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October 22, 2019

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (10/22/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


That time of year again.........................

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 10:05 PM Comments

Today's Ignorant Twitter Freak-Out: Trump Said Lynching

—Ace of Spades

In these woke times, you can't say a white man was lynched. You can only say a black man was lynched.

Wait, you also can't say a black man was lynched. If you're white.

Even though people have been being hanged without trial throughout time.

But whatever, time for a Twitter freak-out fueled by ignorant, stupid, and woke media retards.

But you know who used to claim that an impeachment was a lynching a whole heck of a lot?

Democrats, who claimed Bill Clinton was being lynched.

Bonus: Joe Biden called the Clinton impeachment a "lynching," too:

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 08:15 PM Comments

Rosario Dawson, Actress Girlfriend of The Fiercely Heterosexual Cory Booker, Sued For... Transphobic Abuse and Attack?

—Ace of Spades

He's suing because he claims Rosario Dawson and her family did not use hixr preferred pronouns and mode of address.

Well, this is what California law says. Choke on it.

She also claims that Dawson's mom attacked her. (This person is a woman and a lesbian who then decided, late in life, that she's been a man all along.)

A transgender handyman who worked for Rosario Dawson claims the “Rent” star belittled him with transphobic insults and that her mom once beat him up after he came out, according to new reports.

Dedrek Finley, 55, said his relationship with the Dawson family went downhill after he revealed he was transgender, according to his lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles court and reported by NBC News.


But after the Beacon, New York native moved into a North Hollywood home rented by the family, he came out -- and claims he was immediately subjected to transphobic comments.

"The family misgendered him multiple times each day, with deliberate indifference as to the appropriate way to address Mr. Finley," his suit says.


Two months later, things allegedly turned physical between Finley and Rosario's mother, Isabel Dawson, who is accused of dragging him by his arm out of a window.

As Finley was lying on the ground outside, Isabel, "who is substantially larger than Mr. Finley, got on top of Mr. Finley’s body and began punching him," the complaint says.

"While beating Mr. Finley, Isabel screamed, 'You're not so much of a man now,' which was a clear and denigrating reference to Mr. Finley’s gender identity."

Yeah I don't believe this. If you've been physically assaulted, you don't also add, "And what really upset me is the mean language used while beating me."

That's a Saul Rosenberg type thing. "He was beating me about the head and neck and saying very hurtful things."

Nevertheless: Choke on it.

Tim Pool raises a good point: Cory Booker, who is, you may have heard, fiercely heterosexual, cannot deny this woman's complaint, because you're supposed to believe all women (even former women) and of course Trans People Are Special Angels Who Never Lie About Assaults.

In other words, they're the new Liberal Women, with an unrebuttable presumption of being truthful and virtuous.

So The Fiercely Heterosexual Cory Booker can't really stick up for the woman he is pretending he has any sexual attraction to. He'll have to say something about "Believing all Transmen."

And I can't wait.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 07:19 PM Comments

Revealed: Nuclear Blast in Russia Was Caused by Reactor Meltdown of Superweapon Named "Skyfall"

—Ace of Spades

The nuclear-powered cruise missile had fallen into the sea during a flight test.

They left it sitting on the sea-floor for a year. Which... okay, whatever, it's Russia.

Only a year later did they attempt to recover it.

Their recovery efforts did not go as one might have hoped. The reactor exploded and has flooded the areas around it -- including big towns -- with radiation.

Russia covered up the deadly nuclear reactor explosion in August during the salvage at sea of one of Vladimir Putin's new superweapons, a nuclear-powered cruise missile called Skyfall, a senior State Department official disclosed.

The reactor exploded Aug. 8 off the coast of the northern Russian town of Nenoska, killing seven Russians on a barge in the White Sea as they were overseeing the recovery of a sunken Skyfall. The missile had been sitting on the seafloor for about year after a failed flight test, said State Department official Thomas G. DiNanno.

"The explosion was caused by the Skyfall experiencing a criticality accident, an uncontrolled nuclear reaction that released a burst of radiation while Russian personnel retrieved it from the seafloor," Mr. DiNanno said in an interview with The Washington Times.

It gets worse: Experts say that approximately $150,000 worth of FaceBook ads accidentally blew up the entire democracy of the United States as well

Posted by Ace of Spades at 06:12 PM Comments

"Is There Anybody Else?:" Democrats Panicking Over Weak and Vulnerable (and Socialist!) Candidates;
Hillary Clinton Telling Friends She Might Join The Race, If She Thinks She Can Win

—Ace of Spades

Didn't she already win in 2016? Isn't she actually the President?

She keeps claiming that, I thought.

The New York Times reports on fear and desperation for a candidate who isn't an ancient socialist with a decaying mind.

So who do you turn to? Why, Hillary Clinton of course.

I mean, obviously.

I understand she's popular with the NeverTrump set.

When a half-dozen Democratic donors gathered at the Whitby Hotel in Manhattan last week, the dinner began with a discussion of which presidential candidates the contributors liked. But as conversations among influential Democrats often go these days, the meeting quickly evolved into a discussion of who was not in the race -- but could be lured in.


"Since the last debate, just anecdotally, I've had five or six people ask me: 'Is there anybody else?'" said Leah Daughtry, a longtime Democrat who has run two of the party's recent conventions.

[D]emocratic leaders are engaging in a familiar rite: fretting about who is in the race and longing for a white knight to enter the contest at the last minute.

OMG I can't even with the racism


"There's more anxiety than ever," said Connie Schultz, a journalist who is married to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, another Democrat who some in the party would like to see join the race. "We're both getting the calls. I've been surprised by some who've called me."

One caller? A man doing a bad French accent identifying himself as Pierre Delecto and asking, "Does Sherrod think my wife is attractive? Would it bring him the delight to sex her?"


Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Bloomberg have both told people privately in recent weeks that if they thought they could win, they would consider entering the primary -- but that they were skeptical there would be an opening, according to Democrats who have spoken with them.

Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who associates say has wondered aloud about whether he should have run and has found it hard to watch Mr. Biden's missteps, has also been urged to get in.....

Another Obama administration official who weighed a campaign at the start of the year, former Attorney General Eric Holder, is considering a last-minute entry but has conceded it may be too late, according to a Democrat familiar with his thinking.


Democrats who have recently spoken with Mrs. Clinton say she shares the same concerns other party elites have about the field -- worried about Mr. Biden's durability, Ms. Warren's liberal politics and unsure of who else can emerge to take on Mr. Trump. But these people, who spoke anonymously to discuss private conversations, say she enjoys the freedom that comes with not being on the ballot.

The article says that those close to Clinton and Bloomberg -- presumably those authorized to leak to the press on their behalf -- say that they would only get into the race if Biden was badly weakened.

He's not badly weakened already?

Have you seen him? Motherfucker's eye is pissing blood and he's eating his own teeth.

Deval Patrick -- Knock-Off Obama From Another Mama -- is also hinting that he might run.

Below, the New York Times' archprog Frank Bruni says the panic is all too real.

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 05:15 PM Comments

OANN: John Durham Has "Requested" An Interview With Coup Organizer and Former (?) Communist John Brennan, and Plans to Request The Same of CNN Leaker James Clapper

—Ace of Spades

As blaster said: What's this "request" nonsense?

BREAKING: Three current and former national security officials confirm to @OANN that US attorney John Durham has requested an interview from John Brennan, and plans to request James Clapper also sit down with him as part of his review of the 2016 Russia collusion investigation

Whoops -- Chuck Ross already had this last evening.

Also below: A great Tucker Carlson stemwinder about Hillary Clinton's decayed mind and conspiracy-theorizing, and the NeverTrumpers who still insist she's a very stable genius who should be our president.

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 04:16 PM Comments

Good News: British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal Rules Against Jonathan, aka "Jennifer," Yaniv;
The Man is Ordered to Pay the Women Legal Costs, and Rules They Do Not Have to Touch His Dirty Pervert Balls

—Ace of Spades

Has Canada gotten saner while the US further crazifies?

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( is pleased to announce that the BC Human Rights Tribunal has ruled in favour of home estheticians' right to refuse to handle male genitalia against their will.

The decision noted, "human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax."

This ruling is a bit narrow.

Canada is busy creating new alleged "human rights," but won't ever rule on what happens when its constantly-multiplying "human rights" come into conflict -- like when a trans person's alleged right to force the world to pretend he's a gender he's not comes into a conflict with a woman's right not to handle a strange man's meat.

Canada has a very stupid little maxim about this: There is no "hierarchy of rights;" all human rights -- or "human rights," as the case may be -- stand on equal footing and all are to be protected to the maximum.

But obviously there's a conflict here, and the tribunal must choose between Yaniv's alleged "right" get his nasty scote fondled and women's right not be forced into de facto prositution.

But the tribunal is claiming, no, there's no conflict; the women consented to touch one type of genitals, not another. They're saying that while trans loons' "human rights" would usually be equal to a woman's right not to touch a man's schlong, even if being paid to do so, there is no such conflict here, because the stores did not offer to touch all genitals, just a particular type.

They're making this as narrow as possible to avoid refuting their stupid "all 'human rights' are precisely equal to one another, even the 'human rights' we made up two years ago" rule.

Presumably, then, if a post-op trans person comes in and says "touch my fake genitals," no women would have the right to avoid touching what is, in fact, still a man.

They also say the women weren't "trained" to wax a man's groin (which I think really means the pudendum), and so forcing the women to perform this odd service would present a "health risk" to the public.

That's a lot of bullshit. I mean, I'll take any bullshit to stop Yaniv, but this bullshit is offered in service of something I disagree with: That were it not for this bullshit "public health" rationale, the women would be forced to touch a man's penis, because that man says he's woman and so he's a woman.

The bullshit is offered to avoid goring a sacred cow of the sexual left, the transsupremacists, and, of course, David "Blessing of Liberty" French.

The decision further found that the complainant [Jonathan] Yaniv "engaged in improper conduct", "filed complaints for improper purposes", and concluded Yaniv's testimony was "disingenuous and self-serving." Finally, noted the Tribunal, Yaniv was "evasive and argumentative and contradicted [himself]" while giving evidence.


Yaniv identifies as a woman but possesses male genitalia. In March 2018 Yaniv approached the estheticians and requested a “Brazilian” to remove pubic hair from the groin area. When the estheticians refused to provide the requested service due to a lack of personal comfort, safety concerns, a lack of training, and/or religious objections, Yaniv filed complaints against them alleging discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression. In total, Yaniv filed 15 complaints against various estheticians in the Vancouver area seeking as much as $15,000 in damages against each esthetician.

Yaniv has made numerous public comments against immigrants. At the hearings, Yaniv contended that immigrants use their religion to discriminate against trans people because they refused to wax the male genitals of those who identify as women.


The Tribunal ordered costs against Yaniv in the amount of $2000.00 payable to each of Ms. Benipal, Ms. DaSilva, and Mrs. Hehar Gill.

That's nothing. For one thing, Yaniv will never pay this. For another, one of the businesses was already forced to close due to the tribunal's prior legal action against it.

Is $2000 enough to get the business up and running again? I don't think so.

And what of the next transactivist who exploits Canada's bizarre "human rights tribunals" to force their delusions down other business owner's and other citizens' throats?

They'll also have to go through years of expensive and brutal process. And then, maybe, one day a court will order a judgment-proof deadbeat to give them a couple of grand. (Canadian grand, too.)

Thanks to JackStraw.

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 03:20 PM Comments

Project Veritas Hidden Camera Video: Jake Tapper's Senior Producer Rick Saleeby Alleges That CNN's Politics Supervising Producer Has History of Making Inappropriate Advances on Employees, Particularly Drunk Ones

—Ace of Spades

So does Jake Tapper know about this?

I assume so.

So why is he refusing to comment?

I thought he was a hero or something.

I don't really love these sorts of allegations, and this doesn't seem like hardcore harassment, but CNN has pretended to be White Knights defending poor abused women.

Remember Kavanaugh?

It's a huge story when alleged against Brett Kavanaugh but it's not even worth a comment when it's CNN bigwigs?

Rick Saleeby, Senior Producer of The Lead with Jake Tapper, States Steve Brusk, CNN Politics Supervising Producer, Made 'Advances' on Female Employees During 'Social Gatherings' and Would "Put His Arm Around Them, Try and Touch Their Leg."

Saleeby Believes That Steve Brusk is "Protected by Certain People...Like Other Higher Ups" Within CNN.

Rick Saleeby Recalls Incident with a Young Female Colleague: "She Had a Skirt on. I Could See the Hand. I Like Grab Her. It Looked Like I Was Being the Assaulter Because I Grabbed Her So Aggressively... to Keep Her from Him."

Saleeby: "He Had Already Been Accused of the Things Prior... Which I Found Out..."

Saleeby Acknowledges the Gravity of the Situation: "I'l Tell You This, In the Climate That's Going Now, He Definitely Would Have Been Fired."

Steve Brusk Tells Project Veritas Journalists to Speak with CNN's PR Team About Sexual Misconduct Allegations; When Approached in DC, Refuses to Watch Footage.

Rick Saleeby and Jake Tapper Refuse to Speak with Project Veritas Journalists in DC When Approached for Comment.

Project Veritas Calls CNN President Jeff Zucker's Office for Comment on Last Week's Multiple Releases Regarding Anti-Trump Bias in the Network; Zucker's Administrative Assistant Replies: "We Don’t Have Any Comment, Thanks for Calling."

Be on the lookout for "conservative" writers to start offering up anonymous spin in defense of Tapper and CNN, which totally aren't fed to them by Jake Tapper, activating his DM Network of Soy Submissives.

Any bets on which of Jake's Internet Bitches will be the first to offer anonymous defenses from a "source close to CNN"?

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 02:20 PM Comments

Horrifying: Texas Jury Rules that Father Cannot Stop Ex-Wife From Sex-Changing Their Seven Year Old Son; Ruling Will Force Father to "Affirm" Child's Supposed "Gender Identity" and Refer to This Boy as a Girl

—Ace of Spades

Chemical castration, here we come!

On Monday, a jury ruled against a Texas father, Jeffrey Younger, attempting to stop his seven-year-old son from a gender transition being facilitated by Dr. Anne Georgulas, the boy's mother and Younger's ex-wife.


According to the LifeSiteNews, Georgulas has been granted authority to move forward with puberty blockers, which can cause chemical castration, and, potentially, hormones, if she so chooses.

Additionally, with the jury's decision, Mr. Younger will likely be forced to "affirm" his son’s new gender identity: a girl named "Luna."


​"I want you to imagine having electronic communication with your son on FaceTime, and imagine that your ex-wife has dressed him as a drag queen to talk to you," Younger told host Luke Macias during an episode of "The Luke Macias Show" podcast in January. "He has false eyelashes and makeup. His hair has got glitter in it. He's wearing a dress."

A correspondent informs me:

She is seeking a court order to force him to call the child a girl, or use masculine pronouns, even when the child is not present.

And forcing [the father] to attend transgender reeducation class, which he could fail, to see his kid.

He has an injunction placed on him to prevent him from referring to the boy as a boy in front of anyone who knows him as a girl, including at a school.

The Federalist wrote about this last year, when the "mother" was already transing up her "son" -- when he was only six.

David French has previously claimed the phenomenon -- and government support of -- "Drag Queen Story Hour" is a "blessing of liberty." As far as I know, he has not yet commented on an incident earlier this month in which a drag queen decided to perform a quick striptease for children.

CBN did a story about this newest blessing of liberty.

The "story hour" was advertised as being "for teens and tweens."

I wonder if David French believes that the forcible chemical castration of "Luna" with the assistance of the state is also a "blessing of liberty."

Maybe someone should ask him during one of his Obsession Sessions on Twitter.

Matt Walsh writes:

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 01:22 PM Comments

John Brennan Orders His Personal Stenographer, Natasha "Fusion Nat" Bertrand, to Write a Five-Alarm Scream Piece Decrying How Terrible It Is That the Architect of the Russia Hoax is Being (Gasped) Investigated

—Ace of Spades

Wait, who's obsessed here, Fusion Nat?

The media is just a criminal mob.

Play ball with us, and we'll do favors for you; but if you ever say a dark word about us, we'll whack you.

President Donald Trump's obsession with former CIA director John Brennan could be on a collision course with an ongoing Justice Department probe as Attorney General Bill Barr takes a more hands-on approach to examining the intelligence community’s actions in 2016.

Barr has been meeting with the U.S.' closest foreign intelligence allies in recent months, making repeated overseas trips as part of an investigation he is overseeing into the origins of the Russia probe and whether any inappropriate "spying" occurred on Trump's campaign.

As part of that investigation, Barr and John Durham, the federal prosecutor he appointed to conduct it, have been probing a conspiracy theory for which there is little if any evidence, according to several people with knowledge of the matter: that a key player in the Russia probe, a professor named Joseph Mifsud, was actually a Western intelligence asset sent to discredit the Trump campaign -- and that the CIA, under Brennan, was somehow involved.

"Somehow" involved, as if this is so convoluted it can't even be explained!

The emerging focus of the Barr-Durham investigation -- the CIA and intelligence community’s work with the FBI on the Russia probe -- emphasizes the increasingly blurred lines between politics and law enforcement in the Trump era.

I would say that, based on Johnny Cong over here dialing up Fusion Nat to write this working-the-grand-jury piece, that John Brennan actually does have fears of prosecution.

More: The media is in PROTECT BRENNAN mode, as Deb Heine notes.

They're very, very upset people are trying to find out whether Misfud works for the Russians... or not.

Didn't they used to claim we had to do our all to discover that?

Why do they suddenly not want to know about POSSIBLE RUSSIAN ASSET Joseph Mifsud?

[Mark] Hosenball, it should be noted, was one of the reporters featured in the Wikileaks Podesta email releases in 2016, who actually seemed to be working for the Clinton campaign. In an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Hosenball seemed very eager to share some Benghazi information that he had obtained.

See Deb Heine's piece for more about that.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 12:25 PM Comments

The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



Chuck Grassley is a United States Senator, which means that he is comfortable with delays and obfuscation and institutional roadblocks that prevent most things of substance from happening...ever. In fact, it is his element.

So when even he is complaining about the IG report, something is probably fishy.

This issue is the Rubicon for our country. If the seemingly constant law-breaking embedded in our national institutions is allowed to go on without official notice and punishment, then the relationship we the people have with our government is going to change.

This is not the grift and graft that we all expect from government. After all, government in all its forms is ripe for corruption, and most of us are never surprised by it. In fact, many of us are only surprised by the occasional emergence of an honest man.

No, this is something different, and far more malign. Using the power of the state to manipulate elections is the essence of totalitarianism. Blocking the power of the people to choose their own government is counter-revolutionary, and unfortunately has been tried to great effect in most of the world.

In fact, it is a fine indicator of an unfounded belief in elitism and credentialism and, so obvious currently, Never-Trumpism. Ask any member of the "conservative" cuckocracy his opinion of the FISA mess, and if he downplays it or mocks it, then he is the enemy.


There is a refreshing view of the other side below the fold. I was going to lead with it but, as usual, my fellow coblogger and landsman J.J. Sefton beat me to it!

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Posted by CBD at 11:00 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Thoburn Bluetits.jpg

Bluetits On A Teasel
Archibald Thorburn

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 10/22/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Tuesday and in the words of Jerry Colonna, "Ah! Something new has been added!" In this case a very interesting wrinkle, if you will to the Democrats' impeachment show. It involves the gracious and lovely, or deceptive and slatternly (depending on how you look at it) dewy-eyed, or -thighed in this case freshman Rep. Katie Hill, or in this case Katie Thrill. Man, the jokes keep coming, among other things with this dame, don't they? In any case, Hill got into a bit of trouble with the revelations that she invited at least one campaign staffer into her bed with her now estranged husband to form a "throuple." Well, it's not for me to judge but I believe this violates ethics rules insofar as having sexual relationships with campaign staffers, whatever the "-ouple" status may or may not be.

But, as I have alluded to up top, it's been learned that nude photos of Hill with the female staffer have emerged AND that contrary to her story that she ended the relationship "to concentrate on her work" (funny, they usually quit Congress to focus on their family), she had someone else on the side - her legislative director Graham Kelly. For crying out loud, lady, shove an aspirin between your damn knees. Seriously, aside from the legal and ethical questions this raises (okay, stop laughing), there are other ramifications insofar as the impeachment theatrics:

...In addition to the legal and ethical issues raised by allegations of a congresswoman having not one, but two extramarital affairs with people on her staff, concurrently, there are issues of national security. Hill serves on two influential committees in that regard: Oversight and Reform and Armed Services. She has access to extremely sensitive national security information. If people who don't have our nation's best interests at heart had access to the photographs, text messages, and other information provided to RedState, Rep. Hill would be an easy blackmail target...

Funny how for almost two-and-a-half years, we had nothing but shrieking and wailing about how President Trump was owned by Putin because the latter had fictional "kompromat" on him, while Schiff-for-brains popped a pencil-eraser-sized stiffie when he thought what turned out to be the Ukrainian version of Opie and Anthony pranked him into thinking they were Russian agents who had nude shots of Trump. In this case, the nude shots of Hill exist and were sent to one source (in this case Red State). My oh my, what is a Speaker of the House supposed to do? If you said cover it up and continue blaming Trump, you win a cookie. If you said, do what's right and remove Hill from any and ally sensitive committee posts and perhaps remove her from office you win a big Nelson Muntz laugh.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at if you want to continue the conversation all day.

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Posted by J.J. Sefton at 07:27 AM Comments

Monday Overnight Open Thread (10/21/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian




Quote I

“So they made in my family made a hard decision. And my whole family chipped into buy a house about 40 minutes north of here. And that’s when I got my first taste of the country who allows their kids destiny to be determined by the zip code they are born in. And so much of my life was shuttled between these two worlds, and not just the two worlds between the Bronx and Westchester county, but the continental U.S., New York state, and Puerto Rico.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

Quote II

“First, I want to thank God and all the fans for the beautiful game, the beautiful playoffs,” Altuve said. “We deserve to be in the World Series because my team has been working real hard.” Jose Altuve

Quote III

“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Quote IV

Millions of us were thrown off our health insurance plans by Obamacare, and now I find out that it didn’t even make things better for anyone else. The government intervenes, everything goes to hell, then Democrats cite the hell they created to demand another massive government intervention.

The motto of all socialist schemes should be: “This time, it will be different.”Ann Coulter

Quote V

“I love planting trees and trying to improve and enhance the environment to restore lost habitats and all these things. I just pray that climate change and all the horrors we are facing now if we don’t do something about it, won’t completely destroy all this effort.” Prince Charles

Quote VI

“We’re now moving towards the total elimination of women’s biology. The women’s symbol has been used by feminists for decades. This is pure cowardice and virtue signaling from these big corporate brands who are capitulating to the trans agenda,” Julie Bindel

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 10:00 PM Comments

The Soyciety Pages

—Ace of Spades

Some limp postings from the lonely drips and the progressives and Democrats they're so keen to earn the approbation of.

Note: Trump will be on Hannity tonight, supposedly at 9.

By the way, the post below, about the DMG's infamous Random Harlot Encounters table and all the etymologies for words meaning hoor, is below this one.

But it's a bit of niche thing so I thought I'd put this post up too.

But do check out the below post, if that sort of thing interests you.

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 07:13 PM Comments

Etymologies of All the Old-Timey Synonyms For "Whore" Found in the Dungeon Masters Guide "Random Harlot Encounters" Table

—Ace of Spades

From the first edition DMG:


I looked up the etymology of "hussy" in the sidebar and then thought to look up the etymologies of the other words in that infamous City Encounters sub-table.

Here's what I've learned.

N.B.: I might slip in some Gygaxian infras and Cf.s.

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Posted by Ace of Spades at 06:51 PM Comments

Air Canada Will No Longer Address Passengers As "Ladies and Gentlemen," In Order to Respect the 0.1% of Mentally Unwell People Who Say They're Both, or Neither, or Maybe Unicorns

—Ace of Spades

Jonathan Yaniv hardest hit.

Employees aboard Air Canada flights will no longer greet guests by referring to them as "ladies and gentlemen" or "mesdames et messieurs," which has been typical protocol for years, in an effort to be conscious of gender fluidity.

Flight attendants and other staff will not use the language in boarding announcements, and the company instead plans to replace the standard greetings with neutral words, such as "everybody" or "tout le monde."

Posted by Ace of Spades at 06:00 PM Comments

Mark Hemingway: Is the Anti-Trump "Resistance" Just the Attempt of the Ruling Class/Establishment/Managerial Class to Give Legitimacy to Their Worldview of Socially-Favored Fictions?

—Ace of Spades

Interesting ideas.

Also, it starts off with a nice little story about a young Mark Hemingway discovering the world is often corrupt and filled with self-dealers. (He learned this at a baseball card shop.)

For some time, I have been trying to articulate a specific idea about how various elites and institutions cover for the political class and how the Trump-era "resistence" was the antithesis of this. Then a very smart friend of mine, thinking along nearly identical lines, blurted this out over email:
I think the world generally, and the world of the powerful in particular, is far less lucid and more incoherent than most assume. The main difference between Trump and his predecessors is that the professional class / deep state / neoliberal order / whatever-you-want-to-call-it is fluent in a language that imposes a kind of regulative fiction on that chaos. Their fluency gives them gives them a patina of legitimacy and not a little power over the less fluent, which comforts some normies but also drives conspiratorial thinking. Trump and a lot of the people around him lack this fluency and have no interest in cultivating it.

I think the term "regulative fiction" is misleading. Those fluent in Nietzsche's writings might get it, but I don't think it's a good word for a general audience, as it suggests this has to do with government regulation.

It doesn't. It is meant to mean that the Ruling Caste has created a simplified story --- a mythology, we could say, a mythos -- which simplifies the unruly chaos of the real world into a more easily-grasped (and very untrue) vision of the world and teaches certain morals and virtues (claimed morals and virtues, anyway) based upon that mythology.

This mythos just coincidentally also happens to justify why they are the only ones Fit to Rule. All aspects of the mythos are designed to, or by happy accident, identify problems (or fictionalized, simplified versions of problems) which the Ruling Caste is uniquely able to solve, due to (here are sub-myths that support the overarching Ur-Myth) of their education, their good taste and judgment their (they never say this but it's obvious that they think it) breeding, etc.

For what it's worth, the phrase "regulative fiction" is borrowed from Nietzsche, or at least his translator.

I think this desperate need to maintain the regulative fiction in Washington is the whole ballgame for understanding what is going on with the Trump administration. For a very long time before Trump, the "regulative fiction" was getting very, very discordant with reality.

Again, feel free to substitute "mythology" or "mythos" or even "Creation myth" or "self-justifying, egocentric personal mythology" for "regulative fiction."

Certainly, the WMD issue and poorly planned wars in the Bush administration soured even conservative voters. And then the Obama administration happened and things got a million times worse, because while the media are as invested in maintaining the regulative fiction generally, they are very interested in it as a partisan and specifically ideological matter.


I think voters in no small part voted for Trump because they were sick of being told rosy stories about how the government operates.

He notes that the current project of the beltway priests maintaining belief in their increasingly-bizarre mythos is to paint Trump as a clown who shouldn't be supported, so that their religion has no loud, popular apostate challenging it.

Except they can't do that without asking voters to choose between Trump's behavior and Washington’s preferred narrative of how things are supposed to work, and Beltway types still haven’t grasped that voters decided long before Trump arrived on the political scene that most of what passes for standard operating procedure in D.C. is just as farcical.

Hemingway goes into that, noting, for example, that the public does not credit Pierre Delecto and the rest of the High Priests of the Pro-Government Mythology who are always screaming about Trump violating "norms," because they've known for a long, long time that those claiming to be custodians of our precious "norms" are violating those norms all the time, and often more egregiously than Trump does.

Read the whole thing. It's interesting. I have a point I'd like to make that jogs along with Hemingway's, but it's not quite the same (I don't think), and I'll save that for later.

It just so happens that Victor Davis Hanson also writes about the "norms" the Norms-Defenders claim are so precious to them -- alleged norms which they're viciously abusing every single day.

But, of course, those norms must be sacrificed -- along with actual conservative governance -- to save these supposed norms.

We had to burn the norms to save them, it turns out.

The so-called deep state detests him. An anonymous op-ed writer in the September 5, 2018 New York Times bragged about the bureaucracy's successful efforts to ignore Trump’s legal mandates--a sort of more methodical version of the comical Rosenstein-McCabe attempt to stage a palace coup and remove Trump, or the Democrats efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare Trump crazy, bolstered by an array of Ivy League psychiatrists who had neither met nor examined him.


Most of the prominent New York-Washington, D.C. insider Republican pundits abhor him. The creed of a NeverTrumper is that it is well worth the effort to see the current Republican president removed, and his administration imploded--even if that means four or eight years of an Elizabeth Warren, a Bernie Sanders, or a Joe Biden agenda as voiced in the debates. That would likely mean Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, slavery reparations, permissible infanticide in the case of late-term abortions, a wealth tax, and a generally socialist platform, from renouncing student debts to veritable open borders.

Only amid the ashes of Trump's destruction do sober and judicious conservative intellectuals, writers, pundits, think-tankers, and establishment Republican grandees believe they can step in to rebirth the Republican Phoenix, nurturing the rising new party with its once hallowed traditions as exemplified by George H.W. Bush, John McCain, and [Pierre Delecto, scrub-boy and butter-captain at the French "Follies Bourgeiois" bath-house].


The Left detests Trump for a lot of reasons besides winning the 2016 election and aborting the progressive project. But mostly they hate his guts because he is trying and often succeeding to restore a conservative America at a time when his opponents thought that the mere idea was not just impossible but unhinged.

And that is absolutely unforgivable.

There's a great more to that essay too.

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Mitt Romney's Secret Twitter Account Is Full NeverTrump and Retweets Lots of Liberals; Name Is Play on in pari delicto, "Both sides to blame"

—Ace of Spades

He is who we thought he was.

John Nolte notes that "Pierre Delecto" rebutted Mitt Romney's critics without acknowledging that he was in fact Mitt Romney.

Didn't some people on the right formerly have a problem with such White Knight Sockpuppets? Dishonest, and also pure vanity.

Everything about this story says so much about Mitt Romney: his pettiness, his insecurity, his lack of character, honesty, and decency, starting with how it all unraveled: Romney doing business with the establishment media -- in this case, the far-left Atlantic and activist-reporter, McKay Coppins, who was originally hired at BuzzFeed to destroy Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Nolte runs through Coppins' attacks on Romney, as he was specifically hired to execute. (Coppins was hired by BuzzFeed because he's a leftie and a Mormon and therefore could attack Mitt Romney with enhanced credibility.)

But Romney continues sucking up to him anyway, and disclosed that he had a "lurker" account on Twitter to Coppins.


It took a writer at Slate about fourteen seconds to discover that Mitt Romney, a sitting United States Senator, uses the name Pierre Delecto to run all around Twitter defending… Mitt Romney.

Other examples of Definitely Not Mitt Romney defending the severely conservative name of Mitt Romney at the link.

Casey Mattox -- a champion beta-orbiter of all the most egregious Ahoy Maties on Twitter, and is one of the few people "Pierre Delecto" followed -- guesses, or perhaps, was told by Mitt Romney himself (again sockpuppeting), that "Pierre Delecto" is almost certainly a play on in pari delicto, a Latin phrase meaning "both parties are equally to blame." I think it means literally, "in both, guilt." ("Delicto" also appears in in flagrante delicto, which I think means "blazingly guilty," that is, so guilty as to be on fire (in flagrante).)

Sounds and awful lot like Mitt Romney is one of those "True Conservatives" who thinks conservatism is best expressed as a synthesis of a few conservative ideas with an awful lot of progressive ones. That's what the "Both Sides" people push.

Below, some of Mitt Romney's favorite accounts are, naturally, either wife-sharing-curious or outright progressive.

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People Are Getting Very Sick of the "Extinction Rebellion" and Other Enviro-Antifa Groups

—Ace of Spades

Spiked's Brendan O'Neill calls them, correctly, religious cultists whose gods are pride and wrath:

Yesterday, in London, I witnessed an eerie, chilling sight: I saw a death cult holding a ceremony in public.

The men and women gathered outside King's Cross station and formed a circle. They swayed and chanted. They preached about End Times. 'What will you do when the world gets hot, what, what?', they intoned, conjuring up images of the hellfire they believe will shortly consume mankind. They sang hymns to their god -- science. 'We've got all the science / All that we need / To change the world / Hallelujah', they sang, rocking side to side as they did so.

They demanded repentance. 'Buy less, fly less, fry less', said one placard. Catholics only demand the non-consumption of meat on Fridays, as an act of penance to mark the day of Christ's death. This new religion demands an end to meat-consumption entirely, as penance for mankind’s sins of growth and progress.

And like all death cultists, they handed out leaflets that contained within them 'THE TRUTH'. The leaflets foretell floods and fire: 'We are in trouble. Sea levels are rising... Africa and the Amazon are on fire.’ The only word that was missing was locusts. They can't be far behind these other ghastly visitations to sinful mankind.


This was, of course, Extinction Rebellion. Let us no longer beat around the bush about these people. This is an upper-middle-class death cult.

This is a millenarian movement that might speak of science, but which is driven by sheer irrationalism. By fear, moral exhaustion and misanthropy. This is the deflated, self-loathing bourgeoisie coming together to project their own psycho-social hang-ups on to society at large.

In the UK, it's been discovered that these "volunteers" are being paid up to 800 pounds per week to interfere with the lives and businesses of citizens-- and that it's very unclear if the "volunteers" are paying tax on that, or if they've continued receiving the dole while being paid.

Below, a couple of videos of people up to their necks with them. In the first video, black-clad "protesters" with megaphones are forcibly ejected from an In-and-Out by a Hamburger Hero; in the second, black-clad mutants try to bar customers from going inside a sandwich shop.

And a hungry and large man isn't having it.

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Kellogg's Releases... Gay Cereal, Which is Really Just All of Its Biggest Cereals Mixed Together In a Fabulous Furry Orgy of Carbs

—Ace of Spades

I think we can all agree that our favorite part of the 21st Century is the #WokeCorporatism.

Kellogg is partnering with Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to bring all of its iconic cereals together in one box for the very first time -- and to take a stand against bullying.

Kellogg released a limited-edition variety pack that includes Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies in the same box to celebrate Spirit Day, the largest anti-bullying campaign in the world and to support a "more accepting world for LGBTQ youth."

The package, which features all of the cereal mascots, from Tony the Tiger to Toucan Sam, runs for $19.99, with a promise from Kellogg to donate $50,000 to GLAAD.

"We all belong together. So for the first time in history, our famous mascots and cereals are offered exclusively together in the same box for All Together Cereal," Kellogg said in a statement. "It’s a symbol of acceptance no matter how you look, where you’re from or who you love. We believe that all people deserve an environment where they can be their best selves."

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NeverTrump Hero-Paper-Pusher Evan McMullin on Hillary Clinton's Insane Claim That Everyone Who Disagrees With Her Is a RUSSIAN Asset: #ImWithHer

—Ace of Spades

NeverTrump is very fond of saying that one day we will have an accounting and all of those who supported the defeat of Hillary Clinton will be called to defend their heresies.

Let's have reckonings all around, okay?

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg

"We all know that progressivism is an insidious evil, but I'm wondering if only part of it is. That is, one part is evil, and the other merely stupid.

"Kind of like our main political parties.

"Progressivism has a lot of stupid ideas, mostly involving giving away free sh*: free education, free medical care, and now federally-subsidized tampons, so you younger 'ettes can now ride the cotton pony in style. Of course none of this stuff is actually "free", somebody has to pay for it, which is one of the reasons why it's stupid.

"But promising free sh*t isn't necessarily evil. What's evil is when you also tell them: (a) you have a right to it, and (b) if you don't have it, it's because someone is deliberately keeping you from having it. Because once you start going down that path, you create all sorts of bitterness and anger in yourself to people you don't even know who do who-knows-what to keep you from getting what you believe is rightfully yours and you get into the habit, the very bad habit, of blaming your troubles on others.

"And you'll always have a ready excuse for your own laziness or incompetence and the laziness and incompetence of like-minded friends.

"This is not really healthy.

"Larry Elder recently tweeted: 'Half the country thinks there is a free lunch—and that the other half is stopping them from eating it.' Which, in a nutshell, is why one half of the country trying to tear the other half apart.

"And in other words, Mitt Romney is apparently skulking around Twitter under the alias 'Pierre Delecto'. What a cuck."

Has Everyone Lost Their D*mn Mind?

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Weyden Pinned Hat.jpg

Portrait Of A Young Woman In A Pinned Hat
Rogier van der Weyden

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 10/21/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Start of a new week and lots of ground to cover so off we go. The big non-story that has the Democrat-Left-Media Complex shrieking is White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney's "gaffe" where he supposedly admitted that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, when in fact no such thing ever took place. To paraphrase a disgraceful ex-president, it depends on what the definition of quid pro quo is. In the classic sense, it does connote something either illegal or minimally shady. But more loosely, yes it does mean, as Mulvaney tried to explain to the gaggle of rabid harpies peppering him with questions, a totally above board exchange of services that each party would find mutually beneficial. In this case, the desire for both Trump and Zelensky to get to the bottom of the corruption that found its way into the 2016 election. And no, it was not because Trump threatened to withhold aid; he didn't because the aid was flowing at the time of the conversation. I think it's safe to say that Mulvaney was in over his head with a group of people whose purpose was to get him in a "gotcha" moment. Even one of Obama's twin Valley Girl stooges, Jen Psaki, after ripping Mulvaney admitted that, yeah, this happens all the time. Pfft. Let it be a lesson to Mulvaney and anyone else in the administration to be very wary of tangling with these people. Trump does it well, and consistently well. Mulvaney evidently not so much. Not that the media is ever going to relent, but still, why give yourself agita?

In any case, the week ended with the news cycle going in a completely different direction, as we shall get to in a moment. Rounding out the topic, Mike Pompeo ripped into Schiff-for-Brains over this kangaroo court madness, Mollie Hemingway catches the bug-eyed bastard flipping and flopping all over the place after being caught colluding with the whistleblower, top GOPers are screaming for all the secret documents the Dems are hiding, conservative women's group rallies outside the Capitol to stop the impeachment madness, when Anderson Vanderbilt makes Kamala-Toe stammer and stutter just by asking her to say exactly what crimes Giuliani committed, 23 House Republicans have yet to sign on to the censure of Schiff-for-Brains (gee, I wonder why [sarc]), and per the last essay, all of this is meant to distract and drive Trump's approval numbers down before 2020.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at if you want to continue the conversation all day.

Follow us on Twitter: @CutJibNews

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (10/20/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian




Quote I

"The hydro-technical facility was self-constructed and, I believe, all rules I can and cannot think of were violated," Yuri Lapshin, the head of the Krasnoyarsk regional government

Quote II

I stand here before you as a proud parent, son, obviously a member of this community,' You see my name, but yet you see a lot of people behind me and the commitment, especially from my mom, about caring for other people and being a part of a community that matters.Michael Jordan

Quote III

“The truth is anyone who says they definitively know what is causing it doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” “It’s a complex problem with no easy answers so far.”Ursula Whiteside, a researcher with the University of Washington

Quote IV

“It’s getting kind of hot. I’m telling you, Hillary Clinton is playing a very dangerous game. I do not want someone of her stature to legitimate these attacks against anybody. If you’ve got real evidence, come forward with it. But if you’re just going to smear people casually on podcasts, you are playing right into the Russians’ hands.”Van Jones

Quote V

“Do not run the water when you brush your teeth, only wash with filled washing machines, only buy washing machines that don’t use so much water, use a pot when you ate watering plants in your garden. And pee in the shower in the morning,”Frode Hult

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Gun Thread: The Dried Stuff in a Basket in the Bathroom Edition [Weasel]

—Open Blogger

potpourri scaled.jpg
Flowery Dried Stuff

Well this past week I've been at the Texas MoMe, and should just be getting home about the time this thread goes up on Sunday. Since I will not have had much time for Gun Thread writin' over the last few days, what I'm going to do is post some stuff sent in by you all - kind of a big Mail Bag section for the week. Some will certainly recognize this as a half-ass effort, or perhaps even a quarter-ass effort, but I prefer to think of it as a potpourri of content! That's it! It's a potpourri of gun thread content! Let's get to it below, shall we?

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Food Thread: Keep It Simple Stupid, Or: Keep It Simple And Tasty Stupid



This is what you do when you are stuck for something to eat for dinner but aren't willing to settle for something crappy. That's a fried egg, some sauteed chicken, a handful of arugula, and some sauteed vegetables. The topper is out of a jar of chili-garlic crisp from Trader Joe's. That whole thing probably took 10 minutes to make and was, by all reports (it's not my concoction, but I trust the cook who made it) it hit the spot.

The point is: why settle for crappy and boring food? With a bit of thought and some spelunking into your spice rack or the back of your refrigerator you can make some mighty fine tasting food. There are hundreds of fantastic pastes and dressings and fun concoctions that are as close as the spice aisle or the oriental section at your local market.

So give it a try. It doesn't really matter what you make, just jazz it up with some thing bright and pungent and vibrant. Hell, plain old scrambled eggs topped with chili crisp are great!

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It's Time For Automated Ball And Strike Calls In MLB


The Yankees got beaten fair and square, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. And the crap calls at the plate hurt both teams last night, so this isn't a partisan gripe about the inherent unfairness of MLB toward The Yankees (that's for another rant).

But the strike zone last night was pathetic, and it affected the play of both teams. When a batter has to wonder where the strike zone is, in addition to having just a split-second to decide whether to swing, it plays havoc with the essence of the game.

Whose fault is that? Well, MLB does not have sufficient controls in place to moderate the often overbearing and ridiculously sensitive behavior of its umpires, so they have the well-founded impression that they can do no wrong. As Lord Acton famously said:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely
And is there a more corrupt and capricious and arrogant group than MLB umpires? Is there another sport into which the officials inject themselves to such an extent?

And I'm not talking about the outliers on the asshole scale like Joe West and Angel Hernandez. Even the relatively good umpires have vast egos and are unwilling to tolerate any challenge to their authority, even when it is completely obvious that they have screwed up. Their prickly insistence on total obeisance from the players and managers is an affront to the game.

The frustrating thing is that the number of bad calls in the field is minuscule compared to the pathetic and subjective job the umpires do at the plate. Perhaps that is a function of the increase in velocity of the average pitch, or maybe (and I am guessing here) evolutionary changes in pitches so that there is simply too much movement for the home plate umpires to judge them with any degree of accuracy.

It's simple...let the software call balls and strikes, and the home plate umpire can concentrate on other things like whether the batter has swung, or been hit by a pitch, or fouled off a pitch, etc. Or, and this is my preferred solution, publicize the accuracy statistics that MLB keeps on their umps, and have the software call balls and strikes for the bottom half of the umpires for the month following their low ratings. And if they remain in the cellar for the month after, suspend them.

Below the fold are some videos that should bolster the point that something has to be done. Let's start with forcing Joe West to lose about 100 pounds!

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Groucho Marx Redux: "Who Are You Going To Believe, Me Or Your Own Eyes?"
Islam Isn't Responsible For Islamic Terrorism? Huh?


My grandfather was a policeman in pre-independence Israel, and he used to patrol Arab villages on horseback (he also hunted wild pigs with a spear!). He used to say that the people were always friendly, but that they were incredible liars, and here we have a fine example of just that!

Professor Claims Islam Is Not The Root Of Islamic Terrorism

This continues a common trend of denying the Islamist roots of jihadi attacks, even as survey data show that a deeply disturbing minority of Muslim believers support terrorism. As Israeli analyst Shmuel Bar wrote in 2004, in leading Islamic clerical circles, “radical ideology does not represent a marginal and extremist perversion of Islam, but rather a[n] … increasingly mainstream interpretation.”
But I thought that "Islam is a religion of peace!"

Of course none of this is new, but what I find interesting are the similarities between this apologist for mass murder and the modern Left in America. They effortlessly obfuscate and lie and ascribe their own beliefs and actions to their enemies. Perhaps that is why they are such vociferous defenders of Islamic hate and killing?

Below the fold is a short video on "Tagiya," which isn't quite what the learned professor is doing, but its close!

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 10-20-2019


University Library Leuven-Louvain Belgium 01.jpg
University Library of Leuven-Louvain, Belgium

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes, wine moms, frat bros, crétins sans pantalon (who are technically breaking the rules), jokers, smokers, midnight tokers, and the pompatus of love, whom I just know gets up early on Sundays just for this thread. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, snark, witty repartee, hilarious bon mots, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, spending way too much money on books, writing books, and publishing books by escaped oafs and oafettes who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they read. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, which look like a lot of wishful thinking went into making them. In fact, one might call them the triumph of hope over experience.

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

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EMT 10/20/19


You ever sneeze so hard you bit your tongue and hurt your ribs?

I think I am officially old.

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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (10/19/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Saturday Night Joke


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Satuday Evening Movie Thread 10-19-2019 [Hosted by: TheJamesMadison]


Hello all, TJM, here. So, Mary Poppin's Practically Perfect Piercing (MP4) reached out to me with an idea for a post. It was about one of his favorite silent films, Haxan, a movie I hadn't yet seen. So, I encouraged him to write it himself, which he has done! I really liked what he wrote, so I'm giving him the floor tonight.

MP4 knows more about the silent era than I do. I know much of the highlights of the era, but MP4 has spent time digging into the nooks and crannies of the time and place and has accumulated such a wonderful compendium of knowledge on the time and place. He's even gone so far as to write some fiction set in the era, mostly around the silent vamp Theda Bara, star of the lost silent epic Cleopatra and her makeup man Toby.

Also, you should buy his books.

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Saturday Afternoon Chess Thread 10-19-2019


GM Anton Korobov.jpg
GM Anton Korobov, apparently contemplating a less-than-ideal position

(Either that or he's just realized he could've saved 10-15% on car insurance by switching to Geico.)

(h/t lurker 'Guy' for the photo)

TheJamesMadison will be along later with the movie thread. This week, he'll be sub-letting (or is it sub-sub-letting?) the thread out to MP4, whose movie review of an old classic will be getting us into the spirit of Halloween early.

As always, the chess/dress pr0n thread is an open thread, so there is no such thing as an off-topic comment.

Beginner Problem - White To Play (Chess #3544)

Yeah, I know this position looks kind of weird. How did White's king get all the way up there behind the black pawns? I didn't notice this until it was too late to pick a better probem.

Goal: White can force mate in 2 moves
Hint: One of those knights is kind of in the way

20191019 - Problem 1.jpg
3K1Rn1/3p2p1/1pp1k3/4pN1R/2P1NP2/4np1b/B2b4/6q1 w - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian





Good afternoon Morons & Lurkers. Welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Sit. Stay. Enjoy the world of pets!

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Saturday Gardening Thread, October 19 [KT]

—Open Blogger


Hello, Gardeners, Putterers and those who just like to observe their handiwork! It's getting fall-ish where I am. How about where you are? Today, we've got a few landscapes as we move into fall. There are still a few critters out there, too. Expecting some more fall foliage photos to come in from The Horde. Love the landscape above from Larro. It's from Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park.


This is a photo of a professional landscape, taken by The Invisible Hand during the summer. A Japanese garden. Lovely. We're all pulling for you, by the way.


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Her Majesty? [KT]

—Open Blogger


San Francisco Waterfront, 1851

Time for an Empress? Or Something?

Well, yesterday we learned that Hillary Clinton believes that Donald Trump plans to stay in office forever, that she has secret information that Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are Russian assets and that ten year olds are responsible for her election loss. For some reason, after I learned all this, Emperor Norton, who reigned for 20 years in San Francisco, popped into my head.

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Saturday Morning Coffee Break

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

72268616_767992656981976_5636792800998588416_o (1).jpg



Good morning Morons. Let us review some stories that didn't get their fair share of attention here at the AoSHQ this past week.

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Saturday Early Morning Thread

—J.J. Sefton

Up and at 'em. What, you were expecting a rant on my day off?!


Posted by J.J. Sefton at 06:37 AM Comments

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
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[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Julie Kelly: "Everyone Knows a Mitt Romney"
He's a 31 handicap and he doesn’t even count all his strokes. He wears CrossFit gear but does water aerobics. He owns a Porsche but won’t drive it more than 59 miles per hour.
He starts laughing before he tells a joke because he knows he can't deliver but is trying to get you to play along.
He pretends to know the words to Metallica and Guns N’'Roses and the Violent Femmes while playing air guitar on his Bobolat racket, but his iPod is loaded with Barry Manilow and Celine Dion.
A guy with so much cringe who thinks he’s boffo: Cowardice camouflaged in smugness.
In other words, a fraud. A phony. And, because losing presidential candidates never die, they just relocate to another state and run for the U.S. Senate, the American people must now tolerate the national version of the Mitt Romney We All Know In Real Life.
Etymologies: hussy and gussy
Hussy was just originally a slurred/shortened version of housewife, that meant only that. But, you know, all words for women are eventually given some venom and vinegar. My guess is that insults like "dirty hussy" and "cheap hussy" were tossed around so much that the word just lost its original neutral meaning and now was only thought of in a derogatory way.
Gussy, as in "gussied up," is a recent invention, and either comes from 40s schoolyard slang for "overly dressed" which in turn might come from "gussie," meaning effeminate man or "foppish dandy,", starting around 1901 in Australia.
Apparently "jessie" is still used in Australia and England to mean "effeminate man.
Muldoon: A Last Limerick
NeverTrump hero Evan McMullin: Hillary Clinton is right, Tulsi is a Russian agent
Everyone who disagrees with the liberal DC consensus is a Russian, a Racist, or a Russian Racist.
Dancing in the Streets, No Music Silent Video Version
Really funny. It's old, but still funny.
Mitt Romney, who is America's number one geopolitical foe, claims Turkey is a "small country"
Kyle Sheideler responds that he is anti-Turkey and doesn't wish them to be a part of NATO, but Mitt Romney should stick to giving gay kids haircut rapes, because Turkey has the second largest army in all of NATO, after only the US. If that's "small," what would "big" be?
When I was in Beirut, I was surprised to learn that Arabs felt insecure because there was not a single Arab great power capable of doing much more than defend its own borders (if even that). No Arab powers-- not even in the Middle East? No, I was told by a professor. There are three great powers in the Middle East, but not a single one of them is Arab. One is Israel -- obviously not Arab. One is Iran. They're Persians. And one is Turkey, who are not Arabs but Turks.
Anyway, it's strange to hear Mitt Romney, America's Number One Geopolitical Foe, get something so absurdly wrong as to call Turkey, one of the three Great Powers of the Middle East, a "small country" that we don't need to pay no mind to.
Quick funny story from Tim Pool, explaining why social media "fact-checking" is trash -- it's because they rely on trash outlets, like CNN and MSNBC (and the SPLC and Snopes!), to decide what is true and what is not true, despite CNN and MSNBC being absurdly biased and wrong more often than right.
The quick story he tells (about a minute long) is about Wikipedia's insistence that he himself "invented a zeppelin" -- something some trash outlet made up. It's not derogatory -- who wouldn't want to be credited as a zeppelin inventor? -- but it's completely false and without even a some distorted factual basis.
But no matter how many times Pool tells them "I never invented any zeppelin, you should delete that," they keep the false zeppelin-inventing biographical point, because Tim Pool is not considered a "credible source" on Tim Pool's zeppelin-inventing career or lack of same.
HuffPo says you invented a zeppelin, and who are you compared to the warriors of truth we know as HuffPo?
PBS "News" Hour "journalist" is very, very angry that Trump... posted a respectful remembrance of Elijah Cummings?
Psst, little open secret: It's the Paul Ryan types who keep PBS and NPR funded. Everything for the Suburban Wine Moms.
Video about your eyes' and brain's own color-correction function -- in other words, explaining the "What Color Is This Dress?" controversy
Even if you remember the gist of the explanation about the blue-black or white-gold dress, this video is still sort of illuminating (pun intended)
They gimmicked up another case of colors looking different to different people. This video can help you see something in ambiguous lighting in two different ways.
By the way, it worked for me.
SJW Fascist: Let's ban children's Stormtrooper costumes Because Nazi and Because Trump
This is inspired by Ivanka Trump's son wearing the costume. Now it's #problematic and must be #cancelled.
Recent Comments
Axeman: "George Lynch is one of my favorite guitarists. Was ..."

Les Kinetic: "Astros! ..."

Black Woman: "White She-Devil! ..."

Minnfidel: "So I can't land at Logan and yell what up bitches? ..."

Les Kinetic: "Corners, 1 out. Lotsa noise under the dome. ..."

Murrican Ninja War Eeyore: "505 Why do the Nats have the same logo as Walgreen ..."

MAGA: "500 McConnell will not likely outlive me and I ful ..."

Giorgio Tsoukalos: "Well it's really weird no shit. I can't find them. ..."

Commissar Hrothgar [/i][/u][/b][/s]: "[i]Don't obsess over it. If they aren't there, the ..."

Hadrian the Seventh: " [i] Black ladies do not in general like the blac ..."

Minnfidel: "And they engineered Jaguar's electrical problems a ..."

MAGA: "GOP! What is best in life? GOP: To be crushed b ..."

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