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January 18, 2022

The Morning Report - 1/18/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Tuesday and with all the tyranny, crime, immiseration and threats from within and without our nearly non-existent borders ready to wipe us out, one item this morning just caused me to laugh for an instant, before collapsing into paroxysms of despair.

"I'm a [substitute teacher], and the most important thing we do is take roll, so the school gets paid" the teacher rants. "So, I'm looking at the seating chart as I'm going up and down the rows and marking who's here and who's not. I get to the third row and I hear this 'meow.' Uhhh, excuse me?"

The woman goes on to say that a little girl told her that the teacher needs to meow back because the boy identifies as a cat. The substitute jokingly asked if there was a litterbox in the classroom. The boy then stormed off, and the teacher barked at him.

She ends the video by stating that, when she went to the main office to check out for the day, she was told, "We no longer need your services if you can't identify with all the children in the classroom."

"I told the lady, I said, 'I didn't know cats were considered people. I thought they were pets."

Let me step off of the ledge for a second, take a breath and ponder. Am I being played? Is this complete bullshit/clickbait? Let us assume, for the sake of all of our sanity that it is. The fact that I had my initial reaction to it just underscores the fact that our society and culture have degenerated to such a degree that something I would have dismissed out of hand a few years ago is now within the realm of possibility. And not remotely either.

Two or three generations of children - and counting - year by year have been force fed higher and higher dosages of abject poison, until their brains and their souls were lost to us. Beyond the government, the courts and the bureaucracy, we find ourselves surrounded by far too many people who, as children, guzzled this Kool Aid brewed by fiends from Howard Zinn and Edward Said to Nikole Krylon Klown Hair and Ibram X. Krement. You'll find them behind a cash register, a Fryolator, the operating theater, an airliner cockpit and the C suite -- from Wall Street to Main Street (the bits that were not mostly peacefully looted and burned over the past 18 months) to even the pulpits of our houses of worship, and everywhere in between. Worse than useless pod people, they will denounce you as evil for not wearing a face diaper or getting shot up with Dr. Fauci's Gene-Altering Laudanum, to claiming that there are only two genders.

Meh, too many of these people evidently aren't even working at all.

They say you have to work hard to get ahead, but some are finding that you can work very little and still do pretty well.

On Reddit, the "antiwork" subreddit is now one of the social network's most active and engaged pages, after seeing explosive growth during the [Chinese] COVID-19 pandemic. It currently has more than 1.6 million users, up from 180,000 in October 2020. People post epic text and e-mail screenshots of quitting their jobs, but the real heroes are so-called "idlers" -- those who stay in jobs doing the absolute minimum to get by while still collecting a paycheck.

"Those who stay in jobs doing the absolute minimum to get by while still collecting a paycheck" are otherwise known as government employees, usually found at the DMV or Postal Service. If only they did the barest of bare minimums at say the IRS or EPA.

She noted that the general idea behind the anti-work movement "is to reduce the coercive element of labor as much as possible by subverting capitalism," and said that those active on the page are mainly far leftists who support Bernie Sanders and AOC, and, often also identify as socialists, communists and/or anarchists. . .

. . . Some fear anti-workers could have far-reaching consequences for the economy. The Financial Times recently reported that Goldman Sachs was fretting that the movement posed a "long-run risk" to labor force participation.

It comes at a time where a record number of workers are quitting, a phenomenon that's been dubbed the Great Resignation. In November, 4.5 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

So, what does the sub getting fired for refusing to meow back at a student have to do with this? Everything. The work ethic, that is, earning a living via hard work - whatever that work may be - is one of the pillars of of our nation and society. It is in many ways an essential component of freedom and independence. NB the reference to Sandersnista and Titty Caca and you'll see what I'm driving at. To them, self-reliance is like showing the cross to Dracula. Remember during the halcyon (by comparison) days of "recovery summer" when Malig-Nancy Pelosi crowed about how being unemployed liberated you from "job lock," so you can be free to pursue your dream to be a poet, painter, toe-dancer or whatever -- while being financed with free money from Uncle Sugar?

Of course, there is no free money. It is a Faustian quid pro quo. Eventually, when you're on the dole, you'll have to pay them back, especially when you waste so much time on your ass that you become unemployable. And then, they own you. Worse still is when corporatist cronies (for a multitude of reasons too extensive to go into right now) ship almost our entire manufacturing sector overseas leaving millions unemployed. Even more "worser-er" still is that as decades pass, skills like welding, carpentry, tool and die making, foundry work, etc. etc. are not taught because those with that priceless knowledge retire and die off and there is no job market to support those skills in the first place.

But work, money, a home and family, upward mobility and individual freedom are damned as evil by the acorns that fell from the poisoned tree of Bill Ayers and his acolytes. If we vest our hopes in just elections, or in a few people like Trump, DeSantis, MTG and a couple others, we've already lost. The rot is so pervasive, dark and deep and goes way beyond just government. There are positive signs out there such as the parents in Virginia, which I should think (and pray) is just the tip of the iceberg. That is where the battle is going to be won or lost. We are going to have to do everything we can to protect the hearts and minds of our children not yet poisoned by the Communists, and try as best we can to reach and win back the hearts and minds of those already in their clutches.

If we don't, you better learn to meow and put your heart into it.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

Daily Tech News 18 January 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • You have thirty seconds to comply with Google Play Policies. (Sylvia van Os)

    This is a story that is repeated everywhere, every day, a story I am dealing with myself right now: Big Tech handing down ultimatums to independent developers demanding that they immediately fix their apps but not providing any way to actually comply.

    In this case it's an app originally in Dutch which Google itself mistranslated and then rejected from the Play Store on the basis of their own mistranslation. The app itself has translations by native speakers but Google is using machine translation, getting it wrong, and banning the app on the basis of its own mistakes.

    They rejected the same app because the developer didn't provide a test login when the app doesn't have logins at all.

    I'm personally dealing with another Big Tech company that insists I investigate an incident but is unable to provide me with any information about the incident.

    Other people simply get their accounts locked with no recourse, even though they followed the rules every step of the way. (Reddit)

    Or get told there's no recourse and their account is permanently deleted beyond any home of recovery and then two weeks later everything is back again and the explanation is Oh yes, that happens.

    As Lois McMaster Bujold wrote in Shards of Honor:
    Put all the rotten eggs in one basket - and then drop the basket.

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (1/17/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

1 17 22 0nt.jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

The reckoning begins in the House. We must have our vengeance, both to satisfy the reasonable craving for justice on the part of the base and to teach the Democrats that there is a price for crossing us. Kurt Schlichter

Quote II

"It's devastating and heartbreaking. People are saying let nature take its course, but when it's right in the middle of a city, in a public area, it's kind of a big pill to swallow, to just kind of let it go, that it's a normal, natural occurrence.Maryrose Carson

Quote III

“Their absence will be a significant loss to the mission of the Office of Attorney General,” Charlotte Gomer

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Penguin Uber Cafe



Pulling terrified dog out of the shelter and trying to gain its trust.

Puppies think they're chicks.

Bunny annoys cat by getting under his feet.

Miniature horse likes butt scratches.

Dogs want to play fetch with whatever stick.

Dog starting GAINZZZ training.

Cat is sick of "PC LOAD LETTER" error and I don't blame him.

Cats love stealing dog's beds.

From FenelonSpoke, a French bulldog insists on crowding up on a cat in a space that just isn't big enough for both of them. I like cats, but I do like videos where dogs finally get vengeance for all the bed-stealing.

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Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife to Release Memoir Detailing Hunter's Drinking, Drugging, and Whoring;
Media, Deep State Operatives, and Tech Monopolies Pre-Emptively Declare the Memoir "Likely Russian Disinformation"


No they didn't but... I mean, would you put it past them?

If they could get away with it -- wouldn't they claim Hunter Biden's ex-wife was a likely RUSSIAN ASSET?

On to the real news.

New blow for Hunter Biden: Ex-wife Kathleen Buhle will release damning memoir in run-up to midterms about breakdown of their 24-year marriage, his affair with Beau's widow and the 'heavy toll' of his sex, drugs and strip club addictions

Hunter Biden's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle will release a memoir in the run-up to the midterm elections about the breakdown of their 24-year marriage

People magazine reported Wednesday that Buhle has written a book that will hit bookshelves in June, less than five months before this year's midterm elections

The title is If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction and Healing

The book will discuss the 'heavy toll' drug addiction takes on relationships

Hunter Biden spent the couple's money on drugs, alcohol, strippers and prostitutes, and engaged in an affair with his dead brother Beau's wife Hallie


Buhle accused Hunter of having an affair, being 'emotionally abusive' and using Viagra after she discovered his relationship with his brother's widow, emails obtained by DailyMail.com have shown.

She tried for years to try help him beat his addiction to crack cocaine and booze, before he found out that he was having a relationship with his sister-in-law Hallie.


By spring 2019, Buhle was dating again, and leaning heavily on her friend, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Page Six reported.

In a March 2019 text message, Hunter Biden wrote to his father that 'you guys are unreasonably scared of Kathleen.'

'She's done the worst she can do with no push back,' he added in text messages from his abandoned laptop verified by DailyMail.com.

I wonder what Hunter was considering as far as "push back" against his much-abused ex-wife.

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CNN's Ratings Fell 90% From 2021


Well, okay, that's fake news. What they mean is: Comparing the ratings for the week of January 6, 2021 to the week January 6, 2022 -- when CNN tried to recapture ratings magic by dedicating a full day to hyping the Fedsurrection -- CNN lost 90% of its ratings.

I'll allow this Fake News because we're talking about CNN, the world's most repulsive purveyor of Fake News, and also a Safe Space for p3dophiles.

CNN's ratings took a nosedive by a massive 90 percent both overall and in the all-important demographic coveted by advertisers in the first week of the new year.

The Jeff Zucker-led cable news network averaged just 548,000 viewers during the week of Jan. 3 -- a major drop from the nearly 2.7 million viewers for the same week in 2021, according to Nielsen ratings.

The year-ago ratings were jolted by the left-leaning network's coverage of the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, which resulted in CNN having its most-watched day since Ted Turner launched the news outlet in 1980.

But on the one-year anniversary of the attacks, viewers flipped over to CNN's right-wing rival, Fox News, which topped the ratings for coverage of the event.

Still, CNN's ratings for their garbage Super Bowl of Propaganda were terrible, demonstrating that even their braindead NPC audience is bored by the endless loop of "insurrection" pornography.

CNN and MSNBC spent over 1,600 minutes Thursday obsessing over the first anniversary of the January 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol, but it failed to translate into any success in the ratings department.

Thanks to early numbers from Nielsen Media Research, the Fox News Channel cruised to an easy victory in both total viewers with roughly 1.567 million and 245,000 in the 25-54 demographic.

According to a Fox News press release, FNC defeated CNN "in every hour across both categories" as the Jeff Zucker-led channel was only able to fetch 742,869 total viewers overall and 139,202 across Thursday in the demo.


And in the key 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Eastern block during which President Biden and Vice President Harris delivered remarks from Statuary Hall, CNN and MSNBC still couldn't pull in a sizable audience.

Instead, Fox News still came out on top with America's Newsroom pulling in 1.58 million total viewers and 232,112 in the demo versus 1.083 million and 144,832 for MSNBC and 1.106 million and 190,613 for CNN.

CNN is a failed entertainment channel specializing in pornography for the sexless.

Screenshot (1245).png

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Gallup: Party Affiliation Undergoes Seismic Shift in 2021, from +9 Democrat in the First Quarter to +5 Republican in the Fourth Quarter


The Great Embrandoning.

Per these latest numbers, this is one of those rare occasions when Republicans and Republican-leaning independents outnumber Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents.

On average, Americans' political party preferences in 2021 looked similar to prior years, with slightly more U.S. adults identifying as Democrats or leaning Democratic (46%) than identified as Republicans or leaned Republican (43%).

However, the general stability for the full-year average obscures a dramatic shift over the course of 2021, from a nine-percentage-point Democratic advantage in the first quarter to a rare five-point Republican edge in the fourth quarter.


The GOP has held as much as a five-point advantage in a total of only four quarters since 1991. The Republicans last held a five-point advantage in party identification and leaning in early 1995, after winning control of the House of Representatives for the first time since the 1950s. Republicans had a larger advantage only in the first quarter of 1991, after the U.S. victory in the Persian Gulf War led by then-President George H.W. Bush.

Most changes occurred in the independent leaners. As far as actual party identification, it's tied, 28% to 28%.

The numbers really began shifting in the fall and winter:

The third quarter saw a decline in Democratic identification and leaning, from 49% to 45%, as Biden's ratings began to falter, while there was no meaningful change in Republican affiliation.

In the fourth quarter, party support flipped as Republicans made gains, from 44% to 47%, and Democratic affiliation fell from 45% to 42%.

Screenshot (1264).png

Related, from 2020:

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Of Course: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Blows Off Restaurant Mask Mandate That She Imposes On Everyone Else


At RedState:

Gillibrand, however, apparently felt like some of her fellow New York Dems in thinking that maybe she was above the rules when she went to the Innovo Kitchen in Latham, NY on Friday maskless, despite the sign on the door notifying customers of the state's mask requirement regardless of vaccination status. The restaurant's owner and chef John LaPosta was furious when he found out about it, for reasons he explained in an interview:

"I'm in my office, and all of a sudden my manager comes back frantic," LaPosta said. "We have a very, very strict policy on masks. We are following the (state) mandate. ... The manager said (Gillibrand) blew past her and (she) didn't even have a moment to ask her to put her mask on.


It's not cool. I'm angry for my staff, who are in masks eight or nine hours a day.


She's part of the system that puts the rules in place. Do you not lead by example? It infuriates me."

When he posted the video, he'd written:

"The problem with NY politics in a nut shell. My Senator blowing past my manager before she can even ask her to put a mask on. Walking right past a really big sign that says 'masks required to enter' The masks are a mandate from the Governor. As good citizens, agree or not, we must follow our leaders. Her guest is graciously wearing one. I guess Senator Gillibrand thinks that the Governor is wrong or she is special and above the rules."

Video below:

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Is the Biden agenda Dead? Just ask West Virginia [TJM]

—Open Blogger

Note from Ace: TJM's post is actually a week or ten days old. But it has new relevance today!

Polls have come out from West Virginia about Joe Manchin's popularity since his effective murder of the Build Back Better Bill in the Senate.

Is the state that gave Trump a 40 point victory just over a year ago mad with their Democratic senator?

Why, no. No, they are not.

Senator Manchin's job approval has gone up seven points to 59 percent.

I have no idea what Schumer's strategy was going into this Congress. It was obvious that he never had the votes for major, nation changing legislation from the beginning of the Congress, even with the pair of wins in Georgia. Publicly and loudly pushing BBB as THE agenda item of Biden's first term, a bill that was all but guaranteed to fail, was a curious choice.

On the one hand, this could have been a huge ploy to help prop up Manchin in WV, ensuring his re-election in 2024. However, if that were the case, then Schumer is just angering the progressive base while painting Biden as an ineffective failure of a master negotiator who knew Congress so well he could work everything. This will probably lead to a massively funded progressive primary in WV that will sap tens of millions of dollars away from other races in a presidential election year.

The other big thing is that Manchin was obviously operating as the scapegoat for several other Democratic senators up for re-election in 2022 who are facing challenging races. Kelly in Arizona, Warnock in Georgia, Masto in Nevada, and Hassan in New Hampshire probably don't want votes on their records for a massively unpopular piece of legislation.

However, no matter the intention, this makes Schumer and Biden look foolish and ineffectual.

All they've managed to do is show that fighting the Biden agenda is popular.

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Biden, FBI: We May Never Know Why A Radical Muslim Made Anti-Semitic Comments, Took a Synagogue Hostage, and Demanded the Release of a Terrorist Called "Lady Al-Qaeda"


The FBI doesn't know anything, except this is totally not Islamic terrorism. Their pro-terrorist Islamic advisers/infiltrators/overlords told them so.

As usual: We may never know the motive, they vowed.

The Morning Greatness at American Greatness:

Some person did some thing this weekend at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. The person, who is NOTANISLAMICTERRORIST, took four hostages for 11 hours. The NOTANISLAMICTERRORIST who selected a Jewish venue on the Sabbath "demanded Aafia Siddiqui's release from jail after she was sentenced to 86 years in prison for plotting to murder U.S. military personnel." The FBI wants you to know this was "not connected to the Jewish community."
BREAKING: The FBI says the Texas synagogue hostage taker's demands were specifically focused on issue not connected to the Jewish community. https://t.co/PUxQkIwejx

-- The Associated Press (@AP) January 16, 2022

Nothing to do with Jews, Jewish people, Jewish community or the Jewish religion, understood? This attack might as well have been at a shopping mall, a Costco, a 7-11, a TJ Maxx or even a movie theater.

The NOTISLAMICTERRORIST was identified as a 44-year-old British national Malik Faisal Akram. He's dead now after the FBI extracted some agents from stormtrooping MAGA meemaws to free the synagogue hostages. USAToday reports the NOTANISLAMICTERRORIST's immigration status and history is "unknown." I'll bet, how did this guy get into the U.S.?

Screenshot (1263).png

"President" (lol) Droolcup went out and claimed he could not even guess at the motive of the Islamic terrorist who was demanding the release of another Islamic terrorist by threatening to murder Jews.

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Salt Lake Tribune: We Should Mobilize The National Guard to Imprison the Unvaccinated In Their Homes


Via Twitchy, our nasty, vicious communist temporary countrymen continue demonstrating the need for separating from them.

Government officials, mostly but not exclusively Republicans, were apparently determined not to be caught governing in the face of this challenge. Any move or recommendation to mask up or, when safe and effective vaccines became available, to make vaccination a requirement of admission to public places and society in general was shouted down as an unwarranted imposition on individual freedoms.

Instead we were left to listen to various forms of foolishness and misinformation, promises of being rescued by everything from a bleach cocktail to horse dewormers to, most recently, drinking our own urine.

So now we are free all right. Free to fend for ourselves. To watch our children lose weeks, months or more of their precious educational opportunities. To wonder whether it is safe to go to work or to the store or to sporting events. To see businesses close for want of employees or lack of customers.


Not that Biden is blameless in all this. Seeing the obvious reluctance of so many people to get, or to require, vaccinations has only now moved him to push to make tests and the most effective kind of masks available to everyone. It's the right thing to do, but months late.

Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson Friday offered an absurd, and all too typical, defense of the government's failure to act.

"This pandemic has proven to be anything but predictable," Wilson said. "We all recognize that so we need to be very flexible and adaptable as we move through this current wave."

But the omicron variant now rippling through humanity was predicted. There is consensus among epidemiologists (long before COVID) that viruses tend to mutate into less potent but more easily transmissible variants, which is exactly what happened. And the challenge is the same as it was with alpha and delta: Most people weather it OK, but the serious cases are still enough to overwhelm hospitals.

We might have headed off omicron with a herd immunity-level of vaccinations, but that would have required a vaccination mandate, which our leaders refused. Instead, we get, "No one could have seen this coming." That is patently untrue. They were told what to do, and they refused.

Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor's next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.

But it may be too late for that, politically and medically.

In the meantime, get vaccinated. If you are sick, stay home. And let your elected officials at all levels know that you expected them to lead us out of this mess, not stand by and meekly express concern.

If the media is going to demand thuggishly authoritarian measures against the populace, perhaps the populace should begin debating thuggishly authoritarian measures against the media.

Posted by Ace at 12:16 PM Comments

The Morning Rant: Saved From A Liberal College Education - More University Lockdowns Please

—Buck Throckmorton

This heartwarming story about collapsing college enrollment has been reported on by all the major media in the past few days.

Enrollment Marches Downward (Inside Higher Ed – 01/13/2022)

Total enrollment—which includes undergraduate and graduate students—dropped by 2.7 percent in fall 2021 compared with fall 2020, according to the clearinghouse report. Since the pandemic began in spring 2020, enrollment has declined by 5.1 percent across the board, with 937,500 fewer students enrolled at American colleges and universities.

As damaging as the high priests of Covid have been to liberty and the economy, they have inflicted some welcome collateral damage to the agents of institutional leftism, above else to the educational establishment.

Watching the university cartel commit suicide to show their fealty to Covid sharia has been very satisfying. This is now the 3rd school year interrupted by campus lockdowns, and colleges seem as committed now as they were two years ago to locking down. More please.

Colleges Extend Remote Instruction (Inside Higher Ed – 01/10/2022)

Some institutions that began the semester online are now pushing their return-to-campus dates further out in response to Omicron, citing spiking numbers and breakthrough infections.

If “remote learning” is still around in Fall of 2022, we will have had four-consecutive school years that involved classroom closures. (The last full “normal” school year was 2018 - 2019.) Again, this is a beautiful thing. We are getting further and further away from incoming freshman having a concept of what college was like in the pre-Covid days.

In an era when the education one gets from college can be obtained online for a fraction of the cost (or for free, actually) it is “the college experience” and associated networking that has kept the cartel in place.

With university administrators now acting like prudish church ladies who disapprove of any socializing or pleasures in life, colleges are killing off their primary selling point. Godspeed to them. Please keep it up.

A.J. Kay formerly wrote for Medium, but she had her entire catalog of stories pulled from Medium for expressing wrongthink about Covid and its impact on kids. Her child started college at an elite East Coast university, struggled with the lockdowns, and finally ended up thriving at a conservative Christian university that did not lock down. (I can tell from the picture in the thread that it is Hillsdale.)

A.J. is grateful that her daughter is getting a traditional, albeit somewhat conservative, college experience. Above all else, it is a blessing that Covid kept her daughter from ingesting the poisonous leftism of elite-college indoctrination. Here is Ms. Kay’s thread, extracted for easier reading:

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Gorman Carmen and Child.jpg

Carmen and Child AP 1988
Rudolph Carl Gorman

[Hat Tip: Ben Had]

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 1/17/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Start of a new week and for many a Monday holiday as we pause to recognize the birthday of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., which is funny because his credo of "content of character over color of skin" is completely antithetical to that of the Maoist cancer that has infected our society, to the extent that had he been assassinated today, the Monday holiday we have would be in honor of James Earl Ray, and not Dr. King. If you think that that's either outrageous or beyond the pale, then you've been in a coma for the past 10-50 years.

On a not completely unrelated note, if you were to check the front page of today's New York Times you would see that the taking of hostages at a Texas synagogue by a British Muslim in support of a convicted terrorist known as "Lady Al Qaeda" was nowhere to be found (safe link to Lara Logan's Twitter feed with the page)

That's because the New York Times is not a newspaper. Its sole purpose is to propagate a narrative and either promote or initiate political policy. And reporting on a story that does neither of those things but in fact destroys them is not going to be found on page one, if it can be found at all in the paper itself. I have no interest in taking a look since no doubt the headline will be something like "Area Residents Near Auschwitz Blame Jews for Constant Smoke Conditions, Poor Air Quality."

The jihadi who stormed the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, and took hostages Saturday, demanding the release of convicted jihad terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, is dead, and the hostages are safe. And now comes the real work: whitewashing, downplaying, and ignoring outright what took place, because it doesn't fit the establishment narrative.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno got the ball rolling when he said, "We do believe from our engagement with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, uh, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community, uh, but we're continuing to work to find motive and, and we will continue on that path . . . "

. . . So let's get this straight. A man enters a synagogue and takes hostages, and warns that if anyone gets too close, people will die. He demands the release of an al-Qaeda terrorist. The FBI then asserts that his actions were "not specifically related to the Jewish community," apparently because he was talking only about Aafia Siddiqui, and at least not reportedly railing against Jews and Israel. . .

. . . So why exactly did he do all this in a synagogue? He had the whole wide green world in which to take hostages; why did he choose Congregation Beth Israel of Colleyville, Texas? Once he had taken his hostages, why did he have one rabbi call another rabbi in order to demand Aafia Siddiqui's release? What does Congregation Beth Israel have to do with Aafia Siddiqui? What does its rabbi, or the rabbi whom the hostage-taker had him contact in New York City, have to do with Aafia Siddiqui?

The answer to both questions is: nothing whatsoever. The hostage-taker chose the synagogue over any other possible target because of the widespread belief in the Islamic world that the Jews control the world through various surreptitious means, as Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal articulated last April. . .

. . . If the "global news agencies" are really in the hands of Zionists, they're doing a remarkably poor job in telling Israel's side of the story, but never mind. The hostage-taker chose the synagogue because he clearly believed that the Jews, and perhaps only the Jews, held the power to secure Aafia Siddiqui's release. The synagogue in Colleyville, in his febrile imagination, would be directly connected to the Jewish power brokers who could be compelled by his hostage-taking to do his bidding.

The FBI should know all this, but it doesn't. Early in the Obama administration, it scrubbed all counterterror training materials that made any mention of Islamic texts and teachings, and severed ties with all the independent contractors (including me) who were teaching agents about the beliefs and goals of jihad terrorists. Islamic anti-Semitism is yet another forbidden area for today's FBI; they can't investigate anything that might appear to be "Islamophobic." So Matt DeSarno is operating out of the willful ignorance the FBI chose as policy years ago. This time, the agency's woke idiocy is actively misleading the American people about what happened in Colleyville.

The hell you say, Robert Spencer! The FBI misleading the American people? When has that ever happened before. COUGH-January 6th-COUGH -- COUGH-Richard Jewell-COUGH. Etc. etc. etc. I understand the FBI has walked back that and now recognizes that the attack/incident in Colleyville did specifically target the Jewish community.
Tell that to dimwitted, dipsomaniac Dana Nessel.

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, about an hour after it had been reported that the attacker was demanding the release of imprisoned terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, Nessel said her "biggest concern" was that the attack was a "hate crime" or "domestic terrorism," pointing to "white supremacy organizations."

"We have seen an incredible rise in rhetoric that is anti-Semitic being trafficked all around the country," Nessel said, noting "an exponential rise in the formation and the membership of these extremist organizations, many of which are white supremacy organizations, and they traffic in hatred against Jews and other minorities."

"If it does turn out that is the motivating factor here, it would hardly be a surprise," Nessel said.

Aside from being an insipid, transparent fraud who helped seal the steal in 2020, she does garner a lot of support from such patriotic towns as Dearbornistan and Boko-Haram-tramck. So her idiotic statement such as it was makes perfect sense.

The current situation is not completely the fault of Joey Soft-Serve and his handlers. In the wake of 9/11/01, itself the culmination of a decade or more of ignoring the unchecked immigration/infiltration of hundreds of violent jihadists and thousands of their supporters (silently or otherwise) who not only rejected assimilation but sought the conversion of America into an Islamic state, what did George W. Bush do? Stared at his navel and joined the Greek chorus of Leftists who prostrated themselves and begged forgiveness for our supposed aggression and oppression of Muslims. Mostly for our alliance with Israel, among other things.

He also opened the floodgates for massive immigration of equally anti-western dark age throwbacks while stomping around in Iraq and Afghanistan with no other purpose evidently than to boost the shares of Raytheon, General Dynamics, Grumman, Boeing and all the rest of the military industrial complex. I assume the contractor that makes military spec steel coffins also made a killing (pun regrettably intended). Bad enough, but the beast that is more and more at our throats is the Dept. of Homeland Security. Along with the FBI/DOJ, they're out to catch terrorists, nudge-nudge-wink-wink.

The Texas synagogue siege Saturday highlights the risk to Americans of the Biden [junta's] singular obsession with targeting Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

Thankfully, the FBI hostage rescue team did a stellar job rescuing the hostages, with the only fatality being the hostage-taker, a recently arrived Pakistani-born British Muslim demanding the release of a jailed anti-Semitic terrorist, dubbed "Lady al Qaeda."

It is a shame that their great work was immediately overshadowed by the absurd, PC pronouncement of senior FBI officials and President Biden that no one knew the motive of the terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram. . .

. . . Biden last week called such Americans, even senators who oppose his party's power grab on election laws, "domestic enemies," and likened them to slave owners and segregationists. From his first day in office, he has labeled Trump supporters "white supremacists" and "domestic terrorists." It appears to be his only animating ideology.

But now he has tasked the FBI to chase down conservatives, it is not unreasonable to ask if the organization has taken its eye off the infiltration into the country of a terrorist like Akram. When the feds are busy rounding up MAGA grandmothers and Capitol paraders, are they paying attention to the potential terrorist magnet provided by the porous southern border?

We know that at least two Yemeni nationals on the FBI's terrorism watch list were apprehended in separate incidents last year after illegally crossing from Mexico into California, and that Yuma Sector Chief Border Patrol Agent Chris Clem in December announced the apprehension of a "potential terrorist" from Saudi Arabia who had illegally crossed into Arizona. So the threat is still real.

As polls keep plummeting in this first anniversary week of Biden's presidency, instead of easing voter fears about border security, inflation, [Chinese] COVID, crime, and even the basic competence of the administration, Democrats are strategically preoccupied with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

From the partisan congressional committee investigating Jan. 6 to the Department of Justice targeting parents at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists," the narrative that conservatives are an existential threat is the Democrats' only blueprint for success in 2022. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has described Trump and GOP lawmakers as "enemies of the state." The DOJ's new domestic terrorism unit, which was revealed last week during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, targets people who are anti-authority. . .

. . . This is how the Democrats plan to win the midterms, by demonizing and intimidating their political opponents with government power while attempting to mess with voting rules.

I remember in the aftermath of 9/11/01, the usual clueless, bleeding heart idiots kept asking "what did we do to make them angry enough to do this?" Might it be too much to ask the Left to ask that question, not about phony "riots" or hate crime hoaxes, but just in ordinary political discourse, insofar as why those who merely disagree with you and your beliefs do so?

No, of course not. We're an evil that is to be eradicated by any means necessary. Insane.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


  • "War is a useful tool both for failing governments and wannabe totalitarian governments. . . Spoiler alert: Nothing catalyzes governmental, economic, and social change in a country quite like military defeat. So an urgent message to those still with a shred of patriotism in our leadership: You do not want to go to war under the banner -- or at the direction -- of this repugnant [junta]."
    Watch for War
  • "In the aftermath of the pandemic, hard questions will be asked about the origins of the virus, the integrity of the social media censors, the 'snail speed' at which the [junta] pursued anti-[Chinese] COVID therapies, and the future of all the controls promulgated in the name of necessity. And what people learn may not exactly please them."
    The Post-Pandemic World
  • "Those who have been irrationally peddling fear about the virus are finally losing credibility fast. But significant and lasting damage to the country may have already been done."
    Our Post-[Chinese] COVID Loss of Liberty
  • "The politics of 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' include plenty of room for brutality."
    Woke Capital's Modern Slaves
  • Victor Davis Hanson: "Conspiracy projection has split apart the country. The Left has fought efforts to learn the full truth, as they project conspiracies to disguise conspirators."
    Conspiracies as Realities, Realities as Conspiracies
  • "Unlike the Internet, the dawning digital environment promises autonomy from the physical world."
    Enter the Metaverse

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Daily Tech News 17 January 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • The other server was down for a few hours overnight my time. I blame volcanic activity in the server room. Or possibly the server burped at 2AM and when I fixed it I forgot to restart the cache service and then it filled all its RAM with Sendmail instances trying to notify me of this failure.


  • The main internet link to Tonga went down for a very good reason - it got blown up by a volcano. (ZDNet)

    The country's satellite links are also being blocked by the volcanic ash cloud meaning that communication with the rest of the world currently consists of SPEAKING VERY LOUDLY.

    Australia and New Zealand sent survey planes today to assess the damage and work out the best way to deliver aid - particularly tricky given that the volcano is still active. The first relief flight out of Australia is planned for tomorrow.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (1/16/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I
"It is profane, offensive and disturbing and in no way reflects our University or its values.”
Ferris State University President David Eisler

Quote II

“They use the virus to attack our liberties, even though everything they told us about the virus has been wrong." Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Quote III

"The situation is dire up here and the city just refuses to let us open. It's heartbreaking knowing there's people out there." Richard Wilkinson, the pastor of Gloversville's Free Methodist Church

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Gun Thread: Need Photography Help Edition!


1911 ls scaled.jpg
terrible pic!

Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to the wondrously fabulous Gun Thread! As always, I want to thank all of our regulars for being here week in and week out, and also offer a bigly Gun Thread welcome to any newcomers who may be joining us tonight. Howdy and thank you for stopping by! I hope you find our wacky conversation on the subject of guns 'n shooting both enjoyable and informative. You are always welcome to lurk in the shadows of shame, but I'd like to invite you to jump into the conversation, say howdy, and tell us what kind of shooting you like to do!

Welp, your ol' pal Weasel is in the depths of hell, work-wise, so I haven't been able to even think about shooting (not really), much less do any shooting (really). At some point I'm going to need to get down to the farm so I at least don't forget where it is. Hopefully things will lighten up after January and I can skedoodle on down there. In the meantime, Gun Thread must go on!

Note: I'm a little behind on my email correspondence, so please forgive me if I haven't responded to something you've sent!

With that, let's get to the gun stuff below, shall we?

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Food Thread: Raw Hamburger...Tartare Is Really Raw Hamburger! (Or Is It People?)



It's an acquired taste...I think, but plenty of people have told me that when they were kids they used to eat raw hamburger all of the time, so maybe, just maybe we have it hard-wired in us!

Probably not, but good Tartare is really fun. And sort of a pain in the ass to make, but I think it is worth it. The trick is to remove every bit of connective tissue so all you are left with is the beef and maybe a little bit of fat. But too much fat and it becomes greasy and unappealing....yuck!

There are lots of good recipes all over the place, so I won't bore you with mine. But if you are intrigued by the idea but can't quite work up the intestinal fortitude to make it, try something called "Beef Carpaccio," which is simply thinly sliced beef pounded even thinner, then served with a splash of olive oil and lemon and maybe some capers and onion. Just as beefy but without the problem of the texture that many people find distasteful in Tartare.

If both of these sound good, email me and I will send my special recipe for Chicken Tartare!

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First-World Problems...



Covid plus crappy weather plus working at home plus life has conspired to drain car batteries all over the world!

I was first introduced to these marvelous little gadgets several years ago when my parents' car would sit for weeks and weeks. I bought one for a ridiculously low price and it worked like a charm. Hook it up to the car battery and...that's it! it took a few days to recharge it, and it wouldn't work on a completely dead battery, but still, as convenient modern tools go, this is a good one.

Fast forward to today, and the next generation of these things is happily recharging the battery on one of our cars. You know...the one that is driven 14 miles each week, at low speed, and only for about three minutes at a time. Just perfect for draining batteries!

Oh...I also use it to condition my sump pump backup batteries!

Wait...this isn't a problem. it is a marvel.

So what modern miracles make you smile when you use them?

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Covid: An After-Action Report



Well, that was fun!

Five days in the hospital for Wuhan flu doesn’t sound great, but I am very glad I had access to a good community hospital with good nursing and an experienced staff that has seen tons of the disease. My county has been the hardest hit in my state, so I guess I am a bit lucky.

Contrary to the ignorant reports of overwhelmed ERs (lines outside don’t mean anything), my experience was impressive. Triage was perfect. There were lots of typical ER visitors (sprains and sniffles and nausea… ) wandering around, but they were placed at the back of the line. I was seen almost immediately, and within 10 or 15 minutes was put in a private room and given a PCR test to confirm the rapid test. That took about an hour, and I was then treated with the hospital’s standard protocol and moved to the Covid wing.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 01-16-2022 [All Hail Eris]

—Open Blogger


This militarized bookmobile is giving me ideas...wonderful ideas!


Good morning to you all from the stately Dungeon of Discord. Welcome once again to the classy and luxurious Sunday Morning Book Thread, that plushly appointed mosh pit of opinion, snark, choler, jest and japery, and our continuing conversation on books, reading, writing, and the culture at large. While OregonMuse is recovering from the effects of prolonged use of Pervitin, I will toss together this placesetter Book Thread with my usual slugabed skrimshankery. And please feel free to lounge poolside in your HQ shorty robe. I don't impose harsh moral strictures or expect my readers to obey outmoded notions of decency. If you want to study Schrödinger starkers/not starkers, who am I to judge? Your natural right to cavort pantsless Shall. Not. Be. Infringed! Nor will I judge you for bowing to convention and wearing pants. Even if it's these pants, that could be worn at a Klingon blood ritual/BBQ. So join us in Ace's Grotto for some light refreshment and convivial conversation, and tell us what you've been reading!

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EMT 1/16/22


Happy Sunday!

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Daily Tech News 16 January 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (1/15/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

1 15 22 0nt.jpg

(Mystery Click H/T Bif Bewalski)


The Saturday Night Joke

Years ago, a young Navy Pilot was injured while ejecting from his A-4 Skyhawk due to engine failure during a cat shot from the carrier, but due to the heroics of rescue helicopter crew and the ship's hospital staff, the only permanent injury was the loss of one ear.

Since he wasn't physically impaired, he remained on flight status and eventually became an Admiral.

However, during his career he was always sensitive about his appearance.

One day the Admiral was interviewing two Navy Master Chiefs and a Marine Sergeant Major for his personal staff.

The first Master Chief was a Surface Navy type and it was a great interview. At the end of the interview the Admiral asked him,

"Do you notice anything different about me?" The Master Chief answered, "Why, yes, Admiral. I couldn't help but notice that you are missing your starboard ear, so I don't know whether this impacts your hearing on that side."

The Admiral got very angry at this lack of tact and threw him out of his office.

The next candidate, an Aviation Master Chief, when asked this same question, answered, "Well yes, Sir, you seem to be short one ear." The Admiral threw him out as well.

The third interview was with the Marine Sergeant Major. He was articulate, extremely sharp, and seemed to know more than the two Master Chiefs put together. The Admiral wanted this guy, but went ahead with the same question. "Do you notice anything different about me?"

To his surprise, the Sergeant Major said, "Yes Sir. You wear contact lenses."

The Admiral was impressed and thought to himself, what an incredibly tactful Marine. "And how would you know that?" the Admiral asked.

The Sergeant Major replied: "Well, sir, it's pretty hard to wear glasses with only one fuckin' ear.

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread - 1/15/2022 [TheJamesMadison]

—Open Blogger

Public Domain Day

Every January 1 is Public Domain Day, the day when copyright expires, generally, on creative works from a given year. This year it was the works released in the United States back in 1926. 95 years ago.

I hate the American copyright regime.

Anyway, January 1 was just a couple of weeks ago, so what does that mean for movies? Well, some interesting stuff has entered the public domain.

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Saturday Chess Project Thread


Hello Saturday afternoon peeps! Wow, it's bright out here . What do you daywalkers call that big orange thing in the sky?

We were all tremendously excited to hear that Oregon Muse is recovering, but it will be a bit before he's able to resume his COB duties. Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers.

I'm still covering the chess thread, but I'm going to be honest with y'all. The past two weeks exhausted even my pretend knowledge and silliness on the subject. I just don't have the knowledge, so I'm going to have to shelve the subject until OM is ready to resume writing the thread. I fervently hope that this is soon, but probably not as fervently as those of y'all who, you know, enjoy chess and dresses.

I don't have a theme in mind, but today I thought I'd talk about my big winter project. Be warned, however, that I'm not at the Alberta Oil Peon level. No, I'm more at this guy's level.

Saw table.jpg

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Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


(H/T OregonMuse)


Good afternoon and welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Glad you stopped by, kick back and enjoy the world of animals.

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Saturday Gardening, Puttering and Outdoor Adventure thread, Jan. 15



Hi, everybody! It's still winter. Had any garden or outdoor experiences, or are you dreaming for later? for those in the dreaming stage, Bluegreen Kayak sent in some information and photos:

While trying to organize ten years of digital pictures, I found these lilies from the North Dakota State University Daylily Display Garden in Fargo.

My sister showed the garden to me when I visited late in July last year. It was a wonder to me how many different varieties of day lilies there are; I mostly see the ubiquitous yellow ones that grace the new home subdivisions.

In addition to the wider range of colors, I liked the variety of petal types on display, especially the ones with a sort of frill around the edges. Some day lilies were bred to emphasize every other petal, giving them a semi-triangular shape.

Thanks again for the great pictures and plant tips you put up there for all of us - Bluegreen Kayak

These photos are impressive. And quite the daylily farm!

Bluegreen Kayak's comments give us a clue into why a lot of people are amateur daylily breeders. If you study the flowers in the photos, there really is a lot of variety! I like the flower form of the specimen above.

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Devin Nunes vs. Big Tech


While driving to the city Thursday to buy a new cell phone for DH, I happened to hear part of the first radio interview of Devin Nunes since he left Congress earlier this month to head up the Trump Media & Technology Group. The first project of this new company will be a social media platform, to compete with the Big Tech platforms that cancel, suspend or hide people for their political views. We've all seen this happen.


For a limited time, you can hear the entire Nunes interview on the Ray Appleton Podcast for January 13, hour 2. It's 40 minutes long, with listener input. (If the podcast dates don't show for you, try a different browser).

I also discovered that the day before, Appleton had spoken with Victor Davis Hanson about Nunes and his switch from Congress to the Trump organization. They also speculated about whether Trump would run for president again. Trump will be holding a rally in Arizona this afternoon. Maybe we'll get some clues then.

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Saturday Morning Coffee Break

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Hostage situation in Texas synagogue. Prayers up. [K.T.] h/t andycanuck Update: All hostages safe, hostage taker dead. Hallelujah! h/t ONT commenters.
Oregon Muse is continuing his battle with Covid, and while we all fully expect a victory, it will be some time before he returns to his accustomed place on these pages. He would like to thank the Horde for their prayers and kind and supportive thoughts!
Ehud Qimron's Powerful Letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health
And it perfectly describes the situation in America! [CBD]
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Yesterday I mentioned "Simple Mind's other hit," thinking they only had two. I forgot they had a third. So this is a real Forgotten 80s Mystery Click on my end. Here's their other other hit.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Simple Minds' other -- and I'd say, better -- hit
Relatedly, Thompson Twins managed a couple of hits just before they were banished to the outer darkness of VH-1 oldies shows (and then disappeared forever) one of which is in in the same mock-religious vein as Simple Mind's lesser-known song
Noted murderer Robert Durst dies at age 78
Subject of true crime doc "The Jinx."
Actor Bob Saget has passed on. H/T Doof [Mis. Hum.]
Walking tour of New York, around 1st Ave and 14th Street, showing the blight and ruin of blue governance
In a couple of years they'll be demanding you pay for all the blue cities to rejuvenate. On your dime.
Wow: the Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan combined to push more Deadly Disinformation about covid to choke Brian Stelter
Greg Price:
Justice Breyer says that there were "750 million new covid cases yesterday"
There are 330 million people who live in America which means everyone apparently got covid twice in the last 24 hours

As Phil Kerpen said: they know literally nothing. These, the GigaSolons who arrogate to themselves the power to decide our fates for us, because we're not smart enough to.
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