April 24, 2017

Monday Overnight Open Thread (4/24/17)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

The Erie Canal


Because, that is why.


Quotes of The Day

Quote I

We cannot accept the fact that Jews wouldn't be entitled to live and buy anywhere in Jerusalem. I can only imagine what would happen if someone suggested Jews could not live in certain neighborhoods in New York, London, Paris or Rome. There would certainly be a major international outcry. Benjamin Netanyahu

Quote II

We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. Ronald Reagan

Quote III

With all due respect, many in the entertainment industry are deep into mind-altering substance abuse, and when one’s logic and intellectual calculating powers are replaced with dopey feel-good, fantasy-driven denial, the democratic party serves them well. Ted Nugent


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Chelsea Clinton, Precocious Regurgitator Of Daft, Left-Wing Bumper Sticker Morality [Warden]

—Open Blogger

Chelsea Clinton was born so woke that the first part of her to emerge was a tiny power fist shaking furiously at the world's injustices.

Right, then.

1. I don't believe her.

2. It would reflect even more poorly on this dull and unaccomplished braggart if it actually were true that she wrote this at five years of age.

Of course her spastic flock enthusiastically jumped in with their tales of their own children writing Donald Trump to lecture him about his various isms, phobias, and failure to take proper note of whichever potpourri of special rights that the left has conjured out of thin air on any given day.

All of Chelsea's groupies are, of course, inordinately proud of their children for repeating the trite political tropes they've been incessantly mouthing in front of them for their entire lives.

Good job. Opinions are as rare as albino naked mole-rats. The ability to write words using a pencil, rarer still. Combining the two is is a praiseworthy achievement indeed.

But hey, I ain't even mad. Below the fold is proof that...

1. God exists.

2. His wrath is mighty indeed.

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Trump to Open Atlantic Ocean to Oil Exploration; May Finally Overturn Ban on Drilling in the Alaska National Wilderness Reserve (ANWR)


Remember ANWR?

That's not actually on the table, yet, but Trump has directed the DOE to review Obama's various bans on oil exploration, including in national parks.

First reported by Axios, the 'Executive Order Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy' would initiate a review of the locations available for off-shore oil and gas exploration.

The executive order would also look into the regulations currently governing off-shore oil and gas exploration, as Trump has continually promised to kill off business-curbing rules.


Beyond offshore drilling, Trump's executive orders will target some of President Obama's national parks designations made, as labeling areas a national monument makes them off-limits to drilling, fishing and mining.

By the way: You know who doesn't want Alaska pumping out oil?


And Saudi Arabia.

Low oil prices are objectively good for the American economy and good for its foreign policy goals -- most major oil exporters are hostile or at best frenemies, and being able to open the spigots whenever we want to send a message would be a terrific piece of foreign policy leverage that also amounts to putting money in American pockets.

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#Science Now Says You're Gay and Transsexual


Two related bits of stupid:

A tranny is now claiming that people who have a preference for real men or real women are guilty of "cissexism." We've been counting down to the moment where it's officially a mainstream idea on the left that you must have gay sex, upon demand, to prove you're not homophobic, and while that idea has been pushed for a while now (as I've mentioned, I've heard from parents of younger kids that they believe if they are "straight only" that means they're bigots), and every year the media turns out a new sob story about a "transgirl" who's very upset and hurt that straight boys don't want to be with another boy with a penis, but I'd mark today as an important day in our collective sexual journey.

Why conservatives don't embarrass progressive politicians by straight-up asking them this question -- is a 15 year old boy a "bigot" if he's not interested in having sex with a trans "girl"? -- I don't know. It could just be that conservatives get a bit flustered by publicly speaking about sex. But if this is the left's push, then I want every Democrat to answer this question definitively.

Meanwhile, "Bill Nye the Science Guy" -- or is it Bill Nye the Science Pyrsyn on a Spectrum of Discovery? -- has minor YouTube/cable celebrity Rachel Bloom shake her tits and ass proclaiming that #Science says you're gay.

And by the way, I don't think this woman is funny. She's just halfway stacked, so men applaud when she does anything where she sings something kind of dirty.

Would anyone have ever heard of this woman if she wasn't a D cup and fond of demonstrating that fact? She's just doing geexploitation -- geeks are horny and like girls with bewbs, especially those who cynically play to them by offering the illusion of attainability.

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Blue Checkmark Mafia Goes Nuts Over Claim That Debbie Schlussel Accused Sean Hannity of Sexual Harassment; Debbie Schlussel Later Clarifies She's Not Accusing Him Of That


The John Ekdahl rule: From 7am to 12pm, the deranged leftist media goes crazy every day with some new #FakeNews. Then from 5pm to 8pm, they begrudgingly walk back their claims when people aren't online.

Debbie Schlussel claimed that Sean Hannity invited her to his hotel room and she declined and then she was never on his show again.

She later clarified she'd never accuse him of sexual harassment based on such facts. Even assuming they are facts, which I don't. More on that later.

Now, in an interview with LawNewz.com on Monday morning, Schlussel is denying that she was ever sexually harassed by Sean Hannity. While Schlussel stands by her description of the incident, Schlussel told us that she doesn’t believe what happened between the two amounted to sexual harassment by any legal definition.

"I would never accuse him of that. Sexual harassment has a special meaning under the law, and I would never accuse him of that," Schlussel, an attorney herself, said. Schlussel said the interaction happened in the early 2000’s when Hannity was in Detroit taping a show.

"He tried to get me to go back to the hotel after the show after he and his executive producer Bill Shine treated me horribly," she said on the radio program. Schlussel later clarified that it wasn’t his hotel room, but rather his hotel. She told LawNewz.com that she did go on the show following the incident, but after that was "banned from Fox News."

Now, on that "assuming the facts are true" caveat:

Following the radio interview on Friday, Hannity issued a strongly worded statement denying Schlussel’s claims saying he plans to take legal action against Schlussel for possible libel.

“LET ME BE CLEAR THE COMMENTS ABOUT ME ON A RADIO SHOW THIS WEEK by this individual ARE 100% false and a complete fabrication,” Hannity said in a statement obtained by LawNewz.com. “This individual is a serial harasser who has been lying about me for well over a decade. The individual has a history of making provably false statements against me in an effort to slander, smear and besmirch my reputation. The individual has not just slandered me over the years but many people who this individual disagrees with.”

Brit Hume had a disagreement about this with ABC News' political director Matt Dowd, who looks like a thumb and tweets anti-conservative bullshit all day while claiming to be politically neutral.

Matthew Dowd is right -- one should never proposition someone in the course of one's job duties.

Speaking of divorces and hot new relationships, Megyn Kelly will debut on NBC in June.

Sort of.

"She will start in May, and her Sunday show will premiere in June," a network insider told us. Kelly had been expected to start in July after her Fox contract expired, but she was just released from her Fox deal two weeks ago.

She will join Kate Snow as part of NBC News’ Sunday night programming....

But the former Fox News star's upcoming weekday morning program remains in shambles. We're told NBC is still scrambling to find a staff and executive producer for the weekday morning show, which will debut in the fall.

"It’s a very real problem. There’s no staff in place. They have no idea what they’re going to do with Megyn. Ideas range from talk show to studio audience to news show. It's a problem," another source said. Kelly's rep didn't comment.

Liberals don't even want to work with someone who has the slightest whiff of not being fully liberal. Megyn Kelly always struck me as a liberal Republican (at best), but that is a bridge too far for today's militant progressives.

Hell, the Murdoch Sons may be about to take Fox fully liberal in an effort to feel respectable socializing with their fellow monied liberals again.

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Three ISIS Fighters Killed By Long-Range Snipers and Wild Boars But Mostly Wild Boars


When God sends a Plague of Wild Boars against you, he's done sending messages, and is now sending armored bacon.

Near Kirkuk, Iraq:

Three Islamic State jihadis have reportedly been killed by rampaging wild boars near Iraqi farmland.

The three Islamic State militants were cut down by the feral boar known to inhabit Kirkuk in the the al-Rashad region, a local news site claims.

They attacked the militants and left three killed, Iraqi News reports.

Artist's Depiction: A warboar sergeant putting recruits
through bacon training

ISIS took vengeance on the boars by... attacking the farm.

'Islamic State militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland," though reports of how the fighters died remain unclear.

ISIS apparently thinks the feral pigs owned the farm. Some kind of boar kubbutz or something.

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Will the Democrats Shut Down the Government to Block the Wall?


Building a wall around the wall. Only in the Democrat Party.

Jeff Sessions doesn't think they have the stones.

From The Hill:

"I can't imagine the Democrats would shut down the government over an objection to building a down payment on a wall that can end the lawlessness..."

He added that they'd pay for the wall "one way or another."

I think the Democrats can and will be this crazy. What else do they have to sell except crazy?

By the way, NPR is now saying that what the Democrats are threatening is but a mere "partial shutdown" of government. PJMedia's Charlie Martin doesn't remember NPR referring to Republican-threatened shutdowns as "partial shutdowns," even though, of course, they were the same shutdowns.

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Media Now Whining That Trump Is Holding Rally on Night of "#NerdProm," Thus Keeping Some Reporters From Attending


White House correspondents would have to cover a White House-related event.

They had wanted to spend #NerdPromNight sipping other people's champagne and eating other people's caviar.

Now the Bad Man is making them work.

These people are loathsome.

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Politico: "Obama's Hidden Iran Giveaway"


Note this is Politico, a fake news outlet that cheers on Democrats, not, say, WND.

When Politico is giving their investigatory piece that headline, you know it's bad -- and you know it's probably worse than they're letting on, or worse than they've yet discovered.

Maybe bookmark the piece for reading tonight -- it's very long and detailed. I'll excerpt some stuff but this is just a little bit of it.

Obama's Hidden Iran Giveaway

By dropping charges against major arms targets, the administration infuriated Justice Department officials -- and undermined its own counterproliferation task forces.

By JOSH MEYER 04/24/17 05:00 AM EDT

When President Barack Obama announced the "one-time gesture" of releasing Iranian-born prisoners who "were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses" last year, his administration presented the move as a modest trade-off for the greater good of the Iran nuclear agreement and Tehran’s pledge to free five Americans.

At the time, the Obama Administration crowed that they had "winnowed" Iran's additional request for more released prisoners down to these harmless seven.

But Obama, the senior official and other administration representatives weren’t telling the whole story on Jan. 17, 2016, in their highly choreographed rollout of the prisoner swap and simultaneous implementation of the six-party nuclear deal, according to a POLITICO investigation.

In his Sunday morning address to the American people, Obama portrayed the seven men he freed as "civilians." The senior official described them as businessmen convicted of or awaiting trial for mere "sanctions-related offenses, violations of the trade embargo."

In reality, some of them were accused by Obama's own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran.

And in a series of unpublicized court filings, the Justice Department dropped charges and international arrest warrants against 14 other men, all of them fugitives. The administration didn't disclose their names or what they were accused of doing, noting only in an unattributed, 152-word statement about the swap that the U.S. "also removed any Interpol red notices and dismissed any charges against 14 Iranians for whom it was assessed that extradition requests were unlikely to be successful"

Three of the fugitives allegedly sought to lease Boeing aircraft for an Iranian airline that authorities say had supported Hezbollah, the U.S.-designated terrorist organization. A fourth, Behrouz Dolatzadeh, was charged with conspiring to buy thousands of U.S.-made assault rifles and illegally import them into Iran.

A fifth, Amin Ravan, was charged with smuggling U.S. military antennas to Hong Kong and Singapore for use in Iran. U.S. authorities also believe he was part of a procurement network providing Iran with high-tech components for an especially deadly type of IED used by Shiite militias to kill hundreds of American troops in Iraq.

The biggest fish, though, was Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili, who had been charged with being part of a conspiracy that from 2005 to 2012 procured thousands of parts with nuclear applications for Iran via China. That included hundreds of U.S.-made sensors for the uranium enrichment centrifuges in Iran whose progress had prompted the nuclear deal talks in the first place.

When federal prosecutors and agents learned the true extent of the releases, many were shocked and angry. Some had spent years, if not decades, working to penetrate the global proliferation networks that allowed Iranian arms traders both to obtain crucial materials for Tehran's illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs and, in some cases, to provide dangerous materials to other countries.

And while this was going on, the Administration was putting DOJ investigations into both new and old Iranian or Iran-affiliated targets into slowdown, throwing sand in the gears at every turn.

That's all I can quote. Politico even includes a fact check at the end of the piece comparing Obama's claims about these seven (actually 21) "civilians" (actually spies and illegal arms smugglers) that he released.

Basically, Obama released the Rosenbergs in exchange for a promise to not build a nuclear bomb for ten years -- just continue doing all the research, testing, and procurement to build a bomb in ten years.

Oh, and then he gave the country the atomic secrets were stolen for $150 billion as seed money for their own Iranian Manhattan Project.

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics


The Cato Institute: GAO Weighs In On "Countering Violent Extremism"

From the GAO's report:

Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent).

It sounds like we are focusing our energies on the wrong people, at least at first glance. But, as usual, the death-wish among a certain group of elites is on full display. Those statistics are for the United States, not the world. It is a sleazy and underhanded analysis of a world-wide problem.

But The Cato Institute seems to buy into that canard, that since there are fewer attacks on U.S. soil, militant Islam isn't that big of a problem.

I understand their reluctance to ease Constitutional protections, but there is a reasonable accommodation to be made when the often-expressed desire of militant Islam is to destroy Western society. That they haven't done much in this country post 9/11 is a testament to two big oceans between us and them, and taking the fight to their countries.

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Obama Now Giving Speech at the University of Chicago on Community Organizing


Live on CNN's feed now.

If you can't bear listening to the Jug-Eared F***, CBD's post is still below. I hate stomping him, but this is a live event, so. What must be done must be done.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Jeune Femme.jpg

Jeune Femme Lisant (Young Woman Reading)
Alfred Stevens

He has a civilized name, but he is actually from Belgium.

And...once again...technique wins. Think what you will of the subject, the work is marvelous as a physical feat of artistry.

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The Morning Report 4/24/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Hope everybody had a great weekend. Lots to cover, so let's get with it. Top stories are the French elections, which are sending the EU globalists into paroxysms of panic. As several US Navy carrier battle groups get closer to the Korean peninsula, the NorKs are threatening to test fire a nuke tomorrow which many predict will force PDT to strike. Earth Day and the march of the Lysenkoists was less about science than it was about the social justice causes du jour, which these things always devolve into. Last but not least, today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Time to pray for the millions of lives snuffed out and give thanks for the righteous among nations as well as the American GIs who fought and died to save the survivors. Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (4/23/17)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


I met a fairy who said she would grant me one wish.
Immediately I said, "I want to live forever."
"Sorry," said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant eternal life."
"OK," I said, "Then, I want to die after Congress gets some work done. "

"You crafty bastard," said the fairy.

Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"Let me tell you about endangered species, all right? Saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt by humans to control nature. It's arrogant meddling. It's what got us in trouble in the first place. Doesn't anybody understand that? Interfering with nature. Over 90%, way over 90% of all the species that have ever lived on this planet, ever lived, are gone. They're extinct. We didn't kill them all. They just disappeared. That's what nature does.

"We’re so self-important. So self-important. Everybody’s going to save something now. “Save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails.” And the greatest arrogance of all: save the planet. What? Are these fucking people kidding me? Save the planet, we don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet. We haven’t learned how to care for one another, we’re gonna save the fucking planet?George Carlin


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Early Sunday Night Open Thread


Been a while since the last thread. ONT coming up, but here's a new thread anyway.

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Food Thread: It's Just Food


new Age bull.jpg

I'll make you a deal Dr. Hyman: You inoculate us both with Yersinia pestis (plague) or rabies, and I will treat myself with antibiotics or rabies vaccine, and you treat yourself with a big bowl of kale and some raw radishes, and in a month we will meet and compare notes.

The conceit of these new age shamans that 2,500 years of Western intellectual development is somehow flawed and that they can simply invent a new paradigm of health is a reflection of a very wealthy society that has many people in it who have nothing serious to worry about.

Food is fuel. Yes, there are some mixtures that are better for us than others, but in the end, food provides energy and the building blocks for growth of tissue.

Making it some sort of 21st century totem that symbolizes an ascent to some higher plane is just silly. I'm all for putting food on a pedestal, but only for the purposes of pleasure and as a social lubricant. I refuse to elevate it to something magical and mystical. And the people who claim incredible properties of food are doing exactly that. It's voodoo and astrology all wrapped up in baked quinoa and arugula until it is proven by a dispassionate scientific study that is then repeated, preferably a few times.

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French Elections: Macron and LePen Qualify For Second Round, Drawing 23.7% and 21.7% Respectively


The candidates of the two major parties, Parti Socialist (PS) and Les Republicaines (LR), both immediately called on supporters to vote against Le Pen. Francois Fillon called Le Pen "an extremist."

Had the 100%-tax-on-the-rich Melenchon faced off against Le Pen, it could be a race, because center-right voters could maybe decide the arch-socialist, far-left Melenchon was an even bigger threat.

Macron is a standard issue French socialist, running as an "independent," who enthusiastically supports the EU, which I guess makes him palatable to the somewhat-less-socialist Republicaines.

I don't see any possible route to victory for Le Pen, short of ISIS raising black flags over the Eysium.

Incidentally, France's two biggest parties failed to make the second round of the election, because the PS is very unpopular after five years of the very unpopular Francoise Hollande, and the Republicaines nominated Fillon, who looked fine pre-nomination, but soon after was badly damaged by revelations/accusations that his wife was holding a no-show government-paid job.

Alternate View: "Sargon of Akkad," who correctly predicted that Geert Wilders could not win and in fact could not even come close to winning in the Dutch presidential elections, is predicting the unrelenting terrorist attacks in France will in fact turn the advantage to Le Pen.

He notes that one poll claims that half of all French police say they'll vote for Le Pen, which may be (or might not be) a kind of hidden leading indicator.

It surprises me that he'd say that, because I'd figure that the same dynamic present in the Netherlands (everyone not in the nationalist party votes against the nationalist party) would apply to France. But maybe the high rate of terrorism is more of a factor in besieged France.

He notes that Macron is resigning himself a "this is the way it is now" attitude, (he said something to that effect), and further vows, in mocking both Le Pen and Trump, that there will be no wall in his own campaign platform, because the EU will France's walls.

I'm still skeptical myself -- we just had big news in the regional elections a couple of years ago, in which six or seven FN candidates made it to the second tour, but only one (IIRC) prevailed in the election. That was post-Bataclan, so if there was going to be a big turn towards FN, one would imagine it would have happened back then, too.

Poll: Connor linked a poll saying "Bloomberg has Le Pen ahead." I don't know if he misread this, but the latest Ipsos poll has Macron ahead of Le Pen 62 to 32, a blowout.

Remember, this election today is the first "tour", or round, or what we might call a "jungle primary." The next election is the second tour, the run-off between the two top finishers.

FN frequently makes it to the second tour, but then gets beaten in that election (the election that actually results in a win or loss of office) because the partisans of all non-FN parties tend to vote against the FN.

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What The Hell Is A March For Science?


Aside from turning Manhattan into a giant parking lot, what did these stupid demonstrations achieve?

Well, it was a monstrous sea of virtue-signalling signs and hip clothing and wry facial hair, and not a single constructive thing other than widening the gulf between hyper-politicized agitation for "climate change" and...um...real science.

The idiocy that "consensus" should end the debate is insulting to everyone who understands the scientific method and isn't driven by partisanship or, probably more likely, the quest for funding.

Newton and Liebnitz and Pasteur and Einstein and Rutherford and Barry Marshall and Robin Warren (look 'em up) and Feynman and Mullis and a host of great scientists did not accept the status quo and the pronouncements of the herd.

Scientific investigation should take one wherever the data point. That the AGW establishment jealously guards its data is a testament to their ulterior motives, and a huge red flag. Show me your raw data, and show me how and why you "corrected" them to prove your hypothesis. Otherwise, you are a fraud and a liar and have no respect for the scientific method.

And another thing:

Correlation does not imply causation

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 04-23-2017


Library of Congress Reading Room.jpg

Library of Congress Reading Room

Pic Note

I heard about this reading room from tsrblke, who told me:

It's actually not all that easy to find, you actually have to go down to the level below it, wander some hallways that cut at odd angles and then take an elevator back up to the room's entrance. And leaving I got totally lost and spent 15 minutes wandering around in a sublevel until I finally found my way out...There are several alcoves off the main center area that look out to the center of the room almost like little observation rooms. And you don't get a sense of the sheer size of this single room until you're standing on the floor of it looking up rather than down from above.

Another Book by One of Trump's Appointees

I did not know that our newest SCOTUS justice, Neil Gorsuch, had written a book, which came to my attention when RealClearBooks had a link to this negative review of it. If you want a good look about how Justice Gorsuch thinks, The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia is probably a good place to start:

After assessing the strengths and weaknesses of arguments for assisted suicide and euthanasia, Gorsuch builds a nuanced, novel, and powerful moral and legal argument against legalization, one based on a principle that, surprisingly, has largely been overlooked in the debate--the idea that human life is intrinsically valuable and that intentional killing is always wrong. At the same time, the argument Gorsuch develops leaves wide latitude for individual patient autonomy and the refusal of unwanted medical treatment and life-sustaining care, permitting intervention only in cases where an intention to kill is present.

The downside is that this book is published by an academic press, so the price ($25) is pretty steep. And some of the reviews are just frothing at the mouth. I especially liked the one that is basically one sentence: "It’s been almost a year since Senate Republicans took an empty Supreme Court seat hostage, discarding a constitutional duty that both parties have honored throughout American history and hobbling an entire branch of government for partisan gain." Heh. Butthurt much?

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

Something that is MERDIVEROUS eats dung.

Usage: "The merdiverous Maxine Waters..."

Also, if you rearrange the letters in the phrase "an antifa protester" you get its dictionary definition

"n: fat pest near a riot."

(h/t Mark Huffman for the anagram)

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EMT 04/23/17


This EMT has every bit of substance as Hillary's campaign did.

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Overnight Open Thread (22 Apr 2017)


Sure is bright today in my house with all the lights on for Earth Day. Just a reminder, the Earth Day co-founder killed, composted his girlfriend.

13 most ridiculous predictions made on Earth Day, 1970.

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 04-22-2017 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]


Let's Talk About Star Wars

Okay, not actually Star Wars, but stuff like this:

I think that you people know that I love movies in general quite a bit more than most. I watch a lot of stuff of a wide variety.

You may also be able to guess that I got into movies through stuff like Star Wars. I was obsessed with the original trilogy. I read the Expanded Universe novels. Hell, in about 6th grade I tried my first hand at novel writing with a Star Wars novel (I'm pretty sure it was really terrible and I'm very glad that I can't find it). I went a bit nuts when the first trailer for The Phantom Menace came out. I went to go see 13 Days, a movie I had no interest in, just so that I could see the trailer.

I was also 13 years old at the time.

I picked this guy's video at random, and I don't want to cast judgment on the guy's mental state. Neither should you. However, having never heard of this guy before, seen any of his videos, or met him in person, all I have to go on with him is this video. And he cries at the trailer for The Last Jedi. He…Cries.

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Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread 04-22-2017


Michael Cheval - A la Guerre comme a la Guerre.jpg

Michael Cheval - A la Guerre Comme a la Guerre

Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the temple of Caïssa, goddess of the chessboard. And, for those of you who aren't nerdly enough for chess, you can use this thread to talk about checkers, or other games, or politics, or whatever you wish, only please try to keep it civil. Nobody wants to get in the middle of a hockey brawl on a Saturday afternoon. Except maybe Bruins fans.

Pic Note

I played around with Google's language translator, and the title of this week's pic could either be rendered "In War As In War" or "War and War", I'm not sure which. No doubt one of you morons more knowledgeable in French would be able to help out here.

Also, there's a lot of detail in the painting that you'll be able to see a lot better if you bring up the larger version, which is only a click away.

Problem 1 - Black To Play (224)

Hint: Black can force a mate in 2

20170422 - Problem 1.jpg
5rk1/pb3p1p/1b2pPp1/6qr/PQ6/6P1/1B1R1P1P/3R1BK1 b - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

sat pet thread.jpg

Welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread, where critters are tops.

It's been quite a week with the pets here. All I can say is I'm glad that they don't have thumbs. Whats been going on in your world?

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Bloomin' Mysteries [KT]

—Open Blogger


Clue to Mystery Flower #1 is The Platypus.

Animal: Wide bill. Plant: Wide ____.

Happy Saturday, gardeners and garden watchers! Today, we have three mystery flowers plus additional content! Only the most nerdish gardeners in The Horde are expected to come up with the correct species identification for our first mystery today without looking it up. I do not know the identity of our second Mystery Flower. Maybe together we can figure out what it is.

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Thread before the gardening thread: Oz in April [KT]

—Open Blogger

Serving your mid-day open thread needs

It's elementary.

Has autumn (in Australia) brought out a bit of attention to reality? Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process. Via Maggie's Farm:

Aspiring citizens will undergo tougher tests on their English language skills and ability to demonstrate "Australian values", PM Malcolm Turnbull said.

Applicants must also have completed four years as a permanent resident - three years longer than at present.

The move comes two days after Australia unveiled stricter visa requirements for skilled workers from overseas.

Mr Turnbull said the changes would ensure that migrants were better integrated into the community. . . .

Sounds to me like some of the "Australian values" noted could be adopted as "American values", too.

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Saturday Morning Weird News Dump

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

sat weird news.jpg

[X] Coffee
[X] Sassy Pants
[X] Smart Ass Attitude

All set, must be Saturday morning. Welcome the the weird news dump.

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EMT 04/22/17


You really shouldn't be up this early. It's a Saturday. Shoot your clock and get some sleep.

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Overnight Open Thread (21 Apr 2017)


Alright, I'm back from my misadventures in computing. Long story short, I had an overheating CPU that was spiking to 99C and causing programs to lock up when the CPU throttled itself due to the heat spike. I originally thought it was the EA software but that turned out not to be the case. First I replaced the thermal paste that was located on the heat sink/water cooler bottom that attaches to the CPU chip. That didn't address the problem so I replaced the water cooler itself and that didn't work either. Eventually, I ended up swapping out the CPU chip and everything is back to normal. Then I had to mess with the BIOS as it stopped recognizing one of my GPUs. Good learning experience though.

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Open Thread and Some Things of Marginal Importance


Some stuff, a lot of it from Twitter, where the real stupid happens:

A Blue Checkmark Mafia idiot says the GOP rigged Benghazi to hurt Hillary Clinton in the election.

Louise Mensch, who is so good at politics she successfully served as a Member of Parliament from 2010 all the way until her resignation in 2012, spends her days now nuttering about reds under the beds. Even Buzzfeed, which has led many Social Justice Warrior scalp-hunting parties against innocent nobodies, thinks she's a bit promiscuous with her many, many allegations.

Since last November’s election, the former British politician Louise Mensch has transformed herself into the leader of a wide-ranging internet investigation into Russian espionage and influence in American politics, media, and business. Every day, Mensch and her network of online detectives unravel what they claim is a massive conspiracy linking the Kremlin, the Republican party, armies of internet trolls, and moneyed puppet-masters around the world.

Mensch, who sometimes tweets hundreds of times a day, has claimed or implied that targets ranging from top government officials to journalists to teenagers to anonymous twitter users are in thrall to Vladimir Putin.

Just since inauguration day, according to an extensive review of her tweets, the New York-based Mensch has accused at least 210 people and organizations of being under Russian government influence....

Mensch’s list includes 35 American politicians and government officials, 26 journalists, 26 organizations and corporations (among them think tanks, banks, media outlets, foreign intelligence agencies, and security firms), 18 Russians, 18 US citizens notable for political donations or affiliations, 80 low-profile Twitter accounts Mensch has characterized as "Putinbots" or similar (many of which appear to belong to Americans who support President Trump), and two British politicians. The list includes figures as disparate as Bernie Sanders and Sean Hannity.

Via @EsotericCD.

By the way, if you wish to learn more about the mindthoughts of this former chic-lit-writer-turned-spyhunter, you can read her brilliant essay "Dear Mr. Putin, Let's Play Chess."

Are the elites once again whistling past the graveyard in declaring confidently that LePen can't win in France?

BTW, I think the answer is "no," because just a couple of years ago people thought the FN was going to capture a lot of regional offices because they made it into the second round, but the partisans of all other parties ganged up to vote for whoever was opposing the FN candidate. So you had the center-left voters voting for the Parti Socialist, and socialists voting for the center left -- anyone but FN.

That just happened two years ago and I don't see how things could have changed so tectonically since then that this pattern would no longer be operative.

Then again, there was just a terrorist attack, and she's kind of the only one making a big deal about it, and the Known Wolf who'd done it had previously gone on anti-cop rampages but was still at large, so who knows.

Oh, and one likely second-round opponent Jean-Luc Melenchon, wants a 100% tax on "the rich" -- so maybe even the center-right will shy away from backing him, if he makes the second round.

See update to this story: Berkeley now says it will provide protection for an Ann Coulter speech, thought it will be delayed a week.

Some groundbreaking work from out academic elites in the exciting new field of pre-natal micro-aggressions:

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I've been under the weather for a while (allergies and light injuries), but I had some gainzzz. Hit my goal weight of 165. Not sure why as I've been off-regimen in almost all ways.* Eventually that caught up and I regained some fat since then, but hey, hit the goal once and you can do it again.

But just because I haven't been working on GAINZZZ doesn't mean you haven't been.

Any GAINZZZ in health, well-being, or pursuing interests?

* I guess maybe the scale is a lagging indicator of changes that have already occurred. Maybe it takes a week or so for the body to react to positive work.

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"Source:" Hillary Clinton Is, Get This, on Witch-hunt for Staffers Who Spoke to Allen and Parnes for the Unflattering Portrait of Her in Shattered


The woman who combed through people's emails to find out who the traitors were is now reportedly launching a new effort to find the new traitors.

One source said, "The knives are out to find the people who spoke about the campaign to the authors of this book. Dennis has been texting prominent campaign staffers, asking who talked. He’s on a witch hunt to find out who talked to save their own skin, throwing Hillary and her campaign manager Robby Mook under the bus."

The source added, "There's some speculation that Huma Abedin cooperated to save her own reputation. However, she and Hillary are still very close."

How awesome would that be?

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The Real Story Behind The Fearless Girl Statue That Had Leftwing Empowerment Boners Shooting Hot, Sticky Justice Juice All Over The Internet [Warden]

—Open Blogger

Do you remember this stupid statue? The little girl being all brave and defiant and whatnot? Boy, did the left get themselves all hot and bothered over this statue.


Frumpy, white, upper middle class, suburban mommies in particular found themselves feeling she-powered by this bold, new, herstorical icon of American civil rights.

Because, you know--oppression and stuff. Like how 57% of college graduates are female, same as in Iraq and other awful places.

Arturo Di Modica, the artist who created the charging bull that the girl is staring down, further raised the ire of the gurl power advocates on the left for objecting to others piggybacking on his own artistic work and changing the intended meaning of it to serve their own agenda.

"Your male fragility is showing!" one woman jeered on Twitter. "Are you afraid of a little girl?" spat another.

Yesterday, di Modica pointed out a very inconvenient fact. The defiant girl statue is nothing but a cynical piece of corporate advertising for a gimmicky "Gender Diversity" index fund.

"Fearless Girl" was in fact commissioned as a publicity stunt tied to International Women's Day by State Street Global Advisors, a Boston-based investment company which manages some $2.5 trillion in assets. The firm says the girl is intended to promote its campaign urging "greater gender diversity on corporate boards."

Photographer, Greg Fallis, points out that even without this obnoxious corporate tie-in, the piece fails in its goal of promoting female empowerment because it relies on Di Modica's charging bull to give it context and meaning.

Fearless Girl derives its power almost entirely from Di Modica's statue. The sculptor, Kristen Visbal, sort of acknowledges this. She's said this about her statue:

"She's not angry at the bull -- she’s confident, she knows what she's capable of, and she's wanting the bull to take note."

It's all about the bull. If it were placed anywhere else, Fearless Girl would still be a very fine statue-- but without facing Charging Bull the Fearless Girl has nothing to be fearless to. Or about. Whatever. Fearless Girl, without Di Modica's bull, without the context provided by the bull, becomes Really Confident Girl.

The charging bull, it should be noted, was a piece of guerilla artwork created by Arturo Di Modica after the 1987 stock market crash. Di Modica, a Sicilian immigrant, created the statue at his own expense and plopped it down in front of the New York Stock Exchange without permission. The bull, he said, represented "the strength and power of the American people."

The stiffs who ran the exchange hated the statue and had it removed. A major outcry from the people of New York City caused them to relent. The now-beloved sculpture has been a fixture of the NYSE ever since.

So basically, a bunch of soulless corporate hacks hijacked a patriotic piece of artwork created by a proud naturalized immigrant and affirmed by a popular uprising and changed it into yet another tiresome display of snotty SJW self rightousness to the cheers of a bunch of people who have never experienced an ounce of oppression in their soft, easy, and meaningless lives.

If these people are so strong, brave and all around kick-ass, then why do they always have to tear down what other people have built? Why can't they shine on their own instead of snuffing out everyone else's candles?

Because they suck. Because they're wretched. Because they're liars, hypocrites and selfish, shitty-assed people.

Some people had the idea that Di Modica should turn the bull so that its backside faces the girl. I think he should just take his bull somewhere else and leave the girl facing nothing. That or build a larger, taller boy right in front of her as a giant fuck you to all involved.

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Fox News Now In the Hands of the Very Liberal James Murdoch, Who Plans a Major "Reinvention"


This should be awesome.

These sources say James Murdoch’s long-time annoyance if not disgust with Fox News became cold fury after the Times' April 1 story [disclosing Bill O'Reilly's previous sexual harassment payouts ]-- even though several of the O’Reilly settlements had happened when James was CEO of the parent company. This was a similar reaction to what had followed the harassment suit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against Fox News chief Roger Ailes in July. Every time Fox controversies spilled over into the wider world, James took it personally. "It was somehow against him," says one person close to the Murdochs.

Fox News is a business he should not be in, he had told people before, despite its major contribution to 21st Century Fox's bottom line --20 percent of its profits came from Fox News last year, the biggest-earning division in the company. Presumably, he meant the in-your-face world of conservative cable news with its mega personalities. Indeed, James regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals and said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them.

But, likewise, it would be hard to imagine how James could have been regarded with more contempt by many of the people at Fox News. James was rather exhibit No. 1 of the liberal elite entitlement that Fox had so profitably programmed against. "Fox [News] is an important brand, but it needs to develop, and, to some extent, be reformed," James said when I interviewed him ten years ago in his office as the chief executive of the Murdoch-controlled Sky TV in Britain, whose significantly less-partisan news operation he extolled as a ratings and journalistic model.

A couple of his ideas don't seem bad on a superficial level -- he wants Fox to be less overtly partisan, and he wants to merge Fox and Skynews and Murdoch's other media properties to create a global news brand.

I think Fox's overt we're-on-your-side signalling limits its reach. Preaching to the converted, as they say.

But I also think Liberals Gonna Liberal.

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Don't Trust The Dow As An Indicator: Diversification Is Your Friend!


Almost very financial report on radio or TV features a breathless recitation of the state of the Dow Jones Industrial Index as if it were the gold standard of measurements of the state of the economy.

But as any statistician will tell you, using only 30 companies to gauge the state of a group of almost 4,000 publicly held companies that trade stock is a recipe for some odd fluctuations that do not reflect reality. Add to that the fact that the Dow is not randomly selected, and that only a tortured definition of "industrial' would allow inclusion of American Express or Walt Disney, and you get a warped picture of the economy.

A better measure is the S&P 500, or the Russell 2000, or the Wilshire 5000.

The S&P 500 is a group of the largest companies in the country, the Russell 2000 is the bottom 2,000 companies in the Russell 3000, and the Wilshire 5000 is pretty much every company publicly traded in America.

Here's a five year graph showing the S&P 500 and the Dow...


And here is one showing the Dow vs. the Wilshire 5000 (a fund that reflects it), because it's a better comparison, which was suggested by commenter Hopped Up On Something.

dow wilshire.jpg

With only 30 components, any sharp movement caused by any number of things can move the Dow in ways that do not reflect the economy as a whole. Just imagine an iPhone battery problem or a Chevron oil refinery fire or a trading scandal at Goldman Sachs and you can see how easily a catastrophe for one company in the Dow can skew it significantly, when the larger economy shrugs it off as a nothing-burger.

Unfortunately the best measure of the economy, internet pron site hits, is not yet available.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Gervex Rolla.jpg

Henri Gervex

This was sold by Sotheby's in 1984 for far more than expected, no doubt because of the marvelous brushwork on the lamp and the dress.

Their description is interesting, and worth a read. Here is a bit of it....

Taking as his inspiration the eponymous poem of 1833 by Alfred de Musset, Gervex transposes the narrative into fashionable contemporary Paris, signalled by the wrought iron railings and view of the Haussmannised cityscape beyond, the grand boulevard backdrop recognized by some viewers as the fashionable Boulevard des Italiens. Jacques Rolla, a well-born bourgeois, has decided to spend his final night with the prostitute Marion, having squandered his fortune on a life of debauchery. The scene depicts the morning after: while Marion lies asleep, Rolla broods on his fate and contemplates suicide by jumping from the window. The model for Marion is based on several women - the actress Ellen Andrée, a favorite of Renoir, Manet and Degas (she is the sitter in Degas' L'Absinthe of 1876) posed for the body, but demanded that a different model be used for the face.

That little comment about Paris being "Haussmannised" is a pomposity, signalling that the writer is one of the elite who knows who Baron Haussmann was. Except...every Parisian knows who he was, and it's not that big a deal. It's like a New Yorker knowing who Robert Moses was. So? He was an urban planner who changed some of NYC, some for the good and some definitely not. But it's a hometown detail, and not a signal of one's intelligence.

And in the "bourgeois" I get a whiff of Marxist dialectic, which deserves a whiff of grapeshot.

But I digress.

Manet, Degas, Stevens, the young, the old, everyone trooped in front of the canvas which was already famous before it entered the Salon…However, hardly had it been hung on the wall when the surintendant des Beaux- Arts, Turquet, gave the brutal order that it be removed on grounds of immorality, with the complicity of the Salon jury…that’s how an art dealer offered to exhibit Rolla at his shop on the Chaussée-d’Antin… I accepted, as you can imagine, with gratitude, and for three months there was indeed an uninterrupted procession of visitors with a queue of carriages backed up to the Opera.
-- Henri Gervex
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The Morning Report 4/21/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Friday again, thank goodness. Lots of interesting things this morning. First of course is the aftermath of the Islamist terror attack in Paris yesterday. Aside from the blood and carnage, coming so close to the elections, does it help Marine LePen pull out the win even with the arcane French electoral system or more crucially the French national psyche of self-loathing masochism? Meanwhile over here, there are rumblings that both a reboot of the Obamacare Repeal/Replace and tax reform are on the front burner and perhaps close to happening. With that are the counter-rumblings that they ain't happening. Daniel Greenfield has another excellent essay (I'm becoming a big fan) as well as Rush's take on O'Reilly's demise. Up front, although at first glance it's just par for the course, I want to take the time to address Howard Dean. I don't want to let it slide. Let me say for his benefit and any other Leftist reading this, there is no such thing as hate speech. There's only speech. And in this country, it's still a G-d given right. So long as it does not openly incite violence, it's guaranteed. In any case it is you and your party and political movement that incite the violence, fought for slavery and segregation, locked citizens up in concentration camps, destroyed lives via a crushing socialist welfare state, that seeks the eradication of our Constitution, the dissolution of our society and the consolidation of power via unchecked mass migration and chaos. Barack Obama encouraged your minions not to sit down and have a civilized discourse over a cup of coffee but to get in our faces. You sir and your rotten ilk are the fascists and totalitarians. Much as it might personally satisfy me to see you muzzled, you have a right to spew your idiotic, inchoate drivel as much as I or Ann Coulter have the right to call you out on it. You, sir, are a tiresome fool, but you are dangerous nonetheless. If you are given time to obliquely if not openly call for the abolition of the 1st Amendment and a citizen's right to speak, I cannot allow that to go unanswered because if you have your way, I won't ever be able to.

Rant over. Links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

Lipless Wonder Howard Dean Sez 1st Amendment Does Not Protect Ann Coulter

UPDATE: I have changed the headline for the first link to show only 1 Gendarme killed.

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Hey, It's Thursday, I Probably Should Write an ONT


Oh, gee, it seems to be Thursday night. And by Thursday night, I mean Thursday after 8:30. Tonight's ONT will be exactly as long as the content I am able to stuff in between now and 10 PM. This could be a bumpy ride, maybe some firemen will be able to smooth it out:


Um, yea, thanks guys. You're not helping.

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Berkeley: We're Cancelling Ann Coulter's Speech, As We Can't or Won't Protect Her From the Feral Humanoids Who Inhabit Our Zoo
Ann Coulter: I Think I'm Gonna Speak There Anyway


I've seen Ann Coulter's security guys -- this might be a case of bringing thugs to a SEAL fight.

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#FakeNews: In Thirst to Embarrass Trump, New York Times Puts Out Bogus Story About Crowd Size at NE Patriots Visit to White House


Jonathan Turley explained the media's attitude towards their visceral, nearly sexual desire to Get Trump: he quoted Oscar Wilde's quip that "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

If #FakeNews to #GetTrump is wrong, the media doesn't want to be right.

Posted by Ace at 06:44 PM Comments

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Top Headlines
Headlines: 4/24/2017
Here's a twofer: Teen Wears Prom Dress Honoring Trayvon Martin and The Black Lives Matter Movement AND a video explaining what "woke" means. It's a link to "Essence" so you know what to expect. [CBD]
Chicago, land of the Cubs and lawlessness. Nearly 1000 gun shot victims this year. Summer ought to be a blast hoot in Chicago. [Mis. Hum.]
Why spend any damn money on/in/at the U.N. is beyond me. Abuser Saudi Arabia elected to women's rights commission. Kick this sorry excuse of an organization and let them carry on in Brussels or Tehran. [Mis. Hum.]
Some good news on the medical front. Breakthrough on the cause of M.S. [Mis. Hum.]
Zionism Denial
This is an excellent rebuttal of the various incorrect assumptions made about Zionism. [CBD]
RIP Kate O'Beirne. Conservative stalwart 1949-2017 [Mis. Hum.]
Headlines: 4/22/2017
It is with extremely heavy heart that I must announce the passing of original Moronette BamaPachyderm. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. An Air Force veteran, you will never meet a kinder, bigger-hearted lady than she, and we are poorer for her passing. Rest in peace, my friend. [tmi3rd]
Erin Moran, star of Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, has passed away at age 56. [Weirddave]
Shattered -- a brief review (w/spoilers). Yep, I read the whole thing. I really do recommend this book; I predict it will strongly influence US Presidential campaigns for years to come.

Pro tip: physical copies seemed to be sold out everywhere; either that, or pro-Clinton forces have bought them all up to shred them. But you can still get e-book versions (Kindle, Nook, etc.). [Fritzworth]
Headlines: 4/21/2017
Ben Shapiro Interviews "Based Stickman" About Antifa Violence and the Berkeley Police's Sitting-on-Hands During Their Depredations
The left has created a folk hero in the real #Resistance, with people now making half-winking heroic videos about him. There's never been lawlessness combined with a state unable or unwilling to confront that lawlessness that wasn't soon met by vigilantism -- do these people never read books? Apart from Harry Potter, I mean.
Headlines: 4/20/2017
"Come be PC!" ("Under the Sea" parody"). And the hits just keep on coming from 'Social Justice: The Musical" (the same folks who did the brilliant "Ain't No Rest For the Triggered"). [Fritzworth]
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