April 25, 2018

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The Morning Rant


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"Stupid news infobabe complains about having to 'quadruple-check' her news copy so she doesn't get labelled fake news. To which I say: tough shit, sugar tits. Your complaint would have more credibility if you and the rest of the media hadn't basically been Obama's fluffer for the last 8 years. Her whiny piece is just full of sanctimonious 'why doesn't everyone see our awesome wonderfulness?' gasbaggery. As the man says, nobody is impressed with the press quite like the press."

NY Times Correction Of The Year:

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


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A Young Woman With a Macaw
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

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The Morning Report 4/25/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Here we are again with your midweek news aggravation and in the lead, I'd thought I'd highlight a story that has been completely embargoed by the Democrat-Leftist-Media complex. FEC records show that the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign and the DNC conspired to launder $84 million in campaign funds in order to purposely hide donations far in excess of the legal limits for individual donors. The stunning thing about this whole thing is just the brazen way in which they (the Clintons, Democrats and Media) just pull this crap like it's just another day at the office. And then they have the utterly unmitigated temerity to file a RICO lawsuit against the Trump campaign and Russia in order to quadruple down on the patently risible fantasy that they somehow stole the 2016 election. Meh, I guess what's surprising is that they are so utterly full of themselves and think themselves so completely insulated from accountability that they may have just exposed themselves to one hell of an "enlightening" discovery process. I suppose it's tiring to keep on saying that there isn't a punishment severe enough for Hillary Clinton and everyone and everything associated with her. More importantly, America dodged a coup de grace by electing Donald Trump.

Beyond that, in the Mueller witch hunt category, the esteemed Jeffrey Lord has rather a novel idea vis a vis the chutz-pocrisy of the Media dragging Sean Hannity's name through the mud.

On the immigration front, yet another rogue jurist has decreed from on high that President Trump must restart Obama's illegal DACA program, PDT's own executive order ending it be damned. Break up the friggin' judiciary; it's just one more tiny time pill in the slow release poison capsule that is breaking the nation apart. That is a shout-out to the boss' excellent essay from last night about the growing likelihood of a national divorce, so go read it if you have not already. And in related news, see the latest link about the green-lighting of a California secession petition.

On the international scene, while PDT and Emmanuel Macron seem to be hitting it off, one area of tension is the Iran Nuke Deal Sellout. Macron is lobbying hard for America to keep it despite all indications that PDT is going to scrap it when it comes up for review in the next few weeks. And as reported yesterday, the Farsis have threatened PDT if he pulls out while the President countered with a threat of serious consequences should they ramp up their nuke program. And linked below, administration officials and other political leaders are outraged that there is a loophole allowing Iran to continue developing ballistic missiles. Deep State's gonna Deep, but that has got to be stopped.

Also, Mutti Merkel is headed our way and that meeting is not going to be as pleasant as with Macron. In any case, the President's nominee to be ambassador to Deutschland is finally coming to a vote thanks to Mitch McKochbrother breaking through the filibuster (more on this later), and that was a source of tension, minor all other things considered, between the Yanks and the Krauts. And as reported yesterday here and expanded on by Ace, Luap the Lesser is suddenly PDT's pal on foreign policy. I think his shift on Pompeo was grandstanding/backtracking/face-saving all in one, but whatever it takes I guess to move things along.

On to politics where the Democrats were hoping to continue their winning streak in GOP districts, but they were stopped cold yesterday in AZ-8. The media is strangely silent. Suddenly. Daniel Greenfield brings some insights into the Dem's Joo-hate problem although with their sister Working Families Party, it's a feature, not a bug. And as Bernardo Sandersnista goes all in for universal work as an item on the party's agenda, Finland has finally come to its senses (read: licked its wounds) and scrapped their experiment with it. Now Lefties, remember: Scandinavia is the ideal by which America should aspire to! /sarc.

And as that insanity plays out, Nancy Palsi is sputtering on about how when the Dems take over Congress, they will immediately push for Amnesty and Gun Control. If you make that into a TV ad, along with Howard "the lipless wonder" Dean's "swastika-burning" deplorable schtick, there's no way the GOP can lose in November even if they ran an entire slate of Todd Akins and Christine O'Donnells. That said, it would be kind of nice if the GOP started shouting from the rooftops about the economy, stupid. Even the totally partisan "nonpartisan" CBO just released that GDP is at a 15-year high, and, to counter Nancy Schmancy's tired old lie about the 1%, it turns out that "the rich" are going to pay quite a bit in taxes even with the PDT tax plan. In fact, one student at Georgetown U confronted the shambling, stuttering bag o'botox about her "crumbs" smear and she stammered her "1 percenter" lie. Too bad the kid didn't counter with the truth that the top 1% pay about 12-15% of all Federal taxes and IIRC the top 25% pay well over half. I have to look up that figure and tattoo it on my brain because the bottom 50% pay ZERO federal taxes. But I digress...

On the terrorism front, the Slimes issued a retraction and was forced to admit that families of terrorists do in fact get paid by the Palestinian Authority. And there is some disturbing news coming to light about the Toronto fiend who mowed down 10 people with a truck.

From hither and yon, the bloated, evil blivit from Fresno State ain't going nowhere, Joy Reid's (who?) defense that her social media account was hacked is falling apart, Memories Pizza has quietly closed its doors thanks to the SJW smear campaign, police have arrested the gunman who shot and wounded two Dallas cops (no word on if the shooter is a citizen or not) and take a look at this filthy bastard teaching our children in Arizona. Aside from the fact that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Camera Hogg, it underscores where the real fight for the future of this nation is - in the classroom, for the hearts and minds of our children. All the marbles, baby.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (4/24/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session. Mark Twain

Quote II

People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, stealing, and if need be, murdering those who resist? H. L. Mencken

Quote III

We know they have nothing to do with Islam because our politicians keep telling us that, and they are all Islamic scholars. (They are, aren't they?) Yes, the violence is coming exclusively from Muslims, but only because their religion (the one that has nothing to do with Islam) tells them to kill unbelievers, meaning people who don't follow the religion with a knife to our throat that has nothing to do with Islam. Pat Condell

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Sara Carter: Sources Say the Inspector General Is Investigating Andrew McCabe's Alleged "Stand-Down Order" on the Clinton Foundation Investigation -- As Well as the Clinton Email Investigation

—Ace of Spades


The Wall Street Journal story McCabe leaked in order to rebut alleged he was slow-playing the Clinton Foundation investigation.

Sara Carter's new reporting suggests he issued a similar stand-down order on the Clinton email investigation as well.

After The New York Times publication, the FBI Washington Field Office began investigating Clinton’s use of private emails and whether she was using her personal email account to transmit classified information. According to sources, McCabe was overseas when he became aware of the investigation and sent electronic communications voicing his displeasure with the agents.

"McCabe tried to steer people off the private email investigation and that appears to be obstruction and should be investigated," said one former FBI official with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the investigation. "Now if the information on the 'stand-down' order is obtained by the IG that could bring a whole lot of other troubles to McCabe."

"If" is a very big little word, but it does bear watching.

Meanwhile -- guess who James Comey has retained as a lawyer?

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Given the State of Near-Hostilities in Our Political Culture, Is It Unthinkable That the Country May Split?

—Ace of Spades

Before quoting National Review let me point out that a failure of imagination is not the same thing as a counter-argument or rational theory. All during Trump's run through the primaries, people kept saying that he couldn't win the nomination. It just couldn't happen.

I wasn't pro-Trump at that point (though I did see him as useful blocker to clear out #FakeConservatives like Mario Rubo), but I kept asking these people who said it couldn't happen: What's stopping it from happening, apart from your desire that it not happen, and your lack of imagination of imagining it as a possibility?

Things that could stop Trump at that time included, for example, a candidate rising up to steal Trump's issues, other candidates dropping out and throwing their weight behind the candidate best positioned to steal (or blunt) Trump's issue-portfolio appeal -- Ted Cruz being the obvious choice, except to the Establishment #FakeCons, etc.

In other words: real things. Not just postulating that the Keepers of Universal Order would get together to conspire to arrange circumstances so that he just wouldn't win.

So let me repeat: Someone's failure of imagination to contemplate a possibility as possible is no argument at all against its possibility, just as the religious faith that Trump can't win, I don't know why, but he just can't was no talisman of protection against that very event.

The fact that some people are rather dull in terms of imagination and unschooled in terms of history -- yes, countries do divide as well as combine; both happen with some frequency -- is not any kind of magic protection against the unexpected or even unprecedented happening.

The unexpected happens literally all the time. The unprecedented happens almost as much. Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book, The Black Swan, pointed out that, as a simple statistical matter, not only were near-impossible events possible, but were guaranteed to occur lots of times over any period of a decade or longer, given enough trials

People very wrongly assume that very improbable things -- those chances way down at the skinny end of a bell curve -- just can't happen.

Of course they can. If you tell me the odds are 1,000,000 to one against something -- well, as any idiot can tell you, so you're saying there's a chance.

And not just a hypothetical chance that we can pretend isn't a chance at all. The odds are hugely against anyone winning any particular Powerball lottery, and yet, every month or so, we hear of someone hitting the jackpot.

The thing is, if you just let history run a single time for each one in a million incident, you'd probably be right, most of the time, in predicting that one in a million possibilities wouldn't happen.

The trouble is, history is always running, 24/7/365.24, and it's running many, many, many Monte Carlo non-simulations of various possibility scenarios at all times, which means that the world is going to see a bunch of one-in-a-million events happening.

After an "unprecedented," "no-experts-could-have-predicted-such-a-thing" event actually happens, all the experts gather round for a chin-rub and then announce: We could have, and indeed should have, predicted this was at least a live possibility.

And yet, the day after that, they go back to insisting extremely unlikely events cannot happen and are not worth thinking about.

Taleb used some simple math to illustrate this. I forget his exact numbers, but they went something like this:

1. Assume an "impossible" event is one which we'd say are one-in-a-million events.

2. Assume that someone who consumes media will be exposed to -- in the sense of hearing about, reading about, knowing about -- one thousand or so bits of news about events happening each month.

Given those two assumptions, Taleb figured (again, I'm just guessing at his estimate) the average news-watching human being would witness (indirectly, through media reports) something like thirty "impossible" events in his lifetime.

Those who say that the United States cannot break up only because it hasn't happened before used the same logic to unsuccessfully predict the election of Trump being an impossibility.

Bear in mind, this almost happened once before. One would think that something almost happening once before, and only not happening due to a war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, would be proof against people dismissing this as "impossible" and thus not even worth thinking about.

Ben Shapiro has a saying: Facts don't care about your feelings.

Let me propose another rule: The iron law of probability -- that, given enough trials, near-impossible events are not only possible but almost guaranteed to occur -- don't care about your failure of imagination. Or your innumeracy in statistics and probability theory.

So here's Geraghty allowing his imagination to imagine "the impossible:"

Some people gave my friend Kurt Schlichter some grief about his speculative fiction novels that imagined the United States splitting into two countries, a traditional United States and a breakaway "People’s Republic of North America" that attempts to enact the progressive idealist dream and encounters quite a few problems along the way. Some contend that Kurt is rooting for this scenario or attempting to encourage some sort of secessionist fantasy. I don’t think that's a fair reading of a man who says his military service in the Balkans shaped his view of this issue, but I suppose some might think that depicting a formally divided America might inadvertently encourage people to think more about a formally divided America.

But to those who feel so horrified at the thought of the United States no longer being so united, it feels fair to ask . . . just what road do you think we're on? Did we see a lot of soul-searching after the attempted mass shooting on the Republican baseball team, or the attempt to run Representative David Kustoff off the road, or the assault on Congressman Rand Paul? Was there anything like the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting, when President Obama spoke of the need to debate our differences "in a way that heals, not a way that wounds"?

If we no longer even go through the motions of calling for a debate that doesn’t demonize and dehumanize our opponents -- "Deplorables!" "Soulless!" -- just how wild and unthinkable does more political violence seem? And if more political violence doesn’t seem so unthinkable . . . why would a future formal national division be unthinkable as well?

If a People (capitalization intended) no longer act in fact like a People, how long will they remain, formally, officially, a People? At what point will the formal arrangement change to reflect the actual on-the-ground reality?

Generally formal on-paper-only fictions do not last very long. Marriages-on-paper-only do not last too much longer after one party begins strongly questioning why a fictitious marriage should be maintained as a polite fiction.

Victor Davis Hanson notes that we're living in "revolutionary times."

Insidiously and incrementally, we are in the process of normalizing violence against the elected president of the United States. If all this fails to delegitimize Trump, fails to destroy his health, or fails to lead to a 2018 midterm Democratic sweep and subsequent impeachment, expect even greater threats of violence. The Resistance and rabid anti-Trumpers have lost confidence in the constitutional framework of elections, and they've flouted the tradition by which the opposition allows the in-power party to present its case to the court of public opinion.

Instead, like the French revolutionaries’ Committee on Public Safety, the unhinged anti-Trumpists assume that they have lost public opinion, given their venom and crudity, and are growing desperate as every legal and paralegal means of removing Trump is nearing exhaustion. Robert Mueller is the last chance, a sort of Watergate or Abu Ghraib that could gin up enough furor to drive down Trump’s poll favorability to the twenties and thereby reduce his person to a demonic force deserving of whatever it gets....

The danger to the country this time around is that the Left has so destroyed the old protocols of the opposition party that it will be hard to resurrect them when progressives return to power.

We are entering revolutionary times. The law is no longer equally applied. The media are the ministry of truth. The Democratic party is a revolutionary force. And it is all getting scary.

I think most people can agree that "Political norms are being tossed by the wayside." Progressives and virulent anti-Trumpers will say that Trump's responsible for most of this. They then use that as an excuse to themselves toss political norms by the wayside -- does anyone still maintain the fiction that the media is not an overt political agitator any more?

Well, if almost all political norms are being discarded, why keep the main one that keeps everyone trapped in this unhealthy, unhappy toxic failed marriage-on-paper-only?

One last point: Just imagining these things and contemplating them is no grounds for the inevitable shrieking about Badthought.

In the sixties and seventies, there were a group of scientists called the "Nuclear Use Theorists." It was their job to game out what would happen in an actual nuclear war.

They had to plot out expected casualties and such. Best counter-measures, risk of nonaction over a believed but not absolutely known Russian first strike versus risk of acting without absolute knowledge, etc.

Whether it was best to deploy nukes counter-force (against Soviet nukes and troops) or if terror of using them counter-value -- that is, against population centers -- would be, terrible as that idea is, the best way to dissuade nuclear aggression in the first place.

All sorts of things too awful to contemplate -- except that someone did have to contemplate them.

The fact that they were actually thinking about what would happen in a nuclear war -- and what our best response to a Soviet missile attack would be -- was hardly evidence that they actively sought a nuclear holocaust.

As bad as all possible outcomes might be in a nuclear war, there were scenarios which were less bad than others, and the nuclear use theorists (who I think were just branded that so that wags could call them "NUTs") were the people charged with thinking about the unthinkable.

I'm not even talking about war here -- but I do think it's useful to start thinking about the unthinkable, and considering the possibility of the "impossible," that a peaceful national divorce might be in everyone's best interests -- especially the children's.

I'm open, of course, to explanations as to why it wouldn't be.

But I'd like to get past the part where people just start jumping up and down screaming "But that's unthinkable! Why that's impossible!"

People who claim that everything they don't like is unthinkable are really just saying they don't like thinking very much, and would prefer straight-line projections involving nigh-unchanging circumstances so that they aren't forced into that whole bother of thinking at all.

These things aren't "unthinkable." They're being thought about. That right there is all the evidence any non-idiot should need to dismiss the claim that they're "unthinkable."

Whether a national divorce is advisable is of course open to debate -- but the claim that it's "unthinkable" is just something thick-witted people say to impose their own defect of imagination on people smarter than they are.

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Fourteen States Hit Record-Low Employment Rates, Media Shrieks
Whoops, I Meant Record Unemployment, and the Media Is Silent

—Ace of Spades

In the media, their opinions are facts and your facts are but opinions.

The states hitting new unemployment lows run the ideological gamut, from conservative Texas to liberal California, suggesting a recovery stronger than any particular political persuasion. In March, eight states saw new record lows, including Hawaii (2.1 percent), Idaho (2.9 percent), Kentucky (4 percent ), Maine (2.7 percent), Mississippi (4.5 percent), Oregon (4.1 percent) and Wisconsin (2.9 percent).

California also set a new record last month. The Golden State’s unemployment rate stands at 4.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s the lowest rate recorded since BLS began keeping track of state-level unemployment figures in 1976, and it’s a third of the 12.3 percent unemployment rate California notched at the height of the recession in December 2010.

Colorado’s unemployment rate is just 2.6 percent, among the lowest in the nation, and a third of the 8.9 percent peak it hit in 2010.

Now, it's true that this article appears in The Hill, which is the media. But for such truly historic economic news, you'd think it would be the lead story on many if not most outlets, or one of the top lead stories.

But no, of course not. The media spent eight years under Obama ignoring the bad economy, now it'll spend all of Trump's years ignoring the good economy.

BTW: I never had allergies before but began getting them about two years ago. I have been made pretty miserable the last three weeks from pollen. I don't know what to do about this. My eyes are always burning and my vision is actually distorted.

Any suggestions? Remedies? I've contacted my doctor to get a referral for an allergist but I have a feeling that'll take like two weeks.

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Rand Paul Votes in Favor of Pompeo, Advancing His Nomination Out of Committee and to the Floor; Joe Manchin Says He'll Vote For Him for SecState

—Ace of Spades

I missed this yesterday:

Manchin's claim of intent is mentioned in the second item at PJ Media's Morning Briefing-- with Paul switching his vote from "no" to "yes," Pompeo will be voted forward out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. That would probably be enough to secure his confirmation as Secretary of State, but, for added cushion, Joe Manchin, who is up for re-election and has to put on his Conservative Halloween Costume for a little while, says he'll vote for him too.

Regarding that "present" vote: It's actually kind of nice.

Why did Rand Paul change his vote? Well, he says it's because Pompeo told him he's changed his mind about Iraq and Afganhistan to agree with Trump (and, therefore, Rand Paul).

Was this just a faked-up agreement to let Paul vote for Pompeo without seeming like he was just giving up? By that I mean -- was this an arranged exit to permit Paul to gracefully step down from his position?

Maybe. But also, on the other hand...

A fellow commentator said privately that this might have been of a fake in the other direction -- it allows one influential pro-Iraq-War voice to change his opinion, apparently under duress and only in order to advance to becoming Secretary of State.

But who knows -- maybe Pompeo also needed an excuse, an "out," to declare the Iraq War was a bad decision in hindsight. Maybe this also served as a graceful exit from the pro-Iraq-War position for Pompeo, and arranged step-down for him as well.

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New York Times Publishes (and Then Retracts) The Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory That Palestinian Government Payment to Terrorists' Families is Just a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

—Ace of Spades


They corrected this, allowing that the Palestinian Authority really does pay the families of murderous terrorists.

How did it see print in the first place?

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Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Interrogated by Broward Police for Non-Crime of Safely Shooting a Legal Gun Inside a Licensed Gun Range; "Treated Like a Criminal"

—Ace of Spades

The Broward Cowards don't like confronting criminals with guns. They make up for it by getting tough with law-abiding citizens with guns.

Although Kashuv was a 2nd Amendment supporter, he'd never actually fired a gun before. So this past weekend he went to the range with his dad.

He posted about it on social media:

When a parent of a slain student objected to Kashuv's tweet, he responded in this sensible, polite way:

Despite making it clear that he was not following the path of Nikolas Cruz, this tweet allegedly "traumatized" some fellow students.

So the Broward Cowards decided to treat the non-threat Kaschuv much differently from the actual live, multiply-reported threat Cruz.

Probably because they knew he wasn't a threat.

Near the end of third period, my teacher got a call from the office saying I need to go down and see a Mr. Greenleaf. I didn't know Mr. Greenleaf, but it turned out that he was an armed school resource officer.

How did you find him, given that he was certainly hiding in a stairwell?

I went down and found him, and he escorted me to his office. Then a second security officer walked in and sat behind me. Both began questioning me intensely. First, they began berating my tweet, although neither of them had read it; then they began aggressively asking questions about who I went to the range with, whose gun we used, about my father, etc. They were incredibly condescending and rude.

Then a third officer from the Broward County Sheriff's Office walked in, and began asking me the same questions again. At that point, I asked whether I could record the interview. They said no. I asked if I had done anything wrong. Again, they answered no. I asked why I was there. One said, "Don't get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?"

They continued to question me aggressively, though they could cite nothing I had done wrong. They kept calling me "the pro-Second Amendment kid." I was shocked and honestly, scared. It definitely felt like they were attempting to intimidate me.

I was treated like a criminal for no reason other than having gone to the gun range and posted on social media about it.


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We're All One Big Happy Uniparty, Cyberflirting and Making the Ha-Ha's

—Ace of Spades

We're all TwitterFriendz here.

This is the Rule 34 of Cocktail Circuit punditry.

Meanwhile, Max Boot writes another Washington Post piece asking why Republicans can't just be Democrats.

You know-- getting down to the questions that Real Republicans are always asking.

I didn't read his article due to the paywall. Okay, that's a lie. I didn't read his article because he's Max Boot.

But @Molratty did. Here's her reaction:

Absent from this piece is any explanation of how Trump threatens the rule of law any more than some of his predecessors did. Kind of an important part of the argument, isn't it?

I'm one of those persuadable Trump skeptics. I'd prefer he wasn't the president. I'm not a fan of most of his behavior. I am open to the possibility that he's doing irreparable damage to presidential norms and expectations of conduct.

But it would take an extraordinary case to convince me he poses such a unique danger that I should generically vote for politicians with whom I vehemently disagree just to restore order. This piece comes nowhere near making that case.

Boot doesn't even try to make it. He just assumes you agree with him and then complains that people aren't doing enough. And, he doesn't bother addressing the problems with Democrats and their policies or why his concern about Trump should override those problems.

This is a recurring theme with anti-Trump Republicans. It's nothing but a rant. It's not persuasive and makes the person making the argument seem unserious.


I honestly think a lot of these guys are subconsciously driven by not wanting to be associated with "those yucky people." It's disappointing to see presumably rational and thoughtful writers sink to this depth.

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The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



As most honest New Yorkers would admit, the city is fast decaying into a funhouse mirror reflection of the 1970s and 1980s. The wealthy have their enclaves, but even they are increasingly garbage-filled and rat-infested. The roads are decaying, the uncontrolled construction and the carefully-laid plans to destroy automobile traffic has made driving a nightmare, and the explosion of homeless and the decriminalization of low-level crime has brought back fears that new Yorkers haven't felt in a generation.

The great exodus out of America's blue cities

With between up to 50 percent of their paycheck going to a combination of federal, local and city taxes, not including other consumer taxes baked into every aspect of their consumer practices, residents don't even have the comfort of knowing that their tax expenditures are going to the improvement of their lives in the city. New York infamously misuses the hard-earned tax revenues of its citizens in ways that scarcely benefit them.

Eventually, city and state taxes, fees, and regulations become so burdensome that people and corporations jump ship. More people are currently fleeing New York than any other metropolitan area in the nation. More than 1 million people have moved out of New York City since 2010 in search of greener pastures, which amounts to a negative net migration rate of 4.4 percent.

Go to any busy midtown Manhattan intersection during rush hour. Count the number of traffic officers compared to the number of parking enforcement clerks (because that's really what they are). The city is more interested in its revenue stream than in smoothing traffic flow.

Then check a street with those awful "No Parking from 9:00am to 11:00am" signs. That is so the street is clear for sweeping. But the sweepers never come...just the parking ticket people.

And how to get from midtown to a more residential neighborhood? Take a subway. But don't bother buying a ticket, because jumping the turnstiles will not get you arrested!

I saw the first iteration of New York City's descent into madness, and I have no desire to see it repeated. But De Blasio and his crooked cronies simply don't care about the middle class, who make up most of the city's population. They cater to the ultra-rich and to the rabid leftists who keep them in power.

It is a sad time, mostly because the normals enjoyed years of a vibrant, clean and safe city, so we have a stark comparison to make.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Wenig Ivan The Terrible.jpg

Ivan The Terrible And His Nurse
Karl Wenig

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The Morning Report 4/24/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Here's your news aggregation aggravation for Tuesday. Before we get into the trending stories there were two items that jumped out at me that I think deserve attention in the lead. Separately, and even together, they neither surprise nor shock me (and in a way that in and of itself is kind of shocking). We all know that barring some sort of miracle or the SMOD (and that to many around here may be one and the same thing) England, as is most if not all of Western Europe is sinking beneath the waves of the toxic Socialism and Sharia-creep/surge. But considering what we are dealing with in the schools, in the media and in our daily interactions with people, these articles paint a frightening picture of where this country is headed if we both a) lose another major election, despite not having a political party that fully represents and believes in what we believe in and b) do not take control of the source of the poison, to wit our schools and other things poisoning the minds of our children, because everything flows from there.

To be fair, the man who was jailed had some sort of laser jammer in his car, which was not in use at the time. But the fact that he flipped the bird to the camera is what got him in trouble for "perverting the course of justice." No comment from the scores of women and girls raped in Rotherhithe and probably all over the UK by men whose ethnicity/culture/religion shall not be mentioned.

And then there is the continuing horror show that is England's National Health Service. Fresh off of a story I had yesterday where the NHS has denied a UK couple the right to take their ailing child to Italy for palliative care not allowed them at home, we have this gothic horror story where doctors pulled the ventilator off of toddler against the wishes of his parents because his parents hope against hope for a miracle just isn't worth the money. And they mocked Sarah Palin for using the phrase "death panels." Remember that despite the hideous Cromnibus passed a month or so ago, the GOP did put in the abolishing of the Obamacare death panel into it. Thank goodness for small miracles. For now, future elections notwithstanding.

So there you have it. A nation that is all but completely rotted from within and by its own hand. As George Bernard Shaw once quipped, "the English and Americans are two peoples separated by a common language." The question is, are we to be two peoples united by a common fate? The world wonders...

Moving along, and sort of echoing the above, Parkland survivor and pro-Second Amendment spokes-student Kyle Kashuv got persecuted by his school security because his dad took him to a gun range. Is this the same school security that did such an outstanding job of deserting their post and hiding from the shooter? And then we have the CDC that hid a report which basically explodes the leftist narrative about self-defensive gun use.

On to the Mueller madness, while there are now questions as to whether PDT is being forthcoming about a trip to Moscow, evidently John Brennan, who many believe to be the leader of the insurrection actually did make a trip there in March of 2016 for purposes still unknown. If I were to venture a guess it would be to tell them that they were going to manufacture a phony dossier implicating Trump and Russia so as to smear him and swing the election to Hillary. But not to worry - she'd have a lot more flexibility to complete Obama's decapitation of America as founded once the election was over.

Meanwhile, Max-Scene Waters' latest exhibition of cray-cray and idiocy perfectly crystallizes the Democrat-Leftist-Media complex's mindset. Comey may be a liar (since he no longer represents the Steiner to their Hitler) but on Trump he's 100% correct! Couple this with Howard Dean opening his lipless cake-hole calling the PDT base swastika-burning Nazis and perhaps maybe the GOP running on Hillary's record may not be such a bad strategery after all.

The big news in foreign policy is the visit of French PM Macron to confer with PDT. Despite the latter's support of Marine LePen in the last French election, the two are evidently getting along just fine. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo's nomination has cleared the Senate committee as Luap the Lesser caved and several vulnerable Dems voted "present" to avoid a potential political backlash. He should be confirmed in the full Senate I should think.

Meanwhile, the knives really are out for Scott Pruitt and it looks as if some in the GOP may also go wobbly on him. Supposedly he spent excessive money on travel and security, to which I call bullshit (mostly because I have followed the case and it is bullshit). If you consider the completely unnecessary and insane profligacy of the one-time-proud-to-be-an-American ex-FLOTUS, then it really is a joke. Pruitt is utterly ripping apart Obama's economy-killing regulations and is turning into one of the President's outstanding picks. Ergo, he must be destroyed.

From hither and yon, the Democrats have a sure-fire winning policy item: guaranteed jobs for all! How appropriate since concentration camps and gulags also had/have jobs for all. You want some "arbeit" with those "freis?" Also, are the scales dropping from Kanye West's eyes? I would love to arrange a meeting with him, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele an Clarence Thomas. Nice to be able to have someone to counter the crack-dealing, sibling shooting, America-hating propagandist known as Sean Carter. That is, if the Leftist-Entertainment-Agitprop Complex doesn't destroy West beforehand.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (4/23/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“In the face of all of those demands, keeping every detail straight is impossible,” he writes. “I have myself been to meetings after which I could not remember what agency or Department most of the people worked for, or even why they were there. With classified information, it was frequently hard to know who was cleared to see what or what could be discussed with whom. If there is anyone who fully understands our ‘system’ for protecting classified information, I have yet to meet him.” John Bolton

Quote II

“In terms of what happens in 2020, we’re going to wait and see who runs. If I had to make that decision today, I’d be missing the opportunity to find out what they’re going to do for Utah.” Mitt Romney

Quote III

"We have a very difficult — well, our defense is our deterrent capability. We don't have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat," U.S. Strategic Command, Air Force Gen. John Hyten

Quote IV

“As far as racism goes, the modern loony left seem to forget that Hitler was leftwing,”Morrissey

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Gee, What Changed? Left-Wing Offers "Thoughts and Prayers" to Victims of Toronto Terrorism

—Ace of Spades

I thought that "thoughts and prayers" were a meaningless sentiment tossed out in lieu of actually confronting the problem.

The left keeps telling us that, right?

So what are we to make of DiBlasion offering "thoughts and prayers" after a terrorist attack?

Guess he's not really interested in doing anything tangible.

Shaun King -- who hews to the racist belief that a pasty White Caucasian can do a better job of being a black guy than an actual black guy -- was also caught offering empty sentiments instead of demands for tangible action.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 08:30 PM Comments

Jonah Goldberg: I Don't Love Rock n Roll

—Ace of Spades

First, George Will told us that jeans were The Devil.

Now, Jonah Goldberg tells us rock n roll is a tool of the pagan gnostic neo-Marxist conspiracy, and he cites lyrics from up-and-coming indie band Jethro Tull to prove this.

Like Ben Shapiro, Goldberg argues that part of the trouble with modern life is the elevation of feelings over facts. This is tied to Romanticism, which Goldberg describes as an "emphasis on emotion and the irrational, the significance of that which cannot be seen or explained through science but can be felt intuitively, is the tribal mind's way of fighting its way back into the centrality of our lives."

Isn't religious feeling felt intuitively and not rationally? Is he an atheist?

Does he not concede that "moral sentiments" are in fact sentiments? Does he think strict utilitarian analysis explains the value we place on a human life?

Is he not aware that strict utilitarian analysis is sometimes used to suggest that human life is subordinate to other interests, such as other people's pleasure?

Is he not aware how silly and naive this all is? We reason first from emotional feeling. Intuition is the first step of thinking -- then reason is used to, well, reason backwards and come up with a plausible explanation for that intuition.

If attempts to construct a logical defense of emotions and intuitions fail, we might reject those initial feelings as erroneous. Then again, we might not.

His idea that reason is our primary mode of thinking, and that it is separate from emotion or intuition, is, how do I put this, flatly contradicted by the latest scientific thought about how the brain works. The rational brain is the tip of the iceberg -- 90% of thinking is invisible or at least very hard to see, beneath the surface, a mix of emotion, instinct, and some occasional random neuron walks.

Reason is most useful to help figure out how to get more of something you've decided is valuable and good, or less of something you've decided is wortheless and bad. But the initial assignment of value to things or ideals is famously non-rational -- not exactly arbitrary, but extremely hard to explain by recourse to reason alone. Most moral arguments about the rationality of a particular moral value generally involve a lot of ipse dixit, appeal to authority, question-begging (sentences which start with "It cannot be argued that..." and then claim something that a whole lot of people have been arguing about for eons) and, ultimately, hand-waving.

If he's gonna yammer about reason, maybe he could pick up a pop science book on the science of cognition.

Instead of attempting to explain it all with his feelings and intuitions.

Goldberg adds that "popular culture gives us the clearest window into the romantic dimension that we all live in." The most powerful expression of this is rock and roll. "Rock and roll is romanticism," Goldberg writes, with emphasis in the original.

"What are the key themes of rock and roll and these other genres?" Goldberg continues. "Any list would include: defy authority and throw off the chains of 'the Man,'...

Rejecting unjustified authority used to be a rational conservative position.

Once upon a time King George was "the man." But then, later, David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, Tom Nichols, Bill Kristol and a raft of would-be thought-leaders got deposed and began trying to rehabilitate the image of the authoritarian Obey Your Betters regime. You know, back in the Good Old Days when they claimed the right of prima noctae with your hierarchy of values.

I'm also very amused by very emotional people who are clearly on tilt about Trump's election, and who piously recite received wisdom as if they were mullahs, telling the rest of us we should be more rational.

"... true love, damn the consequences, nostalgia for an imagined better past, the superiority of youth, contempt for selling out, alienation, the superiority of authenticity, paganism and pantheism, and, like an umbrella over it all: the supremacy of personal feelings above all else."

Nostalgia for an imagined better past? This is a progressive-type jibe. While there's some truth to the jibe, there has never been less truth to it right now: The "better past," which was just five or eight years ago, is not an imagined one, and we actually all were freer then.

We now live under a suffocating regime of thoughtcrime and mob rule.

Also, as far as personal feelings: A foundational document of our civilization does state that the natural rights of all men include "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Sounding like a 1950s preacher, he goes on: "Rock and roll is the primitive's drumbeat hooked up to killer amps. It ties together meanings we are taught to keep separate; it ratifies the instincts we are instructed to keep at bay. It tells us, in the words of Jethro Tull, 'Let's bungle in the jungle,' because 'that's alright with me.'"

I don't even know what to say.

I wonder if Jonah Goldberg was driven over the edge on the Great Rock N Roll Debate by this (mild content warning for profanity) song.

BTW, genuine rock music hasn't been particularly culturally significant for about 15 years now. What's the last big true rock hit you can think of?

I suppose if you count rock descendants like hip-hop as "rock" then it's still culturally relevant -- but in that case, why not quote Jay-Z instead of Jethro Tull?

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Google Bans Advertisements From Publishing Arm of Large Conservative Lutheran Denomination; Won't Say Why

—Ace of Spades

Of course.

I look forward to being lectured by the TruCons how we must not boycott Google or begin applying political pressure because Corporations Are Holy Bodies Like the Body of Christ Himself and that if we just surrender our right to speak and think freely in the current age with barely a whimper of protest, we will be judged, after we are dead, to have acted properly and like good little subjects.

At any point are the TruCons going to start proposing actual action points to begin rolling back the Censorship Regime now so that we currently living can enjoy the birthrights of American citizens, or are we just waiting to die silently so that we may be praised in posterity for #MuhPrinciples?

I don't know about you, but cowardly surrender and craven obedience to a corrupt and unrelentingly hostile system isn't one of #MuhPrinciples.

I'd rather be rudely alive than a polite and respected-in-retrospect corpse.

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NeverTrumpers Now Resorting to Hillary Clinton's "It Wasn't Marked Classified" Defense to Defend Comey's Leaks of Classified Documents

—Ace of Spades

#MuhPrinciples is the funniest fucking thing in the world.

What principles, you deranged hacks?

Does this mean Rob George now agrees with Hillary that she committed no crime because the documents she negligently exposed to foreign hackers weren't "marked classified"? (Even if she was the one who ordered those markings stripped off?)

My, does it seem that many people are changing their principles left and right in order to remain eternally loyal to #MuhPrinciples!!!


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Terror in Toronto: Nine Dead, Sixteen Injured In Another Van Attack

—Ace of Spades

Video -- with Sheppy Smith, of course -- here.

The motive is officially unknown, which I take to mean the motive is known by officials but they don't want to tell the public about it.

Known Wolf? Terrorism, Bill Bratton's contacts say.

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Mueller-Inspired Fed Raid on Trump's Personal Lawyer Results in Leak About Sean Hannity's Real Estate Holdings

—Ace of Spades

There is no suggestion that these real estate holdings are illegal, though it is hinted at with the word "secret." (Other terms for "secret:" "private," "none of your business," "Get fucked, nark.")

The criminal investigation against President Trump's lawyer has revealed that Fox News host Sean Hannity owns millions of dollars worth of real estate across several states.

According to the Guardian, documents obtained from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen show Hannity has links to several shell companies that bought $90 million on 877 residential properties across seven states.

"Hannity is the hidden owner behind some of the shell companies and his attorney did not dispute that he owns all of them," the Guardian reported.

This is just a naked attempt by the Deep State's police arms to intimidate and humiliate political opponents using the law -- or, at this point, I should say "the law" -- as a weapon.

I eagerly await David French's column on this. "Two Cheers for the Deep State" or something like that, I imagine.

Gawker Government. Get used to it.

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—Ace of Spades

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New Anti-Gay Posts from Joy Reid's Blog Discovered;
Joy Reid Claims These Posts Were "Fabricated"

—Ace of Spades

#Hacked. Toaster still loyal at least.

While the amateur sleuth provided Mediaite with legitimate links to all of the posts they tweeted screenshots of, neither the actual defunct site nor its archived pages are currently accessible, as their Wayback Machine links mysteriously disappeared in December after Mediaite's initial story on Reid’s homophobic comments about Florida Congressman Charlie Crist was published. The Wayback Machine did not respond to an inquiry regarding the removal of Reid's blog.

Reid’s statement to Mediaite claims that these allegedly hacked posts do "not represent the original entries" on her site...

In December I learned that an unknown, external party accessed and manipulated material from my now-defunct blog, The Reid Report, to include offensive and hateful references that are fabricated and run counter to my personal beliefs and ideology.

I began working with a cyber-security expert who first identified the unauthorized activity, and we notified federal law enforcement officials of the breach. The manipulated material seems to be part of an effort to taint my character with false information by distorting a blog that ended a decade ago.

Now that the site has been compromised I can state unequivocally that it does not represent the original entries. I hope that whoever corrupted the site recognizes the pain they have caused, not just to me, but to my family and communities that I care deeply about: LGBTQ, immigrants, people of color and other marginalized groups.

It is worth noting, however, that Reid does admit these posts came from her blog -- rather than alleging they are doctored images posted to Twitter -- with the caveat that they were added by nefarious hackers after she had the site shut down. It's unclear when the nefarious hackers would have hacked her site and added the controversial content, since it has been defunct for years and still is. More importantly, NBC could or would not specify exactly which posts Reid is claiming were doctored.

You're gonna love the new ru--

Oh, who am I kidding. She's a black woman. There are no rules.

Rules are for the allegedly "privileged" people. See, it's the privileged people who are restrained by rules at every turn, and the "marginalized" people who are free to live life to the full.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"Look, I shouldn't have to spell this out, but sometimes kids are born with 6 fingers and toes, or maybe even no arms or legs. Heck, I once knew a guy who had, like, 10 or 12 nipples. No lie. They were all over his back, and some of them were obviously malformed. Big deal. These things happen. But these genetic anomalies are just that: anomalies. It doesn't mean there's some sort of "spectrum" of digitalism, and they're all normal. And it's certainly no reason to organize the Nipple Liberation Front and agitate for special privileges such as you get to take cuts in line and also help yourself to other people's money."

h/t Cherry Austin

gender fluid 03.jpg

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Bricher Walkin Pond.jpg

On Walkin Pond, New Hampshire
Alfred Thompson Bricher

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report 4/23/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. In the wake of last week's horrific double ambush murder of two police officers, we begin the new one with a shooting at a Waffle House restaurant early Sunday morning in Tennessee. Four are dead, but an incredibly brave customer was able to wrest the weapon out of the shooter's hands and toss it away, causing him to flee. He's still at large but has been identified. The Democrat-Left-Media complex of course is jumping all over the dead bodies, and shrieking for more gun confiscation. The loudest among them is Shaved Guevara who appears to have a bright future as a professor at Fresno State. The little Commie stooge is demanding confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons. Come and take them, sweetheart.

In the coup against President Trump, now that Russian collusion and the phony Steele/Clinton/Obama dossier has been debunked as a fraud, we have an interesting analysis from William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection; to wit, the effort to now go after PDT's personal business via the Michael Cohen investigation at the Southern District of NY has been ginned up by, you guessed it, Fusion GPS. So, even if Mueller packs it in and slinks off somewhere, and Rod Rosensteinpenis is fired and Snoozy McSnoozerson resigns as a result because muh principlez, a new and improved sham investigation out of NY will still continue to gin up dirt and rumors to taint the President or trump up charges against him via intimidated witnesses. My thoughts; just like the collusion angle, this too will blow up in the Democrat-Left-Media complex's and Renfield-esque NeverTrumper's faces.

In fact, Mark Levin points out that the Democrats might have just royally screwed themselves with the phony stunt of suing Russia, Trump campaign officials and WikiLeaks for stealing the 2016 election. The discovery process is going to be a sight to behold so go long on Orville Reddenbacher futures. Even if they now realize what they did, if they withdraw the lawsuit, their base will go ape. Along with that, PDT has countersued the DNC - and rightly so - over their servers, Clinton e-mails and "the Pakistani mystery man." As usual, the great Daniel Greenfield's take on this is spot on:

Before and after the last election, the Democrats conspired to rig their primaries, plotted to tamper with the general election, and then sought to reverse its outcome and tamper with the next election. In the typical manner of the left, they justified their crimes by attributing them to their victims. Extensive coordination between political operatives, elements in the justice system, law enforcement, the State Department and the media manufactured crimes and built investigations around them. Some call this network, a "Deep State." But that shifts responsibility from the Democrats to an amorphous conspiracy that encompasses everything. And that lets the Democrats off the hook. The investigations of Trump aren't tainted because everyone in the FBI is bad. They're tainted because Democrats tried to use them to rig one election and are trying to use them to rig another one.

Moving along to the international scene, evidently there have been violent riots in the socialist paradise of Nicaragua over their own version of social security reform; that is the corruptocrats have all but run out of other peoples' money and are allegedly staging the riots to strong-arm private businesses, such as they are there, to fork over more money. Meh. Just do like South Africa, the country whose Constitution Ruth Baader-Meinhoff thinks we should replace ours with, and take it away.

Despite the seeming breakthrough with North Korea, the President seems to be taking a pragmatic and cautious view of their announced commitment to scrapping nukes and ending the almost 68-year-long Korean War. And over in Persia, the Farsis are threatening the President if he withdraws from the Obama/GOP-e illegal nuke deal sellout. And directly related is an interesting piece on just what Iran is teeing up in Syria vis a vis Israel.

Closer to home, on the political front, despite the GOP-e doing all it can to sabotage the midterms, Ace reported late Friday that Mitt Romney will now have to face off against a conservative primary challenger for the Utah senate seat. Meanwhile, Tom Steyer's mutt-million dollar effort to impeach PDT has fallen flat, while the "progressive" freak show convened in Atlanta to plot their next moves in taking down the republic as founded. Lastly, former New Black Panther Party leader Malik Shabazz went on an extended tirade, demanding that Florida be given to black people as reparations. And speaking of which, guess what's going to be front and center in the Democrat Party platform in the next few years? It is so goddam infuriating that we do not have a political party that actually represents us because we would be wiping the floor with these freaks, politically speaking. Sigh.

In any case, Scott Pruitt is declaring the war on coal dead while Mick Mulvaney is gumming up the works at the CFPB - or is that the BCFP? Yes, a name change may not seem like all that big a deal, but some on the left are noticing it and are pissed. Read the link. Also of note, SCOTUS will be taking up the President's travel ban case. Considering almost everything from the 9th Circus gets overturned, I'm hoping sanity prevails as in that kind of world, this is an open and shut case. Then again, Chief Just Julia Roberts will rule it to be a tax.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.


  • Tennessee Shooting Suspect Had His Guns Confiscated After Secret Service Arrest at White House

  • Four Dead in Waffle House Shooting, Suspect Still at Large
  • Florida Sheriff Blames Demonizing of Law Enforcement for Ambush Murder of Two Deputies
  • Broward Coward Israel Facing No-Confidence Vote from Deputies: "The Morale is Gone"

  • Nunes Says "No Official Intelligence" Spurred Russia Collusion Probe
  • Fusion GPS Co-Founders Signal Next Phase in Attempt to Take Down PDT Has Started
  • Is Mueller Done?

  • PDT is Right: A "Pakistani Mystery Man" Has Documents Debbie Wasserman-Test Didn't Want Prosecutors to See
  • Greenfield: A Deep State or Democrat State?

  • SCOTUS Takes on PDT's Travel Ban

  • Dozens of Businesses Looted Amid Deadly Nicaragua Protests
  • Farsicle Farsis Threaten PDT with "Very Unpleasant" Action if US Pulls Out of Iran Nuke Deal Sellout
  • PDT Tempers Expectations for NorK Talks, Takes Swipe at Predecessors
  • A North Korean Nuclear "Freeze Trap?"
  • Why Iran Doesn't Attack, Or At Least Not Yet - The Growing Threat of an Iranian War with Israel
  • If the Left Doesn't Like Hungary's "Fascists," It Should Stop Creating Them

  • Levin: The Democrat Party Just Made a Massive Mistake
  • Mylan Execs Donate $50,000 to Joe's Man-Chin; Daughter is CEO of Company that Jacked Up Epi-Pen Prices
  • Democracy Alliance Descends on Atlanta to Plot "Course for Progressive Power" Overthrow of the USA
  • Tom Steyer's Multimillion-Dollar Mission to Impeach PDT Falls Flat
  • The Dire Consequences of the GOP Losing Congress
  • All That Shabazz: Former New Black Panther Party Demands PDT Hand Over State of Florida as Reparations

  • Too Late, Steiner Comes: Mutti Merkel Denounces New Anti-Semitism from Arab Refugees
  • Palestinian "Scholar" Gunned Down in Malaysia Was Key Hamas Military Engineer

  • Here are the Real Reasons for Tesla's Coming Downfall
  • A Really Bad Idea - Taxing Internet Commerce
  • Americans are Migrating in Droves to Low Tax States

  • Mick Mulvaney Quietly Changes Name of CFPB
  • Why Amazon's Multi-Billon Dollar DoD Contract is So Controversial
  • Cuck Schemer Explains Why Federalism is Right for Pot, But Wrong for Everything Else
  • Project Freedom: Now is the Time to End Welfare

  • How Much do Canadians Really Pay for Health Care?
  • UK Court Rules Parents Can't Take Their Toddler to Italy for Palliative Care

  • Fresno State Prof Who Trashed Barbara Bush Praised Plane Hijackers, Advocated Throwing Grenades
  • The Bigfoot/Bigot of Fresno State; Long Record of Promoting Violence and Hate Unearthed

  • EPA's Pruitt Declares End to Obama's "War on Coal" - EPA Shouldn't Pick Winners and Losers in Energy Industry
  • US Cuts "Global Warming" Gasses Faster Than Anyone Else, But Media Ignore It

  • Parent Revolt Against Planned Parenthood Perversion/Indoctrination Reaches Overseas
  • Day-Ending-in-"Y" Dept.: Colonic Kaperernik Says America Inherently Racist, or Something

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  • Sunday Overnight Open Thread (4/22/18 )

    —Misanthropic Humanitarian


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    Weekend Gun Thread

    —Misanthropic Humanitarian



    I came across this sign the other day in my travels. Nice little "Mom & Pop" gun store. Where do you do your shopping? Online? Small biz owners? Big box stores?

    I'll be honest with you, I haven't purchased a firearm from a private party in years. Hopefully the paperwork of buying new from a FFL will not come back to bite me in the ass sometime down the road.

    So Horde, tell us about your shopping habits.

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    Food Thread: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Meat In A Dish?


    roast beef hash.jpg

    I had some leftover tenderloin from the Seder, and decided to make a sort of hash out of it. Nothing fancy, just diced potatoes, onions, a bit of carrot and celery, and some fresh thyme to add something different.

    it was great! So, as usual, I made it again, and screwed it up. I figured that if a little beef was good, then a lot was better! I found some prime shell steak that had been marked down for some odd reason. It looked great, so I guess the "sell by" date had been reached and some wonk slapped a discount tag on it.

    Instead of using the beef as a counterpoint to the potatoes and other stuff, I used so much of it that I overwhelmed the other ingredients. Now, cubed shell steak sauteed in butter is not a bad thing, but it wasn't quite what I wanted, and it reminded me yet again that much of cooking is simply a sense of balance and proportion between ingredients.

    Yeah....I'm slow.

    Continue reading

    Posted by CBD at 04:00 PM Comments

    Gender Neutral Bathrooms > #MeToo Movement Concerns

    —Misanthropic Humanitarian

    When ordinary people wanted separate men's and women's bathrooms they were decried as homophobic/transphobic or just down right haters. A funny thing happened, a committed leftist for an instance saw things as a common sense individual.

    MADISON, Wis. – Can a liberal move so far left that eventually she turns right?

    That appears to be the case – kind of – in Madison, the Badger State’s bastion of anything-goes progressive ideas.

    In January, Mary Jo Walters, far-left activist and independent candidate for U.S. Senate (because ultra-liberal Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, could use the competition), filed a discrimination complaint against the Rape Crisis Center in Madison.

    It turns out that not all liberal feminists want to share their public restroom with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

    “Let me get right to it. I was shocked after listening to story after story from women who were raped by men (at the #MeTooMadison event),” she stated in an email. “Then I had to use the bathroom. I found signs on both doors (she included photos). Confused, I opened the door hoping no men were inside. I peed as fast as I could further creating anxiety and trauma. This is a privacy issue for women and men: bathrooms.”

    But as with all good liberals the next step is to litigate the matter. Where of course common sense didn't prevail.

    In her original complaint, filed with Madison’s Department of Civil Rights and the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission, Walters wrote that having to use a gender-neutral bathroom was “upsetting emotionally, seeing it was at a rape event.”

    Madison is still 77 square miles of complete idiocy. But Ms Mary Jo Walters may want to stay in Madison and forgo Anchorage, AK.

    On Tuesday, the Anchorage City Clerk made it official: Voters rejected Proposition 1, the citizen-initiated ballot proposal that would have required government-run facilities to maintain single-sex bathrooms and locker rooms, while allowing private businesses the right to decide their own privacy policies. The city certified the final tally of the voting, which ended on April 3, 2018, with “no” votes garnering 41,115 or 52.6 percent, to the “yes” votes of 36,993 or 47.4 percent.

    In heralding the victory, LGBT activists portray the first rejection by voters of a so-called bathroom bill as representative of a change in public opinion. The Chicago Tribune reported that transgender activist Lillian Lennon pronounced the defeat of Proposition 1 not just “a victory for Anchorage, but a victory nationally,” adding “[t]ransgender discrimination is popping up everywhere, and this victory means that as a nation we can stand together against discrimination.”

    The fight over safe spaces restroom continues. Slowly but surely separate restrooms are becoming a thing of the past.

    Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 02:02 PM Comments

    What's So Special About The Speech Of Academics, Other Than It Is Often Stupid?


    I get it. Academic freedom is important in the context of research into uncomfortable topics. But some fat-assed bitch shooting her mouth off about the former first lady is not by any stretch of the imagination related to academic freedom, especially since it was uttered on a public forum and not part of any academic endeavor. It is simply a function of free speech. And the aforementioned fat-assed bitch has every right to say what she said. Good for her! She lives in a free society, in which the jack-booted thugs of government are not breaking down her door and hauling her off to prison.

    But that doesn't mean that her speech is or should be repercussion-free. We need to separate academic freedom from free speech, because our left-leaning academics (and that is most of them) hide behind tenure and say things that are deserving of repercussions in any reasonable workplace.

    If she published a scholarly (hah!) paper making the charge that George Bush and Barbara Bush are responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and actually backed it up with some data and fact and other messy and difficult things like logical analysis, then I would grudgingly support the notion that her work is deserving of some protection.

    But jabbering like a fool and looking like nothing so much as an angry sow in a barnyard is not the same thing.

    [Although...Barbara Bush Foundation For Family Literacy is almost exactly like genocide]

    Posted by CBD at 12:00 PM Comments

    Sunday Morning Book Thread 04-22-2018


    Library of Rick McMullen 525.jpg
    Library of a Lurking Moron
    (click to embiggen)

    Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes. Oh, and we've got a new category of readers, escaped oafs and oafettes. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, and publishing by people who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they read. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, and I'll bet you thought nothing could look more ridiculous than those stupid pussy hats, didn't you?

    It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

    A CHILIAD is a group of 1,000.

    Usage: Nobody really knows exactly how many carrots there are in a chiliad.

    Continue reading

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    EMT 04/22/18


    EMT is for deplorables.

    Posted by krakatoa at 06:00 AM Comments

    Saturday Overnight Open Thread (4/21/18 )

    —Misanthropic Humanitarian



    Saturday Night Joke

    Last Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C. an aide to Nancy Pelosi visited the Bishop of the Catholic Cathedral in D.C. He told the Cardinal that Nancy Pelosi would be attending the next day's Mass, and asked if the Cardinal would kindly point out Pelosi to the congregation and say a few words that would include calling Pelosi a saint.

    The Cardinal replied, "No. I don't really like the woman, and there are issues of conflict with the Catholic Church over some of Pelosi's views." Pelosi's aide then said, "Look, I'll write a check here and now for a donation of $100,000 to you if you'll just tell the congregation you see Pelosi as a saint."

    The Cardinal thought about it and said, "Well, the Church can use the money, so I'll work your request into tomorrow's sermon." As Pelosi's aide promised, Nancy Pelosi appeared for the Sunday worship and seated herself prominently at the forward left side of the center aisle. As promised, at the start of his sermon, the Cardinal pointed out that Ms. Pelosi was present.

    The Cardinal went on to explain to the congregation, "While Ms. Pelosi's presence is probably an honor to some, the woman is not numbered among my personal favorite personages. Some of her most egregious views are contrary to tenets of the Church, and she tends to flip-flop on many other issues. Nancy Pelosi is a petty, self-absorbed hypocrite, a thumb sucker, and a nit-wit. Nancy Pelosi is also a serial liar, a cheat, and a thief. I must say, Nancy Pelosi is the worst example of a Catholic I have ever personally witnessed. She married for money and is using her wealth to lie to the American people. She also has a reputation for shirking her Representative obligations both in Washington and in California . The woman is simply not to be trusted."

    The Cardinal concluded. “But, when compared with Hillary Clinton, Ms. Pelosi is a saint."

    Continue reading

    Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 09:50 PM Comments

    Gotta-Post-It News: Mitt Romney Loses Utah Nomination Convention; As His Opponent Got More Than 50% But Not More Than the 60% Needed to Win Without Need of Primary, Contest Will Now Go to State Primary

    —Ace of Spades


    I don't know what this means but it seems like something.

    (I'll knock this down under the ONT after a bit.)

    Posted by Ace of Spades at 09:40 PM Comments

    Saturday Evening Movie Thread 04-21-2018 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]


    Summer Movie Season

    58. Summer Movie Season 01.jpg

    Yes, it's April, but that's not going to stop movie studios from getting the summer blockbusters in front of you as soon as possible.

    Granted, the kind of movies that were released exclusively for summer in decades past are now being released all over the calendar. Hell, what may end up being the second biggest film of the year was released in February (Black Panther). Kids are still more able to go to the movies in summer, though, so for the foreseeable future, summer is still king.

    Let the rush for children's dollars begin! Next week!

    Continue reading

    Posted by OregonMuse at 07:20 PM Comments

    Chess Thread 04-21-2018


    20180421 chess pic.jpgThe Polgars At Home

    Pic Note

    The photo is from The Polgar Variant, a documentary by Israeli filmmaker Yossi Aviram:

    The extraordinary story of three Hungarian-Jewish sisters who were raised in Communist Budapest of the 1970s to be chess masters.

    The Polgar sisters did not choose to become the heroines of this story. It was their father, who, driven by his educational vision, determined their destiny before they were even born. László Polgár believed that “Geniuses are made, not born,” and he set out to prove it. The canvas he chose was his three daughters. The medium he chose was chess.

    No kindergarten, no school…. Three girls, isolated from the normal world of kids, studied and practiced chess...

    I haven't been able to find this documentary (cough)bittorrent(cough) online but you can watch a trailer here.

    Easier Problem - Black To Play (BWTC 241)

    Hint: Pawns are meant to be pushed

    20180421 - Problem 1.jpg
    r1q2bk1/ppp3r1/3p4/3Pp2p/1PP1Pp2/P1BNnnpP/1R2Q3/2N2BRK b - - 0 1

    Continue reading

    Posted by OregonMuse at 05:08 PM Comments

    Ace of Spades Pet Thread

    —Misanthropic Humanitarian



    Welcome to the almost world famous AoS Pet Thread. I'm not sure if today's opening photo is real or not. Hey, it's the internet after all. But, it's cute and so are pets. So let's enjoy today's pet thread. Kick back for awhile and leave the politics and current events out in the fenced in yard.

    Continue reading

    Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 03:01 PM Comments

    Saturday Gardening Thread: [KT]

    —Open Blogger

    Tulip Magnolia April 6 2018.JPG

    Happy weekend, gardeners and friends of gardeners! The photo above is from a special person.

    I read but have never commented on the garden threads, but I thought this might be a good time to start.

    I have a rather large tulip magnolia that is quite magnificent (until the April winds destroy the blooms) and thought I'd share this with the horde!

    I do enjoy the pictures of flowers but I have pretty much given up active gardening myself.


    That tree is impressive. And it is next to an impressive evergreen, too.

    Continue reading

    Posted by Open Blogger at 12:59 PM Comments

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