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July 21, 2014

Overnight Open Thread (7-21-2014)


Quote of the Day

"The bear is loose!" President Obama has been saying, whenever he leaves the White House to visit Starbucks, or sandwich shops, or burger joints, or BBQ shacks, or neighborhood diners, in his increasingly rote and pathetic attempts to "connect" with "real people." Obama, we have been told, is frustrated, "restless," bored with the responsibilities and chores of office. He thinks of himself as the bear-intimidating, wild, untamed, roving-escaping his den. But he is flattering himself. Obama is not the bear. He is the cub: aimless, naive, self-interested, self-indulgent, irresponsible, irresolute. The bear is in Moscow.

-- Matthew Continetti

Quote of the Day II

We might as well replace the civil service with the spoils system. Because right now, we've just got a one-party spoils system.

-- Glenn Reynolds

The Reverse Passover

After 2000 years there are no more Christians in Mosul, Iraq.

In a sort of reverse Passover, ISIS activists have marked the homes of Christians with the letter N for "Nassarah," an Islamic term for Christian, to identify the homes whose inhabitants were to be slaughtered.


In Mosul, ISIS has decreed that Christians must convert to Islam, acknowledge their status as dhimmis and pay the Jizyah tax, or be beheaded. This shouldn't be surprising; it is nothing more than what the Koran prescribes. To their credit, Mosul's Christians have mostly left their homes behind and fled toward Kurdish-controlled areas where they believe they will be safe.

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Posted by Maetenloch at 10:46 PM Comments

WSJ Op-Ed: Hey, Conservatives, Stop Beating Up on Crony Capitalism



He actually, out of his own mouth, seems to equate "big business" with "crony capitalism."

I guess we're not debating the terminology any longer.

Amid the fight for the soul of the Republican Party, some elements of the GOP coalition have become overtly hostile to Big Business.

Defeating crony capitalism has become the battle cry of libertarian conservatives.

The Export-Import Bank has become the latest in a long line of targets that include highway funding, terrorism risk insurance and "too big to fail" banks.

Big Business wants immigration reform and higher academic standards for elementary and secondary schools--policy priorities that drive the hard right into conniptions.


What would happen if Big Business decided to change sides? What would happen if the Chamber of Commerce suddenly stopped being a huge fundraising machine for the Republican Party and started financing pro-business Democrats?

Ah, so it's hardball, then.

Well here's another question, then: What if the GOP began pushing a business tax break for small and mid-sized business to be paid for by a tax increase on big business?

So long as we're talking about Things We Each Could Do.

Posted by Ace at 07:42 PM Comments

Afternoon Cute


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Netroots Goofs Discuss Why People on the Left Aren't Funny


Well, actually they claim that people on the left are super-funny, but maybe there's been some problem getting that message out.

People on the right, they avow, are only perceived as "funny" because they make racist jokes.

"The Left is supposed to be funnier than the Right, damn it," the panel description stated. "So why do we so often sound in public like we’re stiltedly reading from a non-profit grant proposal?"

This defensive tone was apparent throughout the hour-plus session, brought up repeatedly by speakers and audience members. Much like a co-worker who doesn’t get anyone's jokes but insists, "I have a great sense of humor!"


"Comedy creates oneness and that is what our side wants," according to Julianna Forlano, host of a news parody without laughter cues called "Absurdity Today."

Absurdity Today -- well, that title alone tells me to tune in for some top-drawer comedy entertainment.

I'm also pretty sure that the best New York and LA comedians talk a lot about creating "a oneness."

She noted how her stand-up performance even created "oneness" at a Pennsylvania Elks Lodge, despite the crowd being filled with racist men (she could tell they were racist from the animal heads displayed on the walls).

Katie Halper agreed with her fellow white comic that racism is endemic in their industry. "When the right says we have no sense of humor, it's a great way for racist/sexist/homophobic men to make themselves seem funny." Halper is a founding principal of Qualified Laughter, a production company "dedicated to comedic social justice media."

Qualified Laughter -- why that sounds like another laugh riot.

Jon Gabriel's piece is worth a read. He notes that the first African-American female member of SNL's cast in a long, long time got in hot water with black critics for making irreverent jokes about slavery.

You can check Jon's link for that, but the basic joke was that she was complaining that only beautiful women are praised, whereas truly "useful" ones like herself -- six feet tall and ready to brawl -- don't get the proper level of praise for their "usefulness" (such as in a back-alley barfight).

She then went on a riff about how, during slavery, she would definitely be valued for her usefulness, and in fact would be assigned to marry the "hottest" male slaves available.

Now, I didn't think this was very funny. Not due to outrage; it was just unfunny in the same way many SNL bits are unfunny, to wit, they just aren't funny.

But offensive?

So this in a nutshell is why the left can't be funny. What this comic was doing was a standard, basic, 101-level comedy trope: mining laughs by treating serious circumstances irreverently. She was hoping for laughs by talking up, strangely, the "good side" of slavery, at least for women like herself, who are more "useful" than beautiful.

And part of what she was doing was playing a character: The character who is so dumb she doesn't realize that slavery would have a lot of downsides that would greatly outweigh any hypothetical impact on her dating options.

But of course this woman knows that. Duh! The whole joke is based on upon her knowledge that the audience will find her statements funny (or, at least, unexpected and incongruous) because of how obviously wrongheaded they are.

She knows it's wrong to talk about slavery as having an Upside. The entire joke hinges on this knowledge being so widely known and deeply felt so as to create a sense of incongruity and absurdity as she goes off on her riff.

And yet her humorless prog critics had to inform her: You know, despite your claims to the contrary, slavery was not a good deal for single women or any other sort of women. *


I didn't think her jokes were that good. But the fact that she had to publicly answer her very public critics about their absurd claims that she was actually suggesting to people that maybe slavery is kinda like a feel-good romantic comedy demonstrates why the political left is so rarely funny.

It's because many jokes -- not all jokes, but a bit chunk of them, like 40% -- rely on establishing a tension between what the comedian and audience knows is true, and what the comedian is actually saying.

Treating something serious in an irreverent way.

Yes, the comic knows what she's talking about is a Serious Matter. When Sarah Silverman used to tell her rape joke -- that she'd been raped by a doctor, which, she said, for a Jewish girl, is bittersweet -- Sarah Silverman obviously knows that rape is a very serious and horrible thing which should not be joked about.

Which is precisely why she is joking about it. Because the forbidden spaces are often where you find the new and unexpected things.

But anyway, the left has a tremendous number of sacred cows. Every little feel and bother they have, they believe to be Very Serious Indeed, and thus exclude from the realm of joking about 90% of the subjects in the human experience.

Of course, another huge trope of joking is the provocatively cynical statement -- stating, hyperbolically, something dark about human motivations.

And progressive thugs can't bear any joking on that score either, because what they're sure about, more than anything else in the world, is the absolute metaphysical purity of their motives in all their behaviors and demands of their fellow citizens.

And joking about that isn't funny. Indeed, it's heretical and blood libel.

* Actually it occurs to me that this is an important part of progressive priggishness. Whereas I would assume that of course the audience of SNL understands that Slavery is Bad, the psychologically-driven progressive activists feel an intense need to feel superior to other people, and therefore posit, ludicrously, that a significant fraction of SNL's audience might actually think that Slavery Wasn't So Bad and may think this woman is actually making Good Points about the upside of slavery.

They have to flatter themselves by thinking they're smarter than everyone else, but as they're not particularly smart, they have to conceive as the majority of people as being absolutely stupid, at nearly-handicapped levels.

So, yeah, for this sort of "progressive" who is chiefly into the "politics" of the progressive movement as a way to process his own mediocrity (or submediocrity) -- I can see the absolute necessity of constantly postulating that upwards of 60% of the country is borderline mentally retarded and in need of guidance from the 92 IQ All-Stars of the Progressive Left.

By the Way, SNL: Stop having your new cast members come on Weekend Update to do three minutes of their stand-up comedy act by way of introduction.

It's never funny. And I do mean "never."

I think John Mulaney is very funny in his standup act, but when they had him do the same standup bit on Weekend Update, I stared at it stone-faced.

Theoretically I should at least have smiled in recognition, but I didn't.

It's just not the place for it. It's not the format of the show. When a comic comes on and just does three minutes of her act, the audience immediately realizes "Hey, this isn't the SNL format" and wonders, subconsciously, why they're breaking format for this lame bit.

And the reason is -- and I think most people get this -- is that they are trying to prove their new recruit is funny.

So it seems forced and strained, like we're supposed to laugh at the New Girl just because it's her First Week.

But we don't.

So just stop this whole practice entirely. If someone wants to get on the show, they should be bringing new material, and material that fits the SNL format, not barely-rewritten stand-up riffs.

I would also ask that this material be funny, but that is quite far out of reach for anyone on SNL these days.

Posted by Ace at 04:37 PM Comments

IRS Lawyer: Hey, Sorry, But Maybe More Computers of People Who Corresponded with Lois Lerner Crashed, Too; Don't Worry Though, the Number of Crashes Is Less Than Twenty (or So)


See, originally, the IRS said that they didn't bother informing Congress that Lois Lerner's hard drive had crashed and her emails lost because they thought they could still recover those emails from other people's hard drives -- the people she corresponded and coordinated with.

The IRS didn't want Congress to get "the wrong idea," they said. They didn't want Congress to go off half-cocked, thinking there was some kind of kooky conspiracy to destroy evidence.

Well. Now they've looked into her correspondents' hard drives to see if the emails could be recovered from them, and whoops, up to 20 additional hard drives may have crashed, a bunch involving people Lerner was known to interact with.

So that's it, then, huh?

Also: Another IRS guy is claiming that maybe Lois Lerner's emails weren't lost; maybe those back-up tapes still exist.

They say they'll look into it.

Look into it, future tense.


It always seems like the IRS claims there is some possible avenue to getting these emails, before later saying, "nope, that was all destroyed too."

Posted by Ace at 03:09 PM Comments

Obama's Oddly Reassuring Statement to Putin


I found Obama's statement strange for how far it went out of its way to reassure Putin that no consequences will follow should he continue attacking the Ukraine (and blowing the occasional airliner out of the sky).

A President does not wish to make it impossible for an aggressive, brutish leader to back down. Brutes are shame-based creatures, and full of machismo. So no president should ever make statements which will activate the Lizard Machismo Complex of the brute's brain, and thus make it impossible for him to back down.

Well, on that score, Mission Accomplished. Obama sure didn't threaten Putin at all.

At all.

But it seems to me he went out of his way to let Putin know that Putin could get away with anything he wants.

First, Obama said:

"My preference continues to be finding a diplomatic resolution within Ukraine--I believe that can still happen, that is my preference today and it will continue to be my preference..."

Why swear, from this day until the end of days, that this will continue to be his preference? Why not leave it at "this is currently my preference?"

Putting it that way leaves open the possibility that that preference could change, without actually making any kind of threat that would activate Putin's You Can't Boss Me Around response.

Instead, Obama broadcasts that he will never seek anything other than a diplomatic solution "within Ukraine," no matter what Putin does.

This is a gratuitous reassurance to Putin. Yes, I agree that the President shouldn't bluster and make empty threats against a brute armed with nuclear missiles, but neither does he have to get on his back and show his belly like a defeated dog.

Then Obama got the part of his statement that seemed like a threat -- but wasn't:

"But if Russia continues to violate Ukraine's sovereignty and to back these separatists, and these separatists become more and more dangerous and now are risks not simply to the people inside of Ukraine, but the broader international community, then Russia will only further isolate itself from the international community and the costs for Russia's behavior will only continue to increase.

Russia will "isolate itself." America will not actively isolate Russia -- no, it will just happen (Obama hopes). The EU will not slap sanctions on Russia -- no, the "isolation" will just naturally proceed along (Obama prays).

Obama here is basically talking about Hoping for a Miracle from God, rather than sketching steps that we ourselves might undertake.

Tyrants don't care about what things an American president prays will happen.

They worry about things an American president will make happen.

Now, I already said that I don't think Obama should make direct threats. But this statement is so weak, so fearful of itself, it can't even state a vaguery in a straightforward manner.

Even the vaguery must be couched in the passive voice.

Even Obama's gauze comes shrouded by haze.

Combining those statements together, I can't see how anyone in the Kremlin could fail to read this as an American greenlight for just about anything Russia wishes to do.

And that makes me wonder why this statement was given at all -- if Obama had chosen to remain silent, at least there would have been mystery about his possible responses and current line of thinking.

Instead he went out there to tell Putin not to sweat it, that the US would not do a damned thing, ever.

That said, Russia has promised -- supposedly -- to grant inspectors "unfettered access" to the crash site, and an hour or so ago they promised that the separatists would turn over the plane's black boxes (probably after ascertaining there was no evidence on them directly suggesting Russian involvement).

Posted by Ace at 01:55 PM Comments

Washington Post: Obama Administration Had Prior Warnings of Coming Border Crisis


Of course.

In 2013, researchers at the border warned of a coming deluge.

The researchers' observations were among the warning signs conveyed to the Obama administration over the past two years as a surge of Central American minors has crossed into south Texas illegally. More than 57,000 have entered the United States this year, swamping federal resources and catching the government unprepared.

The administration did too little to heed those warnings, according to interviews with former government officials, outside experts and immigrant advocates, leading to an inadequate response that contributed to this summer's escalating crisis.

Federal officials viewed the situation as a "local problem," said Victor Manjarrez Jr., a former Border Patrol station chief who led the UTEP study. The research, conducted last year, was funded by the Department of Homeland Security and published in March. A broader crisis was "not on anyone’s radar," Manjarrez added, even though "it was pretty clear this number of kids was going to be the new baseline."

Meanwhile, Rick Perry himself had been writing letters to Obama warning him of the growing problem.

And of course Rick Perry has ordered 1000 National Guardsmen to the border.

Posted by Ace at 12:32 PM Comments

Obama to Offer Half-Hearted Statement on Ukraine
"What Are They Trying to Hide?"


Of course he was supposed to begin the statement twenty-five minutes ago.

FoxNews' live video feed ishere.

Discussing the separatists' interference with investigators and removal of bodies, Obama asks "What are they trying to hide?"

Obama made a series of things intended to sound like demands -- that Russia order the separatists to stand down and let investigators do their job -- but then offered no consequences in the event of Putin's continued defiance.

The only thing he offered that could sound like a consequence is that "Russia will continue to isolate itself from the international community" -- note the way that's phrased, where it's Russia -- not the US, Europe, or "international community" itself -- that's doing the isolating.

A passive construction from a passive president.

Posted by Ace at 11:12 AM Comments

Report: Rick Perry To Send National Guard To The Border


Well, well, someone has come a long way from "you don't have a heart".

Perry will announce his plans Monday to mobilize some 1,000 guardsmen to the Rio Grande Valley to increase security at the border, according to the Monitor, a south Texas newspaper. The newspaper quoted a state senator and an internal memo it obtained from a state official’s office.


“If the federal government does not do its constitutional duty to secure the Southern border of the United States, the state of Texas will do it,” Perry said Sunday at a Republican barbecue in Iowa.


Perry, who has been asking Obama to make the call, recently told Fox News Sunday that mobilizing the troops now is important “because this flood of children is pulling away the border patrol from their normal duties of keeping bad people, keeping the drug cartels, they’re being distracted, so that I would suggest is a very obvious reason that those National Guard troops should come play an important role.”

It's funny how fast the GOP has gone from trying to figure out how to cram amnesty down voter's throats to full on border security. Of course, they will snap right back the other way as soon as it's safe to do so.

Speaking of amnesty, be sure to listen to this week's podcast. Our guest is the only many who thinks less of the GOP on immigration than I do, Mickey Kaus.

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Top Headline Comments (7-21-2014)


Here's to forgetting I told Gabe I'd cover for him this morning.

Posted by Andy at 07:32 AM Comments

Overnight Open Thread (7-20-2014)


Quote of the Day

From the dawn of the modern age, religious thinkers have warned that, strictly speaking, secular politics is impossible - that without the transcendent foundation of Judeo-Christian monotheism to limit the political sphere, ostensibly secular citizens would begin to invest political ideas and ideologies with transcendent, theological meaning.

Put somewhat differently: Human beings will be religious one way or another. Either they will be religious about religious things, or they will be religious about political things.

With traditional faith in rapid retreat over the past decade, liberals have begun to grow increasingly religious about their own liberalism, which they are treating as a comprehensive view of reality and the human good.

What Leadership Looks Like

Here is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaking on the shoot-down of flight MH17 and killing of 289 passengers by Russian-backed rebels.

And then you have Ronald Reagan's classic (and epic) response to the Soviets' shoot-down of KAL 007 in 1983.

But all we get is more mush from the wimp.

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Spaced-Out Challenge: One Giant Leap

—Brandon Finnigan

Note: the Open Overnight Thread is below. Please direct off-topic convos to it. Enjoy!


Welcome again to the Spaced-Out Challenge! Whether you have a question about equipment, a new astronomical discovery you want to expand on, or just want to kick back and enjoy the cosmos above, come one come all on our weekly astronomical journey.

This week, we remember the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, show off some of twitter's finest astrophotography, invite you to a star party, and enjoy a Christmas-in-July sight in Sagittarius.

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Sunday Evening Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger


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Still On The Hunt: Sharyl Attkisson - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

Sharyl Attkisson may not be working for a network but don't be fooled into thinking she's stopped working. She's now free to investigate and to write about what pleases her and has been tweeting about those stories.

Last evening, she tweeted this:

(Click in tweet for links to the stories)

The news of fresh Obama scandals and failures occur at such a rapid pace that it's easy for important news to fall by the wayside as the networks move on to the fresh, shiny squirrel. Here she offers continued coverage of some of the stories that others have walked away from: the VA Scandal, Military Injustice, Benghazi, etc, ....

I cannot wait for her book to be released. I've never before pre-ordered a book but did so here, on the first day she announced it, back in early March. It's gonna be a barn burner.

Open thread.

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Food Thread: Frying: Because Everything Tastes Better Fried [CBD]

—Open Blogger

ipKat 48 - fried mars bar.JPG

Well....almost everything.

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Gaming Thread 7/20/2014

—Gang of Gaming Morons!

So, a month ago they had a big media blowout on what they were working on, 8 months after the Xbox One was released. What I'm talking about is the original TV programming from Xbox Entertainment Studio. Yeah,, well, last week they decided to kill the whole program outside of the Atari-videogame crash (which they dug up all those ET carts for part of it), the Halo Nightfall digital series and the Halo TV show. So yeah, after 9 month of being on the market, Microsoft killed the last remaining thing that was "unique" about the initial promises of the XBox One. They've decidedly have gone all in on the shrinking market for hardcore console gamers with an under-powered and over-priced console which plays multiplats (the bulk of console gaming) with noticeably lesser graphics than the PS4. All the while Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer saying once again that it's a "Cloud and mobile first world" with a product that is noticeably un-mobile. I always figured Sony would die from blood loss caused from atrophy but Microsoft has decided that they could beat them to running off the cliff.

Considering Phil Spencer only knows or cares about gaming (a shrinking market when it comes to consoles in a company that is ill equipped for mobile gaming), how long till they kill off Xbox Video and Xbox Music? Xbox Music was Marc Whitten's thing and XBox Video was Ballmer's, two people who are no longer there.

For me at least, it's current state isn't what I bought or wanted (if I wanted a mainly gaming focus, I would have built a second PC).

Someone mentioned that Microsoft is starting to smell like IBM of the 90's (and late 70's) and I have to agree. Sure, they will compete in the cloud market but I can't see them pull enough market to really hang their hat on it in Microsoft's past and near future size. And they're way to late in the game to compete with Apple, Google and Samsung when it comes to mobile.

To bring it back to XBox, once again you have to laugh at the coincidence of Microsoft looking to kill off something created by J Allard and Robbie Bach while having their long term future as a company be killed by J Allard and Robbie Bach's Windows Kin/Windows Phone.

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Sunday Travel Thread: Coolest Events You've Ever Attended [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

Greetings, traveling morons and 'ettes!

Today's Travel Thread is brought to you by weird travel gadgets, including this gem:


Dave in Texas' 45th Anniversary of the Flight of the Eagle post got me thinking about some of the momentous events in our shared history, like space flights or today's (British) Open Championship, and which ones we have witnessed in person.

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45th Anniversary of The Flight of the Eagle

—Dave In Texas

The Eagle has landed. 45 years ago today the LEM separated from command module Columbia and put two Americans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz F'n Aldrin on the moon.

My father worked on the program, I was a kid in Huntsville Alabama when all this happened. He and mom let me and my kid sis stay up and watch the first moonwalk. It was about 10pm central time.

Posted by Dave In Texas at 11:07 AM Comments

Sunday Morning Book Thread 07-20-2014: The Use and Abuse of Language [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger


Good morning morons and moronettes and welcome to AoSHQ's stately and prestigious Sunday Morning Book Thread.

What's Worse Than PoMo Writing?

Corporate writing, that's what. You wouldn't think anything would be worse than that pomo gobbledygook, but as you can see from the following e-mail I received last week, corporate gobbledygook comes pretty close.

I have substituted my company's name with the word 'Butterfly' to protect those responsible from all the giggles, snorts, and guffaws they so richly deserve:


We're moving fast on the Butterfly Business Optimization project and I'd like to share a quick update with you before the upcoming U.S. holiday.

I'm confident that we've created a solid program framework to help us effectively conduct analysis and explore the opportunities that will help us create a long-term GTM strategy. We're looking to simplify and establish global consistency and ensure that we have the right organizational structure in place to create a sustainable business that can contribute to the long-term growth of Butterfly.

As part of that, we've held a productive series of meetings with various teams from both Shared Services and the Butterfly BU to discuss opportunities and how we'll take advantage of them. This information, as well as the insights we gathered during a recent workshop with the sales and marketing leadership, will inform the adjustments we make to our GTM strategy and how we can work together more effectively to execute the strategy.

What our exploration of data and discussions have revealed so far is that we have overall alignment on Butterfly BU strategic priorities and the long-term value Butterfly provides. It has also shown us that:

" Adjusting our operating model to better deliver on customer lifetime value (CLV) is a key priority, and we'll be communicating more around CLV during the course of the project
" We have an intricate Go-To-Market approach that is fragmented across teams, adding complexities in executing on a coherent strategy. We are looking at ways to address this and simplify how we execute.
" To capitalize on our investments we need to ensure robust coverage across multiple channels and territories that are aligned with the GTM strategy and strategic priorities
" Delivering excellent results means we need to align on priorities, and continue working to achieve alignment around KPIs and incentives

These insights and other information that we gather will help us refine our strategy and accelerate execution on that strategy as a cohesive team.

We are currently on schedule to complete the GTM design by the end of August and are implementing incremental changes as we progress. We'll continue communicating along the way, including an update on the results of our next workshop happening in mid-July, where we will continue working through our GTM opportunities, organizational model, and the implementation plan...

And blah, blah, blah. The funny/sad part is, when you wade though all the gobbedlygook, you discover that this isn't really saying much. It's all a bunch of, "yeah, we're going to sell tons of product by doing a bunch of neat stuff, just you watch." It's like a politician's speech, fluff and vague generalities.

Emails like this, when they show up in my inbox, get sent directly to the crapper.

I was very tempted to reply by cutting and pasting a bunch of text generated by one of those online corporate bullshit generators, but for all I know, that is how the e-mail was written in the first place.

Maybe we should have read this book first, as a reference: The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit: An A to Z Lexicon of Empty, Enraging, and Just Plain Stupid Office Talk. I wonder if there's a similar lexicon of postmodern gobbledygook?

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To What Shall The MSM Be Compared? [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

This is an open thread for non-book discussion.

Expanded and enlarged from some moron comments several weeks ago, this is what the MSM is like:

CBS News is like your drunk uncle who tells lousy stories and then gets mad when you don't believe him.

ABC News is like Joe Biden after he drank something he found in your garage.

CNN is like a senile old woman who talks to no one but herself.

MSNBC is like the stringy-haired crazy woman who lives in a run-down old house with 83 cats.

Fox News is like a carnival barker outside of a strip joint.

NPR is like a con man with a fake British accent.

The BBC is like a con man with a real British accent. And bad teeth.

Reuters is like a pimply-faced college freshman who's just read Howard Zinn and now considers himself enlightened.

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Early Morning Open Thread - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

Good morning.

Bacon Pie (4 servings)

5 large eggs - lightly beaten
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup grated sharp Cheddar cheese
4 strips bacon - cooked and crumbled
1 ready-to-bake pie crust (or prepared dough)
3 additional strips bacon for garnish

To serve 4, line individual baking dishes or one 8-inch pie tin with thinly rolled pie crust. Flute the edges.

Fill with this mixture. well blended: 5 lightly beaten eggs, 2 cups milk, 1 teaspoon sugar, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup grated sharp cheese, 4 strips Swift's Premium Bacon fried until crisp and broken in pieces.

Bake for 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven; lower heat to 300 degrees and baked 20 to 30 minutes longer.

Top with America's best-liked bacon - Swift's Premium.

Is the Swift Bacon Company still around? Heck if I know, but I left it in because these old marketing pieces are so charming.

UPDATE: Just learned of the passing of James Garner.

What a guy.

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Overnight Open Thread (19 Jul 2014)


So with the comic book industry trying to outdo each other with superhero gender/race reassignments, I'm assuming we find out next week that Wonder Woman will now be transgendered. Or a dwarf. Heck, maybe both.

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Movie Night With The Morons: Animal House Edition - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

It's that time!

Pop the corn. Dip the chips. Pour yourself a cold one.

Togas. Wear 'em if you've got 'em.

Animal House is available for rent, online or via Roku, at Amazon, M-Go, Blockbuster Now, Redbox Instant, and Vudu.


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Jackasses Try to Kill IDF Soldiers, But Wind Up Blowing Up An Innocent Jackass [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

From The Right Scoop we have this story:

Hamas is getting desperate for suicide bombers, so they loaded up a bunch of explosives on Democrats and shoved towards Israeli soldiers... no wait, I'm sorry, they loaded up donkeys, not Democrats.

From the Daily News:

Hamas militants strapped explosives to a donkey and sent it toward Israeli soldiers, the Israeli Defense Forces said Saturday.

Sadly, it sounds like only the innocent jackass got killed. (Read the whole thing here.)

Meanwhile, here's a recent update on the IDF's efforts:

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Fun Facts Open Thread [Y-notitlan]

—Open Blogger

Courtesy of Mr Y-not and via, here's a list of Twenty-five Things That Sound Too Crazy to Be True But They Are.

A small sampling below.

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Saturday Car Thread 7-19-2014 - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

I've been slacking due to business travel, so pardon the lack of posts these past couple of weeks. You can thank Twitter and, in particular, Automotive News, for today's content.

Here's one shiny bauble of news from the automotive industry:

Which automaker do you think ships the most cars out of North America, one of the Detroit Three or perhaps one of the Japanese automakers? Nope. It turns out the BMW's Spartanburg, SC, factory is the biggest automotive exporter from the continent in the United States. According to a recent profile by Bloomberg looking at the plant's 20th anniversary, Bimmer’s southern ops sends out more vehicles than all of Michigan combined.

And, speaking of BMW, I'm sure they're just burning mad over this announcement: Tesla officially announces Model 3, has BMW 3 Series in sight. Uh huh.

Hey, look! More news about South Carolina:

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Tales From the Once-Golden State: Couple Will Face Fine If They Water Their Lawn, or Pay Another Fine If They Don't


There's a drought global warming in California and so the state has, not objectionably, levied fines for using water for non-essential things, such as watering lawns.

Of course, there's also a pre-existing fine for permitting your lawn to become brown and thus an eyesore.

Is this law suspended during the period of water conversation?

Of course not. The State doesn't care if it is now levying impossible commands on its subjects. Either way, the State wins. Catch-22's are only hardships for the party they're levied on -- but they have nothing but upside for the power that levies them.

"I don't care, pay me," the State said, Goodfellas-style.

Thanks to @theh2.

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Saturday Gardening Thread: You Learn Something New Every Day [Y-not and WeirdDave]

—Open Blogger

Good morning, Gardeners!

Today's gardening thread is brought to you by The Carrot:

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OT Thread- Freemen vs Serfs Edition [WeirdDave]

—Open Blogger

I've been thinking about this since a FB conversation I had with my niece in the wake of the Hobby Lobby case. I posted the conversation on the ONT when it happened, you should go read it here (link should go to the post, but that's been wonky lately, if it just goes to the thread it's comment number 166). It's a bit long, but it's all dialogue, it should only take a minute or two to read.

Now, I come away from that, as you probably do, shaking my head. It's a thought process that's utterly alien to me. If someone else won't pay for something I want, I'll buy it for myself. If a job offers benefits that don't meet my needs, it's not a reason to piss and moan, I'll find a new job. If I can't find a new job right away, I'll continue to look for one. It seems so bloody simple to me, but that's because I see myself as a free agent. I'm responsible for my own life, and how that life goes is a result of the choices I make, for weal or for woe. I am a freeman.

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Nothing to See Here [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

Last week was a pisser, wasn't it? I think we all need a bit of a palate-cleanser

Something to ground us in reality after the surreal behavior of our oh-so-dedicated Commander-in-Chief.

How about this?

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Genetically Modified Food: It's Everywhere! [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Of course, that is no surprise for anyone with two functioning synapses. Man has been altering his crops and domesticated animals for as long as he has been growing them.

The luddites in the Green/Organic/Progressive movement really mean, "Modified using evil scientific tools that we don't understand."

Shockingly, this article, The Case For Genetically Modified Food showed up in a Chicago paper.

Ample research and decades of experience have shown that genetically modified crop technology is safe. People have been consuming genetically modified food for years. The vast majority of Midwest corn and soybeans used for animal feed and many pantry staples is genetically modified.

Moreover, this technology represents an astonishingly effective way to increase the food supply -- to feed a rapidly expanding global population.

There is vast potential: crops with enhanced nutrition, crops that grow in droughts, crops that enable subsistence farmers to deal with conditions that thwart conventional crops. Those innovations are well within reach.

Yes, those are pigs hovering.....

And from commenter "RWC."


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Early Morning Open Thread - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

—Open Blogger

Good morning, from Yusuf Islam.

Hey, I promised you early morning fresh thread. I never promised it would be good.

UPDATE: Brought to you by 'Money and Fame':

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Overnight Open Thread (18 Jul 2014)


This Brookings Institute report of Government's Most Visible Failures, 2001-2014 really highlights the media's bias. Just look at the top 10. Was Abu Ghraib really that important? Benghazi ranks just 16th. The launch was 19th. The VA scandal is 21st. IRS scandal 30th. NSA leaks 31st. Fast & Furious 41st. Every single one of these scandals SHOULD be more important than Abu Ghraib.

The note for #13, Iraqi WMD, is a bit off. They say "United States forces were unable to find a trace of WMD". I guess IS is in control of these non-traced WMD material then.

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45 Years Ago, Ted Kennedy Left Mary Jo Kopechne to Die in the Shallow Water of the Chappaquiddick River


And, of course, walked away with a slap on the wrist. Less than that, really -- a two month suspended sentence for leaving the scene of an accident.

To some extent I understand how that happen -- understand, not condone.

The Kennedys were an extremely famous and wealthy political family. For many Democrats, they were the Democratic Party.

Also, I suppose there was the sentiment that the "Kennedys have suffered enough."

So I can understand how justice got corrupted.

Nevertheless, justice was indeed corrupted. And while I understand that -- corruption happens, the rich get breaks, powerful scions of political dynasties get away with things that everyday citizens don't -- what I don't understand is why the media treats this as a "controversial" story, which must be avoided.

It's only "controversial" because it hurts the Democratic Party.

This of course is not a reason to treat a story as "controversialized" well enough that it shan't be spoken of, ever again.

But of course the media are almost all Democrats. They don't want to bring stuff like this up.

Brian Cates, aka @drawandstrike, has been tweeting the timeline on that night in 1969, and it's pretty gripping, pretty horrible stuff.

T. Becket Adams has collected those tweets into a Storified format. It's worth reading.

But it is horrifying:

Posted by Ace at 07:24 PM Comments

Dad Catches Pervert Molesting His Child and Administers Dad Justice


You can't call this a "nice story," given that the child was molested and undoubtedly will bear at least some emotional scars from that.

But there is something reassuring when justice comes, whether administered by God, the courts, or a Kid's Dad.

When police asked the Avenging Dad if he had used weapons in the beating, Avenging Dad said Yes: My foot and my fist.


Apparently when the cops peeled this monster off the floor, he admitted he'd been molesting the kid.

So Avenging Dad pounded some Truth into him, too.

At the link, Allah discusses the law, and whether the Dad could be brought up on charges. Don't worry, Allah doesn't want that to happen and of course does not expect any prosecutor to do so.

But this points out an infirmity in the law to me. If the just outcome here -- that the Dad is allowed to beat this guy up, even though technically the law forbade it (given that at the point of the beating, he was not stopping a serious crime in progress; the pervert stopped when caught) -- requires a prosecutor to ignore the law or pretend the law doesn't exist, it's a bad law.

We are a nation of laws not men. The law should not require human beings to ignore parts of it to spare a popular defendant (nor should it allow human beings to alter it to go after an unpopular defendant -- which is what I think happened in Mississippi, in the Thad Cochran's wife's nursing home matter).

The truth is that it is silly to pretend human beings have a perfectly functioning, expertly timed on/off system for violence. The law is pretending that we do with its dictate that violence stop the moment a lawbreaker is no longer committing a serious crime.

But we don't.

So prosecutors have to pretend that this guy was afraid that the molestation might continue, if not for the beating.

There should be, in the law itself, a caveat that there should be some tolerance for what would otherwise be called extra-judicial punishment if the violent response occurs a very short time after a very serious crime which the reasonable person would call both emotionally overwhelming and a serious enough provocation to justify it.

Some would say this is a license for people to commit acts of violence as pure retribution. I can't argue with that -- that would be the effect of the law. There would be some excessive violence that would be excused away due to such a caveat.

But isn't that the system we have now, except unwritten, unpoliced, and unacknowledged?

There's a lot of room for mischief when we rely on secret understandings and "hidden law" to correct the absurdities of the law as written.

It's ridiculous to claim that the law demands that this Dad just sit there and calmly dial the police as he looks at this pervert with his pants down at his ankle, and it's injurious to our system of laws to rely on the discretion of men -- with their biases and bigotries -- to decide when the law will apply as written and when it won't.*

* One source of trouble for such "secret understandings" may occur when the parties are of different races-- that often sparks off racially-aligned anger.

I assume in this case that both the Dad and the Pervert were black, because, in America, as in most of the world, most molesters prey on their own race, and most violence is committed against people within one's own race, and so forth. (In addition, the pervert seems to have been a guest in the Dad's house; this society is still largely self-segregated, so it just seems likely to me that both parties were black.)

But what if they were different races? And what if the dad had taken one punch too many and put the guy into a coma, or killed him?

And what if the pervert, despite having done something terrible, could be portrayed as an otherwise sympathetic figure?

In that case, how would the prosecutors justify not applying the law as actually written?

The decision would again not be made on the law-as-written; instead the decision would be made based on which tribe's Racial Partisans got their troops out the quickest.

So the decision would be made on political grounds.

These factors aren't present in this case (I assume), but this is the sort of mischief I'm talking about. Certainly such cases are, sadly, fairly common.

It just seems to me that the law written down on the books should be the same as the law actually applied. If there is a difference between the law as written and the law when it makes contact with the enemy (that is, the actual world), then the written law should be altered to conform with actual practice.

I wrote something similar about a case in France when a jeweler shot jewel-thieves armed with guns and who had beat him to compel him to open his safe.

He was prosecuted.

Why? Because he only got his gun after the robbers fled, and shot them literally only seconds after the assault/robbery, as they fled down the street.

The law should be written to make sense to the common man, not the exceptional one. Perhaps an exceptional man places so much value on the life of the man who just beat him, threatened him with a shotgun, and stole his fortune that he would rather let a fleeing robber escape than fire a shot at him.

But the common man doesn't feel this way. And the law should demand a basic level of good behavior, not a heroic level.

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AoSHQ Podcast: Guest, Mickey Kaus


Mickey Kaus joins mainly John and Drew to talk immigration, Hillary! and other topics. Ace wakes up from his siesta at some point and joins the conversation.

Here's Mickey's book that both John and Ace referred to: The End of Equality(Book)

Intro/Outro: The Black Crowes-Jealous Again/Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood

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Open thread in the comments

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Is This The Ultimate in Hillary Clinton Media/Feminist Sycophancy?


"The Stylist" is a UK publication. It bills itself as a "consumer magazine." I do not know what this means. Looking on the web for guidance, it seems to only mean "not a professional or trade magazine; a magazine directed towards the general public's general interests."

Or something like that.

I think maybe it means "a silly magazine for dumb people."

I can only excerpt a little of Andrew Stiles' excerpts. It's all worth reading though.

His excerpts, I mean, not the "consumer magazine" story.

As I crammed years of Hillary's utterly mind-blowing life into just a week, something else dawned on me. I had never--would never--experience busyness like Hillary.

Hard Choices details the life of someone special: a woman with a huge capacity for understanding, a woman with an exceptional EQ and IQ (as Secretary of State she needed to remember hundreds of people, understand the intricacies of cultural and societal differences, handle delicate international business negotiations and, more pertinently, fight for people’s lives through peace deals). She was responsible for the most difficult of decisions: those that deal with life and death. It was around that moment of clarity when I stopped telling people how busy I was.


Throughout my interview with Hillary, she is fiercely engaged; her eyes--sparkly, wide, alert--remain firmly focused on me. She is warm, considered, talks slowly and thoughtfully and uses--consciously or not--tactics that put me at ease. She frequently answers my queries with the response: "Now, that’s a great question"...

This reporterette is blown away that a politician flatters her interviewer by saying "Now that's a great question."

She's never seen this tactic before. It's a novelty, a breakthrough. At least for her.

"The Stylist" magazine is not exactly The National Review, I guess.

she litters her answers with colloquialisms that put us on a level and, listening back, I am struck by the amount of times she says, "You know".

The woman is incredible. She uses "You know" as an opening hesitation instead of patriarchal hesitations like "Well" or "You see."

And of course there's that charming laugh.

"I was going to say the same thing!" emails Pennywise the Clown.

I can see that these natural skills make her the perfect diplomat, the ultimate leader. These are the skills she believes women bring to business. But it would be naive to think that gender differences still don't present challenges. There's also the matter of the complex, mechanized walker she needs to simulate normal human locomotion.

I may have added that last part.

By the way, I did not confirm that this reporter is female. I didn't look at her byline.

I say that in defense of calling her a "reporterette." I do not know, for a fact, that she's a she.

But if her girlish squee-ing suggested that to me-- that is rather more on her than on me.

Posted by Ace at 03:27 PM Comments

Video Posted by Ukrainian Government Shows Russian Surface-to-Air Missile Carrier Hightailing It Back to Russia... Missing One Missile


It is being carried back to Russia on a flatbed trailer. The missile carrier itself is a tracked vehicle.

The Washington Post notes, maybe dryly:

Tracked vehicles are decidedly slower than their wheeled counterparts. The use of the truck could indicate the system’s own propulsion system is disabled, or that speed is a priority for whomever is moving it.

Intelligence officials believe the plane was shot down by an SA-11 Buk, called "Gadfly" by Americans.

This missile carrier is, get this, an SA-11.

Thanks to @cuffymeh and @theh2.

Posted by Ace at 03:03 PM Comments

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Top Headlines

CBS San Francisco: Strange Bedfellows: Silicon Valley Techies ‘Like’ Conservative Senator Rand Paul
"But how can technology and liberty flourish side by side? Paul’s answer, 'shrink government.'" He's right. Reagan was pro-business, but he said "get government off the back of business"; he did not say business should be in government's pocket. He did not advise picking winners and losers. And, of course, it worked. [rdbrewer]

Audio Interview: Ed Klein on Blood Feud
"Much to the chagrin of the Washington Post, Ed Klein’s Blood Feud is outselling Hillary Clinton’s new memoirs. Naturally, Klein is elated. 'It is a terrific thrill to knock Hillary off the top of the [best-seller] list, I have to tell you. She helped me a lot, because she put out a committee-written book that has absolutely nothing new in it.'" [rdbrewer]

Asia Obscura: Sifting Through Arthur C. Clarke’s DVD Collection in Colombo
From last winter. Blogger was allowed into Clarke's house which has been closed since his death. Interesting and kind of outrageous. Next time it might not be a nice guy security lets in for a small bribe. Also from Asia Obscura: Prosthetic Noses, Red Wigs, and Whiteface… American Characters in Chinese Films. [rdbrewer]

ONN: Marvel Reimagines Green Goblin As Left-Handed [rdbrewer]

The Hockey Schtick: New paper finds only ~3.75% of atmospheric CO2 is man-made from burning of fossil fuels
"The findings are in stark contrast to alarmist claims that essentially all of the alleged 130 ppm increase in CO2 since pre-industrial times is of man-made origin from the burning of fossil fuels...." Yeah, but #ClimateMoney. [rdbrewer]

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: Obama’s Tranquility
"In short, outside the rather limited Western world of democracy and free market capitalism, the world — Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East — is a very untranquil place, where the strong dictate to the weak and the weak suffer as they must." Obama's magical thinking will get us through. Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

USA Today: TSA security fee on airline tickets rises Monday
Congress approved the fees. And now they're doubling. Who could've seen that coming? [rdbrewer]
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Draw and Strike: To Understand The Present, Remember The Past
On Storify. "And 1 of the big reasons the United States is in the bad place it is now is because Democrats never have to pay for their crimes." [rdbrewer]
London's pro-Palestinian rally was a disgusting anti-Semitic spectacle "These are the people who stayed at home throughout the Syrian civil war, stayed at home when ISIS rampaged across Iraq, stayed at home when Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab carried out their atrocities across central Africa and showed no concern whatsoever when the Muslim Brotherhood was running Egypt into the ground. Yet they pretend to care about Muslims." [CBD]

Ben Domenech: Area Lobbyist: Why Do Republicans Want To Kill My Job?
"John Feehery’s piece here on the dangers of rising Republican skepticism for big business is an amusing read.... The tone is one of desperate confusion: when did the Republican Party stop being knee-jerk pro-business in the subsidies and carveouts and bailouts sense?" [rdbrewer]

UN Gives Rockets To Hamas
Remember those rockets the UN found in a Gaza school? They dutifully turned them over to Hamas. [rdbrewer]

Damon Linker, The Week: How liberalism became an intolerant dogma
ICYMI. A week old, but it's good. "Liberals are increasingly religious about their own liberalism, treating it like a comprehensive view of reality and the human good." [rdbrewer]

Erick Erickson: Senate Republican Leaders Paid for Attacks Against Conservatives
"The advertisements attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel and painted conservative Republicans and tea party activists as racists." [rdbrewer]

WaPo: Russia supplied missile launchers to separatists, U.S. official says
"The United States has confirmed that Russia supplied sophisticated missile launchers to separatists in eastern Ukraine and that attempts were made to move them back across the Russian border after the Thursday shoot-down of a Malaysian jet liner, a U.S. official said Saturday." [rdbrewer]

James Garner dead at 86
Rest in peace.
WaPo: Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis
"The administration did too little to heed those warnings, according to interviews with former government officials, outside experts and immigrant advocates, leading to an inadequate response that contributed to this summer’s escalating crisis." Via @Heminator. [rdbrewer]

Timothy Carney: Justin Amash's support for free enterprise earns enmity of Big Business
"Let's just all admit what's going on here: The GOP Establishment and the business lobby aren't about Team Play or Free Enterprise. They're about the GOP Establishment and the business lobby." [rdbrewer]

Andrew McCarthy: An Obama-Caused Border Disaster
"Make no mistake: President Obama has instigated this crisis — a two-fer that advances the project of remaking the country while crowding the IRS, the VA, Benghazi, Bergdahl, the Taliban, ISIS, Hamas, the EPA, Obamacare, Ukraine, and other debacles out of the public’s finite attention span." [rdbrewer]

Peter Brookes, London Times

Tablet: ‘Yesterday, a Part of My Love for France Left Me’
"An eyewitness account of how the synagogue of Rue de la Roquette was attacked by a mob, and fought back." [rdbrewer]

The Telegraph: Los Angeles awaits earthquake that could be the 'Big One'
I thought we knew that. Didn't we know that? [rdbrewer]

David Harsanyi: Sorry Vox, There’s No Equating Israel And Hamas
"Nowadays, as Hamas ignores cease-fires and is caught using children as human shields by the United Nations, many apologists have given up. Not Fisher, who attempts to whip up some moral equivalency in a new piece...." People like Fisher actually encourage Hamas to continue using civilians as shields. He's part of the propaganda effort. [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: How flight MH17 was obliterated in just 12 seconds: BUK missile system carrying 150lbs of explosives fired at doomed Malaysian flight with 95% accuracy
Explains how the BUK missile launch system works. [rdbrewer]
Times of Israel: The treacherous task of tunnel demolition
"How exactly does the IDF dismantle Hamas’s offensive tunnels, some 60-feet-deep, over a mile long, with multiple exits?" Via @rogerlsimon. [rdbrewer]

Wired: The Bizarre Rise and Fall of the Tiki Bar
"In the 1950s and ’60s, an epidemic of island fever swept the United States. Tiki-themed structures spread like jungle vines, taking the form of garden-style apartments in Redondo Beach, California and Polynesia-inspired motor lodges in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania. Amway, the quintessential midwestern enterprise, sold jade-green tiki soaps in the shape of Moai." Added: 1950's Tiki Culture, a documentary. [rdbrewer]
Powerful Ad Warning People to Slow Down on the Roads
It's really well done with an outside-of-the-box premise

Jonah Goldberg, The G-File
"If you've been reading my stuff over the years, you'll find a number of common themes.... One such theme is that liberalism hides behind seemingly value-neutral or benign language in order to advance a value-laden and not necessarily benign agenda. That was the basic idea behind The Tyranny of Clichés. Conservatives argue as conservatives. Liberals tend to argue not so much as liberals, but in a variety of disguises, each of which tries to draw on authority unearned by liberalism itself." [rdbrewer]

Angelina Jolie 'hates' President Barack Obama: 'She thinks he is really a socialist in disguise'
He's all "smoke and mirrors." [rdbrewer]

Eliana Johnson: The Barbour Machine’s Mississippi Ad War
"The day after Cochran’s victory, Haley Barbour said his group had nothing to do with the racial attacks on McDaniel and that support for Cochran among African Americans was spontaneous." Haley Barbour and race-based attacks on a Republican. Remember that. [rdbrewer]

Matthew Continetti: The Bear Is Loose
"But he is flattering himself. Obama is not the bear. He is the cub: aimless, naïve, self-interested, self-indulgent, irresponsible, irresolute. The bear is in Moscow." Via @JohnEkdahl. [rdbrewer]

Noah Rothman: RT anchor resigns in protest over coverage of plane attack in Ukraine
"Russia Today’s (RT) London correspondent, Sara Firth, resigned in protest on Friday over her network’s coverage of the attack on a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine." [rdbrewer]

Department of Justice: We Heard About IRS Missing Emails On The News
It must be really difficult right now for lawyers in the DOJ who pride themselves on professionalism and their adherence to ethical standards. [rdbrewer]
The Bear Is Loose

Mollie Hemingway: Let Me Google That For You, Matt Yglesias
"Matt Yglesias doesn’t like to read books or seek out viewpoints different from his own. So that at least partially explains what the heck is happening with Vox’s embarrassing implosion." Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]
Charles Krauthammer, WaPo: Moral clarity in Gaza
"Israel accepts an Egyptian-proposed Gaza cease-fire; Hamas keeps firing. Hamas deliberately aims rockets at civilians; Israel painstakingly tries to avoid them, actually telephoning civilians in the area and dropping warning charges...." [rdbrewer]
CBS San Francisco: Captain Sullenberger ‘Big Question’ Is Why Plane Was Flying Over War Zone
"'It’s up to each individual nation, each individual airline how much risk they are going to accept,' he continued." [rdbrewer]
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