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August 30, 2014

Overnight Open Thread (30 Aug 2014)


Happy International Bacon Day!

This week in pictures: Strategery Edition.

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Open Thread for Your Scrolling Pleasure [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

That one was getting hard to scroll.

Here's a new one I call "Serenity Now."


Heading south on I-15 in Utah

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Saturday Politics Thread: Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Perry [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

College football season is fully underway this week. (Yes, there were some games last week, but this is the weekend the Big Dogs started playing.)

Tonight, the Wisconsin Badgers (14) will be meeting the LSU Tigers (13) at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. (I have no idea why they're playing in Houston.)

Coincidentally enough, this game involves three states whose Republican Governors should be considered amongst the top contenders for 2016. So let's use that as an excuse to talk about them.

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Weekend Headlines [CBD}

—Open Blogger

Austin brewery rolls out ultimate 99-pack of beer

Texas school district arms teachers for upcoming year

Why Israel Defeated -- But Didn't Crush -- Hamas
This is interesting, but there are some assumptions made that are illogical.

United Nations peacekeepers reportedly fleeing across border into Israel
Why do they bother giving them weapons?

Reason #43,949 why government is bad
First they came for our vacuums.....

Ferguson isn't about black rage against cops. It's white rage against progress.
[Multiple Trigger Warning: stupidity, racism, vile patronizing, reflexive leftism....]

Prof dresses as robot to protest Iowa's 'sexist,' 'homophobic' pink locker room

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Writer's Block Edition [Y-not and WeirdDave]

—Open Blogger

Good afternoon and welcome to your Saturday Gardening Thread!

Today's thread is brought to you by Billboard's Top 100 Songs of 1962, which happens to be the year I was born. Here's Number 69, "Cindy's Birthday:"

Take it away, WeirdDave:

OK, got no clue what to write about today. None. Zero, Zip, Nada. I tell ya, I got nothing. So I plugged "Garden" into DuckDuckGo and scrolled way down, then started to look for interesting stuff.

What garden is complete without a geodesic dome? Not yours, I'm sure, and at the link you can buy one for only 499 €, whatever the hell a "€" is. I'd be worried that Pauly Shore would show up.

Here's a site called The Gay Gardener. There's lots of helpful tips there, but I haven't found yet how being gay affects your garden, unless you're doing in your garden what you should be doing in your bedroom, in which case I'd suggest investing in a geodesic dome with an opaque cover (see first link) if you have neighbors.

Moving on, since we're getting close to Halloween, perhaps a nice, creepy scarecrow is in order. At the link you can get ones with faces on them, although the fact that they feature a picture of one of their products with crows sitting on it makes me question how effective they are. The faces are a nice touch, if you put one out front instead of in the garden I'm sure you'll give one or two trick-or-treaters nightmares. Still not sure about crow nightmares.

If you find yourself in Iceland, you should definitely visit The Elf Garden. Why? Well, their webpage has a picture of a cat looking at a rainbow sign captioned "We are here". Isn't that enough? We are here. Much better than "How to cook forty humans" I suppose. These people seem to have the intersection of elves and gardens nailed, AND they featured a performance by "the extremely funny Teenagers, Arnor and Oli." Book your tickets now before their voices change, their "Elves and faeries and goblins, oh my" routine won't be nearly as funny in a bass voice.

I got quite excited when I noticed a link to Eden's Garden, I thought God had barred mankind from that place for eternity. Turns out it's an aromatherapy store. I looked, but couldn't find any ValuRite scented oils or essence of Ewok, so it might not be our kind of place.

Hey, here's a website about bugs. They tell you which bugs are good bugs that fight bad bugs that are bugging your garden. Garden Insects. They promise that their bugs can beat up your bugs, and even provide a link to where you can order bugs online. Shopping for AtC has never been easier. Buy now, Christmas is just around the corner.

Finally, we find a link to Michelle Obama's garden. "Today, the garden is planted, tended and harvested by Mrs. Obama, White House staff, the National Park Service and visitors." Sure. I'm willing to bet that one of those listed does just a teensy bit less work in the garden than the others. Call it a hunch. There's more: "Inspired by the First Lady's passion for healthy living and healthy eating, people across the country have revisited the American tradition of starting a vegetable garden at home." Actually Madam First Lady, Americans are "revisiting" the "tradition" of starting a veggie garden because WE CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY FOOD DUE TO YOUR HUSBAND'S LOUSY ECONOMIC POLICIES.

* mic drop *

Weirddave is out.

And now from your co-hostess, Y-not:

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College Football Thread

—Dave In Texas

Or as I like to think of it, sharp cheerleader elbows.


Texas A&M (21) kicked the snot out of South Carolina (9, for now) on Thursday, 52-28 at SC. I giggle now that the whole SEC gets to hate A&M as much as I used to. Enjoy all that, SEC! They're yours now.

Also this is kind of funny, a South Carolina furniture store offers to pay off furniture loans if A&M beats the Gamecocks by more than 10 points.

I just put this in here so I could say "Gamecocks"

They use insurance for this kind of thing, kind of like win a car with a hole in one at a golf tournament. Still, heh.

Boise State didn't do well at Ole Miss (18), a 35-13 loss. Arizona St also beat somebody.

Top Ten action today (and tomorrow, Baylor (10) plays SMU on Sunday in their brand spanking new McLane Stadium and I will be there, yo), all times EDT:

UCLA (7) and Virginia at noon

Ohio St. (5) and Navy, noon

Alabama (2) and West VA, 3:30pm

Arkansas and Auburn (6), 4pm

Oklahoma (4) and Louisiana Tech, 7pm

FSU (1) and Oklahoma St. (33), 8pm

Oregon (3) and South Dakota, 10:30pm

Also Michigan St. (8) beat Jacksonville St. last night, 45-7

That's all.

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Southwest Ohio Moron Meet-up Trial Balloon/Open Thread(CBD)

—Open Blogger

trial balloon.jpg

I had a mini-meet planned for SW Ohio last week as a reward to myself for moving a brat into her new house, but had to abort because 20-year-old college juniors are horrid, lazy, stupid, ungrateful difficult.

Intrepid Southwest Ohio Moron speedster1 has created an e-mail address for those in the area:
swohmome at mail dot com

Obviously this includes Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky. So shoot him an e-mail if you have any interest in meeting like-minded folk.

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OT Thread-Clearing Out The Browser Tabs Edition [WeirdDave]

—Open Blogger

I don't really feel like doing politics today, so I'm going to feature some links and memes from back in the day. I know in internet terms that means last Tuesday, but I've been online for a long time. When I first wandered online, using my Atari ST series computer, the internet wasn't a superhighway, it was a cow path. In 20-plus years of browsing, I've bookmarked and saved a lot of crap, call it a potpourri of poop, or maybe a cavalcade of crap. Now, if I can just get this 5 1/4" floppy drive to interface with Windows 7....

Here's one of the first RPGs I remember playing. It's not quite the grandaddy of them all, but it knew the granddaddy when he was still in school. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

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Early Morning Open Thread - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

Good morning.

Oh, and then there's this:

Yes. That is paparazzi taking photos of..... a puppet. I suspect from the audio that there might be drugs involved.

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Overnight Open Thread (29 Aug 2014) - Under The Influence Edition


Evenin' morons. I'm back with this abbreviated ONT. I blame the pain killers.

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Music Thread


So y'all's can write about whatever you like, musically. I'll just write a little bit up here because I wanted to write something about this anyway.

Lately -- I think because it's the 25th anniversary of Kick, or something -- I've been fascinated by INXS.

One of the cable channels has on a two-part docudrama about INXS' rise and fall. The first half is all rise -- formation to Kick -- the second is all fall, from Michael Hutchence being sucker-punched and knocked out cold in Hong Kong (did you know that?) which gave him a nasty change of personality (prone to rages) and robbed him of his sense of smell and taste, to his ultimate suicide in Sydney.

The docudrama is produced by INXS, so it gets very superficial about certain things they probably don't want to talk about. Like, Tim Farris, the band's leader, got married relatively early. Did he cheat? The movie does not say yes or no. It never shows him cheating; it just sort of shows him around semi-dressed girls during the band parties.

I'm not into these movies for such prurient stuff but the film has this tendency to set something up and make you curious, and then completely ignore the obvious questions you'd have about it.

Youngest member Jon Farriss, the drummer, got arrested for drugs at one point. There's an implication in the film he was actually dealing to help the band make rent. But... the film never says. He just gets out of jail because he's a minor, and no one ever mentions it again.

The most compelling character in the movie is... the manager, Chris Murphy, who comes across very well and very central to the band's success.

The other characters in the movie are Michael Hutchence.

Pretty much just Michael Hutchence. And his girlfriends.

Occasionally you see Tim Farris and Andy Farris and sometimes Jon Farris. Kirk Pengilly has a couple of lines, and Garry Gary Beers is almost entirely absent from the movie until the last ten minutes. When he confesses that he's begun seeing a woman besides his wife, in a scene that really showcases...

Michael Hutchence.

The film has almost no "how the song was written" material at all. There's one famous story that when Listen Like Thieves was about to go out to the record company, Chris Murphy listened and said, "I don't hear any hits."

So Andy Farris wrote a song in about a day, and Hutchence wrote the lyrics, and the band recorded it in like three takes, and it became their all-time greatest hit (at that time). That was "What You Need."

The movie just completely skips over that. I have no idea why. Especially because "What You Need" directly led to Kick -- the entire album of Kick is designed to sound like What You Need. What You Need was different from everything else on Listen Like Thieves, and everything they'd done before.

So this one song, written and recorded in a single day (or day and a half), changed their whole sound, made them superstars, and spawned, basically, an entire album.

But the movie ignores all of that.

It does reveal a few interesting things. Their first manager found God and decided that he could only manage Christian bands. He tried to convince INXS to become a Christian band. They briefly considered doing so.

Another interesting thing was when the label heard Kick for the first time, they hated it so much that they offered the band one million dollars to write and record an entirely new album. They said it was too black, and they couldn't sell INXS to black radio, being white and all.

It made no sense, either: Seriously, "Kick" was just "What You Need" in 12 different parts. "What You Need" was their biggest hit. Ergo, any executive who's interested in hits should have said, "Cool, it sounds like your biggest hit. Let's push this out there."

But they absolutely hated it.

The band had to go behind their back to release it.

So you probably know what happened next.

It's a decent docudrama, as far as these things go, just... superficial.

But diverting enough.

Anyway, here are a few of their better songs.

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Obama: The News Makes it Seem Like the World Is Falling Apart, But Actually It's Fine, It's Just That We Hear Too Much from Social Media


Speaking to Democrat donors at, get this, a fundraiser:

Above: Social Media makes it seem like an American journalist
was beheaded by a terrorist organization which has declared war on the US

For some time I have had concerns about Obama. And not all of these concerns are political.

I have wondered if he simply snapped.

He continues to make me wonder.

The less menacing possibility is that he is determined to create a happy, false reality for his LIV supporters.

The more frightening possibility is that he was so successful in creating that Happy Place, he decided to move in, and now lives in his own delusions as well.

Meanwhile, as the president fundraises and attends celebrity weddings, bear this in mind:

Meanwhile, Noah Rothman writes that before invading Ukraine, Putin began calling it by its old Tsarist name, and denying that it was really a state.

He's now doing the same thing with regard to Kazakhstan -- also, he avers, never really a state at all.

So, you know.

But this is just "Social Media" making us worried about the Soviet Union, and yes, it is time to call it by its proper name again.

Update: So when Obama says, in press conferences, that he's "deeply concerned" and "working tirelessly" on these "serious matters," I guess he just told us he's lying?

After all, if the world is fine, and everything will just work itself out, and we're only alarmed due to "Social Media," then he can't be "deeply concerned" about it all, can he?

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Media Ignores Obama's "We Don't Have a Strategy" Statement In Order to Focus on the Important Thing -- Obama Fashion


A partisan Democrat media, hungry for an Obama victory, finds one in his sartorial choices.

Good photoshop about this, too:

Retracted: Commenter Andrew tells me I totally misread that piece and claimed it was making a completely different argument than the one it was actually making.

He's right; I'm sorry. Apologies to Vox, too, for misrepresenting them.

Posted by Ace at 05:28 PM Comments

AoSHQ Podcast: Guest, Conn Carroll


Conn Carroll, Editor of Townhall Magazine, joins Ace, Gabe, Drew and John on this week's episode.

Intro/Outro: Moneypenny Goes For Broke-Burt Bacharach/One Tree Hill-U2

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Don't forget to submit your Ask the Blog questions for next week's episode.

Open thread in the comments

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The Man With a Plan: Obama To Attend Celebrity-Studded Wedding, Lead Three Partisan Fundraisers; Ed Henry Asks His Spokesman Why He's Taking a Long Weekend When He Still Doesn't Have a Strategy for IS


Obama does have a strategy -- and that strategy is to Party Like it's 1999.

So his weekend is jam-packed with events.

President Obama has a busy Labor Day weekend planned as he leaves on Air Force One for New York later this afternoon.

Once in New York, President Obama is scheduled to attend two Democratic National Committee fundraisers in the area at private homes.

One of the fundraisers will be a Labor Day Barbecue, hosted by ex-UBS CEO Robert Wolf, who also golfed with the president on Martha's Vineyard during their vacation.
He will then travel abroad Air Force One to Newport, Rhode Island for a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Saturday, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are expected to attend the wedding of MSNBC’s Alex Wagner to his personal White House Chef Sam Kass.
The wedding will be held at the Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a Westchester County farm-to-table restaurant in New Rochelle, New York.

And then he's traveling to a labor fundraiser.

You'll remember that when Obama "came back to DC from vacation" during his many unattended crises, it seems to have been largely in order to have a five-hour pre-wedding dinner with Wagner and Kass.

Yesterday, White House Consiglierte Josh Earnest spent the entire day claiming that when Obama said "We don't have a strategy, yet," what he actually meant to say was "We have always had and continue to have a clear strategy."

You don't believe me, but there's video of this.

Today, Ed Henry dares to ask Josh Earnest why the president -- who doesn't have a strategy -- spending yet another long period of vacation havin' fun and talking with Interesting Italians.

By the way, I have swiped the videos from those last two posts, but do read the posts -- Rutz and Rothman wrote good posts, but I'll direct you there for their words.

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Texas Department of Public Safety Issues Bulletin Warning of Increased "ISIS Interest on the Southwest Border"


This is Judicial Watch's claim, but, as you'll see, they're claiming multiple sources.

We'll see if anyone else can confirm it themselves.

Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.

Specifically, Judicial Watch sources reveal that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is confirmed to now be operating in Juarez, a famously crime-infested narcotics hotbed situated across from El Paso, Texas....

Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to "carry out an attack on the border," according to one JW source. "It's coming very soon," according to this high-level source, who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as "ISIS and Al Qaeda."

Another source says that the personnel at Fort Bliss, a military base near the border, are being briefed.

The reporting from Judicial Watch says the attack will be "on" the border, which I guess could mean Brownsville or another large town.

But that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Seems more likely the incursion would be at the border, but the attack would be elsewhere.

Still, what the reporting says is "an attack on the border." I think that might be garbled in translation, but that's what it says.

Thanks to "Cowboy Poet."

Update: Fox Now Reporting. A few new details:

The Fox report is less alarmist than the Judicial Watch one (but that may be just because they have fewer sources -- they just seem to have confirmed the alert itself).

The alert found by Fox comes from the Texas Department of Public Safety, not the feds, though I suppose they themselves might have been tipped by the feds.

"A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack," warns the Texas Department of Public Safety "situational awareness" bulletin, obtained by

The three-page bulletin, entitled "ISIS Interest on the US Southwest Border" was released to law enforcement on Thursday.

"Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option," states the law enforcement bulletin, which is not classified.

It notes that as of Aug. 26, no known credible homeland threats or specific homeland attack plot has been identified.

Based on that much, I'm taking down the flaming skull, for now, as it seems less urgent and less well-sourced than I first thought.

In addition, Andy McCarthy, who is an expert in these things, is concerned by the memo, but also says he expects this sort of thing in the weeks before the 9/11 anniversary.

For those of us who've been raising alarms about both the jihadist threat and the national-security vulnerability created by the Obama administration's non-enforcement of the immigration laws, this is not a surprise -- particularly less than two weeks before September 11. But it is nonetheless jarring to read.

The way I read McCarthy there is like this: "Yes, this is worrying, but I see this sort of thing all the time."

So I'm resetting my personal Terror Threat Alarm System back down to orange from red. This is a reason for great concern, but not panic.

Not yet, anyway.

Sorry for making you jumpy.

But to add a caveat to the caveat: Fox is only confirming one of Judicial Watch's sources, the bulletin itself. Add in those additional sources and this appears to be more alarming than a routine "Be Advised" memo.

Posted by Ace at 02:01 PM Comments

A Diverse Assortment of "Children" Now Taking Advantage of Obama's DACA to Enroll in Local Schools


Think of the children.

The mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts gave a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Here is what she said of the "children" taking advantage of DACA and enrolling in her schools.

"One of the things that we did notice when we were processing some of these students coming in was that they were adults," she said.

She added that the federal government will not allow school officials to verify their ages, even though one of the students turned out to be 35 years old.

Kennedy said that the majority of those from Guatemala who are enrolling in the Lynn Public Schools claim to be between 14 and 17 years of age.

"But there were people with graying temples, hair around the temples," said Kennedy, adding that although she did not see these individuals in person, she saw photographs of them in registration paperwork. "There were people with more wrinkles than I have around their eyes."

"We were told through a directive from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that we were not to question or verify -- attempt to verify these ages," Kennedy stated at the press conference, hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

So there you go.

Lawless. A ruling clique in open rebellion against the country, its people and its laws.

Update: Some draw conclusions from this that I think are unlikely.

I don't think these thirty-five-years-and-older "students" are actually attending these schools. Or at least not many of them, at least not more than a couple of times.

However, to take advantage of DACA, they must pretend to be teenagers, and so they're pretending.

Obama knows it's a scam. He intends the scam. He has set the system up with the exact expectation that thirty-five-year-olds could claim to be fifteen and earn their DACA hall pass.

He knows that if anyone looks into a lot of these "children," it will be revealed to largely be a scam, and will cause negative headlines, and harm his "This is for The Children" narrative.

So his government has ordered local governments that it is illegal to look into the ages of these alleged "children."

I really don't think they'll be attending school, though.

I think they'll mostly be working their "after-school jobs" at the local restaurants and landscaping companies.

Posted by Ace at 01:23 PM Comments

I Guess Joe Scarborough Must Be Up For Contract Renegotiations at MSNBC


Joe Scarborough is full of #SmartTakes lately, the kind that seem geared to appeal to Rachel Maddow, who I'm told actually runs the network.

Just last week, when even Politico writers were horrified that Obama had once again gone golfing immediately after (and I mean minutes after) announcing how very concerned he was about the beheading of James Foley, Joe Scarborough offered the counterintuitive spin that Obama was actually broadcasting his strength via this maneuver.

Scarborough's takeaway was that IS must look at this Golfin' Genghis Khan, this Saladin of the Seven Iron, this Mulligan MacArthur, this Desert Fox of the Sandtraps, and tremble, for they must be saying to themselves, "Wow, we killed a guy and he just went golfing. Well, that is one cold bastard."

No he really spun it that way -- that Obama signaled himself to be "one cold bastard," veins filled with ice water, and not the sort of man you should trifle with.

By putting.

Well, one day after Obama announces to the world that "We have no strategy" to deal with IS, Scarborough's pretty sure this also proves what an incredible leader we have in Obama.

Scarborough actually claims that announcing "We have no strategy" is a technique torn from the pages of Sun Tzu's Art of War.

And no he's not joking. When someone says "I can't tell if you're joking," he insists he's not joking. And he's not.

So you tell me: Does Scarborough believe this ridiculous nonsense or is he just trying to ingratiate himself to Queen Rachel?

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Open Thread


Posted by rdbrewer at 11:29 AM Comments

Top Headline Comments 8-29-14

—Gabriel Malor

Happy Friday.

For the second time this week, a flight had to be diverted because of passengers fighting over seat reclining.

This is ominous:

Have a nice, safe holiday weekend.

Posted by Gabriel Malor at 06:49 AM Comments

Overnight Open Thread (8-28-2014) - Strategy-less Edition


Stuff Jefferson Actually Said, Vol. VII

"...I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks."

-- Thomas Jefferson on what form of exercise he thought was best

Does Poverty Cause Crime?

Apparently not - once you adjust for other factors. Granted it's a study from Sweden but then if poverty does really cause crime, then given Sweden's homogenous population and culture and relatively low crime rate you would expect the link to be more clear-cut and obvious there than anywhere else. But it wasn't.

In Sweden the age of criminal responsibility is 15, so Mr Sariaslan tracked his subjects from the dates of their 15th birthdays onwards, for an average of three-and-a-half years. He found, to no one's surprise, that teenagers who had grown up in families whose earnings were among the bottom fifth were seven times more likely to be convicted of violent crimes, and twice as likely to be convicted of drug offences, as those whose family incomes were in the top fifth.

What did surprise him was that when he looked at families which had started poor and got richer, the younger children-those born into relative affluence-were just as likely to misbehave when they were teenagers as their elder siblings had been. Family income was not, per se, the determining factor.

That suggests two, not mutually exclusive, possibilities. One is that a family's culture, once established, is "sticky"-that you can, to put it crudely, take the kid out of the neighbourhood, but not the neighbourhood out of the kid. Given, for example, children's propensity to emulate elder siblings whom they admire, that sounds perfectly plausible. The other possibility is that genes which predispose to criminal behaviour (several studies suggest such genes exist) are more common at the bottom of society than at the top, perhaps because the lack of impulse-control they engender also tends to reduce someone's earning capacity.

...There were no associations between childhood family income and subsequent violent criminality and substance misuse once we had adjusted for unobserved familial risk factors.

And you'll be shocked, shocked to learn that the man suspected of beheading James Foley was not driven to it by poverty nor by oppression. He got his money - and taste for killing - the old fashioned way - he inherited it.

British rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, AKA "L Jinny," is the prime suspect in the murder of Foley, according to sources in MI15. Bary's father, Adel Abdul Bary, the terrorist charged with participating in the bombings of embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in August 1998, is awaiting trial in New York after an 8 month extradition battle with the US.

...The "root causes" of [Abdel-Majed Abdel] Bary's radicalism aren't poverty and hopelessness. He grew up in a $3 million home in London, and had the best of everything growing up. His rap career never amounted to much but those who know him say he became radicalized when he began attending one of the many radical mosques in Britain. He is disciple of extremist preacher Anjem Choudary, who has expressed a desire to go to Syria and join Islamic State.


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Posted by Maetenloch at 10:24 PM Comments

Polygamy Decriminalized in Utah as Federal Judge Strikes Down Criminal Prohibition


Strange days indeed.

Judge rules banning cohabitation violated religious freedom of the Browns

Kody Brown and his four wives appear in the TLC reality show 'Sister Wives'

Kody Brown, who stars in the TLC reality show with his four wives, filed a lawsuit against the state after leaving Utah fearing prosecution after the programme aired.
Now a federal judge has issued his final ruling in the case that strikes down parts of the state's anti-polygamy law.

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups has ruled that a provision of Utah's law forbidding cohabitation violated the Browns' freedom of religion.

He ruled in favour of the family in December and has now said that Mr Brown and his wives can collect attorneys' fees.

Well, I'm stumped. I just can't keep up with things now.

If I understand this right (and frankly I'm guessing): The law remains one man, one woman for marriage. (Um, except that it can be two guys or two women, I guess.)

In Utah, they prohibited adult men and women who weren't married to each other from cohabitating.

They couldn't live in the same house.

The reason for this is that polygamists would have several non-state-recognized wives, and they'd all live in the same house together. While the state did not recognize the plural marriage, they lived as a polygamist family anyway.

Cohabitation was the means by which polygamists evaded the letter of the law against polygamy.

So Utah banned cohabitation by adults.

And this federal judge has ruled that to be an unconstitutional law discriminating against religion (Mormonism, I guess), so while the state does not have to recognize these marriages, it can no longer act to prevent these non-legal-marriage-like living arrangements, either.

Thanks to @rdbrewer4.

Posted by Ace at 08:02 PM Comments

WATCH: Videos of Some Things DESTROYING Some Other Things


I wrote the headline because I see there's been another outbreak of "Jon Stewart DESTROYS ISIS" crap, as well as a "Steven Colbert DESTROYS White Privilege" jag.

Little Kid DESTROYS Mom for Getting Pregnant With Another Baby

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Posted by Ace at 06:26 PM Comments

Oh Yes: Ron Paul Says United States Had Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks


Via Hot Air, now the truth about Ron Paul's Trutherism can be told.

Former Rep. Ron Paul said he believes the U.S. government had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and has kept this information hidden in a classified section of the 9/11 Commission report.

Paul, who made the comments during a radio interview last Friday, also argued that the crimes of Osama bin Laden were "minor" compared to the harm the U.S. government has caused since the 2001 attacks.

"I believe that if we ever get the full truth [about 9/11], we’ll find out that our government had it in the records exactly what the plans were, or at least close to it," said Paul, during the interview with Money and Markets host Charles Goyette. "You already mentioned that [the U.S. government] had been warned that something was going to happen."

However, Paul said he doubted that Bush administration officials personally helped plot the attacks.

“Does that prove the fact that our president and others actually sat down and laid the plans and did this? I don’t think it does,” he said.

Ah. His theory is therefore a "moderate, modest" one.

At the link, he talks about the 9/11 attack being "minor."

But it's not minor enough to keep him from conspiracizing about it.

The former congressman took issue with the term "9/11 truther," arguing that it carried a negative connotation.

"It's politically very risky to talk about [questioning the 9/11 attacks], because the left and the government defenders are really, really quick to discredit anybody who raises any question whatsoever," said Paul. "They paint you, and they say 'oh you question this, that means you’re a truther.' I was always amazed, if you question and you want the truth, how they took a word like 'truther' and turned it into a terrible, terrible word."

Hit the link. There's more. They note that Ron Paul denied believing that the US had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks when asked about it during his 2012 bid for president.

Many of us believed that he actually did believe all this truther nonsense -- he was constantly on truther radio shows, after all, flattering them and their theories.

I see now that many of us were right.

Meanwhile, now the DNC is blasting Rand Paul's alleged (but arguably present) "blame America first" rhetoric.

Eh, I see my own willingness to entertain a Rand Paul presidency (and a Rand Paul foreign policy) dissolving before me every day on the news.

Posted by Ace at 05:20 PM Comments

Louie Gohmert: Just Remember, If We Had Dropped Bombs on Assad Last Year When Obama Wanted Us To, IS Would Already Be In Control of Syria


He just said this on the Cavuto show.

It's a good point.

He was all gung-ho to bomb Assad, but now IS is beheading people and burying hundreds of people alive, and he's pursuing... a moderate course, pushing a "political resolution" of the Sunnis' complaints about the Shiite government as the crucial thing.


Oh, and:

Posted by Ace at 04:43 PM Comments

Obama Speaking Now, Has Bothered To Put On A Tie


It's a show of solidarity with the Ukraine or something.

Livestream here.

Posted by Ace at 04:06 PM Comments

Ungrateful Loaf of Bread: Democrats Hitting Panic Button On Immigration


Well, I look over at Hot Air and whose stupid byline do I see there? Oh, Gabriel Malor. I think I know him.

Or at least I thought I did.

Anyway, treachery aside, a lot of interesting news about immigration.

The NYT reports Mark Pryor now objecting to Obama's threat to grant executive amnesty to just a few illegal immigrants -- just a mere five million or so.

He objects, of course, not out of conviction, but real fear about the public response to this, and what effect it will have on his Daddy Got Me senate seat.

Now, don’t be fooled by the NY Times’ suggestion above that Democratic panic is limited to conservative states. It’s not. As Guy wrote last week, the immigration issue is also fueling Scott Brown’s surge against New Hampshire’s Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who, by the way, has today abandoned her wait-and-see approach on this issue and announced that she opposes "a piecemeal approach issued by executive order." Shaheen joins Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and Sen. Mark Begich in urging Obama not to issue an executive order ending immigration enforcement for millions of aliens unlawfully present.


The AP has the best information I could find on when Obama plans to unleash immigration mayhem. According to AP, Obama had planned to announce by Labor Day, but that has been pushed back by the ongoing foreign policy meltdowns in Russia, Syria, and Iraq. At this point, it looks like an immigration announcement would come in a few more weeks.

Gabe also discusses the media's hope that Obama's amnesty will in turn provoke a GOP shutdown of the government, which will wind up saving Obama and the Democrats.

However, he seems to think this hope is ill-founded -- and that the political damage will most likely fall upon Democrats.

Hmmm... Mary Landrieu's actual residency questioned.

In Washington, Sen. Mary Landrieu lives in a stately, $2.5 million brick manse she and her husband built on Capitol Hill.

Here in Louisiana, however, the Democrat does not have a home of her own. She is registered to vote at a large bungalow in New Orleans that her parents have lived in for many decades, according to a Washington Post review of Landrieu's federal financial disclosures and local property and voting records.

On a statement of candidacy Landrieu filed with the Federal Election Commission in January, she listed her Capitol Hill home as her address. But when qualifying for the ballot in Louisiana last week, she listed the family’s raised-basement home here on South Prieur Street.

This sort of question may seem a bit minor but voters do seem to care quite a bit about it.

Posted by Ace at 03:38 PM Comments

Stuff Matt Yglesias Says


Via @DrewMTips, I've been trying to not mention the M-word, but this is...

Well, it's something.

Remember Sister Soulja? And how Bill Clinton took issue with her, and the press went ga-ga, talking about his "Sister Soulja Moment," his guts in taking on the baser parts of his base?

Here's Matt Yglesias' #SmartTake on that:



People forget, but Sister Souljah was speaking out about the problem of black-on-black crime.

Now you all probably did forget that.

There's a reason you forgot that.

Because it didn't happen.

Here's what she actually said to provoke Bill Clinton into calling her out:

"Of black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?"

Citation here.

Incidentally, she said this not in the context of condemning black-on-black crime, but in an interview in which she expressed her support for the 1992 Rodney King rioters, and just generally supporting black-on-white crime.

Her attitude was that if a black person is going to kill someone anyway, it might as well be a white person.

Per Wikipedia:

In a Washington Post interview published on May 13, 1992, the hip-hop MC, author, and political activist Sister Souljah was quoted as saying, (in response to the question regarding black-on-white violence in the 1992 Los Angeles riots):

Question: "Even the people themselves who were perpetrating that violence, did they think that was wise? Was that a wise reasoned action?"

Souljah: "Yeah, it was wise. I mean, if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?... White people, this government and that mayor were well aware of the fact that black people were dying every day in Los Angeles under gang violence. So if you're a gang member and you would normally be killing somebody, why not kill a white person? Do you think that somebody thinks that white people are better, are above and beyond dying, when they would kill their own kind?"

She wasn't calling for a reduction in violence; she was just calling for it to be redirected entirely towards whites.

I don't understand this whole Matt Yglesias Situation.

I do not understand why people pay him cash money to make a fool of himself week-in, week-out.

Sometimes daily, as John Ekdahl noted earlier.

Posted by Ace at 02:17 PM Comments

Russia Invades Ukraine; State Department Pronounces Itself "Concerned"


The Ukrainian PM says that the invasion as begun.

Putin's plan is apparently to not disturb Obama's golf, as he takes over the country bit-by-bit, rather than in one grand offensive.

Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk announced [spelling corrected] today that Russia had "unleashed a new war in Europe" and that "Russian boots are on Ukrainian ground." According to BBC News, over 1,000 Russian troops (reports are unclear whether they are in official uniform) have crossed into Ukraine and are currently fighting alongside pro-Russian rebels. They now control the Ukrainian border city of Novoazovsk and are attempting to seize Mariupol, a strategic port located on the Sea of Azov -- a rebel spokesman has said they will soon "liberate: the port city. The Ukrainian military is now concentrating on strengthening Mariupol’s defenses.

Meanwhile, Obama is "concerned."

Concerned about Russia invading (in order to subjugate) a peaceful, independent state.

What was the Obama administration’s initial reaction? "These incursions indicate a Russian-directed counteroffensive is likely underway in Donetsk and Luhansk. Clearly, that is of deep concern to us," a State Department spokeswoman said yesterday. She could not have been more inoffensive. Oh, the administration is also "concerned by the Russian Government’s unwillingness to tell the truth even as its soldiers are found 30 miles inside Ukraine. Russia is sending its young men into Ukraine but are telling -- are not telling them where they’re going or telling their parents what they’re doing." The spokeswoman further indicated that we wouldn't change our policy of refusing to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons.


What you say you have when you don't really care.

"This Is the Real Deal:" Video of CNN chatting about their own "concerns" about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine at the Free Beacon.

Meanwhile... the United States refuses to call it an invasion, preferring terms like "an aggression."

Good Lord.

America has never been brought to such a state of disrepute in all of its history as Obama's gentle mercies have managed to do.

Posted by Ace at 01:39 PM Comments

Joan Rivers in Critical Condition


This is now several hours old. I don't see fresh updates.

8:49 AM PT -- The NYPD tells us ... Joan is currently in critical condition.

We're told ... at one point, Joan's heart stopped beating.

It's unclear if doctors were able to restart the comic's heart.

8:15 AM PT -- We're told an emergency call was placed to 911 at 9:39 AM ET and the caller said, "We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest."

More details.

Joan Rivers was rushed to a hospital in New York City on Thursday after suffering complications while undergoing a throat operation at a clinic.

The 81-year-old comedienne and host of E!'s Fashion Police stopped breathing during the surgery, E! News has learned. Her daughter and frequent co-star, Melissa Rivers, 46, and Melissa's son, Cooper, 13, took a morning flight to the city to be by Joan's side.

Police said they responded to an emergency call that morning about an 81-year-old woman and found her in critical condition. They then had her transported to the hospital.

Tough old bird. I hope she pulls through.

Posted by Ace at 12:36 PM Comments

College Football Pickem

—Dave In Texas

@Miketalley73 was nice enough to set up a Yahoo College pickem group if you're interested. There's games tonight so if you want to play, here's the info:

Go to this Yahoo link.

ID: 9834

Password: scandi

I think you have to have a Yahoo id to play. I don't really know how any of this stuff works including this blog. There's still an open thread down there for all the things not football.

Posted by Dave In Texas at 12:11 PM Comments

Open Thread


Posted by rdbrewer at 12:00 PM Comments

Top Headline Comments 8-28-14

—Gabriel Malor

Happy Thursday.

Sean Hannity goes off on a Sharia-loving imam during his Fox News show: "every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth."

Oh. The Boston bomber's sister was arrested for making a bomb threat.

David Drucker has an update on the RNC's big new voter turnout program that I've written about before.

Eesh, the CFPB took a really short amount of time to become a bureaucratic hell hole.

Posted by Gabriel Malor at 06:41 AM Comments

Overnight Open Thread (8-27-2014)


Quote of the Day

When one thing goes wrong, it may be an accident, but when five do at once-Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and our border - the man at the helm may have something to do with it, and a foreign policy based largely on John Lennon lyrics may be the proximate cause.

-- Noemie Emery in the Weekly Standard

Why Miley Cyrus' Homeless Date Is Actually Homeless

You'll be shocked to learn that it's mainly due to bad life choices with the key word being choice.

For those of you not up to speed on this, here's the thumbnail: Miley Cyrus brought a "date" to the VMAs on Sunday who was identified as "Jesse," a homeless man in his twenties. When Cyrus won the award for Video of the Year, she sent "Jesse" up in her place to preach to the Hollywood elite assembled at the Nokia Live Theatre, as well as the millions at home watching, about the plight of the homeless.

...Make no mistake, the subtext of the speech was "There but for the grace of God go you." It's the typical progressive claptrap and guilt trip about homelessness. The idea that all Americans are just one paycheck away from living on the streets in a cardboard box has been a propaganda weapon used to diminish the glories of capitalism for decades.

But, like most Marxist ideas, it's a lie.

Well come on - who doesn't have a few outstanding warrants in nearby states?


Looking For Someone to Blame for ISIL/ISIS/IS

Did you know that the current head of the Islamic State caliphate was in US custody in Iraq until 2009?

The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS,) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was formerly held by the U.S. military at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq from 2005 to his release in 2009.

And why was he released? No one seems to know although I suspect it was related to polices inspired by the lyrics of a certain Lennon song as well as a desire to make the whole Iraq/Middle East thing just go away.

Why such a dangerous man was slated for release in 2009, or who made the decision is not known. The Telegraph offers that "one possible explanation is that he was one of thousands of suspected insurgents granted amnesty as the US began its draw down in Iraq."

In 2010, shortly after his release, al-Baghdadi was announced as a new al-Qaeda leader. When bin Laden was killed in 2011, Baghdadi pledged to revenge his death "with 100 terrorist attacks across Iraq" - but with al Qaeda leaders dropping like flies in Pakistan and Afghanistan, no one took him seriously.


Jim Treacher Finally Gets a Settlement From the Feds

After a State Department security agent hit and ran him while he was crossing the street legally back in 2010. Note that it took them 1660 days to settle up which is nearly twice as a long as the siege of Leningrad lasted during WWII.

Continue reading

Posted by Maetenloch at 09:12 PM Comments

Open Thread


Posted by rdbrewer at 07:48 PM Comments

"Sons of Guns" Cancelled After Host Charged With Raping 11 Year Old Girl Almost "Daily"



I have to head out for a reunion with my hookers family so I'm knocking off very early today.

Posted by Ace at 05:51 PM Comments

As Obama Offers "Don't Do Stupid Shit" Theory of Foreign Policy, His Dwindling Band of Disciple-Defenders Offer "Shit Happens" Theory of Geopolitics


Echoing Norma Desmond, Obama's SuperFans insist, "Obama is big. It's the United States that has gotten small."

Nobody's Fault
Liberals make excuses for Obama

All of a sudden, people have noticed that we are in trouble, and many are saying it isn't the president's fault. All the bad news, from Iraq to Ukraine, from Libya and Syria to the Mexican border, just seems to have happened: Obama was standing there, golfing or shaking hands with donors, and, like a burst of bad weather, the winds blew, the skies opened, and things went to hell. Mysterious forces conspired against him, terrible setbacks occurred for no reason, and we were left with effects without a cause...

Of course, Obama's defenders note that he is currently beleaguered by something that no US president has ever contended with in all of US history: A divided Congress.

She looks at the minor little bother confronting Truman after WWII, to wit, the expansionist Soviet Empire, and notes that previous presidents have in fact faced "nuance-drenched problems," as one liberal defender of Obama calls his difficulties.

Here she gets to the heart of it:


When Republicans fail, it's always their fault, but when things fall apart under Democrats, larger forces are always at work. In the first volume of his work, Reagan biographer Steven F. Hayward took a stroll with us down memory lane to the last time this happened, under one James Earl Carter: "The job of President is too difficult for any single person because of the complexity of the problems and the size of government," pronounced the historian Barbara Tuchman. "As the country goes to the polls in the 47th national election, the Presidency as an institution is in serious trouble," wrote the columnist Joseph Kraft...

If liberals felt compelled to protect a peanut farmer from Georgia, what must they feel for an Ivy League-trained exotic from Hyde Park, a man of the world and messiah, a speaker and writer, but never a doer; themselves, in short, to the ultimate power; themselves as they dreamed they could be? And that is the problem: If he fails, then they fail, and that cannot happen. So the fault is in the stars, in the cards, in unfair expectations--anywhere but where it should be.

And why does the God fail?

Because he's not a god, of course.

I found this interesting:

His supporters argue that his approach has been consistent with his strategy of returning the United States -- after post-Sept. 11 wars -- to a foreign policy built around economic engagement rather than military intervention. The question, though, is whether he is contradicting the pledge embraced in his 2009 Nobel Prize lecture: "to face the world as it is," not as he would like it to be.

"He thought he could change the tenor more easily than he could, and I think he thought the world would be more responsive to his desires than the world has proven to be," said Jon B. Alterman, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

This explains Obama's failures as well as anything else: He speaks his platitudes with the zest of a man who thinks his audience is hearing all this for the first time, and he thinks his Magic Words can move mountains.

And he has no Plan B for when this fails.

And this fails always.

And would-be gods are narcissistic things, and cannot admit their failures.

Posted by Ace at 04:18 PM Comments

Al Michaels: Bob Costas Really Needs to Drink a Tall Cold Glass of Shut Your Fat Mouth You Chubby Pisher Juice


Or words to that effect.

He spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about competition from the new Thursday Night Football show on CBS.

How do you plan to handle the Washington Redskins nickname controversy on the air?

Gaudelli: Just like we handled it last year. No one's tuning in to the game to hear our opinion on should the name be changed or should the name be left the way it is. We're doing the game; it's really not under our jurisdiction to be weighing in. If we were a studio show, it would be different.

Lazarus: [Costas] did that, so we don't need to address it again. It was only relevant for Bob to do it in that game [Oct. 13, 2013] because that was the first game after the controversy bubbled up again, and it was a Redskins game.

Michaels: You should have seen Twitter on Bob that night, but that's a whole other story. Our audience wants to watch a football game, and all you really do to fans when they're watching the game, if you go in that direction, is piss 'em off. They don't want to be lectured to -- period.

I assume this "Lazarus" has some connection to Costas and so was trying to put in a kind word for the preening jackass.

Corrected: No, they were talking about whether CBS' new Thursday Night Football show would be competition for their continuing Sunday Night Football show.

Which makes Michaels' dig a bit edgier, as they're co-workers at NBC, I guess.

It also explains why Lazarus, whoever that is, speaks of "we" making the previous statement on the Redskins' name.

Thanks to Buzzion for that correction.

Posted by Ace at 02:58 PM Comments

The AoSHQ Amazon Store

Top Headlines
AoSHQ Podcast rss.png itunes_modern.png

This week's guest: Conn Carroll

MP3 Download | Stream | Ask The Blog | Archives
Loathesome MP George Galloway got his ass kicked on a London street
"Galloway is a nauseating anti-Semite who once told Saddam Hussein during a speech he gave in Iraq, 'Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.'" Maybe the Brits will vote him out of office now. [rdbrewer]

President George W. Obama Lashes Out at Media Over Sinking Poll Numbers
Most of the time, Democrats wait until after the midterms to blame the media for their losses. [rdbrewer]

Erick Erickson: The Continued Farce
"Soon, because polling and focus grouping suggested 'global warming' was not working, the name changed to 'climate change.' No one really opposes the new term. Every person who has ever lived agrees the climate changes." [rdbrewer]

Matthew Continetti: Remilitarize the World Police
"In the past, America has cut defense without eliminating our deterrent. What’s different? Presidential incompetence." [rdbrewer]

Editorial: President Obama needs to focus on how the United States can meet global challenges
"OBAMA’S acknowledgment that 'we don’t have a strategy yet' in Syria understandably attracted the most attention after his perplexing meeting with reporters Thursday. But his restatement of the obvious was not the most dismaying aspect of his remarks." Via @trueholygoat. Added: More from HotAir. [rdbrewer]
Book Review: A Flowershop In Baghdad
Memoir by USAF Major Michael Banzet of his time in Iraq, highly relevant once more as the Endless War continues to not end

Charles Krauthammer: The Answer to Corporate ‘Inversion’
"What is maddening is that the problem is so easily solved: tax reform that lowers the accursed corporate rate." [rdbrewer]

Walter E. Williams: Blacks Must Confront Reality
"The point of bringing up these historical facts is to ask this question, with a bit of sarcasm: Is the reason the black family was far healthier in the late 1800s and 1900s that back then there was far less racial discrimination and there were greater opportunities?" [rdbrewer]

Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg: Romney? Again? Please Stop
Exactly. "Whatever the reasons for renewed interest in Romney, Republicans would be well advised to move on." [rdbrewer]

And you may find yourself in a beautiful Oval Office...

Krauthammer’s Take: ‘I Thought the President Could No Longer Surprise Me. I Was Wrong’
"'[T]he president gets in front of the world and says, "I don’t have a strategy." If that is true, don’t say anything. Why do you announce that you don’t have a strategy?'" [rdbrewer]

The Atlantic: The 'Star Wars' George Lucas doesn’t want you to see
"In fact, it’s actually impossible to buy an official copy of Star Wars as it was first released. Lucas doesn’t want you to see that version. Instead, he wants you to watch the continuously updated special editions...." [rdbrewer]

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: The Republic of Bill
"What if a Conservatarian could design his own, small-government society? What would it look like, and how would it work?" [rdbrewer]

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Has No Home In Louisiana, Claims She Lives With Mommy And Daddy [rdbrewer]
BREAKING: Bardarbunga Erupts
Live stream of the Iceland volcano. It has been erupting under the glacier for several days. It just melted through. Added: Another live stream. More from Wired. [rdbrewer]

Erick Erickson: The Democrats’ problem: Obama’s coalition isn’t their coalition
"These people do not turn out for other Democrats in off year elections. And in on-year elections, they turn out committed to Barack Obama." [rdbrewer]

Obama: We don't have a strategy for dealing with ISIS
Yes, he said that. More from Jake Tapper, The Lead. [rdbrewer]

Pop Songs as Sonnets
Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Mollie Hemingway: Don’t Confuse Being A Feminist With Being A Perpetual Victim
"Could feminists stop encouraging women to see themselves as victims?" [rdbrewer]

Al Franken would like you to ignore the video of him holding two traffic cones to his chest as breasts
Via @lachlan. [rdbrewer]
MSM Hypocrisy Has No Lower Limit: "NCIS" Lawsuit claims CBS stopped purchasing Bert the Farting Hippo dolls from company that owns copyright and started importing cheap unlicensed Berts from China. What's their take on American jobs again? [krak/t]
Billboard: Album Sales Hit A New Low
Via Drudge. "As streaming gathers momentum, the U.S. music industry keeps breaking sales milestones -- the wrong kind. This week's 3.97-million album sales tally is the smallest weekly sum for album sales since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991." [rdbrewer]
MSM News Org Apologizes for Inappropriate Live Streaming of Private Residence. “Our intention was not to be insensitive to his family..." Shocker: They aren't referring to Officer Wilson/Ferguson. [krak/t]
Eh: "Central Perk" Coffeehouse to Open in NYC for Just One Month, Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Friends and People's Inability to Move On
By the way it's in SoHo rather than on the Upper West Side near Central Park, where the "real" Central Perk ought to be

Couric Accused Sawyer Of Trading Head For Headlines [rdbrewer]

NYT: Turkey’s Imperial Fantasy
"What Mr. Davutoglu needs to do, above all, is to accept that his pan-Islamist worldview, based on archaic theories of expansionism, is obsolete." [rdbrewer]

Karen Tumulty and Robert Costa, WaPo: Obama’s immigration decision could roil 2014 election
"In the past few days, Democratic candidates in nearly every closely fought Senate race have criticized the idea of aggressive action by Obama." [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: Another Day, Another White House Effort to Ignore the Constitution
"How many Democrats are beginning to realize what they’ve done, and what kind of man they’ve put in the Oval Office?" [rdbrewer]

Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: How To Speak Leftist [rdbrewer]

David Chase Says Tony Soprano Quote Was ‘Misconstrued’
You've been Voxsplained! [rdbrewer]

Eugene Volokh: Thuggery wins, free speech rights lose
"But I think the dissent is exactly right in noting that allowing a 'heckler’s veto' — speech suppression justified by the violence or threatened violence of the audience — simply provides (a) an incentive for more such violence, and (b) an incentive for government officials to suppress speech they dislike. Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated." [rdbrewer]

Astronomy Magazine: Chandra X-ray Observatory picture of Eta Carinae
An interesting look at a star we usually see like this. Added: More from Wikipedia, including this near-infrared picture, also new to me. [rdbrewer]

Live Science: High-Tech Sleuthing Cracks Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks
It's a combination of ice, water, and wind. Better video explanation here. [rdbrewer]

NYT: How the Supreme Court protects bad cops [rdbrewer]

Meghan O'Keefe, Decider: Disasterpiece Theater: 'Dune'
"However, there are some films that go beyond being disasters. They are so bad that it’s inconceivable that man alone made them." She makes a lot of good points, but I think it's an underrated movie. Unfortunately, the bad aspects tend to overshadow the good. [rdbrewer]

Magma From Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano Moving As Quakes Intensify
"Now underground magma appears to have moved beyond the edge of the glacier and is heading for another volcanic system...." More from the BBC. [rdbrewer]

Video: Einstein the Robot
This one gets into "uncanny valley" territory. Also: A comedy robot. [rdbrewer]

Time: What Are Animals Thinking? (Hint: More Than You Suspect)
"Animals, the research is proving, are creatures capable of reflection, bliss, worry and more. Not all of them in the same ways or to the same degrees, surely, but all of them in far deeper measures than we’ve ever believed." [rdbrewer]

The Telegraph: Giant panda ‘faked pregnancy for extra treats and nicer accommodation
Thanks for the links, Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Mary Katharine Ham: It’s come to this: The War on Bacon is real
"This person is a miserable little local dictator on a power trip and we needn’t indulge him or her in American society. The word bacon is not insensitive." Via @DoreenHDickson. [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: Obama Unveils New Plan to Work with Foreign Governments to Ignore the Constitution
"Look at how these people speak. If you cannot get the Senate to ratify a treaty (technically, passing a resolution of ratification), then the United States is not a party to that treaty. Period. Full stop." [rdbrewer]
Arby's is now selling a $10 “Meat Mountain” Sandwich. Suck it Vegans [dri]
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