January 23, 2019

Surprise: Representative Ilhan Omar Defends the Black Hebrew Israelites Who Called the Covington Students Racial and Homophobic Slurs

—Ace of Spades

So if I have this right, we're all to be crucified for minor infractions of alleged rules that some people are encouraged by congresswomen to violate flagrantly?

Why, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable and logical system of Apartheid Justice. I will gladly labor under this obviously racially-supremacist New Jim Crow regime.

All that shit except the "hired a PR firm" is a lie, and she should know it. Don't expect Jake Tapper, Scourge of Fake News, to correct her, though. That would be racist and Islamophobic.

Can we have a National Debate on the left's/media's/fake-right-cucks' belief that only white people can be racist? Or is this going to be just yet another one of those cherished political demands of the left that left agitates for, the media validates through constant uncritical repetition, and then the cuck fake right enforces it on their actually-conservative "allies" without American citizens ever getting to give a Yea or Nay on the proposition?

Here's #Woke Beefcake Avenger Seth Mandel, the softest, most eager-to-please, will-lend-a-soft-male-ish-hand-if-you-that-to-get-you-started cuck in the universe, praising Ilhan Omar for her willingness to "engage" through dialogue or something.

(By the way, this translucent soybag is what Jim Swift, Steven Hayes, and Bill Kristol considers to be a testosterone-fueled, ultra-alpha "Trumpy" Man.)

Seriously, National Review, why don't you take the rest of the year off. We'll direct all traffic to Tim Pool and I think we'll come out of it with both a better product and more money in our pockets.

Cuckshed Monthly: obviously, your services won't be needed at all.

Update: The alleged brotherf****r has deleted her post, and is now, incredibly, attempting to shame those who publish her defamation, claiming that they're "pushing" the false information, rather than, you know, exposing her defamation so that the Covington kids' lawyers can sue her.

And in case you're wondering: It's part of the Constitution that nothing said on the floor of Congress may be the subject of legal action in any other venue.

But that's immunity only for Congressmen speaking in Congress. Once they're outside of Congress, they can be sued for defamation just like anyone else.

And she should be.

Clarification: I wrote this in a jumbled way and some people were misled into thinking The Beefcake Avenger, the Soyboy Tintin, works for National Review.

No, he doesn't, but I'm sure they've probably posted cuck pieces of his. National Review pretty much reached out to every cuck in the universe, including thick-fingered sub-moron ragecase Jay Caruso, and started paying them donor money to write terrible articles for them, all in the service of the One True God, NeverTrump.

That's why there's so few people at National Review to take Nicholas Frankovich aside and say, "You'd better not." Charlie Cooke and co. stocked that pond full of moronic, emotional NeverTrump incompetents. This was back before and after the 2016 election. Cooke wanted to really beef up the Review with quality commentators, and to find them, he searched far and wide through his NeverTrump twitter follower list.

Really exhaustive search there. Just kinda of grabbing up any limpdick cuck within arm's reach.

Soyboy Tintin is now the proud editor of the Cuckshed Monthly (the Cuck Washington Examiner's "Magazine").

The reference to National Review was just my repeating yesterday's assertion that Tim Pool got this story right whereas National Review got it wrong -- so why do we need the National Review?

I really got a bit twisty there, and relied on people being EXACTLY on my wavelength.

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The Washington Post and Kirstin Powers: The Real Victims in the Covington FakeNews Scandal? JOURNALISTS.

—Ace of Spades

Won't you think of the poor journalists who are putting children's lives in danger with their slanders and lies?

And it's not like they've eased up, either -- NBC is still putting these kids in the crosshairs. With gusto.

If the media succeeds in its mission of getting these kids attacked, should we throw the media a ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in Wall Street?

Do they want to be affirmatively praised for putting innocent children's lives in danger?

What do they get if they succeed in getting a kid killed? A Pulitzer?

Doc Zero: What would the media say if rightwing activists put out fakenews smear video about Muslim students, and then, when the fraud was revealed, continued doubling down?

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"Passive Conservatism" and the Surrender Caucus

—Ace of Spades

I think you'll agree with this.

Much more presentable version of the tweet-thread here, assembled into normal text.

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The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



I have an old and dear friend (whose ass I whipped in the 50 butterfly in 7th grade) who was intensely anti-Trump before the election. I have another old and dear friend who almost literally floored me when, in spring 2016 over cocktails and oysters he told me that he was intensely pro-Trump. Both are intelligent, well educated, well read, and would be considered intellectual (in the non-pejorative sense) by most people.

So what's the difference?

One judged Trump by his words and mannerisms and bluster and over-the-top behavior. One judged Trump by his statements of purpose and his actions, and seemed disinterested in the surface.

That sounds like how the media should be reporting on the President, yet they cannot look past their own intellectual failings and their insular lives hemmed in by the Acela and the Hudson River and Interstate 5.

Here's an article from last summer that is spot-on, and is even more applicable today!
Everyone Is Smart Except Trump

It really is quite simple. Everyone is smart except Donald J. Trump. That’s why they all are billionaires and all got elected President. Only Trump does not know what he is doing. Only Trump does not know how to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. Anderson Cooper knows how to stand up to Putin. The whole crowd at MSNBC does. All the journalists do.
It's amazing that they gleefully report every stumble, every odd phrase, every overheated statement, yet carefully ignore the facts of his rather successful economic policies and his promising foreign policy, and most important, his ruthless never-back-down battles in the culture war.

The Seedier Media never have negotiated life and death, not corporate life and death, and not human life and death. They think they know how to negotiate, but they do not know how. They go to a college, are told by peers that they are smart, get some good grades, proceed to a graduate degree in journalism, and get hired as analysts. Now they are experts, ready to take on Putin and the Iranian Ayatollahs at age 30.
Luckily, my slow-butterflying friend has reevaluated President Trump on the facts and has come around...at least in part.

Too bad the people who are paid to be impartial can't manage the same thing.

[Hat Tip: Bluebell]

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Bellei Rainy Day.jpg

Rainy Day
Gaetano Bellei

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The Morning Report - 1/23/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Midweek and the big story continues to be the persecution and institutionalized and officially sanctioned hatred against the Catholic high school kids from Covington, Kentucky. What is patently obvious is that what we are witnessing here is not a one-off incident. From Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown (phony victims and actual violent criminals) to the Duke lacrosse players and Brett Kavanaugh (actual victims of politically-motivated persecution), this too is part of the ongoing propaganda war to paint Republicans, conservatives and all who support them or are identified with them as "the bad guys" while the Democrat-Left are "on the right side of history." It's been going on for at least the past 50 years. All of the aforementioned are little big lies that are meant to bolster and cement the bigger big lies like all the Democrats and Klansmen suddenly switched parties after the Civil Rights act was passed in 1964 (which the GOP, of course, opposed! [sarc]). And that feeds into the big big lie: America as founded is illegitimate and evil and therefore must be dismantled.

Actually, that part about us being "the bad guys" is inaccurate. We are evil. Cancer. We are to be silenced because what we have to say is toxic (heh) and therefore we must be silenced at all costs and by whatever means necessary (heh, heh). Kind of ironic considering the Left is all about multiple perspectives, moral relativism and inclusivity. So long as they can include us out. One merely has to check the link about the reaction from the Left about the Today show's interviewing of Nicholas Sandmann. Take a look at this kid; he's clean cut, intelligent, respectful, G-d fearing, respects his parents and others and is in every way what American youth used to be not so very long ago. The video of his "confrontation" with buffaloed-phony soldier Nathan Phillips speaks volumes; the entire tape, not the one from NBC's editing department. Sandmann is not only the embodiment of everything the Left loathes and wants to destroy, his presence, words and actions serve to underscore for those with eyes to see how utterly perverted and evil the Left really is.

The pessimist can say Sandmann and kids like him are rare and soon to vanish from the vanishing landscape of America as founded. Or, if you're an optimist, perhaps there are a lot more Sandmanns out there that we never hear about - that we are prevented from hearing about. Because to acknowledge him and those like him in a positive light is to legitimize what he stands for. And for the Left, that cannot be allowed to happen.

To the links we go where fresh off the heels of trying to intimidate the Covington kids at the March for Life for the benefit of the cameras, bedraggled phony soldier Nathan Phillips tried disrupting a Catholic mass on Saturday by hakn a tchainik at the altar, the more he talks the more his story changes, the Covington kids have been invited to the White House, several links with further analysis and finally in the Civil War 2.0 files disgraced jihad-apologist Reza Aslan who was fired from CNN wants to punch Dinesh D'Souza in the face for his defense of the Covington kids. In light of what I have written, I rest my case.

Looking at the fake news aspect of all of this, attorneys for the students threaten hack NY Times propagandist Maggie Haberman with a libel suit, IBD rips the media over this and the BuzzFeed fraud, Andrew Breitbart (PBUH) was right about the media, the Federalist with kind of a Pollyanna-ish view of the whole thing, and lastly, unrelated, a SCOTUS refuses to hear the case of a football coach fired for praying after a game.

Back to Amnesty and the Border Wall where the Senate has released a proposal to fund the wall and end the shutdown but it involves an allegedly limited DACA amnesty (uh oh), SCOTUS has punted on taking up the DACA case and it's causing the Dems to be intransigent, Mexicans are paying in blood for our Central American non-policies vis a vis amnesty, a grassroots group warns that Amnesty is worse than no wall at all (I agree), Obama's former Border Patrol chief blasts calling a wall immoral, and Daniel Greenfield on what the wall represents.

Shutdown Theatre: Sarah Sanders is saying that the President will be giving the SOTU at the House (huh?) while Steny Hoyer is bucking Palsi Pelosi and thinks the House should be made available. Also there are some freshman Dems who want Palsi to give in and cough up the border wall money.

Democrat-Left Scandal Sheet: The Dem dame who went after Eric Greitens is now the subject of a grand jury investigation and Lindsay Graham is calling for an investigation into the Obama and Hillary scandals. Meh, nice sentiment but call me when they get cuffed.

In general politics, Kamala-Toe Harris hires some of Hillary's key 2016 minions and a closer examination of her tyrannical proclivities, Rancida T-Labia and Loopy Ocasio-TacoRosado get appointed to the House Overbite Committee, Rabbi Fischer rips the bug-eyed, bucktoothed Bronx cheer, a report from the Blexit convention (keep that fire burning), Tom Styrene is now set to pressure the Dem prexy field about impeachment, the GOP tries a new high-tech fundraising scheme, McCaughey warns about "Mikvah" Waters, The Democrats are the Grand Wizards, Joe Bidet as harbinger of what we are seeing with the hard Left, incest aficionado Ilhan Omar stutters and stammers about her Joo-hatred, Doomberg has a surefire way to win, Gavin Nuisance's California water tax could be an opportunity for the GOP (how?), and John Kerry in Switzerland is not fondue of Trump. Fondue? Fangoul!

Guns: House GOP rep reintroduces a reciprocity bill which will go nowhere now that we don't control the House and SCOTUS will be taking up the first 2-A case in nearly a decade.

Foreign Desk: China trade talks are still a go contrary to a fake news report that said otherwise, Russia threatens retaliation against EU for their sanctions on chemical weapons use, Ledeen on Pompeo and Iranian regime change, on oil companies dealing with the Venezuelan regime (no!), and Chi-Coms are training with anti-satellite weapons (you can't spell LORAL without "oral" right Billy-Jeff?). Also, Senators want ISIS captives sent to Gitmo and three of Rancida T-Labia's constituents were just turning their life around when they were arrested for planning to join ISIS.

Domestic Affairs: Salena Zito on the futility of trying to give Amtrak wings.

Healthcare: New York State's new law legalizes abortion essentially to the point of birth (celebrated last night by the WTC antenna lit up pink), and pro-life activists still fighting to defund Planned Parenthood.

Education: High school teacher gets fired for the crime of showing a Fox News doc on college censorship and going after the tolerant Israel-bashers at UCLA and UC Irvine.

Red-Greens: About that compostable plastic that was going to save the planet...

FemiNazism: Who needs a Women's March and masculinity isn't what's toxic.

Hither and Yon: Female Ghostbusters actress is an ingrate, Steve Wynn is suing the ambulance-chasing shyster spawn of Allred, and why the Left goes after Christians. I dunno, because you can't make s'mores with communion wafers?

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

UPDATE: By request.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (1/22/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“These kids got a lesson in social media mobs and the mob that forms in social media forms quickly, and it is there to bully anybody from saying what they really think and what they believe, particularly if it’s a conservative viewpoint.” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)

Quote II

But at the same time, don’t let those traits, or any other, drift to the extremes. You will fail as a leader, as a man and as a person. Instead, balance the dichotomies that pull you toward one extreme or another.

And pass that balance on to your sons – and your daughters as well. These so-called “masculine traits” aren’t just for men. Jocko Willink

Quote III

“If he truly cared about Dreamers, if he truly cared about undocumented youth, he would not be using us as bargaining chips through his tantrum of getting a wall that makes no sense.

It’s like lighting your house on fire and then going outside and trying to put it out yourself by blaming it on other people” Belen Sisa

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Even After the Proof that the Covington Kids Were Smeared Is Well-Known, Hugh Hewitt is Still Demanding They Be Lectured for... Something

—Ace of Spades

Smiling While White, maybe?

Waiting for a Bus While Under the Influence of Privilege, perhaps?

Maybe for wearing those Racist Hats?


For 24 hours, the media made a deliberate attempt to destroy the lives of innocent kids based solely on the color of their skin and political beliefs.

What has been especially contemptible, though, are these go-along-to-get-along conservatives, those more interested in the good opinion of the establishment media than truth.

Without having all the facts, a countless number of media suck-ups gleefully signaled their own virtue and joined the media to pile on to destroy high school boys… Yippee! Yahoo! Wowzee! Aren’t we virtuous! Aren’t we the cool kidz! Aren’t we so much better than those racist, red-hatted MAGA creeps who practically lynched an Indian! Whoohee! Yazzaroo! I feel so good about myself!!

Joining this club is conservative talk radio's Hugh Hewitt, who is also an NBC News analyst. But even after it was obvious the kids had been smeared by fake news and Never Trump's malignant pile of Vichy Republicans, Hewitt still falsely accused them of wrongdoing, using nothing less than a Bible verse.

"[I]t would be useful to train every high schooler in Proverbs 15:1," said Hewitt, adding, "And it would still be great if Covington Catholic invited Philly Archbishop Chaput, a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, to visit the school for some teaching on respect, forgiveness, courtesy":

Proverbs 15:1 reads, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger," which means this is Hewitt using the bible to smear kids who did nothing wrong in the face of despicable provocation.

There were no "harsh words" from the Covington kids. The only "harsh words" came from the Black Hebrew Israelites, the ones hurling homophobia and the N-word (1:18:00), calling them "young Klansmen" (1:20:57) -- you know, the ones no one wants to discuss because that would require moral courage...

That is, that would mean talking about the Black Israelites, which no cuck is willing to do. They're too courageous to talk about that.

Well, I'd like to see this sad old grayballs Cuck gasbag mumble scripture out of his twisted cuck mouth at someone getting into his face and provoking him.

If that's his demand of how to behave in the face of provocation -- then let him demonstrate he is capable of it himself.

Just because you're old and brokedown, Hugh, doesn't mean you deserve respect.

And while Hugh Hewitt is still attacking the Covington Kids, he has decided to issue an apology.

Not about jumping on the Covington Lynching Party bandwagon.

No, he's apologizing to Media Matters (!!!) because he said that Joe Biden had "transgendered" to Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, and that's offensive.

So Biden gets an apology, and Media Matters gets and apology, and the Tranny Mafia gets an apology, and the Covington kids get... lectures and harumphing from an old limpdicked c*nt.

Eh, fuck 'em. They're little people. Just some hicks from the sticks. They're not True Conservatives like Joe Biden is.

Courage. The cucks are just plum full of it. Overflowing with it, in fact.

Below, Mark Levin has some choice words for the Fake Conservatives, you know, the Counsel of the Courageous (giggle).

Open Thread. Man I'm tired.

Don't worry. I'm right back on National Review and the rest of the loathsome cucks tomorrow.

This is going to be an all-week thing.

We'll see how much they enjoy Call-Out Culture and lynch mobs and people ginning up pressure mobs to get you fired by Friday.


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America's First Documented Hatcrime

—Ace of Spades

And remember, National Review and the various other cucklings were right there alongside the hard left and CNN (But I repeat myself) in proclaiming that wearing a MAGA hat was/is itself a hatecrime -- a hatcrime -- which is provocative and deserves a response up to and including violent assault.

Oh -- and don't forget, they were white and male and Christian, so that means the left is going to lynch them for nothing, and that also means the Cuck Fake-Right is going to help string up the rope to do it, so they don't miss an invitation to the next cocktail party.

Oh -- and National Review continues pretending it wasn't part of the lynch mob.

Hey, we need a real slimy cuck, someone with virtually no compunctions whatsoever about base deceit, to post something about "liberal hate" while ignoring the un-ignorable "conservative" hate that emanated from this very magazine.

Can anyone think of someone who could be that low and and dishonest?

Never mind, got someone!

National Review used to complain about the Soviets airbrushing disfavored party members out of photographs.

Now they're deploying the same technique.

They're "evolving to the left," as so many DC types who've overstayed their welcome do.

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By the Way...

—Ace of Spades

You know who brought it to the alleged "conservative" Rich Lowry's attention that the Covington video was #FakeNews?

It was the proudly left-wing YouTuber Tim Pool.

I've linked Tim Pool a lot. He's left-of-center, but he is full of basic common sense and a spirit of fair play and against race/gender "identitarianism" on both the right and left.

Half the stories I put up I get from Tim Pool.

Well not half. But a lot. Three or four a week.

I watch almost all of his videos, except on the days when he shits out seven of them. Too many!

Anyway, here's the point:

It took a leftwing guy (though a fair-minded and sensible one) to actually watch the videos and tell the alleged right-wing guy Rich Lowry that he was pushing a false story and unfairly condemning innocent children who had done literally nothing wrong.

So that's where we are: The people we donate money to advocate for us can't throw us under the bus fast enough, and don't even bother to watch the evidence they're basing their rush-to-judgment on, and a leftwing guy, who you don't pay at all (though you can, of course, donate to his Patreon or whatnot) has to correct him and present the evidence that the "rightwing" guy is crucifying conservative kids for no reason except that he felt pressure from Jezebel to do so.

I'm sorry, I need this explained to me:

What do we need National Review for, then?

If a leftwing guy (eh, kinda leftwing -- moderate on policy issues, but he knows the hard left's playbook) needs to explain to our "rightwing advocates" that they should look at the evidence before convicting children of hate crimes, do we need a rightwing media any more?

Maybe people should cancel whatever donations they were planning to make to National Review and donate it to advocates who actually get things done and influence people, like Tim Pool and says-he's-a-classic-British-liberal-but-sounds-like-an-American-conservative Sargon of Akkad.

Or maybe donate to American Greatness. Or to the American Mind. Or to The Federalist -- so when FusionGPS' paid ops shit out the twitter hashtag #WhoFundsTheFederalist?, you can say, "I fund them, motherfucker."

Or donate to this here blog.

Should we continue funding failure? What do we expect will come out of our continuing investment in failure?

We asked them to take our concerns to the establishment, to act as our tribunes to the actual decision-makers, so that our concerns would be addressed.

They mostly refused, and mostly delivered the establishment's concerns to us.

We asked them to take our side against the media's constant attacks.

They mostly refused. People like David French have a nice little cottage industry going of calling conservatives racists in The Atlantic.

We asked them to score a political victory for us once in a while.

They completely failed. This may be our fault, for wrongly assuming they had any efficacy or influence to begin with.

Now we're down to the very most minimal request: Please don't scalp-hunt our children just because Jezebel and the HuffPo are doing it and you don't want to feel like a left-out Nazi.

That's what we're down to. That's how low we've lowered the bar. We're no longer asking them to do anything positive for us.

We're just down to begging them not to attack our children because our children are Suspiciously White and Male.

Based on Frankovich's non-apology, and The Editors' determination to keep minimizing their role in this lynch mob and blaming the media (but not themselves!) for pushing a false story that put innocent kids' lives in danger and families in fear -- I'm not sure what their answer is here.

They have not made any commitments, for example, to forbid their NeverTrump-deranged writers from joining in any viral video/outrage mob in the first 48 hours.

They've made no commitments at all. Like the leftist media itself, their apology is tepid, and they refuse to make any tangible promises about changes they will make to prevent this from happening again.

So I guess we'll just have to... trust them.

Like we trust the regular leftwing media.

Personally, I don't read National Review any more, and have not in literal years. The only time I see it is on the rare occasion someone tells me that Andrew McCarthy has written something worth reading (something that isn't his customary defend-his-former-colleagues-at-all-costs reflex).

That, and when I'm alerted that Jonah Goldberg is plagiarizing me again.

I'm not even aware of National Review any longer. They're... they're just so far out of the arena they have no effect on the game at all. (Except when they want to add credibility to a leftwing lynching operation.)

They don't get shit done. They don't influence anyone.

And they don't have conservatives' backs.

Tim Pool is not a conservative, but he does know that the hard left -- the "identitarian left," the antifa left-- plays dirty and he does not like it.

Tim Pool is worth fifteen cucks from National Review -- and he's actually a left-winger to boot!

That says something.

That says a lot.

If a one-man operation, consisting of one left-of-center commentator, is a better defender of innocently slandered conservative boys and a better critic of leftwing panic-mobs than our alleged right-wing institutions:

What is the point of having these institutions?

As a Bob asked in Office Space:

"What is it you'd say you do here?"

Maybe it's time to do some trimming of the deadweight. Maybe it's time to start funding other people who do not have a proven track record of complete failure and fecklessness, and who actually have an impulse to fight the left's brutalizations of conservative voters instead of saying, "Hey, if we surrendered some more, it might confuse them!"

What cannot be reformed must be destroyed.

Expect more snark from AllahPundit and the other preening cucks about how Trump should stay out of this and leave the kids' defense to the Adults in the Room who can really protect them, like National Review, Bill Kristol, Ana Navaro, Seth "The Beefcake Avenger" Mandel, etc....

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God Save Us from #Woke Fake Conservatives

—Ace of Spades

Via @davereaboi's twitter feed. If you're still on twitter and still not following, fix one of those two things.

Either get off twitter or follow reaboi.

(1) At this point, there's nobody on the Right who's the slightest bit surprised a Leftist agitator would create a provocation that would be used to create a slanderously false story against their ideological enemies on purpose.

(2) They're not surprised that the media ate it up, ran with it, and created a virtue signaling outrage mob--not like journalists but like press flaks and community organizers. Unsurprising, but we can't hate them anymore than we already do.

(3) There's been this social media phenomenon that’s bothered me for a long time: the weird compulsion to tweet your opinion on whatever is being talked about--even if it serves no rhetorical purpose--as if every news story **requires** your drive-by take.

(4) This compulsion is especially acute when it comes time for ritual denunciations. It feels like 80% of tweets are people who feel they need to put a marker down as denouncing this or that horrible person. (The apolitical form is "I hate [FOOD]" and then waiting for a debate.)

This is a Twitter Addiction thing. There are losers who have no other social connections except their fake internet palz on Twitter, and so they're never off the fucking thing, and of course this means that they must have opinions on every single "trending" thing on Twitter.

And when there's no trending thing on twitter, they make up some childish cutesy-patootsie bullshit to flirt-fight about like whether "[FOOD X] Is the Devil" or "[VILLAIN Y] was the Secret Hero of [MOVIE Z]."

It's fucking pathetic. They're so desperate to connect with anyone they will gladly join a lynch mob to scalp-hunt children just so they can feel the warm bustle of a virtual mob at their shoulders.

The other day I saw someone write, "Wow, watching football on twitter is really wild!"

Saddest thing I'd ever seen.

Living Your Best Life, I guess.

(5) Social media is inherently something of an affinity group echo-chamber, so there's a good deal of pressure to have your take marked down to reinforce your place among your peers, colleagues or in-group. Few people want to be ratio'd by their own followers if they dissent.

Yeah, and despite these people's belief that they're all Courageous, they're all pitiful cowards. They think they're courageous because they fight with people they do not know and are not in any peer group with.

But the amount of influence someone can exert on you is inversely proportional to their distance from you. In other words, there's not much bravery in telling some rando you never met and who isn't part of your little Twitter Jerk-Off Circle to fuck off, because he's far from you. You don't know him, you'll likely never see him again, and if he does bother you, you can block him.

It's the people in your social group that have the most influence over you. And this is where you'd show bravery, if you had any -- by disagreeing with them.

But the cucks don't. The cucks daren't. The cucks are like herd-animals gathering in a big circle, all trying to get to the very middle of the bustling crowd where it's the warmest and the safest.

They never disagree with each other. Indeed, they agree with each other so quickly on Twitter that one strongly suggests they get on the same page together in JournOList-style private list serves before all rushing out with the Consensus Group Opinion simultaneously.

When one cuck domino falls, all the cucks start toppling over in sequence.

One of these Soyboy Beta Cucks would have shown actual independence of mind, actual courage, and actual strength of character by disagreeing with the Herd of Independent Minds by simply saying, "this video is chopped up and it comes from a completely anonymous source. Have none of us learned anything the past six years of viral video scalp-hunting? Let's wait for the full video before condemning anyone."

But none of them did that. That would have separated them from the herd, and they are sniveling cowards who cannot bear the thought of being outside their pathetic pack for five Twitter Minutes.

But they're very much against Tribalism. Just ask them!

(6) Put another way, this phenomenon can be called Virtue Signaling. The VS doesn’t always have to be a bad take, or an incorrect opinion. Based on the folks I follow in my particular echo chamber, a certain type of moderate conservative seem to be prone to engaging in it.


Well, some of us know you guys understand that; after all, there’s *plenty* of skepticism to go around when it's a story emerging from the Right.

(8) For 3 years, many have used the excuse of Trump to want to believe anything the media alleges about him or people in his orbit. Suddenly, the media had become trustworthy, at least as it relates to Trumpworld--and everything from BuzzFeed or NYT was treated as on the level.

(9) Many of us grew to resent this, not because we were such fans of Trump--what you allege--but because our view of the media and the Left didn't soften.

This can't be repeated enough. Some of us didn't change our beliefs.

But some of us sure did reverse ourselves regarding the integrity and credibility of leftwing media outlets.

For some, suddenly these were the Bee's Knees.

Just before the Special Counsel announced the BuzzFeed story was FakeNews, Seth Mandel had a multi-tweet screed condemning those who didn't accept BuzzFeed as a legitimate, credible news organization.

But see, xis principles are eternal and unchanging.

(10) People are furious that those of you who bought into it and couldn't resist making knee-jerk Virtue Signaling condemnations have not yet learned about the nature of the enemy we're fighting:

(11) Activists are trained to set up these scenarios, the media runs with stories that are too good to check because they reinforce their biases. They do this on purpose. You just have to read Lefty activist literature. It's all there, for decades. *Not knowing is your failure.*

Correct, and this is similar to my point: The "I didn't know the media and leftist agitators could lie to me" defense was always bullshit and we're not accepting it any longer.

If you offer it: You are a fucking liar. Full stop.

You know damn well they lie. You just approve of the lies and wish to help spread them.

(12) Considering that it costs nothing to wait for more facts, many of us have noticed that your biases against a large chunk of the Right are pretty similar to the Left's. You seem to agree with the Left that the conservative base is a bunch of racists.

Correct. The left looks at every single white conservative kid and thinks, "Most likely a racist rapist."

It's increasingly obvious that the swathes of the "Right" which dominate Our Media see white male kids as likely racist rapists, too. Exactly as the left does.

In what way is someone who has such vicious bigotries about you and your children an "ally"?

Are there any cases in history where people held such viciously bigoted views of people and yet called themselves "political allies"?

No, there are not. It makes no sense. These people are now functionally on the left, even though it is not economically prudent for them to admit it yet.

Political association is mostly a negative thing. You don't join the party you love; you join the party opposing the party you hate.

It is very, very clear that the alleged Conservative Media Class hates and deplores the actual conservative voting base as much as the left does.

And it is only a matter of time before they begin admitting that they are more and more enamored of progressive policy prescriptions. We saw this with Jen Rubin and Bret Stephens and Rick Wilson and Bill Kristol.

Do you think those are isolated cases? No, because political affiliation is about the gut and the heart more than it is about the head. People who grow up in liberal areas don't adopt liberal positions because they've been intellectually convinced of them. They adopt liberal positions because the people they know and like seem to believe in liberal ideas, and they like those people and want to get along, so they naturally adopt those beliefs as well.

We are now in Year Three of the Conservative Donor/Media Class' increasingly vicious, personal war on the actual conservative voting base.

Does anyone really think that after years of complete emotional alienation from actual conservatives these Paycheck Conservatives are still going to be pushing the second amendment and the pro-life cause?

No. They will slowly but inexorably take the same path that Rubin, Stephens, Kristol, and Wilson took -- they will begin realigning their political/intellectual selves to comport with the dominant mode of thinking of their actual kinship Tribe.

They're already doing that, of course. Suspecting that any white conservative boy is probably a Secret Racist is just one part of adopting the entire Progressive Ideology.

13) Rather than thinking the totally reasonable thing--"hey, that looks bad, but this is my tribe, so at least they get the benefit of a few hours where the full story will emerge"--there wasn't a moment's hesitation about thinking the worst of these conservative kids.

Yup. Because, like the progressives they are/are becoming, they fundamentally despise conservatives and want to hurt them.

(14) So there's a choice: either (a) you acted foolishly in believing the media and the activist Left, AGAIN; or (b) the Right is really not your tribe after all. There may be more options, but for the people who are raking NRO over the coals today, that's what they see.

(15) I just read @AceofSpadesHQ, who put this same choice in his inimitable style http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=379322

"Actually his style is quite imitable." -- Jonah Goldberg, progressive, plagiarist

(16) One more thing: The moment I saw an old Native American man show up at a Pro-Life protest beating a native drum, it was reasonably clear that the guy was, at the very least, an experienced political actor. That alone should've given pause to the narrative!

Fucking racist Deplorable.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 05:00 PM Comments

This is Exactly Right

—Ace of Spades

Not just liberal media hypocrisy. I actually haven't seen too many establishment magazines talking about the Drag Kids Stripping in Gay Bars stuff. Too homophobic to mention the exploitation of children in this context.

You can attack southern white trash for sexualizing little girls in beauty pageants, because they're a Leftist Approved Target.

But Drag Stage Moms sexualizing little boys in drag and sending them out to strip and cavort with naked men?

There was no permission for mentioning this granted by the Cuck Pretend Right's leftist masters, so it will go unmentioned.

Google probably also doesn't want them talking about it, so.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 03:31 PM Comments

LOL: No One's Accepting National Review's Newest Partial Apology So They Decide to Forgive Themselves Instead

—Ace of Spades

National Review is tired of waiting for people to accept their begrudging, compelled apologies, so they're accepting their own apology now.

You're welcome.

Oh, and send them money.

"A fuller and more complicated picture emerged." Just so.

Is this Charles Cooke? The "just so" sounds like Charles Cooke, although, let's face it, a lot of them enjoy putting on British airs.

Jay Nordlinger is five minutes away from announcing that his pronouns are "Toffy-Nosed Ponce" and "British Pansy."

For an overheated few minutes, the world (meaning the world of people engaged in producing and consuming nanosecond-by-nanosecond commentary on the Internet) was rapt with revulsion at the sight of a group of smirking high-school boys -- Catholic-school students, some in red "Make America Great Again" caps -- menacing an older Native American man beating a drum as part of a protest in Washington, where the students were visiting as part of the annual March for Life. The condemnations were vitriolic, including here at National Review.

A word on the Nick Frankovich Corner post. As longtime readers know, the Corner is our group blog that encourages real-time, unfiltered reactions by our individual writers (it was basically Twitter before the advent of Twitter). There is always a peril in that. Occasionally, we'll get something hastily and spectacularly wrong. Nick was operating off the best version of events he had on Saturday night, and writing as a faithful Catholic and pro-lifer who has the highest expectations of his compatriots, not as a social-justice activist. As soon as better evidence emerged, we deleted the post.

He still has not apologized to the children he defamed. In fact -- I don't know this to be true, so I'll ask if it's true. People are saying in your own comments areas, National Review, that all through Sunday, Nicholas Frankovich continued doubling down on his condemnation if these schoolchildren, even as the facts proved, conclusively, that his slander was, well, slanderous.

Is that true? "IF TRUE," as you and leftwing friends like to say, it would explain why he pointedly refused to apologize for and retract the factual allegations he had stated and/or insinuated, and only begrudgingly, tersely, apologized to readers (not the parties actually defamed, but readers of the magazine) for a "preachy," "high-handed" tone.

So is that true? Is he continuing to double-down on his original slander? Was his non-apology forced by Lowry or Fowler? If so, why did you permit him that very obvious Clintonesque evasion? Why did you permit him to not apologize in an alleged "Apology" post?

Who are you hoping to fool? I know you think conservatives are idiots and easily conned -- your continued existence does in fact suggest that this belief might be at least partially well-founded -- but do you think we're that stupid to accept an OBVIOUS non-apology as an earnest apology?

Frankovich seeks forgiveness for his tone? Fair enough; I'm forgiving. I forgive him for his tone.

But he did not seek forgiveness for slandering children due to his vicious bigotry against any conservative who dares to wear a MAGA hat at a political rally (those little MONSTERS!), so I won't be forgiving him for that.

You don't get forgiven for things you haven't apologized for. Many of you make great pains to instruct us about how piously Christian you are (pardon me for doubting your Christianity, as Frankovich doubted the Christianity of the Registered Hat Offenders; lot of this going around).

So I'm sure you know that one can only forgive for what is actually confessed.

No one can or should forgive Frankovich -- or Lowry, for that matter -- for things they haven't actually confessed to.

In this business, all we can do is own up to mistakes when they happen.

It's all you can do, and yet you haven't actually done it yet.

We apologize to our readers and especially to the Covington students, who didn't need us piling on.

Is Frankovich apologizing? And are the students innocent? You say they didn't need you piling on, but guilty people also don't need people piling on.

Can we be forgiven for continuing to see an awful lot of hedging in your "apologies"?

What happened to them, unfortunately, is very familiar: The boys were vilified and threatened, while the partisans of what is cynically and inaccurately described as social justice began the work of hunting down the boys parents’'employers in the hopes of ruining those families economically.

It's very familiar, indeed. And yet Lowry and Frankovich fell for it. Again. Will they be explaining at any point why they are so prone to joining leftwing SJW lynch mobs, even though they concede this tactic is very "familiar" and therefore they really ought to have some innoculation against being infected by it in now the eighth year running of vicious leftwing social media lynch mobs?

Why do they continue falling for it?

Will they admit -- and ask for forgiveness, I suppose -- that they are so rabidly anti-Trump that the sight of a MAGA hat causes them to think very unreasoning, bigoted thoughts and assume that people are racist and deserving of scalp-hunting?

Or is that another thing they want to be forgiven for, without actually confessing?

The tone of the commentary was--well, here's how one writer for Vulture put it: "I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents." The students were, in this estimate, only "white slugs."

Hey, let's quote some of the commentary at National Review: The boys were "bullying," and "evil," and "evil" in such a way as to suggest the Roman soldiers crucifying Jesus Christ Himself.

Interesting that you go so far afield, to leftwing Vulture, to find such odious, vicious commentary when it is sitting right there on your computer as you write up this phony Third Time's a Charm excuse-making non-apology.

Because the culture wars are approached as a zero-sum game, many of the most committed progressives are now desperately trying to formulate a reason to continue slandering them and attempting to chase their parents into unemployment and penury.

And this was all obvious from the start.

And you helped.

Oh, right: Because you were foooooooled. Again.

But you're the smart ones, right?

That speaks to the sorry state of our democracy: Why bother trying to persuade or convince your fellow citizens when you can simply make them into pariahs?

I love the part in any non-apology where the non-apologizing person starts moving from "I was to blame" to "when you think about it, isn't Society really to blame here? Wouldn't you say there were Greater Social Forces acting on me that excuse my own behavior? Democracy,am I right?"

The Times, in articulating the "fuller picture," went so far as to suggest that to invoke the name of Donald Trump -- or to simply wear a hat bearing his famous slogan -- constitutes a "racially charged taunt."

Dan McLaughlin, one of your own writers, basically said that we're just going to have to live with this and there's nothing we can do about it. Sigh. Shoulder shrug.

Your buddy Ross Douthat said that these kids should not have been allowed to wear these political hats at a political rally.

A contributor of yours, the effete JeffB., sniffed that even wearing such hats to a rally was (sniff) "tasteless."

I find it very telling that you continue to try to locate the flaw in the left wing, rather than admitting it exists in just as virulent a form at National Review and its coterie.

These are not, for the most part, ideas offered in good faith: They are stratagems deployed to delegitimize certain political points of view. If supporters of the president are to be condemned as engaging in racial provocation for simply saying his name, then the conversation has nowhere to go.

All of this exposes a larger and more serious deficiency: in citizenship. Good citizens with proper respect for themselves, their neighbors, and their country do not seek to destroy the lives of a couple of teenagers in the pursuit of a transient and petty political advantage.

You are now turning what should be an apology for your own actions into yet another lecture about how we -- who didn't do anything wrong -- can improve our behavior.

I saw one of your interns, Xan DeSanctis, execute this exact same maneuver two days ago. She gets the story wrong and carries a torch for the lynch mob, then, when she finds out she's been "fooled" (by a story she desperately wanted to be true), she starts lecturing "journalists and commentators" about the need for "we" to do more fact checking.

I don't get this new Millennial/NPC trick of lecturing others in the midst of what is supposed to be an apology for your own sins.

And here's where we come to National Review forgiving itself, to spare you the bother of forgiving them:

Errors can be forgiven, and the occasional tendency to get carried away with rhetorical excess can be received with charity --especially by those of us who suffer from the same temptation from time to time. But political psychosis and deceit are something else. They can be forgiven only contingently --and never forgotten.

Are they actually forgiving the rest of the media for the exact same sins and false headlines and slanders that they themselves were equally guilty of?

And are we supposed to be so fucking stupid and that we're acutally intended to think, "Gee, if National Review can forgive the New York Times and Vulture for slandering and scalp-hunting children, I guess I should be a Good Christian Sap too and forgive National Review for doing the same exact fucking thing"?



By the way, once again, I'm allowed to post this in full because National Review has set a "You are allowed to plagiarize Ace without penalty" policy in place and I feel, naturally, this should work in both directions.

Update: Frankovich, who's a Real Journalist (just ask him!), put an awful lot of credence in the Narrative that Philips was not just an Indian, but a proud veteran of the Vietnam War.

Again, a little fact-checking would have been nice:

41 Washington Post trying to fix Phillips' story

"Correction: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that Native American activist Nathan Phillips fought in the Vietnam War. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines from 1972 to 1976 but was never deployed to Vietnam."

Posted by: Christopher R Taylor

Question: If Frankovich is such an ardent pro-lifer, I'm wondering which candidate he supported in the last presidential election.

Was it the one who supported abortion until the last minute of the last day, and then maybe twenty minutes or an hour past that?

Or was he voting for spoiler candidates hoping that Hillary would win and then he could claim "Yeah, but I didn't actually vote for her"?

I'm wondering how committed to the pro-life cause Conservatism, Inc. actually is if it will gladly elect a rabidly pro-abortion candidate over personal pique that their Demands are being ignored by the Deplorables.

And I'm wondering how much people who aren't very pro-life, like myself, ought to fight for a cause that isn't even really our own given that the people who claim to be super-pro-life are so cavalier about putting a pro-abortion president into power?

Should I care about your issues more than you care about them, Alleged Conservatism, Inc. "Pro-Lifers"?

Blame-Shifting Case of the Passive Voice Detected:

54 The best part is the passive "the boys were vilified and threatened..." No active voice "We vilified the boys, and the boys were threatened." They bear no blame whatsoever for the school having to cancel classes.

Posted by: no good deed at January 22, 2019


80 I'm sure the local magistrates in Salem were "operating off of the best version of events they had at the time" when the killed those men and women accused of witchcraft.

Posted by: joe, living dangerously at January 22, 2019

Mistakes were made, and some children were, um, rather burned, I suppose.


191 How does NRO plan to make amends to the kids whose lives they joined in trying to destroy?

I don't see any sign of actual repentance.

Posted by: chique d'afrique

Dude, they're forgiving themselves as fast as they can! That's kind of like repentance.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 02:08 PM Comments

Surprise: Nathan Philips, Allegedly a "Marine Recon Ranger" (Because That's a Thing That Really Exists), Seems to Have a History of Confronting White Students and Then Claiming He Was Racially Assaulted

—Ace of Spades

You know, Nick Monroe, a "freelance journalist," found this, it seems, with just a google search.

But National Review, which conservatives give their money to, couldn't find it, or more likely didn't even bother searching for this guy's name to get his background.

Because they're Real Journalists. Real like their very good friends at BuzzFeed and MSNBC.

Nicholas Frankovich wrote a testimonial to this elegant elder and Vietnam (ERA) veteran -- and yet he didn't bother to do any research on this guy before condemning innocent schoolboys as akin to the Romans crucifying Christ.

Maybe National Review just needs more donation money so they can subscribe to Lexis/Nexis. Maybe they just need more of your money to top letting themselves be used as willing pawns of the left every couple of weeks.

An Ypsilanti man says he was trying to teach a few students dressed in American Indian theme party about respecting Native Americans.

Not long afterward, Nathan Phillips said that an interaction with party-goers and students turned ugly.

Nathan Phillips says he was out for a noon walk on a Saturday in mid-April.
He walked by a home where he saw Eastern Michigan University students dressed as Native Americans.

"They had little feathers on, I was just going to walk by," Phillips said. "A group of them said 'Come on over, come here.'"

Uh-huh. He just blundered across them when randomly meandering. How very serendipitous.

He says he walked over to the fence and saw roughly 30 to 40 students involved in a theme party.

"They had their face painted," Phillips said. "I said what the heck is going on here. 'Oh we are honoring you.' I said no you are not honoring me."

It was a statement he says they took offense to.

"Then started whooping and hollering," he said. "I said that wasn't honoring, that was racist. Then at that time, it really got ugly."

Phillips says he was bombarded with racial slurs.

"(They said) 'Go back to the reservation, you blank indian,'" he said.

I believe all of this.

One student, he says, threw a beer can at him.

You can't see my face right now, but I've got my Believing Everything You Say face on right now.

Boy, racial strife just seems to stalk this guy like a hungry panther, huh?

One might begin to suspect he's actually a leftwing agitator playing Crybully so he can sic his media allies on targets, but that's just Racist Thinking, I'm sure National Review will scold me.

"If I would have stayed where I was at, it would have hit me in the head," he said. "I backed up and it hit me in the chest."

He had seen enough at that point and says he called the police.

"By the time police got there, it was like there was no party there at all," he said.

You mean, when the police got there, there were no people dressed up as Indians and throwing beer cans?

I guess they all just left.

Or maybe... they never really existed.

Phillips filed a report with campus police who tell FOX 2 they are investigating the matter.

FOX 2 stopped by the home in question. Someone came to the door, but didn't open up.

Why did Phillips go over to the fence? Why not just walk away?

"For me just to walk by and have a blind eye to it," he said. "Something just didn't allow me to do it."

That doesn't prove he's a faker but certainly it would -- or should -- raise the suspicion in any non-rabidly-anti-MAGA-hat person that this guy just might be a provocateur and hence that his claims about what these MAGA hat wearing kids did should not be immediately credited as true.

But National Review didn't care enough to run this guy's background before condemning these kids and exposing them to leftist violence and harassment.

In related news, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, and Nicholas Frankovich have announced a five-part series called "The Righteous Wanderings of Nathan Phillips," which will explore this Marine Recon Ranger's career as a poet, a Teacher, a Fighter of Evil, and the Living Embodiment of The Christ Himself.

Donate to the National Review

If you send us more money maybe we'll stop scalp-hunting your children.


Depends on how much money you send.

Posted by Ace of Spades at 12:44 PM Comments

Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson Have Had It With the Cucks

—Ace of Spades

Both worth the watch/listen.

How many times do cucks like Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Ben Shapiro, Ben Howe etc. get to play "I didn't know the left lied and attempted to manipulate weak soyboy beta cucks like me into carrying their message for them" card?

How many times can they keep saying "I didn't know"? Seems like we're up to a hundred times, at least, of this unteachable crew being taught a lesson and yet continuing to be unschooled.

As Limbaugh says: They're getting "fooled" because they want to be fooled. They think this stuff is true because they want it to be true.

They eagerly push memes that paint conservative children as evil and racist because in their deepest heart they want conservative children to be evil and racist -- that gives them more people to scold and feel good about scolding.

At some point, you don't get to say "I was fooled" any longer.

At some point, you either have to admit one of two things is true:

1, you're not that smart, certainly not as smart as you boast to people on twitter, or else you wouldn't keep (allegedly) getting chumped and rolled by the left every other week.

2, you're not conservative. Certainly you feel no kinship with conservatives, as you are always ready (eager, even) to believe the worst about them. You believe they are vicious racists -- even the fucking children! -- who need to be scalp-hunted so that their evil can be stopped from spreading, like an epidemiologist quarantines a town full of infected.

And certainly, you are quite convinced of the good motives and generally good character and reputation of the people on the left you so giddily retweet and push.

You cannot keep claiming you're a "conservative" while you continue to implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, demonstrate your believe that 60%+ of conservatives are racists needing to be lynched, and that leftwing agitators are swell guys who just want to tell us the truth about these monsters.

And you cannot keep claiming you're a smart Twitter Addict while trotting out the "I got fooled... AGAIN" for the thousandth time.

The same people who put their noses up at a Project Veritas video had no problem whatsoever with promoting an obviously selectively edited video shit out by an anonymous Twitter account.

The difference? Project Veritas is right wing and this anonymous account is leftwing.

Thus, the soyboy beta cucks obviously sneer at the first as being obvious Rightwing Racist Lies and rush to embrace the latter as obviously Full of Truth.

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The Morning Rant


(CBD is on the lam, hiding from bill collectors due to some ill-advised sports betting, so we're switching days. The punctured chimp will be back tomorrow.)

talking ape.jpg
"Yesterday I discussed how the debunking of the run-with-it-no-matter-what media narrative regarding the Covington Catholic School kids and how that version is going to be the one cemented in the heads of progs ever after. Perhaps some enterprising conservative group should start publishing something they could call The Catalog of Left-Wing Bullshit to keep track of all of the false narratives spewed out by progressives. Like the 'hands up don't shoot' one where Michael Brown got shot in the back for doing nothing. You morons came up with some good examples in the comments, among them: a climate of right-wing hate in Dallas led to Kennedy's assassination. And civil rights laws were passed over Republican opposition. And back in the year something something, the Republican and Democrat parties magically switched sides overnight. And the United States is the only Western country to have slavery. And the Founders thought blacks were only three-fifths people. And on and on. The problem is, The Catalog of Left-Wing Bullshit would have to be updated with a new edition every year, like a yearbook, to keep up with the dizzying torrent of garbage narratives pumped out by the prog media. As Reagan said in a more charitable era, 'the trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.'"

Exhibit A, "Trump-Inspired Racism":

A Request:

345 Hey Oregon Muse - would it be possible to post the names of the mystery celebs the following day? You know, like the way the newspaper publishes the answer to yesterday's crossword puzzle? I love the pics, but I hate that "Oh, that's . . . that's . . . that's whatzername?" feeling. It would be nice to get the correct answer at some point.

Posted by: biancaneve at January 21, 2019 11:54 AM (hkMx0)

I haven't bothered with making big "reveal" announcements because the identities of my pics usually get guessed correctly early on in the comments. Or, it's obvious who it is. Also, I don't post every day, and most of you morons have tiny attention spans, so there's that. But I will give it a try and see how it works out. Another idea would be for me to post the identities on the same thread as soon as ace posts over my thread. I could even invisiblize it so the latecomers wouldn't be left out.

Monday's celebs were Jan 'WKRP' Smithers and, of course, the Hon. Congressman Dan Crenshaw.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread



Max Pechstein

Posted by CBD at 09:55 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 1/22/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. The big story today is not necessarily the Leftist assault on Judeo-Christianity, which is just one of myriad fronts in the overall war to destroy and conquer America as founded. Yes, the attempted destruction of the kids from Covington, Kentucky does dominate the links but you have to ask yourself the question why. It's because the Democrat-Left-Media complex has lost both the narrative as well as the substance undergirding a whole host of issues like immigration, border security and the border wall as well as the orchestrated plot to overthrow the President via Mueller and Company with the latest BuzzFeed Michael Cohen lie-cum-scoop and more crucially, the soon-to-be released final report that will show nothing.

My heart goes out to these kids and their families who, to me, epitomize everything that is good and right about the America that I grew up in or at least that I had imagined it tried to be. And that stands in absolute stark contrast to those on the other side. They're either sick or evil or some combination of the two. As for the former, I also admire their courage in standing up to a machine that has demonstrated time and again in recent years that it has no compunction in saying things that can ruin people's lives or even result in physical harm. I don't want to take anything away from their courage and moral fiber but I think it's not an overstatement to give credit to the presence of President Trump. Whenever he is attacked, it is we who are really being attacked. He has taken the most insane and vile assaults against him and his family and, unlike other putative "leaders" on our side, has rammed it back down their throats.

Along with his tangible accomplishments, mostly single-handed since January of 2017, this President's rhetorical defense of America and American values at home and abroad though intangible/unquantifiable may very well turn out to be his most significant. There is no doubt we are in for far more and worse from the insurrectionists in the next two to six years (please G-d the latter). But the more they go off the rails, the more they expose themselves. And that is because of the man now occupying the Oval Office.

Back to the persecution of the Covington kids, the President is standing shoulder to shoulder with them and calling out the Media, Roger Vadum at Frontpage Mag dissects the hoax, William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection highlights the left's smear formula, one of the student's staunchly defends himself and his family, and in the related pogrom against American Catholics, Maizie Hirohito smears Ben Sasse after the latter ripped her to shreds for going after the Knights of Columbus along with possible Democrat front-runner Kamala-Toe "Brown's Sugar" Harris.

The Fake News Fakery section comes next as most of the links relate to this story. First, as this myth crumbles like a wet taco, the media is rushing to fabricate another scandal that purports to show students from the same school dressing in black face at a basketball game. I'll give you one guess as to the veracity of the story. Rush Limbaugh teed off on the Cuckservative Media for joining in the smear campaign agains the Covington kids, a propagandist who wished for the deaths of the kids got shit-canned and Julie Kelly at American Greatness has had it with NRO and the other Con-job-servative schmucks with laptops. Not to get lost in the sauce, and unrelated, is Daniel Greenfield's alarming essay on the new axis of evil: big media and big data.

Over to Amnesty, just one item but it's an alarm bell about what the GOP is doing vis a vis redefining Amnesty downward (or upward) and as to the shutdown, as if to underscore my above diatribe, yes it is the Democrats that own this shit-show lock, stock and barrel.

To politics where, in the Democrat police blotter, Palsi Pelosi scammed the USAF out of $200,000 to fly her bo-toxic ass and that of her spawn and entourage all over creation for no good reason, and the same Democrats who slimed Brett Kavanaugh with phony sex assault allegations have no problem going to Puerto Rico with probable Democrat pervert Tony Cardenas. Elsewhere, Hakeem "Booker-Wannabe" Jeffries calls President Trump "the grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." Meh, Robert Byrd was a grand cyclops and Democrat, eh Hakeem? The real Spartacus and Bernardo Sandersnista in early primary state South Carolina to gin up racialism, Mike Pompeo is rumored to be sizing up a run for a Senate seat in 2020, Kamala sticks her toe into the Democrat field and goes all in on insane identity politics, fresh out of ideas and Joo-Hate, Alexandria Ocasio-TacoRosado now goes back to basing the free market. and Jeffrey Lord with a good essay about PDT and MLK.

Mueller Inquisition: Lloyd Billingsley fantasizes about what a Mueller investigation into the real Russian agent might look like. Guess who.

Foreign Desk: The IDF strikes Iranian targets in Syria with bombs and Iranian stooges in Tehran with Twitter, the President credits tariffs for putting the economic brakes on the Chi-Coms, the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jim Risch (who?) will have China in sharp focus, more secret NorK missile sites are detected ahead of summit number 2, Hard Brexit is the best way forward, Germany bans an Iranian airline, another essay on why we need to get out of Afghanistan, and Angelo Codevilla throws cold water on the politicization of missile defense.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: The Women's March is making Joo-Hate part of its platform in response to criticism as well as anti-BDS Senate legislation, which they claim is anti-first amendment. Also, the kids in Covington think they got it bad but look at this horrendous tale from, where else, England.

Domestic News: an interesting take on marriage, children and Social Security, a judicial nominee is under fire for what she wrote about sexual assault whilst an undergrad and Wyoming mulls pulling the plug on capital punishment.

Economy: What Seattle doesn't want its suburbs will gladly have; no, not homeless drug addicts but $250 million from Microsoft to develop low-income housing.

Healthcare: Grim milestone: Planned Parenthood butchered 332,757 unborn kids in utero, the President warns Palsi Pelosi that pro-abortion legislation will be aborted with the veto pen, and Ben Shapiro gets taken to task for his pro surrogacy stance.

Education: The Left's war on Catholic education as illustrated by the attacks on Karen Pence, the Covington kids and the Knights of Columbus.

Red-Greens: Ocasio-TacoRosado sez we've only got 12 years left before global warming kills us. Is this the same 12 years that Al Gore gave us in 2006 or a new one? Lastly, Powerline with its own context on the scam.

Hither and Yon: Christian Toto slaps Judd Apatow for not being inclusive enough, Michelle Malkin on Gillette's disaster, Rabbi Fischer with his take on the Leftist culture war failure of the past week or so, the Left vs logic and lastly this is all not going to end well.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 07:50 AM Comments

Monday Overnight Open Thread (1/21/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

flags .jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"It doesn’t matter what the problem is, the solution is always for us to give the government more money and power, while we eat less meat." Glenn Reynolds
H/T Maetenloch

Quote II

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand flat-out lied. As the New York Democrat’s 2018 re-election campaign neared its end, she bluntly denied she would run for president and pledged to serve her full term. It was unnecessary and unfortunate,The Buffalo News

Quote III

Europe was never a full partner in its own defense. The very question—Will Europe ever fully partner with the U.S., or will the European Union and NATO continue to downplay the necessity of military readiness?—is no longer meaningful as posed, because the political energies of Europe’s elites are absorbed as they try to fend off attacks on their legitimacy by broad sectors of their population.Angelo M. Codevilla

Quote IV

"Physical risks have only recently manifested themselves. This is a fairly new development. If you are not already considering extreme weather and other climatic events as one of many risk factors affecting business today, you are not doing your job." Prof. Bruce Usher, Columbia University

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CNN Republican Ana Navaro: The Full Video Is Ambiguous.

—Ace of Spades

If CNN ever fires her, hey, maybe Jonah can put in a word to hire her as an editor.

She's not backing down.

Sue, Covington Students! Sue like the wind!

PS, to offer a little free legal advice: your defamation case will of course be very politicized. In order to take some of the kneejerk politicization out of the judge and jury, you should make sure you sue some of the "conservative" media figures who defamed you, so that the complaint doesn't read like an attack on just the Church of Progressivism.

I think Ben Shapiro's billionaire donors might have some money lying around, for example.

Good luck. Some of us will arrange GoFundMe's to help cover your legal expenses, if you need it!

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National Review Managing Editor "Apologizes" For His Post Slanderously Accusing Covington Boys of "Bullying" and "Evil";
Does Not Say the Boys Were Innocent, Merely That His Tone Was Too "High-Handed" and "Preachy"

—Ace of Spades

I'm going to print both his original slander here, as well as his "sorry if you were offended by my too-clear statement of the truth" nonpology.

I feel I am permitted to print both in full, because Jonah Goldberg plagiarized a column of mine without attribution and online editor Charles Cooke hasn't troubled himself to respond to my questions about this.

So apparently National Review has decided that their cuck blog and this blog have some kind of joint publishing agreement, where we can borrow each other's columns, like pennies in the dish at 7-11.


Here's the Wayback Machine for this scalp-hunting JW's acidic burp of an article.

The Covington Students Might as Well Have Just Spit on the Cross


January 20, 2019 2:55 AM

It appears that most of the teenagers in this video are from a Catholic high school near Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. They mock a serious, frail-looking older man and gloat in their momentary role as Roman soldiers to his Christ. "Bullying" is a worn-out word and doesn't convey the full extent of the evil on display here.

For some of us, the gospel stories of Jesus's passion and death are so familiar we no longer hear them.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

By the way, I'm pretty sure this NeverTrump cuck voted to keep abortion safe, legal, and very common, so I'm really at wit's end with the pious sermonizing of these mendacious cunts.

Did Jesus tell you He preferred Hillary for president and a Hillary-stocked court?

The evangelists are terse in their descriptions of the humiliations heaped on Jesus in the final hours before his crucifixion, the consummate humiliation. Read the accounts again or, if you'd rather not, watch the video. The human capacity for sadism is too great.

The human capacity for masochism is something too, because I'm still actually reading this sanctimonious, bloviating Look-At-Me-and-My-Righteous-Glare preening.

A lot of these people are frustrated, wannabe priests who didn't have the follow-through or self-abnegation to go through with it. So they preach to you from their corporate-sponsored magazine pulpits.

The man the crowd ridiculed is Nathan Phillips, an elder of the Omaha tribe. He was in Washington for the Indigenous Peoples March, on Friday. It coincided with the March for Life, which Covington Catholic High School organized a contingent of students to attend. According to Phillips, their confrontation with him, in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, involved a disagreement about "the wall." He's against it. They're for it. Some of them, including the boy who makes himself the co-star of the video by stepping forward and getting in Phillips’s face, wore "Make America Great Again" hats.

This is a common refrain from these bigots -- the implication that we know these fuckers are guilty because they wore MAGA hats.

Wearing political paraphrenalia to a political march -- HOW DARE THEY!

They should have worn something non-political and appropriate to the moment, like "RUBIO 2020" hats.

They confused issues. Over the years, I’ve heard (and perpetrated, I confess) some imaginative definitions of the "seamless garment," or "consistent ethic of life." It's a matter of identifying a common principle that can be shown to underlie and unite various causes -- the abolition of abortion, of euthanasia, of the death penalty, of you name it -- that most people would say are disparate and unrelated. How heightened border security might be of a piece with protecting unborn children is less intuitively obvious than most such hypothetical linkages I've encountered.

If you look at this guy's twitter feed, it's nothing but locked-in-eye-contact-blowjobs for Bill Kristol and cucks like Jay Nordinger. So he did pull for Hillary for president.

Now, let him testify to his own self-righteous dedication to keeping abortion as it should be, legal until the last day and then fifteen or thirty minutes after.

Among the unfortunate messages that the Covington students are sending through the video, several versions of which have gone viral, is that in its heart the pro-life movement in the United States in 2019 is less concerned to advocate for human rights than to cheer for one of the two major political parties or, more broadly, for one side in the great divide between Right and Left, or red and blue, as if the abortion debate were a Yankees–Red Sox game. Don’t do that if you want to persuade Democrats and independents who are ambivalent about abortion to hear you out on why their lives mattered even when they were gestating, and on why the lives of those who at any given moment are conceived but not yet born matter no less.

In a joint statement, Covington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Covington apologized, condemning the students’ actions and noting that their conduct "is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person." I don't know how Phillips would describe his religious affiliation. He speaks of indigenous traditions. Some people who observe them integrate them with Christianity, but some don't. In any case, keeping in mind the parable of the proper priests and the Good Samaritan, whose religious practice Jesus’s listeners thought was wrong, listen to Phillips reflect on his experience on the Mall. Decide for yourself who is more pleasing to Christ, Phillips or his mockers. As for the putatively Catholic students from Covington, they might as well have just spit on the cross and got it over with.

Hey, Buddy? If your interpretation of the Bible is that it tells you to slander a bunch of innocent high-school boys now being doxxed and threatened in a now-obvious leftwing information op in order to glorify yourself and present yourself as morally spotless, maybe you need to re-read it.

Or maybe: Just read it for the first time.

Because I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't say any of that shit.

So now here's his apology -- in which he very clearly avoids saying that these students were not guilty of "bullying" and an "evil" so great as to deserve comparison with the crucifixion of Christ.

In fact, they were themselves bullied by black nationalists who called them "crackers," "lice," and "faggot," and told them to go back to Europe where they belong.

And then this leftwing agitator got into their face.

So this NeverTrump cunt isn't apologizing for having slandered them -- who knows, perhaps legal has advised him against any admission of guilt.

He will, however, briefly apologize for something you can't be sued for, having a harsh tone.

And he's suuuuper-sorry about that.

An Apology


January 21, 2019 5:55 PM

Early Sunday morning, I posted a "strongly worded" (Rich Lowry's description) condemnation of the conduct, seen far and wide on video, of a group of high-school students at the conclusion of the March for Life on Friday afternoon. I was preachy and rhetorically excessive, and I regret it. The overheated post I wrote has been taken down. Let this apology stand in its stead, both here on the Corner and in the memory of readers who justifiably objected to my high-handedness.

That terse, inadequate (compelled?) MAGA Culpa nonpology is it.

Compare the word count on his attack on this innocent school, compared to the very thrifty word count on his "apology." Compare the many words he has to describe the evil of his enemies -- THEY WORE MAGA HATS!!! -- with the very few words he spends criticizing his own behavior and biases.

Wow, that's really heart-felt and soul-searching. And, most importantly of all, not legally probative.

The left is saying that the fact that these kids dared to show their political sympathies at a political march means it's open season as far as punching them or doxxing them or trying to shame them from society.

We have now hit the moment where the National Review seems to agree.

Wear a MAGA hat, get slandered and spit on: That's the Conservative, Freedom-Agenda Way.

They once said about the Weekly Standard: Why pay for Weekly Standard when CNN will call you a racist for free?

They're saying the same about National Review now.

Comments on the MAGA Culpa Nonpology: Most commenters find this inadequate, except for two commenters, one who says "No one who worships at the altar of Trump is a Christian" and another who agrees with this writer's insinuation that just wearing the MAGA hat justifies any punishment one wishes to deliver upon these kids.

The rest of the commenters are not happy.

Here's "Larvell's," for example:

And yet no acknowledgment that you were wrong about the facts, or that you publicly judged and condemned the students without bothering to even learn what the facts were. Apologizing for mere rhetorical excess and preachiness is far from the true penitence one would expect from someone so concerned with calling out others for falling short of Christian standards. It sounds more like someone being forced by his editor.

When he called up Jesus for legal advice, Jesus told him to be very parsimonious about admitting anything that can be used against him in court.

No, I mean Jesus De La Vega. He does slip-and-fall and public defamation cases for National Review. Due to a drop in revenue, he's all they can afford now. He's got a sign that says


"Cheap rates
We accept chickens"

David Russo uses "action words:"

These children (and their families) that you verbally abused are being doxed, harassed, threaten with life-altering consequences, violence, even death.

What penance will you perform other than writing a few long-overdue, meaningless words of half-hearted apology will you make, what reparations to your victims do you propose?

You expose your fraudulent self as being far more interested with leftist approval than with conservatism, or even basic human dignity.

You are a punk, a bully, a charlatan. It is too bad that you are also representative of the post-WFB NR regime.

For what it's worth (and I assume it's worth very little), unless some tangible discipline is meted out to you, I will not renew my subscription.

I don't understand the "conservative media's" belief that they can wage actual war on actual conservatives, attacking them and joining and justifying lynchmobs against them, and think they're going to continue getting paid by these very same conservatives.

The Trump shit is one thing.

Now you're scalp-hunting average regular-Joes just showing up at a pro-life rally.

Hey, let's all trust these Business-Oriented Conservatives. They sure seem to understand Business.

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Some Super-Funny Stuff

—Ace of Spades

Nathan For You is a stunt/prank show which disguises itself as a business rescue show. Nathan finds a business each week to "help." The advice he gives usually involves dubious interpretations of the law, unethical manipulation, and tricking the stupid, stupid media into giving his absurd business ventures free press. He cons the stupid, stupid media a lot.

They're not making any more episodes but here are some good ones.

Definitely watch one or two of these to see if you like his style of humor. Just a head's up: He already seems to be a socially-awkward, sneaky conniver, and on top of that, he plays those aspects of his personality up for the camera.

So your first impression is probably going to be: When did Ben Shapiro get a Comedy Central show?

But try to get past his very off-putting demeanor. He's doing it for the lulz. (Mostly.)

The first one is a pretty good entry. The set-up is dead-simple and the jokes are funny.

Definitely also check out the toy-maker one and "The Claw of Shame" stunt at the end.

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Fox Accidentally Puts Up Graphic Announcing Ginsburg's Death and Left Just Can't Even

—Ace of Spades

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Sure, the Covington High School Video Was a Hoax, But That Won't Stop the Washington Post from Smearing the Catholic Church

—Ace of Spades

The nonstop anti-Catholic bigotry you're hearing from the left is all about the day Ruth Bader Ginsburg departs the church. The tolerant media wants to gin up as much anti-Catholic hatred as possible to help them make a case against Catholic nominees to the court.

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"Soypunk Dystopia:" Is FaceBook's #10YearChallenge Meme Just A Sneaky Way to Get People to Upload Pictures of Themselves So That FaceBook Can Improve Its Facial Recognition and Aging Effects Projection Software?

—Ace of Spades

"Soypunk dystopia" coined by Tim Pool.

So, if you've noticed people posting pictures of themselves in current year along with a picture of themselves from ten years ago, that's because >FaceBook told them it would be a fun, cool, hip, harmless game to do so.

But is it?

If you use social media, you've probably noticed a trend across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of people posting their then-and-now profile pictures, mostly from 10 years ago and this year.

Instead of joining in, I posted the following semi-sarcastic tweet:

My flippant tweet began to pick up traction. My intent wasn't to claim that the meme is inherently dangerous. But I knew the facial recognition scenario was broadly plausible and indicative of a trend that people should be aware of. It’s worth considering the depth and breadth of the personal data we share without reservations.

Of those who were critical of my thesis, many argued that the pictures were already available anyway. The most common rebuttal was: "That data is already available. Facebook's already got all the profile pictures."

Tim Pool (not the author of the piece) says his reaction to that wasn't one of relief, but of alarm: Oh shit, that's right. I've already given them all this personal shit about me without having thought about it at all.

But that's not quite true. I'm guessing that most people who do this "Ten Year Challenge" stage a new photo in which they are angled and posed exactly as they were in their photo from ten years ago, to better show Now Vs. Then.

Which is exactly what you'd want to sharpen a facial-aging-projection program. You wouldn't want to have to compare a three-quarters semi-profile with a straight-on shot. You'd want the faces to be in the same postures and in the same angles, so that the programming as a true apples to older apples database to work with.

This is creepy shit and these people are no one's friends.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"So, according to media reports, during last Friday's March For Life March, a bunch of kids from a Catholic school, all wearing MAGA hats, piled out of a school bus, surrounded a completely peaceful Native American guy who was just standing there minding his own business, and yelled and screamed and jeered at him in between their chants of 'build the wall.' Except, it didn't happen that way at all. But that won't stop the progs from believing that it did until the day they die. I can just see a bunch of worn-out geezers at an Old Progs Home sitting in their rocking chairs out on the front porch, perhaps wearing faded old Bernie T-shirts, and then one of them turns to the others and says, 'Remember that time when those Catholic school kids killed Elizabeth Warren? Curse Donald Trump!' and the rest all nod sagely and raise their trembling fists in a '#Resist' salute."

This Is Sane:

maga kids tweet.jpg

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Brendekilde A Short Break.jpg

A Short Break
Hans Andersen Brendekilde

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The Morning Report - 1/21/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Monday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Lots of stuff to get to so here we go. First up, the President took to the airwaves over the weekend to offer the Dems an amnesty for the DACAns in exchange for full funding for the Border Wall and border security and an end to the shutdown. Palsi Pelosi and Cuck Schemer flat out rejected the offer out of hand, reportedly even before the President spoke. As of this morning, though, CNS News (see second link) is reporting that the President is thinking of sweetening the deal with some sort of much broader amnesty. While the first deal was no doubt something of a ploy to get the Dems to look like the intransigents that they are, this upping the ante if you will is kind of a dangerous gambit (and it kind of negates the reason to even have a wall in the first place if you really are willing to grant a blanket amnesty to potentially millions of new Democrat constituents). But, be that as it may, the Dem-Left-Media Complex has staked everything on denying the President anything even remotely resembling a political victory, perhaps even with something as tempting as an Amnesty for those already here. I hope I'm right on this and would hate to see them call his bluff. Of course he could theoretically lay out all sorts of pre-conditions that could kill the deal but best not to get ahead of ourselves.

For now, with the rejection of this latest offer to compromise as well as the absolutely-no-way-to-spin-it disaster of being grounded from leaving the country, the Democrats are behind the 8-ball. Couple of good links on DREAMrs as cannon fodder for the Dems as well as a look at the hacks-in-black who have usurped Executive branch authority. Meh, they've usurped Legislative branch authority for so long so I guess they like to have a complete collection.

The other big story that broke over the weekend was the phony confrontation between a group of exuberant Catholic school teens in MAGA hats waiting for their bus at the Lincoln Memorial and some bedraggled Iron Eyes Cody-looking stooge. What the media spun as a gang of white racist thugs tormenting and persecuting an innocent, peace-loving native American was almost immediately exploded via eyewitness accounts as well as videotape that the NBC special effects crew couldn't alter in time. Turns out what happened was the exact opposite; the kids were set upon by some freaks from the "Black Israelites" who hurled racial slurs at them as well as more significantly threats of violence. But that of course didn't stop the media from churning out the instant agitprop. Apologies are owed to these kids, big time, which of course will not be forthcoming and naturally they'll still be blamed for incitement because proudly wearing MAGA hats in public is right up there with murder, or something.

Back to shutdown theatre, we take a look at where we are with this as well as the State of the Union Speech, the President has cancelled all Congressional travel on government aircraft for the duration, and how the Media has attempted to spin this fiasco of their and their political wing's making.

In general politics, despite the exposure of Women's March leadership as flat-out rabid Jew-haters, Alexandria Ocasio-TacoRosado has nevertheless decided to go all in with them, Daniel Greenfield on the hate fest that is the Women's March and the bug-eyed, buck-toothed, big-titted Bolshevik is setting back the women's movement (and her party) decades. Elsewhere, Trump as General Grant (he fights), Kirsten Jello-Brain shambles and stumbles in a failed attempt to excuse her support of tighter immigration before she became a candidate for president, the invaluable Discover the Networks has the rap sheet on the horrendous Julian Castro, a freshman black Democrat commits political suicide by stating she's pro-life and Christian, two links on the Progressive cancer and the era of big government and lastly, Steny Hoyer looks back on the good old days when the GOP was led by John "Lost Weekend" Boehner. Thanks, Steny; it's good to be reminded from time to time of exactly why we voted for Trump.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: BuzzFeed does the Baghdad Bob boogaloo on its latest fictitious Michael Cohen-inspired Trump smear, and the epic failures of narrative of both Palsi-Pelosi and the Women's March.

Mueller Inquisition: the latest honey-trap Colluzhnikov myth crumbles like a wet blini, Victor Davis Hanson asks a rhetorical question about the FBI, and Mark "Ol' Yeller" Levin goes scorched earth on Mueller and his henchmen.

Guns, Guns, Guns: Virginia's tyrant of a governor sees his gun-grabbing edict go down in flames in the state's house, beware this "Disarm America" movement and Missouri foster parents sue the state over gun rights.

International: Dovetailing with CBD's piece over the weekend, two more articles putting a chink in the armor of the rise of China including the slowest growth rate for them since 1990 and how PDT's tightening of the screws on them is long overdue and working to reign them in, geopolitically and economically. North Korea sounding conciliatory ahead of the planned second summit, New Zealand's PM issues rhetoric bolstering Brit Brexit hopes, and the Euro-Peons are reluctantly inching closer to Trump on Iran policy.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: I don't think we're in Ohio anymore.

Domestic Affairs: The head of the DoJ Criminal Division under Bush 43 shielded drug execs from prison and is now a mouthpiece for big pharma (I'm shocked), court rules in favor of non-union road construction labor, get those judges confirmed, boys, and expect the impeachment machine to be cranked up to eleventy if Ruth Bader-Meinhoff ankles SCOTUS.

Crime and Punishment: an examination of the smiley-face serial killer case.

The Economy, Stupid: as expected, NYC eateries lay off workers after the $15 an hour wage increase goes into effect, will the same madness infect red state America, and a look at the growth of high tech industry out in the sticks.

Heatlhcare: the opioid crisis is spreading to suburbia.

Education: A House panel looks at $52 million worth of fraud at UCF.

Red Greens: No, NY Times, tthe sudden "polar vortex" is not proof of global warming, Obama's minions are still causing havoc at the EPA (RIF the hell out of them already), and banning plastic bags isn't all that great for the environment after all.

Feminazism: A watch company's response to Gillette's anti-man fiasco goes viral, and Gillette conveniently overlooked one particularly toxic male. Hmm...

Hither and Yon: Tu-Ca gets hammered for his latest monologue about flyover country and victimhood, Christian Toto on self-righteous jerk Judd Apatow's genuflecting to the PC police. and finally, Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream has been perverted into an utter nightmare. Happy 90th, sir.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (1/20/19) Before The Eclipse Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

shack .jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“They didn’t release this rare statement just because they’re good people. They released it to cover their asses because they don’t want a leak investigation.” Mark Levin

Quote II

Call me a racist if you want to – I cannot bring myself to care. I saw the buried remains of displaced Indian nations as child. The basic lesson of what migrants do to native populations wasn’t lost on me. E.M. Cadwaladr

Quote III


Buzzfeed knew it published a lie. Rest of the media knew it was a lie, spread it anyway. The story was BS. They knew it. We all did.

BUT they figured there was no way they could be caught.

Because no one dreamed Mueller would fact check them.John Nolte

Quote IV

“Our first order of business is to approve the committee rules. I’d like to note — in respecting the fact that we are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender — he and she, we are now merging them so that we are using what my grammar teacher would have had a heart attack over: we are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so that it’s a gender neutral designation: ‘they,’ Basically, that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.” California State Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson

I bet you she's that bitch is a f*cking hoot at a party.

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BUMPED: The "Super Blood Wolf Moon" Total Eclipse Is Tonight Starts in Less Than an Hour; Total Eclipse Will Happen by 11:40 Eastern

—Ace of Spades

"It begins."

Posted by: Guy Who Thinks Things Are Always Beginning

It will be red and big, and then it will disappear in a total eclipse.

The total eclipse will begin at 11:41 Eastern, but the partial eclipse, in which the moon will dim and turn reddish, starts at 10:33 Eastern.

This unique total lunar eclipse will begin on January 20 at 10:35 p.m. ET and end at 1:51 a.m. ET on January 21.

"Viewers will see a normal full moon at first starting at around 10:35 p.m. Eastern time," said Walter Freeman, assistant teaching professor at Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences' physics department. "At that time, the Earth's shadow will begin to pass in front of the moon, blocking almost all of the sun's light from reaching it. Observers will see the moon appear to be progressively 'swallowed up' starting from the lower left. This process will end at 11:40 p.m., when the Earth's shadow covers the whole of the moon's surface; this is the beginning of 'totality.' This will last until around 12:40 a.m., when the motion of the Earth's shadow will carry it past the moon, and the moon will gradually again be lit by the sun. At 1:45 a.m., the moon will be fully visible again."

Note that the precise times given by sources vary. The exact times might depend on your exact position on the earth. Anyway, they all seem to agree about those general times.

It will be a perfect eclipse through most of North America and South America.

Here's the Farmer's Almanac about the meaning of a super moon and a blood moon:

2. What is a Supermoon This is a "supermoon" eclipse because the eclipse occurs when the Moon is near "perigee," its closest point to Earth. Perigee is the term astronomers use. When this happens, the Earth’s shadow will engulf the full Moon, transforming the lunar disk into a coppery-red orb.

3. What is a Blood Moon?
As mentioned above, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes into the shadow of the Earth; this causes the usually bright full Moon to turn a dark, coppery-red. Hence, this eclipsed Moon is being nicknamed the "Blood Moon" in the media. "'Blood Moon' is not a term used in astronomy. It's more of a popular phrase, perhaps because it sounds so dramatic. It simply refers to a 'total lunar eclipse.'"

The wolf moon is just the first full moon of the new year.

If you have misbehaving children, tonight is a good night to Re-Impose Your Parental Authority by taking them into the back yard and telling them you will Destroy the Moon unless they clean their Legos off the floor.

Open thread. Obviously you can't talk about a coming eclipse very long, unless you're a crazy person.

I'll do another post on this later, and then maybe put another one up around midnight.

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Gun Thread: Innocent or Guilty - Conclusion [Weasel]

—Open Blogger


In last week's episode, we discussed jury duty and a trial involving firearms. For those interested in a review, last week's thread be found HERE. (do not comment in old threads!). To recap the case briefly; responding to a disturbance call, police find a felon in possession of two muzzleloading rifles which they inorrectly assume is allowable. The rifles were later surrendered to the Commonwealth Attorney's office by the defendant, with the barrels plugged, ostensibly rendering them unusable. During a subsequent search of the defendant's apartment and associated storage space, a functional revolver and ammunition are recovered. The defense caims the rifles were not technically firearms since the barrels were plugged and denied knowledge of the revolver.

Last week we paused after the jury took the first vote...

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Food Thread: Pittsburgh Isn't Just A City In Pennsylvania: Steak And All Its Glorious Variations


pittsburgh steak.jpg

Oh, Rare is Rare and Well-done is Well-done, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither Rare nor Well-done, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth!
Well...maybe, but my money is still on a big argument about the temperature of the steak.

For the purposes of this discussion and, for that matter my social circle, I shall discard the concept of "well-done," because it doesn't belong in polite company, and is sort of gross. Now, I speak only of beef steak. I'll eat well-done lamb until the...um...cows come home. And I have no idea why! Weird...I'll eat every temperature of lamb (and most of pork, although medium is of course the breakfast of champions), but cook my beefsteak a tad past medium rare and you and I will have words. Angry words. Mean and nasty and cutting words.

But the steak up top is even better than rare. Some call it "Pittsburgh," some call it "Black and Blue," but I call it delicious. It's that wonderful combination of marvelous bloody rare beef with crispy -- practically burnt -- fat and gristle. It's usually the purview of steakhouses and people with gas-turbine powered grills, but it can be done at home. It's just tougher in the winter, when the ambient temperature really hurts the top-end heat inside the grill. My gas grill loses about 75 degrees between high summer and the depths of winter. I nailed it a few nights ago, but I cannot figure out what the hell I did differently. In fact, it was damned cold outside and I wasn't paying much attention at all. So if you came here for advice on how to replicate that gem up top (click on it...it's almost perfect), you came to the wrong place.

I will however critique it, and while it looks delicious, it isn't quite perfect. there is too much overcooked meat between the blue and the black, and that tells me the grill wasn't hot enough, which should tell you how hot* the grill should be.

Oh, did you notice "fat and gristle?" Good. Because that is an integral part of any great steak. Crispy, practically liquid fat is one of the joys of eating, and a piece of gristle, coated with that fat and softened and crisped by the heat is an unsung glory of the carnivorous arts.

*Hot. Very hot. 700+ degrees. Thus the desire for a gas-turbine grill.

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Ah...A Bit Of Sanity To Help Put Out The Hair Fires: China Is Losing The Trade War


Japan Inc. of the 1980s was an unstoppable economic powerhouse that was going to buy up every bit of American real estate, sell us all of our cars and electronics, and then finally win the war they started in December 1941.

It didn't work out quite the way it was presented to us by an hysterical media, and today Japan is in social and demographic trouble beyond the worst projections for America.

So here is a breath of fresh air about the impending doom barrelling toward us in the shape of the Chinese Dragon.

China Is Losing The Trade War In Nearly Every Way

China is still the world's No. 2 economy and is still the monster of emerging markets, but regardless of those bonafides, Xi Jinping's country is losing the trade war in nearly every way imaginable.
As the article points out, China plays the long game, but at least for the time being, America has some qualitative advantages that are going to be hard to beat. And China has demographic issues of its own that are significant, chief among them a declining birth rate and a lopsided male:female ratio. I guess that whole "One Child" plan had some unintended consequences!

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Anatomy of a Narrative


Yesterday (unexpectedly!), Twitter exploded into paroxysms of rage. We were presented with a video (below), that showed a group of white teenagers in MAGA hats who, it's reported, surrounded a native American Vietnam vet (suddenly the left cares about vets) and mocked him (That's from WaPo, but I can't link it because of their paywall). The NYT called the kids a “mob” (Story), while USA Today screamed about “Blatant racism. They all talked about the smug white kids getting in the face of the poor, peaceful native American who was innocently taking part in the Indigenous Peoples March.


So let's unpack this.

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They Politicize Sports, Eating, Dressing, Sitting And Now Shaving?
What's Next?


Gillette Shave.jpg

I have a friend who is, from the few political conversations we have had, far to my left. Now, that isn't saying much because most people are, but he really is a hard-core liberal.

But...we don't talk politics! We talk booze and sex and food and cars and philosophy and marvel at the wonders of nature and science and engineering....but no politics. The only time we talk politics is if there are other people around and that is the direction the conversation is going. We never bring it up. Both of us are sufficiently versed in rhetorical techniques, and pretty damned stubborn, that we figured out that politics wasn't one of those topics from which we would gain much pleasure or convince the other of much, so why bother?

And that's nice.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 01-20-2019


Library of Lord Squirrel 2 525.jpg
Library/Man Cave of Lurker 'Lord Squirrel' (and Cat)

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes, wine moms, frat bros, and everybody who's holding your beer. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, and publishing by escaped oafs who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they read. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, which only goes to show that some people like to sit on cats.

(h/t Hank Curmudgeon)

Pic Note

I've been a long-time lurker at the ol' Ace o' Spades HQ and have really appreciated the Sunday Book Thread. I was actually inspired by the pics to do something about my own personal library, so last summer I made a few adjustments to how I store and catalog my books. I converted my office into a library of sorts, though it can only house about 1/3 of my fantasy and science fiction collection. The other 2/3 was moved to my living room.

LS's wall art is pretty awesome, too, I'd say. Especially that framed Middle Earth map.

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

Word of the Day: DYSANIA (n.) difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning.

Usage: Ace cackled with glee when he found out that the cure for his chronic Dysania was bed rest.

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EMT 5/20/18



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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (1/19/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


(And The ONT)


The Saturday Night Joke

A Marine squad was marching north of Fallujah when they came upon an Iraqi terrorist who was badly injured and unconscious. On the opposite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state. The Marine was conscious and alert and as first aid was given to both men, the Squad Leader asked the injured Marine what had happened.

The Marine reported, "I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway here, and coming south was a heavily armed insurgent. We saw each other and both took cover in the ditches along the road.

I yelled to him that Saddam Hussein was a miserable, lowlife scum-bag who got what he deserved.

He yelled back, "Barack Obama is a lying, good-for-nothing, left wing Commie who isn't even an American.

So I said, "Osama Bin Laden dresses and acts like a frigid, mean-spirited lesbian!

He retaliated by yelling, "Oh yeah? Well, so does Nancy Pelosi!

And, there we were, in the middle of the road, shaking hands, when a truck hit us.

H/T NaCly Dog

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 01-19-2019 [Hosted By: Moviegique]


The Intouchables

The Bryan Cranston/Kevin Hart flick The Upside dethroned Aquaman for the #1 spot this week, and its large Rotten Tomatoes split (critics: 40%, audiences: 88%) makes it more intriguing than a remake would normally be, but rather than review that I thought I'd go back to the source: The Intouchables.

A French movie about a quadriplegic who hires a thuggish black dude to take care of him. What could possibly go wrong? Seriously, if you encapsulated this film, I would rank it just slightly below their new Marie Antoinette film (Farewell, My Queen) on films I wouldn’t want to see.

And yet, this is a delight.

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Chess Thread 01-19-2019


Normandy oct 1943.jpg
Normandy, October, 1943

Pic Note

Are any of you military-wise morons able to tell, perhaps from the uniform insignia, what army these guys are part of? The uniforms look sort of kraut-ish to me, but I know nothing of such things.

As always, the chess/dress pr0n thread is an open thread, so there is no such thing as an off-topic comment.

Easier Problem - White To Play (887)

Goal: Force a mate in 4
Hint: a7 is the sacrifice square

20190119 - Problem 1.jpg
1r6/k4ppp/p1R1pn2/N7/P2r3P/5P2/5PP1/1R3K2 w - - 0 1

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Top Headlines
Bizarre Thread
I can see the cucks nodding their heads in agreement. "Damn that patriarchical rapist! He was probably wearing the Red Hat of Shame!!!"
Nathan Phillips Is Not a Vietnam War Veteran But Does He Have A Richard Blumenthal Problem?
"What we know with mathematical certainty is that if Phillips is a veteran, and we really don’t know that at this point though some good guys have requested his DD-214 under FOIA, he did not serve in the Vietnam War. Phillips, in my view, seems eager to toss out the “Vietnam times” identification which could be mistaken, and I would tend to believe that is his intent, for Vietnam War service." [CBD]
Is sanity returning to our judicial system? SCOTUS ALLOWS TRUMP TO TEMPORARILY ENFORCE TRANS SOLDIERS BAN Cucks 2nd hardest hit. [Mis. Hum.]
A New Drift-Compatible Podcast
mic stand.jpg
'...If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were rising against me, I could hide. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship at the house of God, as we walked about among the worshipers....'
'...My companion attacks his friends; he violates his covenant. His talk is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords...'
'...But you, God, will bring down the wicked into the pit of decay; the bloodthirsty and deceitful will not live out half their days. But as for me, I trust in you.'

-- Jonah Goldberg, Suicide of the West, as quoted by Aetius451AD Work Laptop
"The pain you feel today is the strength you'll feel tomorrow.
"The barbells and dumbbells you hold in your hands and the way you use them have stories to tell.
"Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.
"I'm Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and this is my Master Class."
Posted by: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

--as quoted at length, and without attribution, by Jonah Goldberg

actually it's from hashtag GtG/j
BaseballCuck Perplexed that Conservatives Feel That Trump Has Their Back While the Establishment Constantly Stabs Them in the Back and Throws Them Under the Bus to Pander to Their Leftist Palz, Just Because Trump Actually Has Their Back While the Establishment Constantly Stabs Them in the Back and Throws Them Under the Bus to Pander to Their Leftist Palz
Or, as a friend puts it-- Shorter BaseballCuck: It's wrong to slander children and mark them for national social shaming and possible antifa violence only because Trump might wind up benefiting from being perceived as a protector. Otherwise -- hey, have a party!
Trump could not have destroyed and taken over a functioning political establishment. It is precisely because it was dysfunctional, cowardly, and inept, and our alleged "leaders," of both the political and media variety, were always conning us and selling us out, that made it so easy to sweep you aside.
And they still don't get it. They're very convinced that they constantly denigrated, dismissed, and betrayed us FOR OUR OWN GOOD. We're too stupid to see our own self interest, you see, so our establishment friends like BaseballCuck lied to us for a spell to safeguard what he thought was in our best interest.
Hey, I'm going to get one of those comically-oversized thank-you cards for him. Who wants to sign it with me?
You cannot presume to lead a people you so clearly despise and consider deplorable. Hillary still hasn't learned that, and neither has NeverTrump. They think they're going to use Obama's technique of telling us We're Not Good Enough to Understand How Smart They Are until we fall in line. They don't seem to notice that we don't care about their opinions, and that we in fact hate them (and I use that word with a full understanding of its meaning and implications), and therefore are not much interested in currying their favor or securing their good wishes.
Julie Kelly: This Time It's Different. We've Suffered the Betrayals of the NeverTrumpers for a Long Time, But Now They've Come Hunting Our Children's Scalps. But They Don't Seem to Realize They Have Crossed a Line That Can Never Be Uncrossed.
Donate to the National Review.
It takes resources to smear children and expose them to Antifa harassment and street-vengeance. National Review is doing its part to help Antifa find your wicked children and bike-lock some respect into their racist, lower-class, State University At Best skulls-- but will you do your part? We can scalp-hunt your children for as little as $5 per day.
Please, give. We are only being paid so much by Google and other tech giants and filthy corporate interests and that's all supposed to go from bizarre defenses claiming that obvious monopolies are not monopolies and besides, Monopolies Are Good and Competition is Wasteful and Stressful.
If we could destroy your children's futures for free, we would. Believe us, we would. But we can't.
Jonah Goldberg: All Trump Supporters Are Culpable for the Not-a-Mail-Bomber's Actions But No One at NRO Is Responsible in the Least For Its Deputy Managing Editor's Febrile Bigotries and Hatreds and Slanders Against Children
Interesting standard. Well, it's not like you know the guy and could have taken him aside and had a private word with him, counseling him to backtrack and tread carefully. It's not like Rich Lowry is supposedly editor-in-chief and could have stopped this post from going up.
Oh wait, Rich Lowry joined the lynch mob too. I guess he wouldn't stop it, then. My mistake.
AllahPundit: It's Cool for the Media and My NeverTrump Twitter Buttfuck Buddies to Slander These Schoolkids But It's Way the Fuck Off Base for Trump to Proclaim Their Innocence
That's one way to look at it, I guess. Hey, too bad you're anonymous, or you'd be the Belle of the Ball at CNN and MSNBC. I mean, it takes a very special skill to look at a weekend of slander and threats against high school kids, all perpetrated by lunatic Twitter addicts who can't get over losing an election (and I'm speaking largely of the Fake Conservatives, here), and decide, "Say, you know whose fault this is? Trump's, that's whose."
You know it's weird, I see these same people denigrating Trump's use of social media and then turning around and using Twitter to scalp-hunt school-children. I guess.... well I guess that kind of is the main use of Twitter, to be honest. Just strange to see some Oldy Oldson adults joining in on the teenagers' "Let's Ruin This Kid's Life Just Because" games.
Hey -- they wore red hats. Everyone knows that Freedom of Speech does not include the right to wear red hats. Chaplinsky Rule -- that's what the law refers to as a "fighting hat."
Was there ever any doubt that this crew of traitors, quislings, grifters and cowards would join the left in deciding that some people deserve to be harassed out of restaurants and threatened in their very homes?
You know these people are only Personal Economics Conservatives, right? And by that, I mean: They have no other skill or job except posting on allegedly conservative social media sites. Believe me, if they had any other options except this one, they'd take them. Their interest in "conservatism" isn't economic, it's personally economic -- it's either continue pretending (barely) to be conservative or get an actual job. Which is kind of tough at their (our) ages.
Say, it just occurred to me, AllahPundit -- if you want to assign blame for this, I can think of 25 names more deserving of blame than Trump's. Starting with your Sewing Circle of #SalonHot25 "Conservatives," who almost to a man (or, "man") decided to join the leftist lynchmob to destroy the Registered Hat Offender. You're the smart, intellectual ones who are really keen on facts, right? And yet you all jumped to join your leftist buddies in this orgy of lunatic hatred, because of course you did. You do this every single time. Every. Single. Time.
I'll be putting up the Names of Shame tomorrow. Eh, I'm sure you can guess them. It's always the same people, isn't it? It's not like there's any surprises about which "TruCon Conservative" is going to be standing proudly beside Slate, Salon, and Jezebel this time, saying the exact same things, spouting the same made-up #PretendFacts, spreading the same FakeNews Buzzfeed nonstories, hunting the same schoolchildren's scalps.
See, they're better than us -- that's why they always have to take a contrary position, especially when that contrary position involves them being 100% wrong. They need to show their Liberal Twitter Palz that they're not like those other conservatives, you know, the ones who demand evidence before condemning schoolchildren to a social media hellstorm. Only Nazis demand evidence before exiling someone. The Anti-Nazi TruCon Purity Brigade knows that the only way you can prove you're not a Nazi is to embrace Nazi standards of non-proof and guilt by social tribe.
LOL: Damn the Eagerness of the Media, A Grouping We Apparently Have Nothing to Do With, For Railroading Schoolchildren to Virtue Signal and Get Outrage Clicks!!!
There are people who do actually believe that any random white Catholic schoolboy in a red hat is probably a Secret Nazi. We call these people Progressive Extremists, and we usually don't hire them to edit "conservative" magazines.
My wife bought some new shampoo that said "Apply liberally." So I stepped into the shower, rubbed it in my hair and started shouting about Russia and calling everybody a racist. -- Jonah Goldberg
(originally, Regular Joe, but Jonah has credited him several times in the past for the joke and now has Squatters Rights in it)
Sue, Covington Students! Sue Like the Wind!
What a Shock: Ben Shapiro's Site is in Lecturing Mode Over the Covington Hoax, Conveniently Omitting the Bit Where Ben Shapiro was Cheerleading the Mob
Every. Single. Time. Ben Shapiro literally joins every single leftwing lynch mob. And it's not as if he's unaware that lynchmobs are terrible, stupid things -- whenever someone on the right calls for deplatforming or gets a lynch mob going, Not-Binary Ben starts lecturing us all on the evils of lynch mobs.
And yet he can't fucking wait to join every single leftwing mob.
I wonder why that is. I mean, he tells me he's suuuuper-conservative but he clearly believes that any random Catholic schoolboy is a Nazi, or at least could very well be a Nazi, and he believes every single conservative saying something bad about a liberal is a liar and a fiend, and he believes every single claim made by leftwing online agitators.
I know people like that. We call them "progressives." If you think everyone on the right (except for your fellow #SalonHot25 All-Stars) is a liar, an idiot, and a vicious Nazi racist, and you implicitly believe everyone on the left and think they are quite beyond suspicion as far as lying or manipulating, then it's pretty clear where your actual allegiance lay.
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