what's the fun of eating a big sloppy burger if it isn't sloppy?

What say you Horde? What is your perfect burger? Gourmet? high-end fast food? Luncheonette griddled?

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Posted by Open Blogger at 04:00 PM Comments

The Gaming Thread

—Gang of Gaming Morons!

Post something here

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Posted by Gang of Gaming Morons! at 03:20 PM Comments

Doom? Yeah, This Isn't Good [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Baltic Dry Index.jpg

The Baltic Dry Index is a rough measure of the cost of moving bulk materials by sea. Obviously the price of oil has a significant impact on this index, but since the cost to enter (and exit) this market is huge and long-term (many millions of dollars and a few years to build a bulk carrier), supply is inelastic and small changes in demand have clear impacts on pricing. And...shipping companies often purchase fuel futures to hedge their costs, so rapid changes in oil prices will not correspond to rapid changes in their fuel costs.

And here is the opposite view, thanks to commenter "Sauropod."
Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Baltic Dry Index Hitting A 29-Year Low

Posted by Open Blogger at 12:15 PM Comments

Gun Thread - What Fresh Hell? Edition [Weirddave]

—Open Blogger

Gun of the Week 1

BHAKR39 Test image II.jpg

Gun of the Week 2


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Sunday Morning Book Thread 03-01-2015: Politics As Usual [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

the barrel.jpg
Never, Ever Forget Your Closing Tag

Good morning to all of you morons and moronettes and all the ships at sea. Welcome to AoSHQ's stately, prestigious, and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread. The only AoSHQ thread that is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Or kilts. Kilts are OK, too. But not tutus. Unless you're a girl.

Book Quote

You haven't really read a book until you've read it at least twice.

11B40's father (from last week's book thread)

This quote reminds me that my brother once told me he likes to reads book backwards. So, if a novel has, say, 25 chapters, he'll flip to the back, read chapter 25, and then, Memento-like, he'll march backwards, chapter 24, 23, 22, etc., down to 1. He says he gets more out of a book this way. Maybee so, but I say that if the author wants to hit the reader with A Big Reveal, that would kind of spoils it, wouldn't it?

You Want: A Choice; You'll Get: An Echo

I have this horrible feeling that the 2016 presidential election is going to be a contest between the Clinton dynasty and the Bush dynasty.

Veteran conservative author, speaker, and activist Phyllis Schlafly (whose remarkable accomplishments I've lauded in a book thread of a couple of years ago, and by the way, I think you all should click on that link if for no other reason than because the accompanying pic is, like, probably the best book thread photo, ever) made her bones back in 1964 with her book promotion of the presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater, A Choice Not an Echo: The Inside Story of How American Presidents Are Chosen wherein she argues that the GOP was more or less controlled by big money Eastern Establishment types and it didn't matter whom the people wanted, it was who they wanted that ultimately determined who the Republican presidential candidate would be.

Mrs. Schlafly has recently released an updated version of A Choice, Not An Echo where she warns of the same thing happening again, 40 years later:

In her update, Mrs. Schlafly...argues that her party too often picks losers as candidates because of a stranglehold by the political consultant-big business-Wall Street crowd, which she argues makes a bundle from championing moderates over conservatives.

She warns that may be happening again in 2016 in the persona of Jeb Bush.

Yes, I dread having to sit down in 2016 and decide whether I'm going to have to hold my nose (again) and vote for some guy I don't really like but he's better than the other guy or join the 'let-it-burn' movement. And Schlafly makes a good point: beware of the man your enemies speak well of:

As evidence, she cites a New York Times article about how "Jeb Bush is so smart, so intellectual and so well-read. We were told that he is a 'top-drawer intellect' and a voracious reader who maintains 25 books on his Kindle — books such as George Gilder's 'Knowledge and Power.'"

George Bush was also a voracious reader, but I don't recall the NY Times ever touting that. So, it looks like that newspaper's preferred Republican candidate is Jeb. That alone means we probably should pick someone else.

(By the way, be careful of that Washington Times page I just linked to. it is so full of crap ads that it actually caused Internet Explorer 11 to crash. I recommend not going there unless you're using some sort of ad-blocking browser addon).

Schlafly is still going strong at age 90. Just last year she published Who Killed the American Family?, a book which

reveals the concerted assault on the American nuclear family by many forces - feminists, judges, lawmakers, psychologists, school districts, college professors, politicians offering incentives and seeking votes, and more - opposed to the traditional American nuclear family, each with its own [reason] for wanting to abolish it. The wreckage of the American family leaves us with the inability to have limited government because government steps in to perform tasks formerly done by the nuclear family.

This is why I think the fi-cons' ambivalence (or, in some cases, outright hostility) toward the so-cons is misplaced. The fi-cons cannot realize their agenda without the so-cons realizing theirs. The one is built upon the foundation of the other. Without strong, traditional families, the fi-cons are left shouting at the wind. Small government, you say? Where is the money going to come from to support all of these alternative (read: unstable) living arrangements (single moms, absent fathers, dysfunctional children, etc.)?

And this is exactly why the progressive left wants the family destroyed.

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Early Morning Thread 3/1/15: Just One Meal - San Antonio [krakatoa]

—Open Blogger

Happy Sunday, dear morons. I'll be traveling Monday instead of today, and off to wonderful warm (relatively speaking) San Antonio.

I've eaten at several nice places on & around the Riverwalk.

What's your favorite?

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Overnight Open Thread (28 Feb 2015)


Why conservatives will miss Mr. Spock.

Spock was a very rational, intelligent character who often came to opposite conclusions to people around him (if you live in a liberal place or went to a liberal college, you can personally relate to this), but who used logic and common sense to figure things out. If you were to tell Spock there was global warming, he'd whip out his tricorder, take his own readings, and tell you you were wrong. If you described a society to Spock that invited strangers in and gave them unlimited welfare, Spock would clearly call such a society "illogical".

Top photo from Spock and the black cat.

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Posted by CDR M at 10:19 PM Comments

See You In Dabiq [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

Jobs for ISIS cartoon.jpg

So, last Friday night, after eating way too much bacon and way too many chocolate chip cookies, and washing it all down with more Valu-Rite than is good for me, I passed out in a drunken stupor fell asleep in front of my computer while I was reading Graeme Wood's excellent article on what ISIS really wants that has been referenced in a number of earlier threads here. Particularly the part where he describes how the seemingly insigificant (to us) city of Dabiq in Syria in reality looms very large in the apocalyptic imaginations of the ISIS theoriticians and I remember thinking how odd this is, and then as I teetered back and forth in a dream-like state between consciousness and unconsciousness, I heard that the 2016 elections were over and Scott Walker had won a great victory.

And at his first press conference, some reporter asked him about ISIS. "Bunch of pussies" President Walker replied, a look of supreme contempt on his face. "They may think they're all tough and shit when beheading teenaged boys or setting women on fire, but put any of those flaccid cowards up against a U.S. Marine and they'll lift up their skirts and go crying back to mama, guaranteed."

Another reporter asked Walker if such a statement is exactly what ISIS wants, and that it would play into their hands. The President's look of contempt turned to disgust. "Play? They won't be able to play anything after I'm through with them, because they'll be dead. I'm calling every one of those delicate petunias out - on Easter Sunday, units of the Unites States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines will converge on the plains of Dabiq (that's in Syria for all of you journos who didn't bother to learn geography), where we'll be opening an extra large can of whoop-ass on their sorry jihadi butts. Although I hate to waste all that firepower. ISIS is such a pathetic bunch of nancy-boys, we could probably take them out with a couple 6-year-old tomboys with BB guns."

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Open Thread: In the Mind of the Beholder [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

OK, sorry to leave you guys with such a downer thread.

In honor of The Dress, here are some optical illusions to amuse you.

This one seems relevant:

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WTF, Missouri? [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

This didn't get much coverage in the conservo-sphere during a news-heavy week, but I think it's tragic. Missouri's auditor, Tom Schweich, who had recently entered the Republican primary for governor, killed himself. Motive unknown at this point:

In a voicemail reportedly left just minutes before died, Schweich is heard asking the editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board Tony Messenger to send a reporter to his home.

"Tony, this is Tom Schweich calling," Schweich says in the recording posted on the paper's website. "You can have a reporter here at my house at 2:30."

Schweich also reportedly called and spoke with an Associated Press reporter just minutes earlier.

The Republican gubernatorial hopeful wanted to meet with the reporters to go public with allegations that head of his party had made anti-Semitic statements about him as part of a whisper campaign against him.

"This is only for you two and I hope you will not make it known that I am doing this," said Schweich. "To me, this is more of a religion story than a politics story, but it's your choice on who the reporter is."

Look, I know the responsibility for a suicide* rests on the person committing the act. That said, from what I've gleaned, the Republican primary had already turned very nasty. And it appears that Schweich's allegations about an anti-Jewish whisper campaign had merit:

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A Little of This...A Little of That [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Pigs sighted flying over Georgia: The Student Government Association (SGA) of the University of Georgia on Tuesday passed the first college resolution this year calling for the school to invest more in its relations with Israel.

The trend in our increasingly anti-freedom universities has been to vilify Israel and make organized attempts to Boycott, Divest and Sanction through student-controlled organizations.


Europe Without Jews? 70 years after the end of WWII and the Holocaust, Hitler might finally get want he wanted


I have no real interest in Kid Rock, other than his interest in brewing beer in his home state of Michigan. But now? I might have to buy some of his music. Kid Rock goes off on Beyonce: 'How can you be that big without a hit?'


The 1911 design is also known for feed-way stoppages, a malfunction caused when a round gets stuck feeding into the chamber, experts said. Horizontal and vertical stovepipes -- types of malfunctions that occur when an empty shell casing gets caught in the ejection port -- are also a problem with the 1911 design.

I noticed this yesterday and was surprised at the descriptions of the 1911. I have one, and have put thousands of rounds through it with a grand total of two stovepipe jams, one of which I blame on underpowered reloads. Marines Allow Operators to Choose Glocks over MARSOC .45s

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Saturday Gardening Thread: This Winter Is For The Birds [Y-not, KT, & Weirddave]

—Open Blogger

Good afternoon, gardening morons and moronettes!


Today's thread is brought to you by Josh Groban's February Song:

Without further ado, let's see what KT has in store for us this week:

Chilling Out

My, it has been cold and stormy in parts of the East. Makes me think about retreating indoors for some low-stress activities - just out of sympathy.

After some unseasonably warm weather here, it turned seasonably cool and foggy late last week, then rained. We have had a little frost, too, so I am glad I had my tomato seedlings indoors at night. Some of the potato-leaved plants got a little lacerated in the rain. The leaves were probably a little tender from being indoors part time. Incidentally, I think potato-leaved tomato plants look something like bean seedlings at first. Front and center, below:

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So? And What Does THAT Have To Do With Anything? - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

Remember Ace's caution about not destroying careers over one's personal opinions? Well, in this case, he used Olbermann as an example thus I'm not sure many agreed, but his point stands: We cannot micromanage the lives of those around us.

When outside the context of work, and when not specifically conflicting with the terms of a contract or causing direct harm to the organization by which one is employed, one's personal statements should not be used as a hammer to destroy his or her career.

Now, of course, as in most things in life, there are exceptions:

You believe in animal sacrifice and apply for a job at a pet store? Nuh uh.

You have swastikas tattooed on your arms and now want to serve kosher foods? Nope.

You've actively perpetrated a lie which resulted in great loss to property, and frightened an entire community, but want to be trusted with national news? Apply to MSNBC!

See, I told you there were exceptions.

I don't need to rehash Ace's more articulate post, but I do want to provide an example of just what it is he has been talking about.

A few days ago I was waiting for my takeout pizza and killed the time by doing something I rarely do: I picked up the local indy rag and was immediately drawn to the cover story.

Meet Jacksonville's Newest Port Consultant: Dr. Dr. Herbert Barber Jr. (that's not a typo) thinks the country's going to hell, really dislikes the "ugly" poor, and believes Obama is "more anti-American than any ten thousand terrorists." Now he'll help decide the fate of one of the most important (and expensive) infrastructure projects in Northeast Florida.

I snorted upon reading it, and that's just the cover. Literally, it was sort of a choking and snorting sound all at once. And I said to myself, "So? What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

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Fundamental Concepts - Molon Labe [Weirddave]

—Open Blogger

In 480BC, Xerxes of Persia demanded that the Greeks under King Leonidas of Sparta surrender their weapons. King Leonidas responded with a laconic "Molon labe", which translates as "Come and take them" and a legend was born. Even though the Greeks lost the Battle of Thermopylae that followed, King Leonidas' stirring phrase has echoed with defiance down through history. The phrase has a rich history in America, too. From Fort Morris, Georgia, to Gonzales, Texas to Second Amendment defenders today, "Come and Take It" resonates in American hearts.


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Saturday Politics Thread: Labor Policies, part II [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

Good morning! After a brief hiatus, we'll be resuming examining our top prospects' records and views with respect to labor policies, especially public employee unions and right-to-work.

This will be a little less thorough than usual as I have been feeling under the weather this week. However, I wanted to continue with our issues coverage rather than take another week off.

In February 14th's Saturday Politics Thread I reviewed two major labor issues, public employee unions and the so-called Right-to-Work movement. Please refer to that post for background.

As we go to review the 7 GOP prospects we've been covering, I thought it would be helpful to add a graphic that shows the political environment in which they were (or are) working:

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Early Morning Thread 2/28/15: Visions from Spiritus Mundi. [krakatoa]

—Open Blogger

Some week, eh?

Hey, at least we made it to another weekend.

I'm going to play with my 1 year old daughter and try to forget for a day or two about the assaults on my liberties from the Left & the Right.

Posted by Open Blogger at 06:57 AM Comments

Overnight Open Thread (27 Feb 2015)


I have a feeling a bunch of you morons are potential terrorists based on official government documents.

1. Those that talk about "individual liberties"
2. Those that advocate for states' rights
3. Those that want "to make the world a better place"
4. "The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule"
5. Those that are interested in "defeating the Communists"

Many more listed at the link.

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Posted by CDR M at 10:03 PM Comments

Things Which Are Quokkas And Things Which Are Not Quokkas Open Thread


Posted by Ace at 07:20 PM Comments

Major Opponent of Vladimir Putin, Get This, Gunned Down In the Street


They pushed the Reset button on Boris Nemtsov.

A leading Russian opposition politician, former deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, has been shot dead in Moscow, Russian officials say.

An unidentified attacker shot Mr Nemtsov four times in central Moscow, a source in the law enforcement bodies told Russia's Interfax news agency.


"Several people" had got out of a car and shot him, it added.

He was known to be a reformer and was had earlier served as governor of one of Russia's biggest cities. (Not a typo; the BBC called the position "governor.")



Posted by Ace at 06:19 PM Comments

Boeher Attempts to Capitulate to Reid and Obama; Fails


So, Boehner was attempting to pass a three week "clean" CR to keep Homeland Security funded short-term. Even though this was short-term, it does seem to represent a capitulation; the Democrats demand a clean bill or they themselves will shut the government down, so Boehner and McConnell of course have to capitulate completely to keep The Democrats from shutting down the government.

Boehner tried to do this with only Republican votes; I guess Democrats were told not to vote for it.

Boehner has failed -- not enough Republicans were willing to get on their knees and fellate Harry Reid.

Oh, hundreds were willing. But not quite enough.

Catching up a bit now: Boehner could have lost 27 defectors and still passed the bill.

But he lost a full 51 Republicans.

I do not believe Boehner has the confidence to lead his caucus. I think that is becoming more obvious every day.

Losing a 51 votes on a must-have vote shows that there is something wrong with the leadership. Not enough Republicans are following him. They are willing to openly defy him and humiliate him.

It is time for a new leadership which can better lead both wings of the party.

Leadership that does not include Kevin McCarthy.

Update: This defeat comes hours after the DHS will run out of funding authorization, so I guess we'll be having a (very partial) shutdown (limited to nonessential personnel).

Update [JohnE]: Full list of GOP nays (52, not 51 as Ace embarrassingly claimed above).

Posted by Ace at 05:19 PM Comments

AoSHQ Podcast: Guest, @KatTimpf


National Review's Katherine Timpf joins Ace, John and Drew to discuss a couple of stories from her You Can't Be F'n Serious! beat, including:

Wesleyan Now Offering LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM Housing (Not a Typo)


Actually, Red-Carpet Reporters Should Ask What You’re Wearing

But before that, Washington Free Beacon Digital Managing Editor and AoSHQ Special Hillary Correspondent Andrew Stiles drops in for a long-overdue Clinton update.

Intro: Everything Is Awesome - Teagan and Sara
Outro: Shotgun Rider - Tim McGraw

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Don't forget to submit your Ask the Blog questions for next week's episode.

Open thread in the comments

Posted by Andy at 04:11 PM Comments

Lawless: Having Been Shot Down by Federal Courts Twice In Attempting to Vote Themselves Powers Not Granted Them By Congress, Obama's FCC Violates the Law a Third Time and Once Again Pronounces Themselves Lords of the Internet


The left has been agitating for this endlessly, and twice before -- in 2010, I think, and then again in 2014 -- the FCC acted unconstitutionally to assert power over the Internet, bequeathing upon themselves a jurisdiction never delegated to them by Congress.

In 2014, the last time a Federal Court told the FCC it was acting unconstitutionally, there were suggestions that it would try again a third time, this time by using a different tactic.

It has now in fact used that tactic. The internet is an "information service" over which the FCC has no power. So the FCC has decided, on its own authority, to declare the Internet a "telecomunications service," over which it does have authority.

Note that Congress did not make this important change in definition. An agency charged with executing the law as Congress passes it has decided that it itself would change the law.

We are no longer a democracy, and as there is no longer even a fictive consent of the governed in our laws, there no longer exists any philosophical basis for obeying the government. Now obedience is simply required by practical considerations: because they will kill or imprison you if you don't obey.

Whether this move is good or bad is besides the point. But it is, you know, as bad as you would guess.

Peter Suderman considers the possibility that this Will To Power Grab will itself be struck down in court; I suppose the odds of that are good, but I do wonder at what point people stop resisting fascist tyranny, and simply give in to it, when the out of control and frankly terrifying government demonstrates that it simply will not stop until it collects all political power into its hands.

In the meantime, though, it means that the FCC has taken an unprecedented and fear-reaching step in order to make good on one of the Obama administration's long-running political priorities--a step that solves no significant existing problem, but is instead designed largely to fend off hypothetical harms, and give the agency far more power over the Internet in the process.

As Commissioner Pai told ReasonTV, the move is a "solution that won't work to a problem that doesn't exist." It is a solution, however, that is now in place, and is sure to create some problems of its own.

What is truly shocking is the complete disdain this Administration has for the rule of law and for our constitutional processes. They understand that these are the moves of a fascist tyranny, and they're okay with that.

We no longer live in a democratic republic, in which the ordinary citizen can be said, at least constructively, to have consented to the laws which bind him; we now simply live under whatever laws the gangsters occupying our government have decided to inflict upon us.

Beginning in 2009, the American Government went to war with the people it supposedly "served;" in 2015, it won that war.

Posted by Ace at 03:11 PM Comments

Leonard Nimoy, Beloved Creator of "ALF," Dead at 83


Nanoo-nanoo, my friend.

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Posted by Ace at 01:49 PM Comments

"Potential Criminal Activity" As IRS Straight-Up Lies to Congress and Refuses to Look for Back-Up Tapes for Lois Lerner Emails


Every IT-savvy commenter and coblogger was saying that all of these emails are periodically backed up to tapes which are always available.

The IRS kept claiming they weren't. They claimed they were lost, or missing, or "recycled" every six months.

People not in the IRS kept saying "Bullshit, the point of the tapes is to keep them forever."

So yes. This new investigator, Mr. Camus, set out to find the tapes which the IRS head swore under oath did not exist and he found them. In two weeks.


This suggests the very real policy that multiple hands at the IRS deliberately lied to Congress in order to end Congress' search for the tapes, and that they further did not do the minimum due diligence required by law in cooperating with a federal subpoena: As Mr. Camus states, when he went to the storage facility in West Virginia, which is "exactly where you'd expect [the tapes] to be," the IT people there found them immediately, and furthermore said that no one had ever before asked for the tapes.

See the second video as well. Camus recovered 424 new tapes only because a document tipped him to the existence of these tapes. But the IRS withheld that document from him, seeking, it appears, to hide the existence of this tapes from the duly-authorized investigators.

The IRS withheld the document from him; apparently he got hold of it by other means.

And here's one of the emails recently recovered from these allegedly lost, destroyed, or recycled tapes:

Update: JohnE and I published at the same minute. So let's merge them.Here is JohnE's post:

Not even a smidgen.

The IRS’s inspector general confirmed Thursday it is conducting a criminal investigation into how Lois G. Lerner’s emails disappeared, saying it took only two weeks for investigators to find hundreds of tapes the agency’s chief had told Congress were irretrievably destroyed.
424 new tapes have recently been recovered, which will undoubtedly have more Lerner emails on them. The inspector general refuses to say this outright (citing the ongoing investigation), but it's fairly clear that the IRS intentionally withheld documents that would have revealed the existence of these tapes. Rep Jordan presses him on this point here.

Meanwhile, check the date on this screencap of a Lois Lerner:

It was only a few weeks before this email that House Ways and Means Chairman David Camp first sent a letter to the IRS questioning the possible targeting of conservatives.

On a positive note, the IRS rewarded Lerner with nearly $130,000 in bonuses. So, y'know, it's not all bad news.

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Posted by Ace at 12:27 PM Comments

Open Thread


George Inness, "Twilight" (c. 1860)

Posted by rdbrewer at 12:09 PM Comments

ATF Moves To Ban AR-15 Ammo


Believe it or not, this is only one of three jaw-dropping and lawless moves by the Obama Administration this week. Oh, we'll get to the others in a bit.

While the media dry-humping itself over Walker gotchas and inane llama and dress color stories, the ATF is doing this:

As NRA has been reporting since the night the news broke, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is moving to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding gun owners with a drastic reinterpretation of a nearly 30-year-old law regulating so-called “armor piercing” ammunition. So draconian is BATFE’s new “Framework” that it would prohibit the manufacturing, importation, and sale of M855 ball ammunition, one of the most popular cartridges for the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15. Not coincidentally, the AR-15 is among the firearms the Obama Administration has unsuccessfully sought to outlaw. If they can’t ban the pie, so the thinking apparently goes, they might at least get the apples.
They are honest-to-God moving to eliminate all AR-15 ammunition from the market. This was always a fringe lefty pipe-dream of the "just tax ammo at $15 per round" variety, but now it's a reality. Call your Congressman, for real this time.

Also check out Kevin Williamson's rundown on this.

Related: Did I bulk-order a bunch of 5.56 rounds yesterday? I'd prefer not to say.

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Posted by JohnE. at 10:51 AM Comments

DNC's DC Media Arm To Scott Walker: "We're Gonna Straight Up Lie About You, And There's Nothing You Can Do About It"


Amazing. Amazing.

Posted by Andy at 09:52 AM Comments

Good morning, DOOM Sunshine!


This is usually Andy's gig, but he's busy muling Robitussin over the border or something. Consider this a little DOOM hors d'oeuvre to tide you over until Monday.

I invite you to consider this latest entry in the "Saving is bad, mmm'kay?" genre. It's a good rule of thumb that if you read a piece that lauds Teh Krugman, you're about to read something really stupid, and that rule holds here. The line about all wealth being generated collectively was good for a horselaugh, too, but what can you do? Socialists gonna be Socialist.

Anyway, have a groovy day, babies.

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Posted by Monty at 07:34 AM Comments

Overnight Open Thread (2-26-2015)


Quote of the Day

Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute tells a story about Julian Simon, the late and great economist. He was at some environmental forum, and he said, "How many people here believe that the earth is increasingly polluted and that our natural resources are being exhausted?" Naturally, every hand shot up. He said, "Is there any evidence that could dissuade you?" Nothing. Again: "Is there any evidence I could give you - anything at all - that would lead you to reconsider these assumptions?" Not a stir. Simon then said, "Well, excuse me, I'm not dressed for church."

I love that story, for what it says about the fixity of these beliefs, immune to evidence, reason, or anything else.

Three Questions All Democrats Must Answer

1. Should Joe Biden stop touching women without consent?
2. Is Elizabeth Warren Native American?
3. Is it okay that Bill Clinton participated in vacations with a pedophile?

The Clinton Foundation Scandals, Explained

That sounds pretty sketchy, but at least the foundation didn't accept any foreign donations while Hillary was secretary of state. Right?

Not exactly. The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars in foreign government donations while Hillary was serving in the State Department. Most of those donations were technically allowed due to the many exemptions included in the so-called "ban." However, at least one of those donations-$500,000 from the Algerian government-violated the ban, and was not reported to the State Department's ethics office.

Oh, that sounds pretty bad.
Wow. The Clintons have been in politics their entire lives. They must know how bad all this looks.


Maybe they just don't care?


Has Hillary even tried to defend herself?

Nope. Her aides have repeatedly declined to comment.

Is anyone else defending her?
Not really.

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Posted by Maetenloch at 10:00 PM Comments

Andrew Stiles: Fall of Elderly Woman Bad News for Hillary Clinton


I'm not sure at which Eldercare Group Home this happened, but somewhere a lonely old woman was performing some kind of Satanic-themed cabaret and she took a nasty tumble.

Andrew Stiles thinks this is a bad sign for Hillary Clinton, for reasons which should be obvious.

He also explains the Hillary Clinton Fundraising Scandal.

Oh, and Hillary Clinton knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the first minutes.

From the very first moments of the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides were advised that the compound was under a terrorist attack. In fact, less than two hours into the attack, they were told that the al-Qaeda affiliate in Libya, Ansar al-Sharia, had claimed responsibility. These revelations and others are disclosed by a trove of e-mails and other documents pried from the State Department by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.
Open Thread.
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Random Folks Destroy Some Random Things and Knife a Random Person to Death


Random property damage.

They destroyed a library containing 112,000 rare volumes, then went on to a museum to destroy antiquities.

Random murder and maiming:

A Bangladeshi-American writer who endured threats from Islamists over his secular views was hacked to death in Dhaka late Thursday, reports say.

Avijit Roy, 42, was a naturalized American living in Georgia. He was a frequent critic of radical Islamic doctrine. At least two attackers descended on Roy and his wife, blogger Rafida Ahmed Bonna, near Dhaka University. She was hospitalized with several stab wounds and a severed finger.

No arrests have been made and no suspects identified. But police reportedly found two machetes and a finger at the scene. The couple was in Dhaka to attend an annual national book fair where two of Roy's works were being promoted.

Crusades. So get off your high horses.

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So This Will Be The Next Five Days' Hysteria


Scott Walker gave a bad answer.

Asked about ISIS, Walker responded, "If i can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe."

It's a dumb answer for the reasons Geraghty elucidates, though I don't know if I'd call it a "terrible" answer. I'd say Obama's, Earnest's, and Psaki's calculated and coordinated statements that Adaly Coulibaly gunned down five Jews "randomly" was a terrible answer. This one is just dopey.

I'm not really bothered by the dopiness of the answer -- I say dopey things too, and so do you, and so does President 57 Corpse-Mens.

It's more that I'm bothered at the opportunity lost. Every time one opens his mouth, one can say something interesting, insightful, stirring, or politically shrewd, or one can say something dopey, forgettable, or pointless.

It's not that I'm bothered that this statement is in the latter category so much as I'm bothered it's not in the first category.

As a one-time Rick Perry super-fan, I am of a mind that a candidate only gets a couple of chances to make a First impression. And failing to impress is failing.

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In Left's Always Mutating Mutant Hierarchy, Muslims Are The New Gays


Jamie Kirchick writes on a bunch of topics related to identity politics in this long piece; worth reading. He examines the Rock-Paper-Scissors hierarchy of victims; Muslims are now at the top of the Victim Period, and at the very bottom, of course, are Jews, who really aren't even considered by the left to be victims at all, even when they're murdered. Even as they lay dying on the street, they're Oppressors.

He ponders why it is that President High Horse will never acknowledge that Jews or Christians can be victims.

I do not buy the argument that the administration's downplaying the anti-Semitic nature of the crime was the result of a stubborn refusal to admit an incident of presidential inarticulateness. As I've written elsewhere, more likely is it that the president and his administration are reluctant to draw much attention to anti-Semitism for the same reason they are reluctant to speak plainly about militant Islamism: They seek an accommodation with the Muslim world, where bigoted views about Jews are prevalent if not mainstream, and harping about anti-Semitism gets in the way of that all-consuming aspiration. The same goes for anti-Christian animus; see, for instance, the White House’s anodyne condemnation of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya last week, which made no mention of the reason why they were killed. As such, the president cannot let a discussion go by of the Islamic State (which, he insists, is "not Islamic") without a reference to the Christian Crusades ("committed … in the name of Christ") of five centuries ago.

So, true to form, after this month's Copenhagen attack, a National Security Council statement made no mention of the fact that a Jewish institution had been targeted. Likewise, the New York Times article reporting on the events, while not mentioning the word "anti-Semitism" at all, was sure to note that "Anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment is rising in Europe, and although there was no indication who was responsible for the shootings in Copenhagen, Twitter was ablaze with anti-Muslim indictments." A follow-up story in the Times carried this preposterous headline, "Anger of suspect in Danish killings is seen as only loosely tied to Islam."

Consider the administration’s initial response to the murder of three Muslim-Americans in North Carolina last week, the motive for which, at the time, was unclear. The day after the incident, with the FBI inquiry into the matter having just been launched, the president himself released a statement declaring that "No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship." It stands in contrast to White House spokesman Josh Earnest's deplorable remark that the victims of the Paris attack "were killed not because of who they were but because of where they randomly happened to be."

Since the philosophy of the progressive speech police is so obviously shaping high-level US government policy, it is hard to dismiss the efficacy of their tactics. Here it is important to note that all this hypersensitive concern about "Islamophobia," and corresponding lack of ardor for combating anti-Jewish hatred, has no relation whatsoever to actual facts. The latest FBI crime statistics report six times as many hate crime incidents directed against Jews as they do against Muslims. Likewise in Europe, Jews are more likely to be victimized by hate crime than Muslims, who are themselves usually the perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks.

It's a good piece, deriding the left's vicious Jacobins. There is one bit of happiness in it: Jacobins always purge their own, eventually, and they're beginning to purge left-liberals.

All of these fanatical movements purge their least-monstrous members. In the French Revolution, the Liberals went to the guillotines first; then the Constitutionalists; then the Girondists. Each group went along with the guillotining of the next group, thinking -- or just hoping -- that if they agreed to guillotine the next batch, they themselves would be spared the National Razor.

But they weren't. Including, in the end, the Jacobins themselves, who were all fed into the guillotines in one of the most pleasant slaughters in history.

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And The Messenger Opened The Sixth Seal, And a Riot of Llamas Flowed Out


Video of the great llama chase here. Actually, it's just the lassoed llama being led through the streets, like Hector being dragged behind Achilles' chariot.

Thus all heroes.

Stuff like this always makes me worry because before 9/11 was the Great and Final Silliness called "The Summer of Sharks."

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Sources Near Jeb Bush Say He's "Evolving" On Gay Marriage And Might Just Embrace It


...should the Supreme Court make it the law of the land in June, which they, you know, probably will.

So not a "moderate" Republican but a liberal one. Ah, whatever, that's fine. I suppose I should credit him, at least, for being somewhat honest about it.

Well, if the party is craving a liberal candidate, he would be a decent choice.

I'm not craving that but I'm sure the various Wall Streeters -- again, let me note they all live in New York City and that one's politics are substantially formed by the culture one lives in -- are all for a Republican Party which is liberal in every single way except corporate tax rates and top personal marginal rates.

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Quantum Physicists Claim to Have Disproved "The Big Bang" and Proven That Universe Is Actually Eternal


One of the biggest problems in physics -- so I'm told; I'm not up nights crunching numbers or anything -- is the fact that two cornerstone theories, Einstein's General Relativity (the rules of large objects and long distances) and Planck's Quantum Mechanics (the rules of incredibly small things and tiny distances) cannot be reconciled and, if I have this right, are actually contradictory in places.

A pair of scientists trying to reconcile them claim they've done so, but their solution (if it is a solution) would establish a universe which has always existed and which always will exist. With no Big Bang. Expansion over the aeons yes, but no gigantic explosion out of a superdense singularity.

Two physicists are trying to revive one of the great debates of twentieth-century science, arguing that the Big Bang may never have happened. Their work presents a radically different vision of the universe from the one cosmologists now work with....

"The Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem of general relativity because the laws of physics appear to break down there," says Dr. Ahmed Farag Ali of Benha University, Egypt...

Ali and Das are keen to point out that they were not seeking a preordained outcome, or trying to adjust their equations to remove the need for the Big Bang. Instead they sought to unite the work of David Bohm and Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri, connecting quantum mechanics with general relativity. They found that when using Bohm's work to make quantum corrections to Raychaudhuri's equation on the formation of singularities, they described a universe that was once much smaller, but never had the infinite density currently postulated.

This article is sort of the #VoxTake which tells you that everything else you've read is wrong. It claims the new paper does not claim there was no Big Bang, but only that the Big Bang did not burst out of a singularity (a superdense, microscopic dot which contains all the matter and energy of the current universe) but rather out of a cosmic egg which, while small, was not so microscopically small as to be a true singularity where the laws of physics don't operate.

Eh, so anyway, this second article claims the "Big Bang" theory involves a hot, dense state of the early universe, and the new paper still describes the young universe as hot and dense, so it's not really saying there was no Big Bang, just not the specific kind of Big Bang we've come to think of as "The Big Bang" in the past decade.

Here is the actual paper, if you want to read it.

Look, all I know is that this proves Global Warming.

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It Could Be Worse


You could be this specimen.

from Instapundit.

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Video: Kitten vs. ducklings
Via Jane D'oh. [rdbrewer]

Scott Walker Accurately Remembers History, And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!
"Rucker was the guy who whined, 'What about your gaaaaaaaffffffes!!!!!!' to Mitt Romney in 2012...." Oh, that guy. More here. [rdbrewer]

A nice tribute to Leonard Nimoy [rdbrewer]

SooperMexican: Right-Wing Blogger DESTROYS Jezebel and Daily Beast’s Attempt to SMEAR Scott Walker With FALSE Rape Story!
"This time it was my homie @DrawAndStrike who single-handedly destroyed an attempted smear on Scott Walker." [rdbrewer]
Genetic Data Tools Reveal How Pop Music Evolved In The US …and show that The Beatles didn’t start the 1964 American music revolution after all. [dri]

Ben Domenech: The Cartman Presidency: There Is No Check On President Obama
"Barack Obama is basically operating now without any congressional checks and balances whatsoever." I'd remind Congress it's a long time until elections. Hammer down. Via @TheH2. [rdbrewer]

Newsweek: Why the Web Won't Be Nirvana
From 1995. "Do our computer pundits lack all common sense? The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works.... And you can't tote that laptop to the beach. Yet Nicholas Negroponte, director of the MIT Media Lab, predicts that we'll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Intenet. Uh, sure." Hah. [rdbrewer]

Networks Spend Nearly Six Minutes on Runaway Llamas, But Nothing on Clinton Ethics Story
The Clinton Foundation took donations from foreign governments while Clinton was Secretary of State. ABC, NBC, and Scott Pelley at CBS failed to cover it. Why? Because they're unprofessional; they're unethical, and they're in the tank for Hillary. [rdbrewer]

Greg Jones: Pipeline Politics: The Real Reason Behind Obama’s Keystone Veto
"Why on Earth would Obama veto what is essentially a fraction of existing pipeline that would not only give Americans cheaper oil, but create more than 40,000 jobs in the process? Politics. Think about it: the proposed XL extension runs through solid red states.... The veto of Keystone XL was political, nothing more, nothing less. It was a childish attempt at revenge; the equivalent of taking one’s ball and going home." President Teenager. [rdbrewer]

Jonah Goldberg: Is Liberalism Exhausted?
"[T]he cultural Left has disengaged from mainstream political arguments, preferring instead the comforts of identity-politics argy-bargy. You judge political movements not by their manifestos but by where they put their passion. And on the left these days, the only things that arouse passion are arguments about race and gender." [rdbrewer]
NY Times: Boris Nemtsov, Critic of Putin, Is Shot Dead in Moscow
"Mr. Nemtsov, 55, was one of the principal organizers of an opposition march scheduled for Sunday in Moscow."[rdbrewer]

NY Times: A White and Gold (No, Blue and Black!) Dress Melts the Internet
"The one thing scientists could agree on was that this is a very unusual illusion. People who see the dress one way do not eventually begin to see it the other way, as is common with many optical illusions." (I see white and gold.) Related: See the Wired link below. More from Yahoo News. [rdbrewer]

The National Academy of Sciences chooses the winner of its most prestigious award
Guess. No, really. [rdbrewer]

Wired: The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress
Okay, so it really is blue and black? Related: @CuffyMeh. [rdbrewer]
Columbo Roasts Frank Sinatra
In what may be a bit of Columbo trivia, he reveals his wife's name, which I don't think he ever mentioned on the show

Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83

Nicole Russell: Mark Cuban: Government Control Of The Internet ‘Scares The Sh** Out Of Me’
"He was just as harsh when discussing the FCC’s push for regulations under Title II of the Telecommunications Act when he said, last year, 'The government will f*** the Internet up.' ¶ I asked him point-blank what was so scary about the government’s involvement in the Internet. He said because their track record proves their instability." Also from The Federalist: Cruz on Clinton: U.S. Leaders Shouldn’t Be On Payroll Of Foreign Nations. [rdbrewer]

@GOPoversight: If you can believe it, here's an actual email sent by Lois Lerner
"No one will ever believe that your hard drive and mine crashed within a week of each other." Well, she's right about that. [rdbrewer]

Patrick Howley: Lerner Email Search Is On Hold Over Software Problems: ‘There Is Potential Criminal Activity’
Inspector general testimony. Also from TheDC: Obama Went Up Against O’Reilly In Head-To-Head Cable News Matchup, And The Results Weren’t Pretty. [rdbrewer]

Andrew C. McCarthy: GOP Surrender on Obama’s Lawless Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Would Be a Profound Betrayal of the States
"The federal government, very much including Republican lawmakers and conservative judges, has systematically disarmed the states of their capacity for self-defense.... At a minimum, then, federal law – made in Congress, where the states are represented – must preserve the sovereign right of states to protect themselves." Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

Jeff Dunetz, Truth Revolt: Anti-Semitism: Appointment Of Jewish Woman To UCLA Student Court Questioned Because Of Her Faith
"Beyda faced an onslaught of questions about whether a Jewish woman could serve." How embarrassing for UCLA. [rdbrewer]

Roger L. Simon: The New New New New Anti-Semitism
"A new poll 'just conducted by Trinity College and the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law tells us that 54 percent of self-identified Jewish students in 55 college across the country experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism during the 2013-2014 school year.'" Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

Scott Greer: Farage: The ‘Dramatic Failure’ Of Multiculturalism Drives Radical Islam
"'[S]tate sponsored multiculturalism' deserves much of the blame for why extremism has found a home in Europe. ¶ 'We [the U.K.] have pursued a policy for nearly four decades now of multiculturalism,' Farage told The Daily Caller Thursday.... 'Rather than having different communities coming together, under one law, we have encouraged division.'" [rdbrewer]

Andrew C. McCarthy: Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Knew from First Minutes that Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack, E-mails Disclose
"These revelations and others are disclosed by a trove of e-mails and other documents pried from the State Department by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit." [rdbrewer]

Andrew Stiles: The Clinton Foundation Scandals, Explained
"Everything you need to know about the shady dealings of the Clinton family's global corporate charity conglomerate." [rdbrewer]
Mandy Nagy fundraiser
A/k/a "Liberty Chick." She had a stroke a while back. She's very nice, and she's a strong voice for conservatism. [rdbrewer]

Ridley Scott's "The Martian" Coming this November --His Best Ever?
Sounds like a Robinson Crusoe on Mars type of story. [rdbrewer]

Jon Gabriel: The Sack of Mosul
"ISIS isn’t satisfied with destroying modern-day Iraq, they also intend to destroy its history." [rdbrewer]

Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: Good News, Beheaded Christians
Video. [rdbrewer]
New Trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight; Release Date June 2, 2015
Oh I wanted to warn you I have flu scheduled June 2nd to June 8th
Predicable History, Unpredictable Past: Net Neutrality Is Anything But Neutral [rdbrewer]

ONN: Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport [rdbrewer]

Time: DC Comics’ Catwoman Comes Out of the Closet [rdbrewer]

Science Daily: Type 2 diabetes reversed in rats [rdbrewer]

Video: Ingress
It's a game. Jim Geraghty was talking about it in The Morning Jolt. "The gist is that landmarks, crossroads, public sculptures, and sites within communities aren’t random; they’re sites of invisible portals that radiate a form of energy.... To play the game, you join a side, either the Enlightened or the Resistance, and walk around to various landmarks and claiming them for your side." Actual landmarks. Actual walking. More here. [rdbrewer]

Daddy Warpig's House of Geekery: The Successor Aliens Always Deserved?
Killing off Newt and Hicks was unforgivable. Looks like they're going to fix that. "Then today, news that Bloomkamp’s film would serve as a proper sequel to Aliens, forming a complete trilogy: Alien, Aliens, this movie. And the news didn’t come from any supposed 'insiders'... but from the mouths of Bloomkamp and Sigourney Weaver herself!" Sounds great. They're going to ignore Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. Funny, that. Check out the Sigourney interview. [rdbrewer]

Andrew Napolitano: What if the Government Fears Freedom?
"What if the Bush folks took Reagan's idea of spying on foreign spies and twisted it so that they could spy on not just foreign spies, but also on foreign persons? What if they took that and leapt to spying on Americans who communicated with foreign persons? What if they then concluded that it was easier to spy on all Americans rather than just those who communicated with foreign persons?" Read the whole thing--especially you, progs and liberal Republicans. [rdbrewer]

Ilya Somin: Some important new books on libertarianism [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: Ben Carson charges Democrats with taking advantage of blacks, 'trying to keep them suppressed and cultivate their votes'
Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Jamie Weinstein: Kerry’s Attempted Netanyahu Nuke Eviscerates Obama National Security Team
Dumb guy shoots self in foot. [rdbrewer]

Patrick Howley: Byron Allen Goes To War With Sharpton, Obama, Comcast For Future Of Black Media
"Allen told The Daily Caller that top media interests are actively freezing out and in some cases destroying black-owned media companies — and they’re paying Reverend-turned-MSNBC host Al Sharpton to give them racial cover to do it." [rdbrewer]

Rich Lowry: A Shameful Climate Witch Hunt
"Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, has written to seven universities about seven researchers who harbor impure thoughts about climate change." [rdbrewer]

USA Today: Gov. Scott Walker: I refuse to take the media's bait
"When we keep our focus on what matters to the people, we earn their respect." [rdbrewer]

Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept.
A Venn diagram of the Clinton Foundation and a slush fund would look like this: O. [rdbrewer]

A Man for All Seasons: The devil and the law
We uphold the rule of law for our own safety's sake. Great movie scene. Via Monty. [rdbrewer]

Michael Bastasch: White House: Don’t Mention Temperature When Analyzing Global Warming
(Fixed link.) [rdbrewer]

Kevin Williamson: Politifact and Me
"One way to ruin a newspaper’s reputation is to make the news subservient to politics, which is what has happened at Politifact." Read the whole thing. Via @JohnEkdahl. [rdbrewer]

The girl who gets gifts from birds
Crows buy food. [rdbrewer]

Paul Bedard: Soros, Ford shovel $196 million to 'net neutrality' groups, staff to White House
Via @JonHenke. [rdbrewer]
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